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Author Topic: SOLVERT RENESKA (security guard) 07/08/2005 Statement  (Read 7411 times)
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« on: September 20, 2006, 10:11:48 PM »


We, Dennis Dominico JACOBS and Zoraida Megaly de CUBA, head agents at the Korps Police Force Aruba, former classified at the Atraco team and last mentioned at the research classified (RST), explain the following:

On July 08, 2005, around 12:15, we interrogated and took a witness statement from the man called:

Solvert RENESKA,

born at Gonave in Haiti on October 04, 1959, of profession guard (pro Security) and living at Dominicaweg xxxxxxxx on Aruba.

The declaration was taken in Spanish and translated to Dutch by me, JACOBS, it was put on record and sounds as follows:

On your question if I on May 29, 2005 and/or on May 30, 2005, worked as a guard at the Holiday Inn Hotel, I will answer you the following:
I worked on Sunday, May 29, 2005, from 16.00, till 24.00, at the Holiday Inn Hotel. Thereafter, I worked on Monday, May 30, 2005, from 00.00 up to and including 08.00, also at the Holiday Inn Hotel. On Sunday, May 29, 2005, I worked from 16.00 up to and including 24.00, as a guard at the "Iguana bar" of aforementioned hotel. After my evening shift had expired I remained also and continued working the night duty shift at the “Iguana Bar”.  Therefore I worked from Sunday May 29, 2005 from 16:00 up to Monday May 30, 2005 at 08:00, at the "Holiday Inn Hotel".

On your question if I had problems on Sunday May 29, 2005 and on Monday, May 30, 2005, during my shift with the group of American students who were staying in the hotel, I will answer you the following:
On Monday, May 30, 2005, around 00.00, I saw a group of these American students swimming naked in the sea off the Holiday Inn Hotel.  I didn’t see from direction they came or what they wore to the sea. I saw that this group students at around 02.30, left the sea and I saw that a couple of these students walked to the “Jacuzzi”.  I also was a couple others  walk to the “Curacao Tower” and that the others to the “Bonaire Tower” walked. I cannot say how many persons were swimming naked because I didn’t count them.

On your question if I saw the man named “M” on Monday, May 30, 2005, in the night time hours, on the sand of the Holiday Inn Hotel, I can answer you yes. On that day around 01.00, I saw that "M." with the slim white man who wore a hat on his head, walking in a northern direction on the sand in the direction of the “Moomba Beach”. Because I had learned from third parties that “M” was a dangerous robber, I contacted with my portofoon (walkie talkie?) the guard who was monitoring at the Curacao Tower and told him to look out because “M”  was in the vicinity. A couple minutes later saw I that "M" and the slim white man returned products in beside the "Iguana bar" stood. I walked up to them and I greeted "M". "M" looked straight at me and asked my why I followed him. I told “M” to tell him to have a good evening."M" answered that I was a klootzak (?). I said to "M" that all I did was greet him and he insulted me."M" asked me then if I was inhabitant of Haiti and I answered that him, no I was not an inhabitant of Haiti. “M” went then to the water cooler to drink water and then walked away with the slim white man in an Eastern direction towards “Playa Linda”. I must note that this was the first time that I have ever seen the slim white man with “M” (With "M" the man "M. CELAIRE" are meant; observation JACOBS.)

On your question if I walked later in the night time hours with the guard "CANCHANO" to the swimming pool, because CANCHANO saw two unknown men under a hut, I will tell you that I no longer remember this. I also no longer remember at this moment that CANCHANO at that moment had told me to look out for “M”. (With CANCHANO the witness "J. CANCHANO" are meant; observation JACOBS)

On the same day around 02.30, I saw that "M" walking with the slim white man from the northern direction to the direction of the “Marriott Hotel” met and with the slim white man stood under a hut. I must note that at this same moment a group of the American students came naked out of the water on the sand and were putting their clothes on.

It is remarkable that from that day on Monday, May 30, in the night time hours, "M" and the slim white man have not been seen again on the sand of the Holiday Inn Hotel.

I remember also that this was the day that the American girl “Natalee HOLLOWAY” also at the “Holiday Inn Hotel” went missing.

On your question if I know the name of the slim white man, I answer you no.

On your question if I know the man nicknamed “G” or “J”, who is regularly at the Holiday Inn hotel, answer I you no. On your question if I was approached on Monday, May 30, 2005, in the night time hours, by a couple who were also staying in the Holiday Inn Hotel, with a story about two men and a drunk girl were on the sand north of the hotel stumbling or falling, answer I you no. Nobody approached me with this story.

The couple must specifically say who they had reported this to. You must ask this also of the other guards. I did not hear it from the other guards either. The guards names are  "Ramon", "Campo", “Arroyo", “Perez Ramirez”, "Stewart" and "Canchano“ had night shift at the Holiday Inn Hotel.

This is my true statement. If you have more questions, I will be prepared to answer them.


After I, JACOBS, read the declaration to the witness S. RENESKA in Spanish, I translated it and he agreed to sign it.
Of what our, statement, on oath of office made up this warrant, and has been signed at Oranjestad on July 08, 2005 and has been closed,


DD JACOBS             Z.M. THE CUBA

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