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Author Topic: SATISH KALPOE - 06/24/2005 Suspect Statement  (Read 4956 times)
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« on: September 23, 2006, 03:52:47 PM »


We, Johny Melvis ERASMUS and Zoraida Magaly De CUBA, respectively agent first class and head agent, at the Korps Police Force Aruba, at the section multidiscipline crime district II and last mentioned team classified, explains the following at the research to cooperation classified.

On June 24, 2005, around 15:35, the suspect S.S. KALPOE was interrogated more closely.

Before interrogating the suspect was told by me, ERASMUS, that he was not obliged to give a declaration.

He subsequently finished the declaration in Dutch, which was put on record and sounds as follows.

Before questioning started, you informed me that I am not obliged to give a statement. Even if that is so I never the less will prepare to give you a statement.

On your question if I can remember if during of the many conversations at Joran’s home that the father said “no corpse no case”, I can say it following:
The father of Joran said it in other words. The father of Joran had said: "if there is no corpse it would be difficult to arrest us”.

On your question what would the father of Joran have meant with difficult, I can tell you what is possible it meant I took it that he meant, if a corpse is found evidence could be found on the corpse that could lead to our arrest.

On your question if my brother, Joran and I had sexual contacts with the missing girl, I can explain to you the following:
My brother and I definitely did not have sex with the missing girl. Joran I can’t say. All I saw was Joran kissing the missing girl in the car. We, my brother and I, at around 01:50, left Joran and the missing girl at the beach off Marriott hotel, hence why I cannot say if Joran had sex with the missing girl.

On your question if during getting out of the car,were Joran and missing little girl entirely dressed, I can explain the following:
Joran and the missing girl had everything still on that they had when they got into the car.

On your question if I cleaned the car on another day after May 29, 2005, I can explain the following:
I can you insure that I have not cleaned the car after May 29, 2005.

On May 29, 2005, around 22.45, was the last time my brother and I vacuumed and cleaned the car.

On your question if I have new floor mats in the car, I can explain the following:
No, the floor mats, which are in the car, are not new.

On your question if someone else in the family could have seen us vacuuming, I can explain to you the following:
Only my little sister was home and she was sleeping. Perhaps the neighbors had seen, however, that we vacuumed the car.

To your question whether after that we still had problems with ants, I can state the following. After that time we still had problems with ants. Not immediatly but in the days afterwards we did.

You ask me what I meant when I said to the police force Wednesday June 1, 2005: "then I saw this and I said to Deepak, Joran is crazy”, I can explain it following:
Joran and the missing girl that he just met that day was satisfying himself already with a French kiss with the girl. I found that normal and my brother did not indeed and told me that Joran was crazy.

On your question where we were ourselves when I saw that Joran and the missing girl were French kissing, I can explain to you the following:
When we were driving in the direction of the "lighthouse" past the road to the Holiday Inn hotel, a car came very close beside us. My brother said in the car what makes a difference these men? That was the moment that I looked back and saw that Joran and the missing girl were kissing. All I saw at that time is that Joran and the missing girl were kissing.

We arrived at the lighthouse and the missing girl was sleeping already. The missing girl lay with her head on the lap of Joran. My brother asked Joran if the missing girl would still see the lighthouse or not.  Joran said to my brother, "I do not think so"

On your question if this the first time that we have dropped young American girls off at their hotel, I can explain to you the following:
This is not the first time that we have dropped young American girls off at their hotel. Generally after closing time of Carlos & Charlies, we drop young American girl at their hotels. With we I mean, my brother, Joran and I. Each weekend Joran is with us. We are then together, at home, at the cinema or go out.

On the day of May 30, 2005 after around ten after 02:00 when my brother Deepak and I dropped Joran and the missing girl at the beach north of the Marriott, I had no personal contact and I think no telephone contact also with Joran. On Tuesday May 31, 2005 I sent a message to Joran. On Wednesday June 1, 2005 after I had driven round with the police force I called my brother Deepak and together we went to meet Joran at the Racquet club. In the evening hours at around 10:30, I went with my brother Deepak to Joran’s apartment. His father and mother were with him and we told them the invented tale of the Holiday Inn. What I noticed was that each time that my brother Deepak and I were visiting with Joran, his father Paul was there, therefore we could talk with Joran. The father Paul told us that we could be interrogated as suspects also after being interrogated as witnesses. Also I can explain that there was a time that when I was with my brother Deepak and Joran and his father was also there, Joran said “if a body is found that we are in big trouble”.  My brother and I said to Joran that is impossible because we had done nothing. Joran said then laughing, “Yes, yes you are right”.

On your question why we lied with Joran about the missing girl, I can explain to you the following:
I have lied to protect my friend.

On your question who Joran's best friend is:
Freddy Zedan is Joran’s best friend.  Freddy knew about the invented Holiday Inn and the tale which my brother and I and Joran told and that the missing girl was dropped off at the beach at the Marriott. My brother Deepak had told me that he and Joran invented the tale but to Freddy the beach tale was told. I thought that stunk, because I was not aware Freddy was told the beach tale. (note: tale does not necessarily mean lie, could mean story).

I have met Freddy two times after it was confessed that the girl became missing. The first time I was with my brother Deepak at Joran’s apartment where Freddy was with his girlfriend Carmen, the sister of Carmen and another girlfriend came along to Joran’s. We spoke with Freddy but not concerning the matter of the missing girl. That day Freddy slept at Joran’s apartment.  I cannot remember what day that was.

The second time was when Joran, my brother and I took the camera to Freddy’s house. We delivered the camera to Freddy, and afterwards all four of us ate Chinese in the area of Freddy’s house. Freddy also lives in Montanja. I do not remember his house number. We had bought food and we then we went to Joran’s apartment afterwards. According to me Freddy was informed then already about the missing girl. We may have spoken some about the missing girl, it is possible but I don’t remember.

You ask me if I was scared when we were talking with Freddy about the missing girl. It is possible that I don’t remember. I say that we, Deepak and I, did not know that Freddy knew the real story. The real story, which was on the beach. It do not understand why Freddy was told that, according to me he knew both stories already.

My brother and I asked Joran what really happened with the missing girl. Joran told us that they had gone on the beach.  He took his shoes off.  He walked in the water with the missing girl. Then he stepped out from the water, I say that they both came from the water. The missing girl fell asleep. We, my brother and I, tasked him how far from the water he had left the missing girl laying.  Joran had said that he left the missing girl approximately a meter from the water.

Deepak and I have known Joran for approximately a year.  I’ve known Joran longer, a little longer than a year.

On your question how I believe that Freddy knows both tales, I can explain the following:
Freddy himself had told both tales to my brother and Joran. Afterwards my brother asked Freddy to ask Joran what really happened, since Freddy is Joran’s best friend and certainly Joran would tell Freddy the truth.

My brother and I had doubts concerning what Joran had told us.  I found Joran acting nervous when he told us what happened on the beach. I found it also strange that he left the missing girl this way near the water for that time. Okay avoided he ask that direct do had concerning missing little girl and him on the range. (He avoided direct questions regarding the missing girl on the beach?)

How did I know that Joran became nervous?  I can explain the following:
Joran looked around then visibility was gone and tried to avoid eye contact. Also his eyes opened further. Also he gave me the impression that he had to think of what he would say. Also it was notable to me that he didn’t want to talk long regarding the beach, but always concerning the tale of the Holiday Inn.

On your question on how I think that Joran my brother and I are involved and will tell the truth, I can explain the following:
Joran was the last person that was with the missing girl and wants to involve us.  He wants to give only his account.

During questioning with the suspect S.S. KALPOE, it was asked if he wanted to drink something. The suspect S.S. KALPOE wanted nothing to drink.

S. S. KALPOE (unsigned)

After the suspect S.S. KALPOE was read his declaration, he persisted thereby but would not sign before his lawyer had read this declaration.

The warrant is closed of what by our, ERASMUS and the CUBA, on oath of office, and signed at Oranjestad on June 24, 2005.





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