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Author Topic: SATISH KALPOE - 05/31/2005 WITNESS Statement  (Read 8171 times)
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« on: September 10, 2006, 01:37:57 PM »


I, Dennis Dominico JACOBS, head agent at the Korps Police force Aruba and at the Atraco team classified, explain the following.

On Tuesday, May 31, 2005,  at 19:20, I interrogated and took a witness statement from the man named:

Satish Sharma KALPOE

born in Surinam on July 30 1986, without profession student at (H4I Colegio Arubano) and residing in Hooiberg number 91-B on Aruba.

Are in Dutch taken off declaration by me, JACOBS, in Dutch it was translated, were put on record and sound as follows:

"last Sunday, around 22.00, I picked up my brother Deepak at his work. My brother works at the Internet Cafe established in the Seaport Marketplace. After I had picked up my brother, we drove home. When we arrived at home, Deepak asked me if I wanted to go with him and Joran to Carlos & Charlies. I answered yes, I would to with them to Carlos & Charlies. (With Deepak and Joran the witnesses Deepak Sharma KALPOE and Joran Andreas Petrus van der SLOOT is meant: observation JACOBS) Around 23.30 Deepak and I went to pick up Joran at its house. I don’t know his address not but I can designate to you his house. Then Deepak and I arrived at Joran’s house and we walked in to his apartment, because Joran was busy finishing with homework and printing. After Joran was ready, all three of us left for Carlos & Charlies. Around 11.45 we stepped into the bldg.. I saw that there was 60 or 70 persons in the bldg.. All three of us walked to the bar and my brother Deepak bought a whisky coke for me and also a drink for himself. Joran also bought an alcoholic drink for himself. We stood then at the dancing floor/stage for a while and I saw that several persons were dancing. I saw that white blonde haired girl was dancing and then she saw Joran and came over to him and said to him in English: Hi, how are you? (Hello, how goes it?; observation JACOBS) Joran started to dance hereafter with white girl with blonde hair. I only walked around then. According to me my brother with Joran lagged behind. I walked around in the bldg. of Carlos & Charlies but I did not run to (?). After I had walked around, I met Deepak and Joran at the dancing floor/stage. Then the three of us  agreed that it was too boring at Carlos & Charlies and that we would go to the house (home?). I saw that Joran was talking with the white girl.

On Monday, May 30, 2005, around 01:15, we walked with our guest to Deepak’s car. I with my brother in the front of his car. Joran sat with the white girl in the back seat. The girl spoke with Deepak and not with me. My brother drove twice around with his car and I saw that near Dunkin Donuts a group of the Visibility Team stood. My brother drove then past the Royal Plaza and I saw that a group persons stood there. When the girl saw persons in the group, she opened the window and she greeted them. In the car, the white blonde said girl said to Joran that they should go to the North side of Aruba to see sharks. Deepak decided to drive to the North side of Aruba so that the girl could see sharks. I saw that when we were on the way to the Lighthouse, Joran was kissing and started fingering the girl. I could not hear what Joran and the girl said because the music in the car was very loud. When we arrived at the Lighthouse, I asked my brother if Joran and the girl would get out of the car to see the sharks. I told my brother that Joran and the little girl were kissing and that they probably would not leave the car.  I asked Joran to find out from the girl where she was staying so we could take her back. I the girl told Joran where she was staying and I heard the girl tell him she stayed at the Holiday Inn hotel.  Then my brother drove to the Holiday Inn to drop the girl off there.

Around 01.45, we arrived at the Holiday Inn hotel. My brother parked his car at north of the two entryways which are parallel to the lobby of the hotel. The girl stepped out of the car and she fell on the ground because she was very drunk. I saw that Joran got out of the car to help the girl. I saw that he held her under her armpits so that she could stand. After the girl was standing, she pushed Joran. I heard the girl say in a very angry tone to Joran in English:  I can stand on my own. (I can only stand up; observation JACOBS) I saw that the girl walked in the direction of the hotel lobby. Before the girl got to the lobby Deepak drove away by means of the second entryway. While driving away I saw that a dark skinned guard who was dressed in black went to the girl and started to talk. I saw also that the guard had a walkie talkie in his hands.

Around 02.15, Deepak dropped Joran off at home and around 02.45 Deepak and I were home and when we arrived at home we went to sleep.

On your question if I you can give you the description of large dark guard, who stood at the lobby and walked up to the girl when we arrived there, I will answer you the following:
-   he is approximately 1.70 meters tall;
-   he has a strong build;
-   he has close-cropped black hair;
-   he wore a black t-shirt;
-   he wore black cotton long trousers which most of the guards wear and
-   he held a walkie talkie in his hands
 If I see the guard again, I will not recognize him.

On your question if Joran and the girl had gotten out of the car at the Fisherman’s Huts and walked by the sea;
I answer you no.  Joran and the girl never got out of Deepak’s car.

On your question if my brother has a mobile telephone;
I answer you yes. My brother has a mobile telephone  with the number "xxxxxxx". I have a mobile telephone with the number "xxxxxxx".

On your question if you can me tell what the girl was wearing, I answer you the following:
She wore a blue blouse and a skirt. I wore brown long trousers, a blue cap and a blue pullover. She had light straight hair and these gevlecht (?) were not. (With the girl the missing woman Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY is meant; observation JACOBS.)

On your question if I have used narcotic substances with the girl:
I answer you no. I also did not see the girl use narcotic substances.

If you still have more questions, I will prepare to answer them.


After the witness S.S. KALPOE was given and read his statement he agreed to sign it.

This of my statement, on oath of office made up this warrant, has been closed and has been signed at Bubali, on Aruba on May 31, 2005.




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« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2006, 03:07:02 PM »

Thank you SM and Klaas.

Looks like k#2 didn't learn his lines too well.

Wow! so, by May 31 they had a written dialog for thier statements and sometime to practice.

ENRAGING!!!  I could spit fire right now.

Glenda wrote: "aruba's job was not to babysit Beth's daughter. Beth sent her daughter to swim with the sharks, she is responsible for what ever happened to Natalee." = there is no homicide in aruba, only SUICIDE.  Don't go to aruba if you value your life.
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« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2006, 11:46:13 AM »


Is this the 1st time the Fisherman's HUTs was mentioned?
Why did the interviewer bring them up??

It is NOT over !!! If you believe good prevails and that the truth comes forward then justice will be handed out.  I want answers!
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