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Author Topic: Early Front Page Posts  (Read 2430 times)
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« on: October 11, 2006, 08:00:27 PM »

Everyone ready for this. I found these early FP posts. I started w/ the link that Sharron posted yesterday. Thanks Sharron.

These posts are regarding the unfair, horrible and corrupt way the "leaders" and ale treated the family and this case. Posts June 11, 2005 2PM when MSM was broadcasting the confession, the ale denying confession and MSM reporting Nat dead and body found.


#242 NativeLingo posts: last night police had decoys pulling the press in all directions....they will avoid a media orgy at all costs....ia
#283 Leila posts: Indeed multiple efforts at the same time, decoy....
#323 Friend of Mickey John posts: ..... BHT....The poor woman prob had to be press decoy....

Also, on this thread there was an obnoxous poster named former sheriff's deputy
#139 NativeLingo asks if poster deputy is JACOB

(was she referring to Dennis Jacobs??)

Then on the next FP
#48 NativeLingo calls former sheriff's deputy OSAMA…how sick is that! you freak

(I could not find any earlier ref to osama then)

#56 former sheriff's deputy posts: I did not post under the osama name. I am a former sheriff's deputy. that is a fact. I predicted the outcome dys ago.

More Early FP post regarding decoys

#70 M wood posts: read several sites today that the officials wanted to throw the media off course so they would not interfere with investigations, or to give the family time to identify the body, etc. If this is the case, they have succeeded

#76 NativeLingo posts:Choppers spotted over lighthouse area..decoy probably

#80 Judge posts: Deepack is selling his computer http://www.arubamatch.com/aruba/1_GB_PC3200_DDR_400_Corsair_Ram_Memory/cat/1005/sub_cat/

Glenda wrote: "aruba's job was not to babysit Beth's daughter. Beth sent her daughter to swim with the sharks, she is responsible for what ever happened to Natalee." = there is no homicide in aruba, only SUICIDE.  Don't go to aruba if you value your life.
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