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Author Topic: SATISH KALPOE 06/13/2005 Suspect Statement (from BFN)  (Read 5742 times)
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Proces Verbaal

We, JM Erasmus (constable first class)and J. Ehrique (head constable), both working at the Aruba Police Force, common crime department district II, state the following:

At June 13, 2005, around 9.15 a.m. interrogated suspect S.S. Kalpoe. Before we started the interrogation we told him he was not obligated to give a statement and that we would tape the interrogation.

He made the following statement, written down, in Dutch: “Before the interrogation started I was informed I did not have to answer. Although I know this I am prepared to give a statement. On May 31, 2005 I was called to the police, as a witness,  regarding the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. I stated Deepak, Satish and I dropped Natalee on May 30, 2005 during the night (after 00.00 hrs) at the Holiday Inn. I also told the police Natalee walked, at the Holiday Inn, to a guard and we drove off. We made this statement about Natalee leaving the car at Holiday Inn up. We did not drop her off at the HI in the night of May, 30,2005.

At no time Natalee walked to a guard. The statement I gave about this is not the truth. On May 30, 2005, around 01.15 a.m., Joran, Natalee, Deepak and I came out of Carlos & Charlie. My brother Deepak left just a few moments ahead of us, to get the car. Together we drove in Deepakīs car, after first driving around in town a bit, in the direction of the lighthouse. From the lighthouse we drove to the HI. Before we arrived at the Marriot Hotel, Joran told us to make a right turn. My brother took the right turn and we drove into that street. At the end of the street my brother turned the front of the car to the south and stopped the car. Joran and the girl both left the car on the right back side. After they closed the door of the car they hugged and walked into the direction of the beach at the Marriot Hotel. We drove home. Along the way home, east of Marriot, I asked my brother to stop the car for a moment. He stopped and I threw out the Carlos & Charlieīs cups. The cup I got in C & C was from the drink “Yard”. After that we drove to our home. When we got home I went to sleep right away. I donīt know what my brother went to do. In the morning, at 6.30 a.m. my mother woke me up so I had to go to school. I told her I would not have classes that early and that my classes would start at 11.00 a.m.

My mother was then going to wake me up at 10.30 a.m. She though overslept and did not wake me up. I woke up around 12.00 noon. My brother woke up around 1 p.m. I asked him how Joran did get home during the night. He told me Joran had called him while walking in the direction to his home. He told me Joran told him he walked bare feet because he left the shoes at the beach. Then I asked my brother how the girl was doing. He told me Joran told him he left the girl behind at the beach. That day Joran did not tell my brother exactly when had happened on the beach. Specification about that I got on Wednesday. On May 30, 2005, during the afternoon, my brother and I did not further talk about Joran.  Around 3.45 p.m. I brought my brother to his work at Sea Port Market Place. During the rest of the day I did not hear from Joran. Around 11 p.m. I picked my brother up from his work and we went home. When we arrived home my brother told me he was going to the casino because Joran was waiting there for him. I stayed home and went to sleep at 00.30 a.m. Between 2.30 and 3.00 a.m. at home I was called by my brother Deepak on my mobile phone XXXXXXX. He called me from his mobile phone, with the number XXXXXXX. My brother told me Joran just got a phone call from his father because the police stood in front of his house. They said it was about the girl. Joran also told my brother his father (Joranīs) had told him people in front of the house were Americans. My brother told me he and Joran immediately thought it was about the girl from Sunday. My brother told me he would call me back later to tell me how things went. After that I could no longer sleep. After 15 or 30 minutes my brother called me again on my mobile phone. He told me there was a possibility the girl was missing and that we had to invent a lie. My brother told me he and Joran decided to tell the police they dropped the girl at the HI. My brother asked me if it would be possible for me to tell this same story. I told me brother I would tell the police as well we left the girl behind at the HI. My brother told me he and Joran decided to tell that they went to the HI and that the girl opened the door of the car and fell out of it and that Joran helped her to get up. My brother told me then he would call me back later. I donīt know why it was not possible for my brother to continue our conversation at that moment. After about 10 minutes he called me back again. He asked me to add to my statement the fact that we saw the girl walking towards the lobby of the hotel and that she spoke with a black man.  My brother also told me I had to say that the man wore black clothes and a walkie talkie. My brother asked me to tell this to the police in case they came to our home. I didnīt go to sleep afterwards and laid in my bed waiting for my brother to call again. Because it took too long before my brother called me, I decide to call him at 6.15 a.m. I got him on the line. I asked him where he was. My brother told me he wa son his way home. 10 minutes after this call he came home. He immediately came to my room. I asked right away what was going on. My brother told me the girl we and Joran dropped off at Marriot Hotel beach is missing. I asked my brother how this was possible. It seemed strange to me. I had seen the girl a day before that and now she was missing. My brother also told me the police and the girlīs family members, together with an FBI agent came to Joranīs house. According to my brother an uncle of the girl became aggressive when he learned my brother was the driver of the car. Joranīs father asked the people to leave. My brother also told me the mother of the girl showed him a photo of her and asked him where she was. Because I had to go to school we decided to further discuss the matter after school. My brother went to sleep. After I spoke to him I sent Joran a message (sms). In this message I asked him to inform me about the situation. Around 7.15 a.m. my father brought me to school. During the time I was at school I never sent messages to people or called people. I was never called during that time either but I canīt remember if I received a sms or not. After school my dad picked me up. Around 12.45 p.m. I got home. I went straight to my brotherīs bed room. He was awake. In his bedroom we discussed what we would tell the police. After that I ate. Straight after that, around 2.30 p.m. my brother was called by the police.He told me he had to go to the police station. I stayed home. During the time he was at the police station I was on line at my computer. Around 5 p.m. two police men, in civil dress, came to my home. I was watching TV. The pmen asked me to join them to the police station. At the station I saw my brother making a statement. After he was finished I was asked to testify as a witness.  After I told the police what happened that night, they took me to drive the route I spoke about earlier. I had to point the spot where Deepak stopped the car at the HI, to drop Natalee off. I showed the police the place at the HI where my brother stopped the car and where Natalee got out of the car.  I have to tell you we ( with the 3 of us ) did not make an agreement about what to tell  about this specific spot where the car had stopped at the HI. After I showed them the route they brought me home. When I came home my brother was not home. I called him on his mobile phone and he told me he was with Joran. At that night I did not speak to Deepak again. On Wednesday June 1, 2005 I wenr to school in the morning and came home around 2.30 p.m. When I came home my brother Deepak was home. Around that time the police called him for driving the same route. I asked my brother what he and Joran told the police that we had stopped the car at the HI in order to let Natalee get out of the car. I told him then what I had pointed as the spot where we stopped at the HI. My brother then went to the police station Bubali. At Bubali both of us was asked, separately, to join the ride we thought was the route. I told the police I had done that already yesterday. I understood they did not know that and we had to do it over again. After we drove the route we went back to Bubali. I called my brother Deepak to pick me up. When he picked me up we went straight to the racket club, near Marriot. My brother told me we were going to Joran. He is an intern at the club. In front of the entrance of the club the 3 of us met and talked. We talked about what happened. Joran told him the police called him to take him to drive the route. We told him which route we drove so he knew where to go. We spoke for about 15 minutes. We did not speak long because the police was on its way to pick up Joran. After that we drove straight home. At home my brother and I finished our sisterīs home work. It had to be finished the next day. As we were busy my brother got a phone call from Joran. My brother told me we had to go to Joranīs later on. After we finished our sisterīs work we went to Joran. I drove the car to his house.

Joranīs parents were also in his appartment. His mother arrived that day from Holland. She wanted to know everything. We told her what had happened. We didnīt tell his parents the truth. We told them the story we made up. His mother did not want us to stay long. We left after an hour.  We drove straight home. We arrived home around 11 p.m. My brother and I decided to inform our parents when they got back from work. On Thursday June 2, 2005 around 00.30 a.m. we told our parents about what happened. We sat at the porch behind our house. We told our parents the made up story. The story in which we dropped the girl at HI. During the days after that Thursday, we met Joran more often to discuss the case of Natalee. I have to tell though, we could never talk alone because Joranīs father came between us all the time, to hear what we had to say. Joranīs father wanted to know everything but we did not tell him the truth. Accept Freddy, nobody knew we left Joran and the girl behind at the Marriot Beach. To answer your question whether Joran drives his parentīs car every now and then, I can say, he has no driverīs license. His parents do not allow him to drive the car and he even does not do that in secret. Joran can drive a car, however. He once drove my motherīs car. I have only contact with Freddy during the weekends, when we go out.

Normally during the week I have no contact with Freddy. Only when we go out in the weekend. To answer your question when it was the last time Deepakīs car was cleaned: the last time Deepak and I cleaned the car it was Sunday May 29, 2005, during the evening. The car is cleaned once a week. Usually by me. The car wash usually takes place on Fridays and Saturdays during the afternoon. Sunday May 29, 2005 was the only exception. But the cleaning happened, as I said, by the ants that entered the car (this is a sentence I do not understand, he probably means he cleaned the car on this exceptional day because of ants in the car, MV). S. S. Kalpoe.

After we read Kalpoeīs statement to him, he substained in it. Though he stated he did not want to sign it without his lawyer having read it first.

Erasmus and Boezem, officers under oath, have put this statement on paper and signed it, Oranjestad, June 13, 2005.


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