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Author Topic: I look different...  (Read 1203 times)
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« on: August 10, 2008, 11:47:41 AM »

A few things have bothered me for months, and I will ask my questions below ~

How different do the candidates look and why?

John McCain has been characterized as being "old".  I have always believed that "old" is when you die.  Has anyone lived forever?  "Old" comes for everyone.  Endings are also new beginnings.

IIRC, John McCain's mother is still alive.  In my mind, she isn't old yet.  Will his life span be measured by the number of years attained my his parents? 

Barack Obama's parents have been dead for some time.  Will his life span be measured by the number of years attained my his parents? 

How many years before these men get old?

Why would anyone compare themselves to the presidents on currency?  Why would they compare themselves to previous visitors?

I don't remember the exact numbers, but I believe that most humans have two eyes, legs, arms, etc.  They have one mouth, one nose (with two nostrils), etc.  Pretty common. 

There are people that my deviate from this common look (six or seven fingers or toes, no ears, one eye).  No one may know why, and it may be genetic.  They are human and look like everyone else.   jmho

What makes someone look different?  Why would anyone need to point out that they are different?  If you are different, I have to believe that people with notice, no need point it out.  Does the difference actually exist and what exactly is it?  Please explain.

People of many races and ethnic origins have visited Germany, lived in Germany, stayed and started families, and blended with everyone else in Germany.  What would make anyone different? 

Historically, there has been a blending of cultures, ethnic origins, and races in many parts of the world.  As hundreds of years pass, no one seems to notice or remember.

Who are these people that are different?  Does anyone notice?

Why see yourself as different?  Why not simply see yourself as part of the human family?  What makes anyone different?

Barack Obama doesn't look like any of the presidents on paper bills or metal coins.  Does John McCain?  NO.

Help me understand why anyone would need to point out that they don't look like someone else?  Who exactly do they look like?


All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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they'll end up in your family anyway...
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