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Author Topic: Tainted feed kills 1,500 Chinese dogs bred for fur  (Read 1218 times)
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« on: October 20, 2008, 02:51:41 PM »

Tainted feed kills 1,500 Chinese dogs bred for fur

By GILLIAN WONG 4 hours ago

BEIJING (AP) Some 1,500 dogs bred for their raccoon-like fur have died after eating feed tainted with the same chemical that contaminated dairy products and sickened tens of thousands of babies nationwide, a veterinarian said Monday.

The raccoon dogs a breed native to east Asia whose fur is used to make trim on coats and other clothing were fed a product that contained the chemical melamine and developed kidney stones, said Zhang Wenkui, a veterinary professor at Shenyang Agriculture University. All of the dogs died on farms in just one village.

Zhang determined that the animals died of kidney failure after performing a necropsy an animal autopsy on about a dozen dogs. He declined to say when the deaths occurred but a report Monday in the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper said they had occurred over the past two months.

"First, we found melamine in the dogs' feed, and second, I found that 25 percent of the stones in the dogs' kidneys were made up of melamine," Zhang told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

The Southern Metropolis Daily also blamed the deaths of several hundred dogs on melamine, but it was not immediately clear how the chemical would have entered the raccoon dog feed. In the ongoing milk scandal, melamine was said to be added to watered-down milk to artificially boost nitrogen levels, making products seem higher in protein when tested.

The animal deaths raise questions about the extent of the chemical's presence in the country's food chain.


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