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Author Topic: ABRAHAM JONES - 06/05/2005 Statement  (Read 5451 times)
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« on: September 12, 2006, 06:11:41 PM »


We, Dennis Dominico JACOBS and Jonathan Patrick ORMAN, head agent and agent first class classified at the Korps Police Force Aruba and both at the Atraco team, explain the following.

On Sunday, June 05, 2005, around 10:55 we, interrogated and took a statement from the man named:

 Abraham Alfred JONES,

born on Aruba on August 07, 1976, of profession Guard (A.S.I.S.) and living at the Vuyst number XXXX on Aruba.

The declaration was taken in English and translated to Dutch by me, JACOBS, was put on record and sound as follows:

Although I was informed by you that I am not obliged to give answers, I am nevertheless prepared to give a statement to truth.

On your question if I have a nickname, I answer yes. By my friends and people who know me, I am called “Maca”. This is the second time that I have been in contact with the police and justice. The first time I was apprehended for maltreatment.

On your question if I am presently working, I answer you the following:
I was working, up to May 31, 2005 as a guard at the Allegro hotel.

As of June 01, 2005 I no longer work at the Allegro Hotel because the contract the hotel had with the guarding company A.S.I.S. ended and was not extended. In the year 2002 I started hotel work as a guard at the Allegro. I wore a uniform existing of dark blue trousers and a white shirt. This uniform I used each time that I worked. During my activities I also walked around with a portofoon (walkie talkie?) in the area of the hotel. The last day that I was a guard at the Allegro hotel was on May 30, 2005. I had on that day, day service. I now no longer remember if it was on Sunday or Monday. According to me I met the Boneriaan named "SOLEANO”, the arubaan  named “ PETERSON” and the Dominikaan named " R. MARTIS when I came to work. They had night duty and worked therefore from Sunday May 29, 2005 at 23.00, up to Monday May 30, 2005 at 07.00.

On your question who I worked with on my shift, I answer you the following:
I work with the arubaan "J. MADURO" and the grenadaan "Mickey JOHN" nicknamed "Bolo". The three of us worked together on Monday, May 30, 2005.

On May 30, 2005, the hotel was closed to the public except for the casino. I had the day shift which is from 07.00 till 15.00, the evening shift is from 15.00 till 23.00 and night duty starting from 23.00 till 07.00.

On your question if during my shift I walk to the nearby hotels. I answer you the following. When I have day service and evening service I do not leave my post when I have night duty, I walk to all the hotels in the area, the Raddison, Aruba Grand Hotel, Wyndham Hotel, Playa Linda Hotel and the Holiday Inn Hotel. When I’m on night duty and walk to the other hotels I go alone.  I never go with the other two guards J. and Mickey. Sometimes when I have evening shift, I go after my shift to the Holiday Inn to enjoy the live bands music. On Tuesday and Thursday evening I was at the bar at the Holiday Inn hotel where there is live band music.

On your question if during my shift I wear a jacket, I answer you the following:
When I have night duty I carry a blue/white jacket. The front of this jacket is blue and the back is white. I also sometimes wear a dark blue jacket when I have night duty. On your question if my other colleagues use the two jackets belonging to me when they have night duty, answer I you no.

On your question if "John" also wore a jacket when he had night duty, I answer you yes. He wore a black Adidas jacket with the three vertical white lines.

On your question if John walked during the night duty also to the other hotels in the surroundings, I answer yes. He also walked during the night duty to the other hotels in the surroundings. I never went with him to the other hotels in the surroundings when we had night duty, because the three of us can never be gone at the same time (together) while on night duty.

On your question if  "John" and I met last week at the Holiday Inn hotel, I will give you the following answer:
I met with John the previous Thursday at around 23.00, at the Allegro hotel.

He had work on that Thursday, May 26 2005 from 23.00 up to on Friday, May 27, 2005 at 07.00. On your question what John does different than I while at the hotel at the pool bar and/or sport bar of the Holiday Inn, I answer you that he is there looking for female tourists. On your question if I met or spoke at the hotel with the girl on the posters printed last week, I will answer you the following:
I read in the newspaper that the girl was missing. I have no knowledge of the missing girl and I did not speak with her. (Herewith missing girl "Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY" is meant; observation JACOBS.)

On your question if I am a salesman or user of narcotic substances, I answer you no. On your question if John is a salesman and/or a user of narcotic substances, I answer you the following. John is a user of marijuana. I don’t believe John is a salesman of narcotic substances.

On your question if I use a punch-clock at the hotel when I come on to shift and when my shift is over, I answer you yes. This punch-clock is in the Time-keeper office.

On your question if I can give a description of R. MARTIS, I can answer yes. His description is the following:
-   he has dark brown skin color;
-   he is approximately 1.72 meters tall
-   he has almost none its because he has shaved its head;
-   he is approximately 28 years old and
-   he speaks very bad English and
-   he lives according to me in Oranjestad
On your question if R. MARTIS during his night duty walks to the sportsbar or poolbar of the Holiday Inn hotel, I tell you that I can not answer this because I do not work (team?) with him.

On your question if on Sunday, May 29, 2005, in the evening hours, I was at the sportsbar and or poolbar of the Holiday Inn Hotel was, I answer you no.

On your question with which car I went to work at the Allegro Hotel, I answer you that sometimes I went in my car and sometimes with the car of my girlfriend. I have a red, two door vehicle of the make Ford Escort. I have no license plate for this yet. My girlfriend drives a dark blue, two door vehicle of the make Chevy Celta. I do not know the license plate of it.

On your question if John has a car, I answer you yes. He has four door grey Suzuki Vitara jeep. According to me, the jeep is broken and is sits waiting to be repaired. John also drives a 4 door red Toyota Tercel but this belongs to his mother.

My declaration is the truth. I have been prepared and answered these questions voluntarily. I have never seen the missing girl.

I was not threatened, maltreated or anyhow promised something or given to me to give this statement.


After the suspected A.A. JONES read the declaration, he explained he thereby agreed to sign it.

This of our statement, on oath of office made up this warrant, has been closed and has been signed at Noord on June 05, 2005 and has been closed.


D.D. JACOBS          J.P. ORMAN


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