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Author Topic: ...Congress...legislation...steal US citizens 401k...  (Read 1595 times)
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« on: November 08, 2008, 09:55:36 AM »

An interesting view on things...all wrapped up on one web page...

...And salivating at their new found wealth, members of the Democrat-run Congress are also in process of beginning to write legislation to steal US citizens’ 401k. These are the same Democrats who destroyed them, in the first place! As a nation and a people, we have little time left.

Obama has already told us he will implement his Civilian National Security Forces (can you say “Gestapo?”) that he wants to be as large as the US Military. His “Obama Youth” groups are being trained in the public school system. Obama’s voter fraud unit ACORN will now become a part of his government. Democrat-run states, including Missouri and Pennsylvania, have already created chapters of the “Obama Truth Squads.” The Ohio Democrat Secretary of State and Obama adherent—Jennifer Brunner—was allowed to get away with massive voter fraud. And, to add insult to injury, it appears that Obama is not even a natural-born US citizen—required of US presidents by the US Constitution. His supposed “official” birth certificate has been ordered sealed by the Governor of Hawaii, so that no one can examine it. To say there was/is a conspiracy in place to force the “election” of this man into the US presidency is the grossest of all understatements. Obama did not even have to prove his citizenship. The birth certificate he used was apparently a copy stating that an original birth certificate exists. But, no one—other than Obama and his family—is allowed to see and examine it.

read the rest here...


Lots of links at the page for reference...google works too


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