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Author Topic: Superior Offshore - Timeline (by Lifesong)  (Read 83271 times)
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« on: February 20, 2009, 09:21:11 AM »

See current revisions below......
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Superior Offshore – Timeline
(Revised 3/29/10)

Here you will find a chronological listing of links to the events that have occurred in the Case of Natalee Holloway as well as research and information gathered by the Natalee Holloway forum at Scared Monkeys.
 - If you are seeking information only about The Persistence Ocean Search, I would direct you to this excellent thread:  The Ocean Search for Natalee Holloway

 - If you seek information only on the suspect Crab Trap and the Evidence Recovered from it, I recommend this thread:  THE PERSISTENCE - THE TRAP

Part 1:  1985 - 12/20/07


Navy:     Superior OffShore, Schaefer, Silvetti, Kyle Kingman, The Persistence, Oil and Gas Industry

Maroon:  Natalee Holloway and Family

Green:    Aruba Ministry of Justice, ALE, AHATA, ATA, Hans Mos, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Edison Briesen

Purple:  IP address information


Superior Offshore Services founded by Louis Schaefer  Jr.

1990 - New

Paulus Van der Sloot, father of Joran Van der Sloot was offered and accepted a job at the "Central Bureau of Legal and General Affairs on Aruba.” (Chapter 1 of Joran's book: Island boy)


Superior Offshore Services renamed Superior Diving Company

Superior Diving Company acquired the Gulf Diver III, a 165 ft. 4-point DSV


Superior Diving Company developed new construction/fabrication division


GeoLab will change the operational name from GeoLab Silvetti and Company LLC to GeoLab LLC forthwith with the corporate office in Houston, Texas and an operational base in Lafayette, Louisiana.


Five major energy companies will have a chance to develop four blocks of Venezuela's Deltana Platform

Prior to 2005

Superior Diving Company renamed Superior Offshore International


Superior Offshore International purchases the Superior Endeavour, a 265 ft. DP II saturation diving vessel 

Superior Endeavor


Stolt Offshore S.A. Informed of Intention by Stolt-Nielsen S.A. to Sell Holding in Stolt Offshore S.A.


Ala. Teen Vanishes in Aruba


Natalee's Mom Issues Plea


Three Probed in Missing Teen Case


Two Arrested in Disappearance


Gabriel Leo and Tamara Waldron, of the Aruba Tourism Association/AHATA (Tamara worked for Jorge Pesquera) were already taking to message boards, blaming the victim and promoting tourism. As the security guards get arrested.

As an Arubian, I am very disappointed about the rumors that the international press is publishing about the happenings here on the island. CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS etc all are bringing the news to the world as it unfolds. It even surprises the locals that certain news is published on international media before it’s published on local media. The Aruban Government it’s giving 100% cooporation. The ministers of the island (Prime minister, Minister of Justice, Minister of tourism) Are giving their 100% support in the search for Natalee here on the Island. I as a Local am deeply schocked about the disappearing. We as Arubians are happy to live here on the island and we believe that we are truly blessed bij having a low criminality rate, we truly think we live in Paradise!
We all must be realistic about what is beeing said on the Media. We have crime here on the island, WHO DOESN”T!
We have tourist who have been coming to Aruba for over 20 to 30 years to the island. When they are asked whey they come to the Island the two reason which they give are the Hopitality of our people and the safety that one gets just by being on the Island!

So please! The media and those who follow the news from my Island must not believe everything that is said. CNN reported that Aruba has a dark side. It’s an Island which is ruled by drugs from Colombia and latin prostitutes which invade the island trying to go to Europe via Aruba. NOT TRUE! The media is just blowing the news out of proportion just to make the news more interesting. Sadly these wrong doing is just affecting our reputation and our tourism. Ask Any one you know! What they think about Aruba. I’M SURE that you will be told other!!!

We truly hope and pray that Natalee returns and the Aruban People believe she will return in good health. But we are not at all happy with the international press who are publishing News Without Verifying the story and making sure it’s true! I Guess that’s the only way they think they could get some attention!

Comment by Gabriel Leo | June 5, 2005, 5:23 pm

THanks Gabriel! As an American citizen living in Aruba, and having lived in the U.S. for nearly 10 years I can assure you that most of us are looking at the big picture and we share the concerns of Natalee’s family and friends.
Howver, looking at the picture does not mean blaming the island or its people….we should keep looking at the big picture which does involve at looking at other possibilities, other than a crime, for the dissapearance of the 18 year old.
So far there has not been any indication of a murder, a kidnapping etc and we should all stick together and help in searching for his girl instead of assuming things and smearing Aruba on the news.
I do believe she will be found as there have been numerous sightings of Natalee, which indicate more that this is a runaway case than any other….of course we don’t know for sure, but we must leave the windows of numerous possibilities open.

Comment by Tamara Waldron | June 5, 2005, 7:13 pm


'Nobody Stands Above the Law'


Reports Conflict in Case of Missing Ala. Teen


Aruba Cops Search Dutch Suspect's Home


Frustration in Aruba


Fourth Person Held in Aruba Mystery


Three Aruba Suspects Going to Prison


Judge Rules to Hold Fourth Suspect in Aruba Case


Arubans Worry About Island's Image


Natalee's Mom Confronts Suspect's Parents


Aruba Suspect Changes Story; Dad Arrested


Aruba Authorities Detail Murder Suspicions

Transcript of secretly recorded conversation between Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe while in custody.  A.K.A. “The Police Car Transcripts”

Jailed Brothers' Mom Speaks Out


DJ, Teen's Father Freed in Aruba


Holloway's Mom: Dutch Dad Hiding Something


Aruba Official: Body Not Needed to Prosecute


Aruba Suspects Could Be Charged Monday


Aruban Judge Frees Two Holloway Suspects


Holloway's Mother: Don't Let Kalpoes Go

Arubans:  Natalee's Mom Out of Line


Aruban Prosecutors Appeal Brothers' Release

Aruban PM Asks Navy to Help Find Holloway


Aruba Prosecutors Wants Kalpoes Re-Arrested


Aruban Judge: Dutch Teen Stays in Jail


Jailed Youth in Aruba Made to Retrace Steps


Pond Drained in Aruba Search


Natalee's Mom Goes Home


Hurricane Katrina devastates the US Gulf Coast.  The ensuing clean-up efforts bring a windfall of business to Superior OffShore.

prior to 08/2005 – 01/2008

Confidential Witnesses in the Class Action Lawsuit describe Superior OffShore's longstanding habit of failure to pay its bills.


Aruba Re-Arrests Kalpoe Brothers in Holloway Case


Judge Releases Suspect in Holloway's Disappearance

Lawyer: Judge Orders Release of Kalpoes


Aruba Suspects Released From Jail


Aruba PM Vows Investigation Will Continue


Ex-Aruba Suspect Arrives in Netherlands


Natalee's Mom:  Van der Sloot Lying About Sex


Movement in the Natalee Holloway Case?


Stolt Offshore Wins 6-Year Pipelay Contract from Petrobras

12/03/2005 - New

Court TV creator becomes spokesperson for the Strategic Communications Task Force of Aruba
  According to Steve Cohen, we have to straighten out Aruba’s image
…Steve Cohen has worked as a reporter and presenter in the US, where he was a ‘Senior News Executive’ in Los Angeles and New York.  According to Mr. Mansur, Cohen is one of the creators and producer of the famous Court TV in the US, where he had experience in more than 150 big cases in the courts of the US.  Steve Cohen was also vice president of CBS during 12 years.  This person was on the case from the beginning and has been coming to Aruba since 1979…
SCT also will work closely with the Public Ministry and the investigators of this case, where they will try to let representatives of the Public Ministry or the group of investigators go on one of these programs, after they have had good coaching.


Stolt Offshore S.A. Announces $300 million Order Intake in Brazil


Superior Offshore International acquires (2) 4-point DSVs (Gulf Diver IV and VI) and (1) non-4-point USV, (Gulf Diver V.)
Gulf Diver VI                Gulf Diver V


Superior Offshore International establishes a long-term charter for the DP II saturation DSV, the Gulmar Falcon

Gulmar Falcon


Superior Offshore International acquires (2) new Perry Slingsby Triton-XLS ROV's


Acergy S.A. and Subsea7 Consortium Awarded Frame Agreement Contract From Statoil ASA


APS (A John D. Silvetti Company) and Superior Diving together contracted a worker for a project in Saint Leonard, MD.


Owner, Louis Schaefer Jr., appoints Jim Mermis as president/CEO of Superior Offshore International. Schaefer shifts his position to chairman of the board.                     
Louis Schaefer         Jim Mermis


The following is an excerpt from a S-1 SEC Filing, filed by Superior OffShore Int'l on 8/11/2006:


Superior Offshore International awards Holland-based Merwede Shipyards to build the Superior Achiever, a 435 foot DPIII-MSV

Superior Achiever


SUBSEA 7 INC. announced a contract award by Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) for its pipelay vessel Kommandor 3000.


Superior Energy Svcs. liftboat, The Superior Valor, selected for 30-in. pull in Trinidad


Heerema acquires AGA Engineering


Superior Offshore International has announced the acquisition of Subtech Diving and Marine Pty Ltd in Durban, South Africa. 


Superior Offshore International officially launches its new ROV division


New Developments in Natalee Holloway Case


Superior Offshore International upgrades the Gulf Diver V to a 4-point DSV

Gulf Diver V

Superior Offshore International charters the Adams Surveyor, a 228 foot DPII-RSV, from Adams Offshore Ltd. for a period of 12 months.


John D. Silvetti, Conrad Daigle, and Marianne Silvetti-Voorhies register Aim For A Cure, Inc.; a Louisiana, non-profit corporation

02/25/07 – 03/15/07

The M/V Apache has been involved in operations with the DP DSV Falcon from 2-25-07 to 3-15-07. Scott Mcauley, Superintendent - DSV Gulmar Falcon; Superior Offshore International

M/V Apache         DSV Gulmar Falcon


Aruba Brothers Want U.S. Judge to Toss Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Natalee


A joint venture by Sol Meliá and Spanish developer Grupo Trusam to develop a luxury resort has been approved by the government of Aruba.


Superior Offshore Wins Gulf of Mexico Diving Contracts 


Acergy wins contract to install pipeline for Petrobras


Initial Public Offering of Superior Offshore Int’l; raised $152 million

Superior Offshore and Company insiders sold over 10 million shares of common stock to the public, raising gross proceeds in excess of $152 million


Louis Schafer and R. Joshua Koch, Jr. were selling their stocks. 
 - Defendant Schaefer: 1.725 million shares of his Superior Offshore stock for $25.87 million in the Offering. 
 - Defendant Koch prepared and signed the materially false and misleading Registration Statement. 
 - Koch sold 1.3 million shares of Superior Offshore stock through Schaefer Holdings LLP for proceeds of $19.5 million
 - Source: Case 6:08-cv-00400; Document 1; Filed 03/25/2008; Page 5 of 24

04/2007 – 01/2008

Confidential Witnesses in the Class Action Lawsuit state that around the time of the IPO, Mermis was trying to attain a project out of Venezuela and billed the Company for trips to Venezuela. [pages  25 & 26]


Schaeffer contacts Dave Holloway

Schaefer purchases $3.5m home

Photo Credit:  Klaasend


A Superior OffShore Int'l SEC Filing announces a project in Trinidad, utilizing the Gulmar Falcon and the Gulmar Condor


Patrice Chemin, former VP-Int’l Business Development of Torch OffShore, Inc., become Chief Operating Office (COO) of Superior Offshore Int’l.


House of 2 Former Suspects Searched in Natalee Holloway Disappearance


Underwater Expeditions is registered as a Texas Limited Liability Corporation.

05/2007 – 12/2007

Underwater Expeditions purchases Captain Elliott’s fishing operations  [Exact month/date yet unknown.] 


Two Years After Disappearance, Natalee Holloway's Mom Remains 'Hopeful'


Judge Tosses Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Holloway Case


Schaefer rings opening bell @ NASDAQ stock market

      Louis Schaefer, Jr./Jim Mermis


Superior Offshore International has relocated its headquarters from Lafayette, La., to Houston.


David Weinhoffer, formerly with Torch Offshore, becomes Exec. VP of Operations, Superior OffShore Int’l.


After defendants and other Company insiders liquidated over $49 million of their personally held shares -- Superior Offshore begins revealing the truth about the Company problems existing at the IPO on 04/20/2007


Superior Offshore 2Q07 Numbers Down:  In Trinidad, the largest contract in our history, the customer is contracting the Seamec III, the Gulmar Condor and the Crossmar 14. The Gulmar Falcon is scheduled to return to work in September, and our client in Trinidad has taken a first right of refusal on her.


Rumours of Venezuelan Invasion of Netherlands Antilles


Superior Offshore South Africa is appointed as a major subcontractor to the Dredging International/Group 5 Consortium which has been awarded the DHEW (Durban Harbor Entrance Widening & Deepening contract) in Durban, South Africa.


Holloway Case: New Kalpoe Documents

09/17/2007 - New

Mark Purcell emailed Capslockwizard to come to Freebirds blog.


Contract to Acergy for installations on Ormen Lange Southern Field Development


Superior OffShore's 2007 3rd Qtr Earnings Conference Call:  Trinidad project was running full steam ahead during the third quarter. Three of our vessels, the Gulmar Condor, Seamec III, and the Crossmar 14 are still currently working there for BP.

Seamec III               Gulmar Condor                         


Superior OffShore Int’l, Inc. (NASDAQ:  DEEP) SEC Filing:  The Gulmar Falcon, a DP II DSV, returned to service in October 2007

Gulmar Falcon                                             


Attorney for Natalee Holloway's Parents Goes 'On the Record'


Beth Holloway Goes 'On the Record'

10/16/2007 - New

Capslockwizard arrived at the Freebirds blog via an email sent to him by Kawish Misier, friend and relative of the Kalpoe brothers.


Superior Offshore International, Inc. (Nasdaq:DEEP) today announced an agreement to acquire Ocean Flow International, LLC


Superior Offshore South Africa has purchased the Sea Island I, a Modular Jack-Up Barge

Kurtis Productions requests the participation and assistance of an anonymous research group in a documentary about the Natalee Holloway case, which would eventually air in September, 2008 on A&E.  According one member of this anonymous group: 
“ …Kurtis Productions was provided a LOT of information about Natalee's case…We were invited to travel to Chicago to be interviewed for the documentary once the production crew (including Kurtis himself) returned from Aruba.  They went to Aruba and we never heard another word.  Our emails questioning the details of the Chicago trip went unanswered at that point.  Something or someone shifted their focus…

Superior Offshore Int'l:  Third quarter 2007 revenues were significantly enhanced by the ongoing BP Trinidad project but were negatively impacted by the dry-dockings of the Superior Endeavour and Gulmar Falcon.

Superior Offshore Int'l Three of our vessels are working on our BP Trinidad project-- the largest project in company history. Boats in Trinidad as of November 2007:  Gulmar Condor, Seamec III, and the Crossmar 14

11/10/2007 - New

IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba (Domain name: searched the term: “natalee holloway november 2007”.


Superior Offshore shares decline again after defendants belatedly revealed that the Company was operating even below its recently revised forecasts, and that its core business was operating even worse than previously disclosed.

Louis Schaefer retires and resigns his position as Chairman of the Board of Superior Offshore International.


Superior Offshore International Inc. has appointed James Persky as board chairman.   Persky replaces Louis Schaefer Jr., who retired and resigned from the board on Nov. 14.

Superior Offshore Int'l:  Louis Schaefer sells more of his stocks:
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 31 $8.84
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 94 $8.82
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 62 $8.80
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 187 $8.75
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 125 $8.74
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 94 $8.72
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 313 $8.71
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 658 $8.70
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 313 $8.69
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 94 $8.68
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 31 $8.64
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 31 $8.60
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 31 $8.50
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 94 $8.42
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 31 $8.34
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 31 $8.23
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 31 $8.22
11/15/07 SCHAEFER LOUIS E JR Sell 62 $8.17

Superior Offshore International, Inc. Fleet Update  

11/28/2007 - New
CAPS Returns to The Freebirds Blog from Search Words: transcript wiretapping joran van der sloot

Continued in Part 2


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« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2010, 12:35:12 PM »

Superior Offshore – Timeline
(Revised 3/29/10)

Part 2:  11/20/2007 - 12/21/2007


Navy:     Superior OffShore, Schaefer, Silvetti, Kyle Kingman, The Persistence, Oil and Gas Industry

Maroon:  Natalee Holloway and Family

Green:    Aruba Ministry of Justice, ALE, AHATA, ATA, Hans Mos, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Edison Briesen


Louis Schaefer and Charles Zamora register Legacy Offshore, LLCa Louisiana Limited Liability Company


Three charged in Natalee Holloway's death

Peter DeVries,  appearing on Greta van Sustern’s show On the Record in February, 2008, reveals that this date was to be the first day of the hidden camera taping of Joran:
VAN SUSTEREN: So what was the plan? When was the first taping? I think there was a little problem with the first taping. You planned it and then Joran got arrested?
     DE VRIES: Yes, that's right. The day we were planning to do it, he was arrested.

Dutch Police Arrest Joran Van der Sloot in Natalee Holloway Case


Three Young Men Re-Arrested in Natalee Holloway Disappearance


Aruba Judge Orders Extended Detention for 2 Brothers in Disappearance of Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway's Dad to Search Aruba Waters for Evidence

Report:   Phone Conversations Could Be New Evidence in Natalee Holloway

Late Friday Update In Natalee Holloway Story - Wiretapped Calls ???? « GretaWire


Dutch Suspect Joran Van Der Sloot Back in Aruba After Re-Arrest

Aruba's Chief Prosecutor Believes Natalee Holloway Is Dead


Dutch man to stay in custody in Holloway case

Defense Lawyers Dispute New Evidence in Natalee Holloway Case

Natalee Holloway Analysis


Holloway case suspect complains about jail treatment


The Ocean Search for Natalee Holloway - Key Personnel:

Louis Schaefer, Jr. - Project Lead and Key Contributor;
Fmr. Chairman of the Board/Majority shareholder of Superior OffShore International;
Now a defendant in consolidated class action lawsuit brought by the shareholders of Superior OffShore Int’l (DEEP)

Louis Schaefer (on left) onboard the Persistence   
Photo Credit:  Blonde

Tim Miller - Project Management           Tim Trahan - Project Management
Founder of Texas Equusearch                   Underwater Expeditions
Photo Credits:  Blonde/Kermit

John Silvetti - Project Lead and Key Contributor
 - Responsible for overall project planning and development.
 - Owner of Marine Surveys, LLC .
 - Provided the R/V Persistence for the search effort.
John Silvetti & the R/V Persistence


Kyle Kingman, Geophysical Engineer and Marine Geologist
The official blog of the RV Persistence ocean search crew was maintained by Kyle Kingman, who also posted to the open SM forum under the screenname oceanexploration.

Kyle Kingman a.k.a. "oceanexploration"   
Photo Credit:  Blonde

11/28/2007 - New

CAPS Returned to The Freebirds Blog from Search Words: transcript wiretapping joran van der sloot


Persistence departs for Aruba

Local Teams Joins The Search For Natalee Holloway

Crews Leave Acadiana To Search For Natalee Holloway

Brothers to be freed in Natalee Holloway case

Aruba Judge to Order Release of Natalee Holloway Suspects


Brothers in Holloway case walk away from jails – again

Suspect Released in Natalee Holloway Case


Superior Offshore Amends Merger with Ocean Flow International; extends deadline for closing the acquisition to 12/28/2007.


Brothers suspected in Aruba case remain free


Debbie at BFN posted the need for donations on December 5, 2007:
Blogs for Natalee Forum  Discussion
Topic started by: Debbie on 2007-12-05, 17:36:03
To my BFN Family:  … The search for Natalee off the coast of Aruba is vital at this time if we want to find Natalee and find answers...Louis Schaffer and the Silvetti Group are covering the cost of the search, a very generous offer that the family has humbly accepted…There will be expenses where help is needed.  The hotel rooms for members of the search team and some of the meals need our help in covering.
I am challenging everyone to give what they can to help find Natalee…One last request... if you are able to make a donation it needs to be done NOW…Make your credit card donations tonight or tomorrow.  If you are going to mail a donation please mail it tomorrow.  If you are making a donation please message me the amount you are planning to donate.  They would like to know an approximate amount so that plans can be finalized.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Debbie
Texas EquuSearch can now receive donations from credit cards by using the Network for Good website. If you would prefer not to donate online using a credit card, please feel free to mail your donation to:  Texas EquuSearch Mounted SAR Team, P. O. Box 395,  Dickinson, TX 77539 (BE SURE TO DESIGNATE YOUR DONATION TO NATALEE HOLLOWAY SEARCH IN ARUBA)


DeepOcean wins Petrobras contract

Kyle Kingman registers at BFN.

The Dana Pretzer Show on SM Radio - Guests include:  Dr. Andrew Hodges and Jossy Mansur


Van der Sloot ordered released from Aruba jail

Suspect Van Der Sloot Freed in Natalee Holloway Case


Prosecutor Mulls Closure in Natalee Holloway Case


Joran van der Sloot Released From Jail

Aruba delegation in New Delhi:  “…Also, the country [Aruba] is expected to float an open tender next year for exploring its natural resources such as oil and gas, in which it is expecting the Indian industry to participate.


Mr. Nelson Oduber, Prime Minister of the island nation of Aruba, said that he aimed to make his country “Dubai of the Caribbean and Gateway of Latin America.”
Mr. Oduber said his country had its own central banking system, Parliamentary form of governance and an independent judiciary. Aruban island nation, situated off the coast of Venezuela in South America, was engaged in its coastal waters for offshore drilling for oil and was hopeful of finding rich deposits as in Venezuela and Columbia.”


Comments posted in response include:

Anonymous said...
The ship and her crew are very high tech and smart. They follow their instinct and intuition to chart their brave voyage and avoid most of the winterly storms. Persistence looks real good, she has over 75% of the chance of finding natalee in a fish trap or some sealed container. 25% will be the interference coming from the corrupt and cruel Aruba government.

Anonymous said...
If the Aruba government dare to touch RV Persistence, it will be a serious international crisis. RV Persistence will not permit the Arubans to take away from her the remains of Natalee found at sea. The Arubans may be armed and dangerous like the Caribbean Pirates to board the ship. Our President Bush like late Ronald Reagan ought to say a few words about this potential threat from the Aruban government. Mike Huckabee also ought to backup Persistence's goodwill mission.

Anonymous said...
Two things will surely happen next week. Persistence will find Natalee's body. Second, Aruba will attack Persistence to steal Natalee's remains. Aruba will not let Persistence go free. The Dutch Navy can't do much to protect Persistence. They evedrop on the Aruban communications and provide tips to Persistence to watch out for the Aruban attacks

Anonymous said...
Their worry is not about Natalee's body which will not matter the cold case of her rape and murder. It is about their long suspected undersea cocaine smuggling operations. Persistence ROV will take pictures and video of what's going on under the Aruban waters.


Persistence arrived at Aruba – “1615 hrs: ARRIVED at Aruba pilot station. Port Authorities board and the Persistence is cleared for docking.”

More comments are posted to the Aruba Boycott blog post regarding the Persistence:

Caught Arubans off guard said...
Persistence might have found Natalee's remains already, and heads back to US. She just caught the Arubans off guard.

In less than 9 hours said...
10 miles per hour, that's a very good godspeed, and Persistence travels fast. It was told the ship will arrive in Aruba in less than 9 hours from now. People wonder how the evil Arubans are going to reach to this good news. Do they welcome Persistence? Or they will fight Persistence off? People just don't know. The ship crew will just take things one at a time. The reputation of Aruba has been completely damaged by the closing of the Natalee case.
December 15, 2007 1:13:00 PM EST


Another comment is posted to the Aruba Boycott blog post regarding the Persistence:

Fox Insider said...
The crew might discover the big steel cage already. They started working right away and not waiting til next Tuesday. The crew were contacting FBI for protection. The Arubans are coming to plot against the Persistence. They are the murderous atheists lead by Joran the Gangs. Julia was tipping the gangs where Persistence is thru Greta. Beth told Greta about the plan before she went to Aruba to visit Mos.


The Boycott Aruba blog posts this article describing the timeshare condo donation to the Search Crew

Public comments added to that post include:

me kept sneezing said...
I kept calculating the odds, by my skills, lucks and persistence, I can sure locate a third of Natalee's remains on the seabed.  The crab cage might had been damaged by the boat's propeller, but I can still be able to know where she is resting on the floor. By God's guiding light, we maybe find Natalee whole. I can see her blood at my fingertip crying for justice.

system engineer said...
You clench your fingers together, close your eyes lightly for a second to concentrate. The face of Natalee's picture appears brighter. You look at the sonar mapping and you can tell yourself where you have to look first.

Other public comments added to posts at the Boycott Aruba blog that day:
miracle actually said...
Ramm said the Natalee's body will be found this week. He had read the Dutch investigation files and noticed a statement made by Joran about Koen's boat. However judge Smid will deny the evidence again because nobody know how Natalee got into the crab trap by herself. The Dutch law requires strong witnesses to file murder charges. There are just no witnesses and evidences in this case. FBI says they will accept the remains and take over the case from there based on the treaties signed by the Dutch and American governments. A cold case for the Dutch will be a hot case for USA. When that happens Joran, Deepak and Satish will be on the American government's suspects list website. Joran, Deepak and Satish should not arrive the USA without the companies of their attorneys, and they will escorted to the detention centers for interrogations by the US criminal codes.

Anonymous said...
Let's look back. Natalee's remains will be found without too much difficulty. There are some sure intelligence on the location of the crab cage. To overcome the Arubans' sabatage and stealing of Natalee's remains are going to be a challenge. You have many internal and external enemies. This is an honest observation.


Aruban Prosecutor Closes Natalee Holloway Case

Charges dismissed in Holloway case

UPDATE: 1510 hrs: The Persistence has begun the search.

Dr. Andrew G. Hodges of Forensic Thoughtprints arrives in Aruba on his first trip to meet with the Persistence search crew.

Louis Schaefer arrives in Aruba

The R/V Persistence Search team gets a stange but timely tip.
Kyle Kingman:  "While we were searching shortly before Christmas, we were contacted by an Aruban detective who was involved in the Holloway case. He claimed that his brother had a vision about Natalee’s body offshore and had coordinates. He and his brother agreed to meet on the Persistence. The detective¢s brother gave what he thought were coordinates, but turned out to be a line of latitude. This latitude aligned with Arashi beach and came within a half mile of the fish trap.”

Kyle Kingman:  “…He came to us during the search along with his brother who had a "vision" on where Natalee was disposed. The vision was cryptic and actually contained a latitude which from what he claimed could have been anywhere in the world. The brother thought they were coordinates, but it was just a latitude. Oddly, the latitude was within a half mile from where we found the trap and centered on Arashi beach. Basically, if you stood on land and pointed straight to the trap and were right on the money... this is what the difference amounts to. Based on this latitude we payed a little more attention to the northern portions of the search grid near that Latitude. The trap was found shortly after, within the original search area, but very close to the provided latitude. I would have found the trap without the latitude, but it was very strange. None of us pressed the two for more information because they clearly were VERY uncomfortable.

The brother of the detective came to us and was very persistent over the information. He was almost in tears and just had to "clear his conscience" about it.

His brother, the detective came with him to 'validate him'.

Personally, I think the detective was Simian. The guy kept his mouth shut for the most part but was obviously intelligent and knew a lot more than he led on. It didn't seem he immediately trusted us but gradually became more comfortable, enough to talk.

I think he used his brother and gave us only the amount of information he felt we needed to come across the trap. Basically, by using his brother and claiming the information he shared was only based on a vision, it distances the detective from responsibility and makes it hard to point back to him should it be a problem later. I think the whole game was bogus and he knew almost everything but was helping how he was able and felt comfortable. I don't understand why he had to use his brother and claim a "vision".

The implications of this are tremendous. If true, it means that the early investigators knew where and how Natalee was disposed and it was kept secret and covered up. Not wanting to be implicated but still wanting to help, he could shift the information to a vision of his brothers, perhaps still help a bit and claim no-involvement. However, this man was intelligent enough, cared about the case, yet was self implicated to a high enough level to want to be kept his knowledge a secret. He spoke well enough english and knew everything in my opinion. Perhaps I should find out his name. I never got it. We may never have

Kyle Kingman:  “IF a key detective's brother knew the latitude the trap was disposed at or very near, then it's probable the detective knew the same.”

Kyle Kingman:  “Since the trap was only in 90ft of water and the detective knew about the latitude, did the Polis already know if it's location prior to the search?”

Kyle Kingman:  “The detective originally wouldn't meet with us and only wanted us to meet with his brother. We convinced him to meet along with his brother and made him feel as comfortable as possible. He reluctantly agreed but wouldn't talk. The brother did all the talking at first. It seemed to me the brother was acting out the "vision" scenario to protect the detective brother. It didn't feel like the brother was in any way corrupt or connected. Also, he wasn't that bright compared to the detective brother. After a while the detective started asking some questions and loosened up a bit. With the pointed questions he asked he proved he knew a lot, but we didn't press him.”


Natalee Holloway's Family Blames Investigators' Mistakes for Dead End

Louis Schaefer, Tim Miller & Dr. Hodges board the Persistence and remain aboard for the next 24 hours.

John Silvetti expresses frustration about the lack of an exact description of the missing crab cage.  He'd been requesting one for several weeks, and Louis had expressed the identical frustration  

More public comments are posted at the Boycott Aruba blog:

natalee fans said...
Kyle located the crab cage. Tim waits til after Mos' press conference tomorrow, he will make the announcement.

Natalee fans said...
Persistence, my darling, you have our American Flag onborad, and you stands on the firm foundation of Monroe Doctine long accepted by the South American States. Welcome our FBI watchdong onboard. Reject the wolves from the Dutch and Arubans. The whole world is watching you and protecting you while you are raising Natalee up from the ocean deep. God Bless America.

Mos critic said...
Tomorrow's Mos press conference is to deny Persistence's find's importance.


The Persistence has completed the first day of the side scan sonar search.

Louis Schaefer and Dr. Hodges disembark the Persistence

Schaefer leaves Aruba:  “So I took him to the airport the next afternoon, and he planned on returning after Christmas as did I.”

Dr. Hodges journal:  “At this point I called Tim Miller now at sea on The Persistence to pass along the new information about the cage. He put me on the phone with John Silvetti who was pleased with my findings. From the boat they emailed a new copy of the model cage to the person constructing an actual model of the cage, and picked it up the following morning upon returning to shore.”:

Holloway suspect wrote teen was dead, prosecutor says

CapsLockWizard registers at SM, 09:38:24 PM

More comments from the Aruban Boycott blog:

what is this? said...
The loop in Aruba has been broken loose by Persistence. All hells in Aruba gone wild. Taco accused Persistence is a spy mission. Judge Smid ordered ALE to board the ship and take control.
December 20, 2007 5:41:00 AM EST

kyle is my hero said...
Kyle's new water sonar image has just capitalised the attention of the whole world. People are gluing to NBC for the live updates. Kyle is our hero. He is going to find Natalee and bring her home. I am very sure of it. Bye Bye Aruba. I just donated my hotel money to Persistence project.
December 20, 2007 1:36:00 PM EST

case documentary said...
There seem to be a number of cages of skeletons sitting on the ocean floor. Persistence will have to pick them up in series for NBC to film the documentary. One of the cage will have Natalee's remains in it. With the documentary, the world will pressure judge Smid to convict J2K.
December 20, 2007 9:19:00 PM EST


Dr. Hodges journal:  “By December 21, the search team had an accurate model cage and was able to drop it into the water and obtain a sonar signature of the cage."
Photo Credit:  Blonde

More comments from the Aruban Boycott blog:

DEA can fire on ALE said...
ALE are tapping on the cellphone towers to listen on Persistence's wireless. They bugged the timeshare like Mos did without a court order. Periscopes are mounted on top of the high rises to watch the crew and operations. The Dutch spy satellite is tracking every inch of Persistence's movement. They are very unhappy about the clear sonar images. One image is of a drug submarine sunked by the coast guard. The other one image is the anchor and chain used to weight down a crab cage of a missing American's body. The crab cage is somewhere separated and sitting nearby. Persistence did not provide that image. It may be Natalee is inside the cage. This morning is super emotional and silent. John, Tim and Kyle are studying the closer snapshot of the crab cage. Something look like tennis shoes and a big knife inside. Some bones with some blue fabric around them. Most likely they belong to Natalee. The ALE are waiting for the warrant signed by judge Bob Witt to board Persistence and take over. However, the Persistence has the protection of the DEA helicopters. They can fire the hellfire missiles on the ALE boats. Aruba wants to make Persistence an international crisis to coverup it's cold case.
December 21, 2007 11:33:00 AM EST

WW3 between Dutch & US said...
Kyle is very clever. The anchor and chain is a signal that he found Natalee already. Now it the military and political parties coming to play. The Aruban Dutch embassy in DC demands Persistence to turn over the cage Natalee to Joe Taco, Aruba's lawyer for custody. Joe Taco and Greta will make the announcement today in foxnews. However, the FBI already have the remains of Natalee in a safe to be flown back to Alabama. Rudy ordered the Dutch fighter jets to shoot down the DEA helicopters. There might be a WW3 between US and the Dutch.
December 21, 2007 11:44:00 AM EST

Boycott Aruba and Dutch said...
As of this morning noon hours, the Cold Case War between United States and Aruba can flare up in any minutes. Aruba wants to interdict Persistence and seize the valuable remains of Natalee in a crab cage. The United States will protect the maiden ship Persistence. More hot news are coming in foxness and cnn. Pray for Natalee and Persistence. Boycott Aruba and Dutch.
December 21, 2007 11:54:00 AM EST

The Cold Case War is about Natalee said...
The Cold Case War is not about oil, it's about Natalee's remains. The White House and Capital Hill politicians are all behind Natalee and suporting the Cold Case War against Aruba's Nazi acrocities. There are estimates of over a thousand crab caged bones and skeletons scattering around over the lighthouse ship trenches. Many of the cages may be the unmarked graves of missing Americans. The Arubans used heavy metals, anchors, chains, marine junk engines to weight the cages of bodies down into the ocean seabed.
December 21, 2007 12:26:00 PM EST

CCW is raging said...
The CCW is on. Aruba is getting into the fight with Persistence. Ruddy contacted the sonar electronics manufactures and downloaded the specs from their websites. Sonar technolgies are deterministic and many are classified and restricted export licenses. Aruba has their best Dutch wireless hackers. They are reverse engineering the specs to determine the side sobar scanner frequecy bandwidth spectrum. ALE has installed a wideband signal generator transponder at the bow of their police patrol cruiser speedboat. The hacker will pick the right bandwidth noise to scramble Persistence sonar sweep waveform. The Cold Case War turns ugly and bitter for the Aruba government.
December 21, 2007 4:34:00 PM EST

CapslockWizard’s post (Comment #14 – 5:30pm) on SM Front Page that Natalee is in a cemetery.[NOTE:  This comment is posted on The Dana Prezter Show’s page for the 12/20/2007 broadcast that featured Jug Twitty.  See 01/27/2008, below.]
I do think that we all got it wrong..
If the Investigators cannot find Nathalie is because they are searching and looking in the wrong places.
If you ask yourself this question: “Where would I hide a body so that nobody will find it?”
The answers are a lot of places can be used, but for a logic thinker there is only one answer.
And form all the articles that I have read, nobody have suggested and even mention this place.
Lets test the Logic:
In Aruba in when someone dies, they can be put to rest in two forms.
1. In the grounds
2. In a Kelder with 4 or 6 rooms constructed out of brick and mortar above ground in public eye site in the cemetary. These Kelders belong to a Family and they buy these plots form the church in the cemetery and build the Kelders on it and leave it open for when the moment arrived you have a place to rest.
Both types of method funerals will take place only in a CEMETARY.
There are a lot of CEMETARY in Aruba and most of them have KELDERS and a lot are left OPEN for when he or she dies will be buried close in the Family plot.
My logic:
The reason that no one can find her is that she must be among all the dead in the cemetery and who is going to search a cemetery for a body where there is already a lot of body in the place.
Logic test: You will never find an open grave in the ground because when someone dies in Aruba and need to be buried in the ground, the Funeral home in charge of the body will give orders to dig a grave for this person in a district in accordance with the family wishes.
To dig a grave 6 feet deep and wide enough for a body will take a lot of time by hand. Beside the ground will look disturb by the cemetery keeper. So I believe that these 4 perps would not have the time to dig a grave.
If you have a dead body on your hand and you need to hide it fast, the only way is to put it in an open Kelder and with only five to 6 bricks and and a bucket of cement and you are done. And if you want to make it look professional, can even give it a coat of paint color white which is the mostly use.
This last process is very easy done with 3 or 4 person.
a. Move dead body to a cemetery,
b. Cemetry door closed, then jump the fence with the body.
c. Inside the cemetery fined an open Kelder or break one open.
d. Put body in it
e. Go and get 6 pieces of bricks or use bricks that are in the cemetery already.
f. Make cement in a bucket
g. Use the bricks to close the small walls of the Kelder.
h. Paint the wall
And you are done.
Now nobody can’t find her because we are looking outside the box, we have been looking too much outside the realm of logic. The Logic is, nobody is going to look in a cemetery and if you are going to search a cemetery, it will be difficult to search without disturbing the graves. And another drawback is that you need permission of the families to open all the Kelders.
And this is my theory on this case and my logic thinking.

SM: Yes, good thinking and I have wondered about that myself. There is a cemetary not far from the Sloot home (klaasend)

#15.  CapslockWizard on December 21st, 2007 6:05 pm:

The Cemetary that are controlled by the churches and supervised are only 2, the one in San Nicholaas and the other is Santa Cruz

Continued in Part 3


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Superior Offshore – Timeline
(Revised 3/29/10)

Part 3:  12/22/2007 - 12/31/2007


Navy:     Superior OffShore, Schaefer, Silvetti, Kyle Kingman, The Persistence, Oil and Gas Industry

Maroon:  Natalee Holloway and Family

Green:    Aruba Ministry of Justice, ALE, AHATA, ATA, Hans Mos, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Edison Briesen


Persistence team tests sensing equipment using local construction materials for a wire trap to confirm detection and signatures.

This is the date Caps claims in a 1/30/08 posting on SM that he “started to look at the case of Natalee.”

Now Aruban Prosecutor Says “Holloway case in ‘new phase”…

More comments from the Aruban Boycott blog:

FBI lab glue test said...
From the deep sea, Persistence discovers the kidnaping, rape, murder and corpse disposal of Natalee by Joran. The tennis shoes found in the crab cage can be determined on the age of sea water immersion. The FBI lab is testing the the age of the glue in the tennis shoes.
December 22, 2007 9:22:00 AM EST

ale involved said...
the anchor and chain gives a very good idea of the possible location of the crab cage. The anchor was from a speedboat. The chain was from KIA prison. Somebody joined them together with the crab cage. Looks like the ALE was involved of disposing the body of Natalee.
December 22, 2007 10:03:00 AM EST

natalee cheesecake said...
22 sq miles of the size of Manhattan is a good fortune cheese cake. John Silvetti and Tim Miller will find Natalee in a matter of hours either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Persistence is going to work 24 hours straight. Even the RUers give respects to Persistence as they hate Tim Miller's for his meddling of the Aruban internal affairs.
December 22, 2007 11:22:00 AM EST

rov maker & designer said...
NBC video crew are filming every sq mile of the ROV search, including the lifting of the crab cage out from the deep sea floor. Preliminary examinations by the SeaEye video cam showed indeed it's Natalee inside the crab cage. Now the ROV has to know how to grap the crab cage safely at the sea bottom floor and climb back up safely to the sea level surface for Persistence to retrieve the prize.
December 22, 2007 11:38:00 AM EST

natalee's remains flown home said...
The Dutch government said they don't trust Aruba and ALE. The Dutch will let Natalee's remains to be flown back to Alabama for burial. NBC will broadcast the Persistence documentary. FBI will do the forensics in USA.
December 22, 2007 12:01:00 PM EST

natalee's remains been found! said...
NBC ratings are booked fully on the Persistence documentary on this Sunday premier. Rumors spread that Natalee's remaians has been found. More breaking news in tonight's Fox network.
December 22, 2007 2:43:00 PM EST

Anonimo - CapsLockWizard

#22  Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:17 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen;
I have been looking for some place where I could leave some of my comments without leaving my name. We still have people in Alabama who will burn things down if things don’t go their way.
Without using any four letter words I can assure all of you have some valid points in expressing what you think happened. There are a lot of people out here who feel the same way. There are still a lot of questions which need answering.
I can assure you that the FBI is aware of all your concerns. They are looking at it from every angle. What happened in Aruba was supposed to have stayed in Aruba. Then the cameras showed up! This was when Beth knew they were in trouble. Her words, not mine.
As soon as the FBI can make an Alabama connection the case will become a federal case. You did see how fast the Investigators up here put the finger on those three college boys who burned down those churches didn’t you?
Well, I waited 16 months to find something which I can confide my suspicions in.
There were over a million comments posted on the Internet during this period. I feel that someone with a computer and a little knowledge about the teen who vanished in Aruba will also confide in this web site as long as they can be sure their idenity is safe.
Some other school mates who either saw, or heard, something about what happened down there.
I believe this enough that I am willing to stick my neck out and start posting some of the things I know about the case which have not been brought up on any of those cable news networks.
But first ask your self this question ? why is Beth and Jug no longer together. I, too, have asked that question. I think Jug butted out when Beth went running all over the country promoting this International Safe Travels thing. She lost a lot of her support here.
Some things are a matter of public record. Marrages, divorces, and ownership of property. Do you know what a prenup. is?
The reason why it was kept in Aruba is because as long as it stays down there the FBI can’t toutch it. If a connection with the USA can be made, then it will become a federal case.
The mother took the daughter to some meetings on how to behave in a foreign country. Then she dropped her off at a friend’s house for the flight to Aruba.
Then the socer mom took off with two friends to a lake house in Hot Springs, AK 5 hours north of B’Ham! And for three days no contact with Aruba. Then for 4-5 hours after the teen did not show up for muster the mother gets a call from one of the adults on the trip.
Question. How is it possible that the mom can make the same day flight to Aruba while on the same day the kid was missing? How quick she was to get everything together, travel 5 hour from Hot Spring, pack, make a sign, and flight to Aruba.
Question. When she arrived in Aruba, what Written Sign She was holding in Her Hand?
How did she know she was kiddnaped…?? Answer these questions please.
If the mother had of wanted to lollygag around a pool some where she could have gone on the trip too if she was that concerned about the safety of her daughter.
Two of the girl’s step cousins were on the same trip. Don’t you think they were the designated drivers? Or the look outs? One even fingered Joran as having played cards with some of the teens from MB.
Has any one of you ever been on a beach alone with a young woman? Have you ever tried to get a drunk to do something they didn’t want to? Then join the Army and travel a little. You’ll see.
This is all for now. If I get some response then I will start asking the hard questions the cable news didn’t ask. You can ask some good questions too. The good ones will be forwarded to the FBI in Alabama who are working on it too.
Nathalie Price $1000.000.00 and second price 250.000.00 to tell something
A Long time has past and the poor people in Aruba never came to claim the price… Aruban, Dutch, American, Surinam living in an expensive island where 50.000 are over 50 yr old and where 25000 are of school age and 50000 65yr and up on pension and none of them will like to win the lottery. Ask yourself why?
Is it that because they have to much casino and 1,000.000.00 will not make a difference or is it that they have done so much money laundry that they do not need a million or so to boost up their portfolio or is it that they are so corrupt that they do not see a Million Dollar…???????
The reason they are not coming forward is that no-one has seen or hear anything
or is it that they are afraid of the 3 alleged perps that have hurts their island so much that they are afraid of them?,
or is it this question
Where the players are all connected and waiting for time to tick away to 2010.

Mr. Anonimo, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
One doesn’t even know where to begin where trying to use reason and logic with what a 4th grader writes.
rambling, incoherent response :But first ask your self this question ? why is Beth and Jug no longer together. I, too, have asked that question. I think Jug butted out when Beth went running all over the country promoting this International Safe Travels thing. She lost a lot of her support here.
If one had a brain, one would know that many marriages and relationships crumble under the stress and strain of a missing or murdered child.
The above rantings have been consistently put out there by those that hate. Please do not embarrass yourself with utter stupidity.
We know know the following to be fact:
1. The suspects discussed prior to going out on the internet what they had intended to do that night. Because as we already knew, 3 boys who have admittedly done in 20 times before, do not go to C&C’s 1/2 hr prior to closing except to corner a girl to have their way with her.
2. One of the suspects, who was 1 of the 3 people last seen with Natalee Holloway, referred to Natalee in the past tense as being dead 5 hours after NH was last ever seen.
OK Sherlock, you do the math. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out, unless you are a part of of ALE.
This scenario has happened God knows how many times in the US and in ever case the suspect last known seen with the victim was GUILTY!

# 26  Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:41 pm
Why not answer the questions?

#27  Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:45 pm
We all know what the alleged perps did and now let see the other side of the million…a coin has two side

#29  Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:51 pm
Wel let see where we learn today from the criminals of the wolrd.. who make the guns? which one is more corrupt Democrat or Republicans..Let see on Wall Street who is more Corrupt… The watch CNN, CNBC, FOX etc down there…
The Arubans know what is going on but , yes there is a but… They learn from the states, from the Latins. etc. they see the world in an international way… not nacional..most of them watch CNN for news

#31  Anonimo on December 22nd, 2007 11:56 pm
and it is 3 internatioal perp that came to settle down to stir the peace…again, the moment a girls is lost or missing in the US they know…and the whole Island is interconnected to the Internet. and well educated…but like I said before… money is the source of corroption and deceid and extorcion. so do not forget this.. A million and nobody go for it…very rare indeed. while the whole island play Lotto florida and New York Lottery.

#39.  Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 1:33 am
ok maybe Aruba laws is not perfect. What so is the Law In China and other part of the world. OJ Simpson got awy with murder becuase of the glove did not fit. so he could not done it… so let look at the similairities and Marc furman…etc
I watched on TV in New York and we all was in desbelieve live went one and he went on with his live till recent incident

SM: There is a vast difference between an imperfect legal system and a corrupt one. Learn the difference. That is your home work for today. Your sophomoric comparison is actually painful to even attempt to understand. Do you even have any comprehension what happened in the OJ trial? You mean to tell me that the judge of instruction in Aruba let three criminal suspects off because the Dutch and people from Suriname have been taken advantage of by the Aruban legal system and this was Aruba’s form of jury nullification? Get a clue as to what you are talking about before you actually post, please.

#41.  Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 1:48 am
I am a Logic Professor and I am telling you all that from both side of the coin there is events that do not compute and follows normal nature course. From the 3 kids and the father there is defently manipolation of the Law Book. no doubt about that. But from the Famaly and the account of what was going on in Aruba, This women never show a tear for her daughter in Aruba. It all on tape and beeing research/observed ask we speak but there is also a lot of more info comming forth now that are beein looked at in terms of logic events… we know that for every case there is a play book and it beeing re-examined … what makes it more interesting is that the bank where the funds was is now merge and no one seems to know where it is… so be patient and we shall see.
SM: Logic, huh? LOL … now that’s humorous.
I guess you missed this picture, conveniently enough.

Fool, the family is not on trial … we all know who committed the crime against Natalee

#43  Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 2:27 am
ok lets look at the side of the perps.
Question. If you want to take out a girl to get laid, where would you go to do it knowing she has a roomate in he room? answer please

#44  Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 2:30 am
also knowing that they have money and well dress for the night.

#48.  Anonimo on December 23rd, 2007 4:19 am
I think I figured it all out but I am missing a peace of information… on what roud or rout did the father pickup joran and what is the town that joram live..


Latest On The Current Underwater Search for Natalee Holloway « GretaWire

Another comment from the Aruban Boycott blog:

The Persistence is safe and sound. said...
The Persistence is safe and sound. She is ready to go out back there this afternoon to pick up Natalee. The crew know exactly where the crab trap is after studying the collected data all night til this morning.
December 23, 2007 9:19:00 AM EST

  • Capslockwizard (Comment #71) on December 23rd, 2007 7:44 pm – “This is my analysis about the disappearing and the events on that day. There are two possible scenarios that will fit a logic question.  The Logic question is “Where would I hide a body so that nobody will find it and at the same time lose my shoes?”
  • Capslockwizard (Comment #73) on December 24th, 2007 @ 2:38 am: 
    “To Katablog, maybe you are so stupid that you do not se that I am trying to help. you are so absorb in your little peabean that you have no clue about the case.. First you need to be there to talk and see thing for your self… behinde that screen you can rumble and rumble and noting will get done… any Ideas overlook should be looked at… and this is what I am Doing now. I will go do someting about it…What are you going to do someting..I flow down and I am here … researching what not even a private investigater did over looked.”
  • Capslockwizard on (Comment #75) December 24th, 2007 @ 3:03 am:
    “By the way, they neveer search the area I have pinted out to Zion and from the map it seems that for some reason they concentrated in the wrong area.. The places are very close from Joran Home… The problem is that these kid played the investigators so well and by using the tacktic I will cooperate with you by desiving you method. They used the term I did not lie to you but you is the one that did believe me technique. and since his Fatheer was a Judge the Investigator played by there tune.  Anyway more to come….”
  • Capslockwizard on (Comment #76-78) December 24th, 2007 @ 3:22 – 3:52 am:
    • “I think I solve the mystery in this whole case.”
    • “To 10061906, you mention some places and from this I can determined that you do not know not a thing about aruba.. you could have said the Light House so that i could have prove you wrong…but anyway all your answers are wrong.”
    • “I need the email for Beth Twitty, Does any one has her email address.  Thnks”


More comments from the Aruban Boycott blog:


Dutch marines on alert said...
The "missing and found" Joyce didn't sound good to Aruba. If she left with two strangers, she must be rape drugged. And who brought her back to the hotel. Why did it have to be Holiday Inn? Aruba is conspiring the incident to influence the Persistence operation. Tim and John know where the crap trap is. They gave us a sign of contruction wire materials dumped at sea. Also Persistence is linking up the necessary political and mass media forces, so Aruba can't claim Natalee's remains upfront. The Holland Dutch are helping and backing the Persistence project. Only the Aruba Dutch are the trouble makers in wait. You can see how angry and unpolite the Aruban dirty police are. They were wearing the bullet proof vests while looking for the missing American woman. Strange, isn't it? Aruba is at war with the Persistence. And Persistence is under the protecttion of the Dutch Marines deadly forces. They are under the order to kill anyone who will endanger Persistence. The Holland government have had enough of the Aruban government's corruptions and coverups.
December 24, 2007 4:30:00 AM EST

Anonymous said...
There are more than one crab trap of bones found in the sea grids. NBC crew is DVDing every video feed from the sonar and megneto sensors. The sea has revealed all the dark and cruel secrets done by Aruba. The US Navy is on high alert to protect the crew memebers onboard Persistence against any perceived attacks from any enemies. The Christmas at sea is very tight in security and high tension in new few days. The friendly cargo ships are providing all the supplies to Persistence including the Christmas dinners. There are at least over twenty suspected containers of skeletons on the sea floor.
December 24, 2007 1:07:00 PM EST

awash of horrors in Aruba sea said...
The Interpol is participating in the search since more suspected boxes of bones are discovered on the ocean floor. The Aruban government is being watched closely and constantly to see any wrong moves they are making. It's more like a military curfew in Aruba right now.
December 24, 2007 1:17:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...
To many Americans, Christmas is still a working holiday. DEA and FBI are following Aruba's dumping patterns and investigate how the undersea drug trafickings are carried out
December 24, 2007 2:45:00 PM EST

The red dots said...
The magnetometer will discrete a red dot on the ocean floor for an object of 60% or more metal attributes. Anything greater than 10 % will be in orange tile. It ignores non metalic debris. So far, more than 20 red dots appear on the mapping profile. The Persistence scientists strongly believe Natalee is among those red dots. The US Navy are interested in those red dots. They have their own sonar ROV survey in the area, completely unrelated to the Persistence project.
December 24, 2007 11:27:00 PM EST


Trap found.  Per oceanexploration (Kyle Kingman)The trap in Video 1-3 was found from the first conducted ROV dive. 
I found the target at 1:46 am on Christmas morning.  It was my #1 ranked priority target and therefore the first of the ROV dive series.

Another comment from the Aruban Boycott blog:


dutch marine buddy said...
The new picture shows the Persistence is a well equiped research vessel. It has a dome powerful satellite dish and gps. Beautiful light blue body color makes her so elegant and smart. Docking at a secure and remote site demonstrates Tim and John's strength and experience. All indications are concluding that they located Natalee, and now is coordinating the best efforts to recover the crab trap. The US Navy is offering the needed logistics like airlifting Natalee's remains back to Alabama directly without the knowledge of the Aruban government. It may happen already. Tim will announce the breaking news as soon as Natalee's remains arrives in Alabama and into her parents' hands. The Aruban government cannot be trusted. The Persistence is protected by the Dutch Marines at all time. The docking for Persistence is next to the Dutch Marine patrol ship base. The ALE has to pass the military checkpoint in order to search Persistence. The ALE was denied the entry and warned to leave immediately.
December 25, 2007 10:03:00 PM EST


Take-over purchase refinery by Petrobras a "done deal"  


Superior Offshore International, Inc.  today announced that it has jointly agreed with Ocean Flow International L.L.C. to cancel a definitive merger agreement between the two companies.

Caps posts on another blog, RWV:  “I would like to have Beth Twitty e-mail, I think I have figured out this puzzel of this case and where his doughter may have been burried in Aruba. Urgent”


Dr. Andrew G. Hodges of Forensic Thoughtprints arrives in Aruba on his second trip to meet with the Persistence search crew:  “Throughout this visit I maintained regular telephone contact with Tim Miller on the boat and Dave Holloway back in Mississippi as we monitored the search.”

ROV visual inspection of the trap

Kyle KingmanI found the trap on 1:45am Christmas morning. I got the OK to begin our ROV dive series for the 29th, so I made it our first dive. We got visual of the fish trap and that it was suspicious. Basically, the fish trap door was open and there appeared to be a skull and torso-shape in sand on the door inside the trap”

Pictures from Kyle Kingman

Kyle Kingman“Reviewing the 29-Dec video I noticed the torso shape in sand had a 90 degree angle and that the sand was supported from falling through the bottom of the trap, which was slightly excavated by currents. I proportioned out the distance from the top of the head, to shoulder, to that 90 degree angle and it was a match to Natalee's photo of her standing -head, to shoulder, to the end of her denim skirt. I showed TM the proportional match and the possibility of a skirt under the sand and he said he's going to tell the parents. I said definitely not until we sample the trap and get results. He made the call to Dave and Beth independently.”

Kyle Kingman“John [Silvetti] is not a believer in the trap. He took ALE's word as gospel that it wasn't case related, yet never studied the videos or bothered to inquire further. He had plans on doing business with Aruba and in S. America and he didn't want to hurt any feelings by talks hinting at lack of complete trust and friendship.”

Kyle Kingman“He [John Silvetti] did make several comments about trying to land some work through contacts he met while in Aruba. This alone isn't a conflict of interest, but it tainted his focus in my opinion.”

Kyle KingmanI have not given anything to the FBI since the pictures and statements from Dec 29th.


Private Eye posts:

This may be an old subject, and if it is please forgive me.

What would you do if you were Beth and a body in a crab trap is found?

Turn it over to the Aruban authorities?

Turn it over to the FBI?

Closure vs Risk of magically turning blood into chocolate

The Meeting:  A meeting is held onboard the Persistence, attended by the Persistence search crew, Hans Mos, Dolph Richardson, and several as-yet unidentified persons.  

L-R Standing: John Silvetti, Dolph Richardson, Edwin "Papito" Comemencia;         Tim Trahan (standing)            Hans Mos (seated)
Seated: Hans Mos
Photo Credit:  Blonde

Kyle Kingman“On the morning of the 30th we met on board the Persistence with Hans Mos, Richardson, and the rest of the police brass and dive division. I showed them all the 29th dive video and they agreed that it was very suspicion and looked promising. Later that day 30-Dec we conducted the dive with the Aruban divers along with our own Tim Trahan. We discussed ahead of time 1 thumb up means positively human remains, 2 thumbs up... something conclusively identifying Natalee. When Tim T. gives one thumb down, he said that it was inconclusive. He couldn't tell by his own admission.”

Kyle KingmanAruban divers deemed that cage to be "not case related", and therefore Aruba had no interest in it.  At that point, Kyle made the statement to all on board that "we do have an interest" and that they would recover the cage themselves.  That is when Mos purportedly said they would (Aruba and Persistence) dive on it - but it would take 1 -2 weeks for a forensics team to arrive, and that he would let Persistence know.

Kyle Kingman“He [John Silvetti]  says Mos is inept and treated like a mushroom."

Kyle Kingman“Richardson was onboard the Persistence several times and attended the meetings on the boat. You may see a glimpse of him on the Dateline video in the survey room along with Mos standing over my shoulder”
Kyle Kingman posting as oceanexplorer months later (Nov. 30th):  “BTW, this is certainly NOT John Silvetti.  I do not know this man.  He was with the Arubans who came on board for the Dec-30th meeting”


Private Eye posts:
“They will have dateline onboard and I understand that they were involved in the Titantic so I assume they have the expertise to preserve any remains or artifacts and have a protocol. They can always find and locate it, call for assistance and then retrieve it. But that is my fear that they imediately turn it over to Aruba where her remains can become that of a large crab Smile

The Dive:  ROV and Divers perform a visual-only inspection of the suspect trap.


         Tim Trehan                        Dolph Richardson/Tim Trehan   Eduardo Mansur/Tim Miller/Tim Trehan        Aruban Diver
Photo Credit:  Blonde

Per oceanexploration (Kyle Kingman)"This is the dive Dateline and Tim Miller witnessed, also the dive footage the screen captures I made came from that were posted by Robin at BNH.  I sent these 6 screen shots to the FBI and the FBI only. I was shocked to see them posted.  I thought we had a security breach on the boat from my workstation or a leak from the FBI.  Turns out the FBI gave them to Dave H. after he couldn't get them from me.  After Tim Miller told Dave that we found her in a trap with 99.9% certainty (this is pre-diver inspection), Dave very reasonably requested them from me.  I badly wanted to send them to him, but couldn't.  Apparently, shortly therafter the FBI send the screen shots to Dave anyway, and therefore Robin had them."
Kyle Kingman“The FBI told me they could not send a representative down to us in Aruba unless they were specifically invited to do so by the Aruban authorities. They were simply uninvited.”

Kyle Kingman"I have not given anything to the FBI since the pictures and statements from Dec 29th.

Kyle Kingman“Getting the response of nothing case significant gave Dateline a legal foothold to show the trap in their 1 hr special.”

Pictures from Kyle Kingman

The overlay in the last picture above was performed by Kyle Kingman“I took the proportions of the body form from the head, to shoulder, to a 90 degree angle which I believed to be the hem line of Natalee's skirt. I then took those proportions and matched them to the photo of Natalee with what she was last seen wearing. The proportions matched within an inch from head, to shoulder, to skirt line. Based on this comparison and with what we believed we saw in the Dec 29th video, Tim Miller contacted the family and told them the 99.9% comment. I told Tim not to do anything until we have forensic results back after the site is processed. Jan 7th we sampled the contents and in my opinion we found the skirt under the sand along with the other items The blue fabric was found right where the skirt is pictured. If it isn't her, it will forever haunt me as a major cosmic WTF.”

Kyle Kingman“I'm sorry if this is disturbing. I took the picture of Natalee standing on the beach and cropped, rotated, and scaled the image to correlate with the trap body form.  Notice the end of the skirt is an identical match to the 90 degree angle in the sand.  I believe her left arm was outstretched with her legs slightly bent. I did not edit the legs. I believe the tarp was placed over her and tucked around her, or perhaps tied down. I believe there are several rocks laying on the sand which were placed on the tarp, or inside the tarp over her body which explains their unusual location. Either way, the proportions appear promising.”

Kyle Kingman:   “This is a picture from Natalee standing on the beach and rotated and scaled to the image to matching the body form inside the trap. It matches the end of the skirt identically to what was seen in the cage."

Kyle Kingman:   “The fabric(s?) are not visible on either the Dec 29th or 30th dives. There is about an inch of sand over the fabrics. The fabrics are completely covered. The diver sampled the sand and found the fabric underneath the sand. He then bagged the blue fabric. If the other bag contains fabric, it was also in the sand. There was also something possibly recovered from far inside the trap. In the video the diver is inside the trap with just below his knees showing. I don't know what was sampled far inside the trap if anything.”

Kyle Kingman:   The most likely to remain at or near it's original location was the skull, which is why I was so convinced the object pictured was a skull.

Kyle Kingman:   "...a piece of blue tarp was found about 15-20ft outside of the trap. Inside the trap underneath a small berm of sand (which was in the shape of a torso with proper proportions) we found a blue denim-like fabric which appears from the ROV video to be denim with the right approximate proportions to be her skirt. The fabric appears to be a denim skirt."

Kyle Kingman:  "After the visual inspection on 30-Dec, the initial plan discussed by the project leads and Aruban police was for us (the team on board the Persistence) to be directly involved in the recovery of the trap.  There were talks about getting the proper equipment on board the Persistence such as a suction-recovery system to sift small items from the sand.  The talks continued after Jan-7th when the samples were collected.  Just after the 30th of Dec we were told it would take about 10-14 days to bring in a Dutch team capable of processing an underwater site..."

Kyle Kingman“The FBI said they needed an invitation. I brought it up to Mos and Richardson and they were talking as if it were a possibility along with a Dutch forensic team. Mos said it would take about 10-14 days to have a Dutch forensic team on site. Never heard another word about it.”

Kyle Kingman:    “John definitely believed the Arubans at their every word when they said on Dec 30th that it was nothing case relevant. After John verbally BASHED me about the trap for what I said to Tim Miller about the sand body-form and that I believed her skirt was under the sand, John pretty much committed himself to the belief the trap wasn't what we were after. This shocked me because it was exactly what we were looking for- a fish trap lost at sea with human remains...hmm.”

Tim Miller“In my years of searching we have seen several bodies, skeletal remains--I have seen my own daughter's skeletal remains.  I can’t help but believe at this moment that that is human remains in that crab trap.”

Kyle Kingman“John [Silvetti] didn't want Tim Miller on board the Persistence because he said Tim wasn't necessary any more and was a liability.”

Kyle Kingman"Dave was involved with the search until the 30th of Dec from an information-only level. I don't know if he knows anything about the blue denim-like fabric and have no reason to suspect that he does. I would say he knows as much as Beth, perhaps slightly more. It's time Beth knows what the truth is about that trap"

Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch and NBC’s Dateline crew disembark The Persistence.

Kyle Kingman“You're correct. This occurred on Dec 30th when the Arubans told us there wasn't anything of interest in the trap based on the visual-only inspection (Dateline and Tim Miller present). After the Dec 30th dive John [Silvetti] didn't want Tim Miller on board the Persistence because he said Tim wasn't necessary any more and was a liability. I don't know what that exactly means, but Tim wasn't hurting anything except releasing the statements to the press and Holloways that we found Natalee.  Although likely true, it was premature and should have been replaced with action- seeing that the evidence was collected and handled properly.

I know Tim believed me and was convinced 100% which is why he went and told Dave that we found Natalee on Dec 29th. John [Silvetti] stood back and waited and worked with the Aruban Polis to arrange the next dive -Dec 30th's which was the visual-only dive. 

On the night of the 30th (I believe this was Tim's last night on the Persistence) I approached Tim and proposed some ideas to him. I suggested that we shouldn't take the Aruban Polis divers at their word and proceed with planning a recovery of the trap. Also, I proposed the trap site may not be pristine or the Polis may have already knew about it. This statement was backed up by several comments we heard, behavior we observed, and other things. Tim told me he thought I was right but didn't know what to do about it. I hadn't slept in 48 hours. I crashed for a few hours rest and by the time I got up Dateline and Tim Miller had left the boat. That is when John [Silvetti] assumed full control over the remainder of the project and had us searching in the deepest portions of our search area which coincided with Richardson's remarks. Richardson told us after the Jan-7th dive to keep searching in deep water. John [Silvetti] told me then he didn't want to hear me ever mention the trap again. Of course this didn't set well with me. After the Jan 7th Dive I got off the boat for R&R from the 9th-14th at the Holiday Inn.

Remember after the Jan-7th dive which sampled the trap Richardson told John emphatically to "keep searching she's still out there in the deep ocean". Meanwhile I'm standing on the beach watching the Dutch Coast Guard at the trap site for 42 and 45 minutes respectively over two days (11-12th). When I got back to the Hotel on the 11th and 12th after seeing the coasties out there I told John [Silvetti]. He didn't want to hear it and didn't believe it. However, a couple weeks later he told me he looked into it by talking to Richardson who said "...not to worry, the Coast Guard doesn't have dive capabilities".

Kyle Kingman in an SM post as oceanexploration“Your frustration mirrors my own.  It's unanimous that Tim M. should never have told Dave and Beth anything about the trap until it's contents were forensically examined. 

After the diver visual inspection of the trap he was obligated to report what the Aruban divers reported because although limited, it's the only information he had and the family rightfully wanted answers.  It was a royal mess.  I took a lot of heat for telling Tim Miller anything about the trap that may have prompted him to making the calls to the family.  In my defence, I specifically told Tim not to tell anyone about the trap until the contents are analysed.  He couldn't wait.  He was very emotional, hopeful, and confident.  It was a crushing time for all. Most of all- for Tim Miller, Dave, and Beth.  This was Dec 30th.

Kyle Kingman in an SM post as oceanexploration“The "99.9%" came independantly from Tim Miller to Dave H. on Dec 29th, prior to the diver visual inspection of the trap.   I can't imagine what that must have felt like to be told and then completely retracted the next day.  I couldn't believe the information was prematurely leaked to the family before we knew what we were looking at.  My heart broke for Dave and Beth.

Personally, I fed off of Tim's inflated confidence and my own on the night of Dec 29th.  I did not sleep. Few of us did. The only person able to remain completely objective, much to his credit, was John Silvetti.  In hindsight, I am in awe of him for his wisdom(from past hard experiences) and strength. At the time, I thought he was nuts for not siding with the rest of us after the first dive. It was a crushing dissapointment the evening of Dec 30th, but not over.  The tactile inspection dive was coming. Dec 30th, 2007 will forever stand in my mind as one of the hardest single days of my life.”


Capslockwizard posts to the SM Front page re: FBI Report:
“Dear Bloggers,  After The FBI in Birmingham finsh reading my report. I will post my finding on this stie to what realy happens to Natalee. In the report you will also find that the plan was between the four of them but 2 of the perps was late to the private party. Hope that The FBI open their e-mail. it was send today to the FBI Special Agent Carmen S. Adams –”  (Note: Add’l posts on same page 12/31 at 7:43pm & 10:06pm; 1/01 at 7.56pm; 1/02 at 6:14pm)

Caps sent his report to the FBI, according to another post of his.

Kyle Kingman:  The Persistence spent yesterday performing multiple dives with the ROV.  The purpose of the dives is for collecting video of each sonar target. Typically, the sonar target is quickly identified and ruled out from the ROV video. The ROV operations lasted until dusk, where we resumed sonar survey operations through the night. Today, we are performing more ROV dives on targets of potential interest.

Continued in Part 4


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Superior Offshore – Timeline
(Revised 3/29/10)

Part 4:  01/01/2008 – 01/31/2008


Navy:     Superior OffShore, Schaefer, Silvetti, Kyle Kingman, The Persistence, Oil and Gas Industry

Maroon:  Natalee Holloway and Family

Green:    Aruba Ministry of Justice, ALE, AHATA, ATA, Hans Mos, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Edison Briesen

2008 – 2009
MTBS - Transaction Advisor Barcadera Port - Netherlands Antilles

Crews Nearing End of Search for Natalee Holloway

Tim Miller goes to Nicaragua meet with “Marcos”:  “…Marcos never appeared again and Tim Miller and Dave Holloway are convinced Marcos pulled off an incredibly cruel hoax…”

Dr. Hodges describes a previously unknown tip
“As I write this in January 2008, the ocean search is now progressing into deeper waters, the body's most likely location. The Persistence has demonstrated excellent capability to spot underwater targets. Various anonymous tips have been received about where Natalee's body was dropped. One of the most intriguing has been a tip from a reported friend of Deepak. He claimed that on one evening while they were doing drugs together, Deepak confessed that they had dropped the body 10 miles out into the ocean.”


The Evidence Recovery Dive:  Aruban Divers recover the evidence from the suspect trap.

Per oceanexploration (Kyle Kingman):
"Video 3:  Jan 7th - ROV monitoring diver tactile inspection of the trap with sampling of items inside and outside of trap.  The trap was not recovered.  Recovered samples sent for forensic analysis.  Neither Tim Miller nor the media were on board."

Pictures from Kyle Kingman

       “The diver on the far right is finding the piece of blue tarp, along with
        possibly other item(s) which I can't distinguish.The blue tarp piece was
        found approx 6-10 ft away from the trap opening.”

Kyle KingmanWe had little option other than to have the Aruban dive division recover the samples and bring them back under their care. Remember we are Americans working in Aruban waters, subject to their laws, invitation, and blessing. Our hands are tied for the most part. I personally was extremely uncomfortable with the chain of custody, being that we weren't a part of it, but I was powerless to do anything about it. The samples were photographed in detail by one Aruban diver and the other two investigated the contents of the trap, the dimensions, the rigging, and what surrounded the trap. From the video, it looked like they did a diligent and careful job with the samples and the underwater photography. I don't know who has these pictures, but I must assume ALE.

Kyle KingmanRemember, working in Aruban waters you are subject to their invitation. We did not have any of our people in the water. It was our ROV though recording the ops. I didn't agree to how it was but didn't have an option, nor was it my decision to be made. And yes, these photos should boggle your mind.

Kyle Kingman“Present for a dive was Persistence crew, 3 Aruban divers. I know Richardson for a fact knew about the samples, Mos, I don't know if he ever saw anything for certain. I have no way to confirm or deny his involvement. Tim Miller and Tim Traham were not on the boat for this dive.”

Kyle Kingman"John [Silvetti] stood back and waited and worked with the Aruban Polis”

Kyle Kingman“John [Silvetti] definitely believed the Arubans at their every word”

Kyle Kingman"The Aruban divers were on the police boat, dove from their boat, and returned to their boat.”

Kyle Kingman:  “The Persistence had no divers on the 7th. Tim Trahan was our diver on the 30th-Dec, but he was out of the country at the time.”

Kyle Kingman: “We had an American diver with us on the Dec 30th dive. We were encouraged to do so and invited by the Arubans. I requested all samples to be brought on board the Persistence for visual and top-side photographs. It was ignored by the project lead (John S.) who felt the Arubans would follow whatever they needed to do as far as proper protocol.”

Kyle Kingman: “The bags were removed just after the ROV got out of the way when the divers took the samples to their boat.... and took off"

Kyle KingmanThe bag that is above the denim bag looks to me as though it contains pieces of vertebrae.

Kyle Kingman"They were immediately whisked away by the Aruban police and not seen of again by us on the 7th”

Kyle Kingman“I get done in the survey room backing up the ROV dive and head to the back deck to talk to the Polis divers and see what they sampled and see the Polis boat way in the distance heading away fast. John [Silvetti] doesn't seem concerned at all, but I am very dissapointed, concerned, and burning inside because I have a feeling that I/we will never know what they took from the trap. That evening I talked to John asking when we plan on recovering the trap. Previously this was part of the talks and plan, but this time he doesn't seem concerned about ever looking into the trap further. After John [Silvetti] verbally BASHED me about the trap for what I said to Tim Miller about the sand body-form and that I believed her skirt was under the sand, John pretty much committed himself to the belief the trap wasn't what we were after. This shocked me because it was exactly what we were looking for- a fish trap lost at sea with human remains.

Kyle Kingman“John told me then he didn't want to hear me ever mention the trap again. Of course this didn't set well with me.”

Kyle Kingman: “In my opinion that last pic from Jan 7th should be absolutely intriguing and flip your mind from what you thought you knew. In case it isn't clear…notice the blue denim-like fabric.”

Kyle Kingman “Notice the blue fabric swayed in the current.”

Kyle Kingman: “The fabric(s?) are not visible on either the Dec 29th or 30th dives. There is about an inch of sand over the fabrics. The fabrics are completely covered. The diver sampled the sand and found the fabric underneath the sand. He then bagged the blue fabric. If the other bag contains fabric, it was also in the sand. There was also something possibly recovered from far inside the trap. In the video the diver is inside the trap with just below his knees showing. I don't know what was sampled far inside the trap if anything.”

Kyle Kingman“In my opinion, the blue fabric is quite possibly Natalee's skirt. The divers found the denim where I suggested a week earlier (Dec 29th) to Tim Miller that there was likely Natalee's denim skirt under the sand.  Also in my opinion, the deni-like fabric is a match in terms of color, quantity, and structure to Natalee's skirt. It's not a lot of denim folded in the bag, but then again her skirt was rather small.”

Kyle Kingman“The contents of the trap were being actively investigated. The forensic results of a fabric sample showed the fabric sample was not a match to Natalee's blouse and that no DNA match to Natalee was found within that fabric sample. Human remains were found, but the FBI was not and would not comment on the case. The FBI did not comment on the remains, but rather the fabric sample.”

Kyle Kingman"It was confirmed by the FBI that they received a fabric sample send by Richardson and that it wasn't a match to Natalee's blouse. I think the video can prove or disprove whatever the FBI was sent was the same object or not. I strongly believe it's blue denim. Everyone I show thinks the same thing without being prompted (including senior ABC execs).”

Kyle Kingman“We all know it wasn't a blouse, but I believe they were sent some piece of fabric other than the fabric found inside the trap.”

Kyle Kingman“The portion of the discolored blue fabric was presumably on the bottom of the fabric. In my opinion this discoloration is not another type of fabric, but rather biological staining or discoloration from biological growth caused from a high organic carbon content and decay. Basically, during decay a biological mat will form around the organics from remains. This is what I believe it is on the bottom of the fabric.”

Kyle Kingman:   “The bag that is above the denim bag looks to me as though it contains pieces of  vertebrae.”

Kyle Kingman“The blue tarp piece was found approx 6-10 ft away from the trap opening.”

Kyle Kingman“The blue tarp and blue fabric was confirmed by Richardson and Mos. Remember, they each only confirmed one piece. One confirmed blue fabric, the other confirmed tarp. From the video you see both.”

Kyle Kingman“neither Dave, Robin, or Beth has seen any of the ROV footage aside from what was broadcasted on Dateline or the pictures leaked from the FBI to Dave (and Robin H.). Beth has seen nothing in my knowledge.”

Kyle Kingman“Remember after the Jan-7th dive which sampled the trap Richardson told John emphatically to "keep searching she's still out there in the deep ocean".

Kyle Kingmansaid that he withheld the information because he was afraid of Louis Schaefer sueing him.

Persistence loses internet connection for 2 days.


Superior Offshore announced that it was suspending its prior substantially downward revised guidance. (Last date of stock purchases included in class action suits)

Kyle Kingman:  “Jan 9th through 13th I was off the boat and staying at the Holiday Inn for a much-needed break.  I walked up and down the beach many times a day…When I returned to the Persistence (14-Jan) there were no more talks about a trap recovery.  When I pressed the issue, I was told "they're no longer interested in the trap or it's recovery".  I raised the issue again in early February and the response was the same - no interest about the trap and no plans to recover. I assume one of three scenarios: 1) They genuinely aren't interested in the trap, 2) They are/were interested and will take care of it themselves (or have already done so) and don't want us informed or involved, or 3) They already recovered the trap (or processed the site) and don't want us to know for whatever reason, good or otherwise.” 

Date of the first secretly recorded confession of Joran van der Sloot in Peter DeVries Range Rover with Patrick van der Eem.


Mother of Former Holloway Suspect Wants Probe Into Probe

The Pauw and Witteman program from the Netherlands, hosting the van der Sloots and Peter R. DeVries is broadcast.  Joran throws red wine on DeVries at the end of the show.

01/11/2008 -01/12/2008
Kyle Kingman: 
"On the 11th and 12th, I noticed the Dutch coast guard vessel at or VERY near the trap site.  I talked to a wind surfer instructor who claims to be at the beach every day for 8 years.  He said the boat always comes up the shore just south of where we were standing, turns away and heads offshore.  He said it never goes where it was and has never seen it stop.  The vessel was on that spot for 42 minutes that day and about the same duration the next day.  I triangulated it's position the best I could using a wrist watch and a few points on land.  It was right on the target location based on the measurements."


Former Holloway Suspect Tosses Wine in Face of Reporter on TV Show

Aruba, Natalee Holloway: Mother of Former Suspect, Joran van der Sloot, Wants Investigation of Investigation

Date of the second secretly recorded confession of Joran van der Sloot in Peter DeVries Range Rover with Patrick van der Eem.  Joran had taken Paul and Anita, who were heading back to Aruba, to Schiphol airport.

Date of the third secretly recorded confession of Joran van der Sloot in Peter DeVries Range Rover with Patrick van der Eem. 

Caps posts on the SM Front Page
“klassend: these people and Garry Young and some lady.  These folks are from an Idian tribe that come forth with damaging info on Beth Twitty.  Tey have mention a web site but it seems not to exist.  commmnet please via email, do you know these people.  I was not in Aruba when this case has happend but they seems to blame Beth…”

Kurtis Productions film crew (including Bill Kurtis) has been on Aruba for a day or two, filming for the A&E Special “What Happened to Natalee Holloway”, broadcast on 9/18/2008.

CapsLockWizard’s first posting to SM Forum

Persistence gets call to help the “Michelle” in distress.

Caps posts:  “Klaasend:  Any news from BT?  Need her to communicate”

Caps asks for the complete Shango riddle“Anyone have the complete Riddle in sequence and date order?  I have read it all and I do believe it is not difficult to solve. It is like Dungen and Dragons but with an Aruba/American flavor to it…”


Superior Offshore International, Inc. (Nasdaq: DEEP) today announced that it has completed the sale and charter-back of the Superior Achiever with Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. (NYSE: HOS)

According to Mos’ statement dated 2/26/08, this is the date the FBI received the samples retrieved from the cage on 01/07, forwarded by Richardson.

Caps introduces the Montana Pond:  “Well it says clearley the montana pond” 

Caps posts his next theoryof what happened to Natalee:   
“Here is what I think has happen:  From the casino Joran and the Kalpoes went to C&C while the Casino worker (#5) was left working, #5 tried to off him self with an other worker, then leave the casino to go to this Party place. (the house)  #5 call Joran to meet at this party place. At the party place Natalee overdose on #5, Joran Waited outside at the Party Place gate outside and when the gates open, #5 come out and handed the body of Natalee to Joran. The Kalpoes where there since they have follows Joran from C&C and went waithing at the Dutch own Apartment with the Pool near Joran Home for Joran and the girl to return.  Joran drove to the Pool Apartment and it is here that they plan what to do with the body. meanwhile at the the pool they waited for the girl to come Back to life (but she never retain a heartbeat). The Apartment in question with the pool is just 5 min walk from Jorans his house.  Around the pool they deside to plan what to do and here is where Joran got cought in this web.  Question why does he lied for this person? Who is this Casino Worker? If he asked to get off that night from work, then he imust be a Dealer Worker or a Supervisor, Managers do not have to request off.   After this Joran at this time desided to despose of the body in Montana body of water.  And here is where he commided a crime with the help of the Kalpoes.  This is my enterpretacion from the Simian post.”


An Aruban journalist posts at RU
“The Persistence might have found "something" The prosecutor's Office has just been informed recently that the Persistence crew might have found something and currently forensic testings are under way. If it has to do with the Natalee Holloway case or any way related or crucial to the investigation, has yet to be determined.

Kyle Kingman, regarding the rumor
"We're not phased by these rumors and won't comment about what we may have or may not have found at this time.  Please be patient as we have been patient.  I will post an update on the Persistence's blog when I am able."


Mos sees DeVries’ evidence “De Vries said he showed some of the key pieces of evidence to the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Aruba, Jan. 24”:


Bill Kurtis and Art Wood, having left Aruba, were in Birmingham all day interviewing Beth for Kurtis Productions’ What Happened To Natalee Holloway, later broadcast on A&E on 9-18-08.  See 11/2007  Kurtis Productions requests the participation and assistance of Natalee's Freebirds, an anonymous research group, in a documentary which would eventually air in September, 2008 on A&E.  According one member of this anonymous group: 
“ …Kurtis Productions was provided a LOT of information about Natalee's case…We were invited to travel to Chicago to be interviewed for the documentary once the production crew (including Kurtis himself) returned from Aruba.  They went to Aruba and we never heard another word.  Our emails questioning the details of the Chicago trip went unanswered at that point.  Something or someone shifted their focus…

The Search Grid has been Expanded
Kyle Kingman: "We're being fed misinformation to keep us searching and out of their way while they cover their asses, destroy evidence, cover their tracks, and keep us out at sea and away from the trap."

Special Notice: By John Silvetti
– “The original search area surveyed by the R/V Persistence was selected based on numerous pieces of information provided by Dave Holloway, Tim Miller, investigations, interrogations, depositions and other information from local authorities. After compiling and reviewing the information, the search area was selected by Louis Schaefer and John Silvetti. Upon completion of the sonar runs in this area, 65 ROV dives were performed by Offshore Innovative Solutions (OIS) on targets identified by sonar. Divers from the Aruban Police Diving Division and Underwater Expeditions made several dives and retrieved samples which were delivered for analysis. Several targets in this first survey grid yet remain to be investigated by ROV which will occur in approximately one week when ROV dive operations recommence.  Selection of the next area, the “Extended Search Area”, was based on one single piece of information, a reported confession by one of the three suspects. This confession, as relayed to the survey team, has some credence. It involves the same type of disposal scenario, but better defines the search area.”

Months later [see 04/03/2008], John Silvetti comments further on the expansion of the search area
“The Persistence completed surveying the initial and extended grids.  Basically, this means that the sonar survey was completed.  Over 275 targets of interest were picked up and analyzed by the sonar interpreters.  Only 25% of the targets were investigated by the ROV.  At that point, we had run out of money and weather.  Louis Schaefer committed a very generous amount of money towards the survey and the rest of us absorbed what we could.  However, that was all based on the initial survey grid.  Once the grid tripled, obviously so did our committments.”

Kyle follows up a week later,   posting as oceanexplorer at BFN
“…Many sonar targets were identified and explored with the first round of ROV dives between Dec 29th to about the 7th of January.  What has not been completed is the ROV dives on sonar targets found after about the 2nd week of January through the end of the sonar search…”


Caps posts that he has rec’d an email from Dave.

Kyle posts about how wonderful ALE really is.   "To date, the Aruban police and dive team has been a tremendous help.  They've honestly done a great job..."

01/27/09 – 01/29/09

Kyle Kingman’s IP address shows Atlanta


Caps posts: 
"need to know 2 things Did Natalee travel somewhere before he come to Aruba and and the parents tree   Natalee is the doughter of  -----  and --------- etc.  I know that probably Dave Holloway has notting to do with this Case but the Twitty  Wat is twitty to natalee?
See 12/21/2007, above.


Superior Offshore International Announces Appointment of E. Donald Terry as Interim President and CEO, Replacing Mermis


Date of the fourth and final secretly recorded confession of Joran van der Sloot in Peter DeVries Range Rover with Patrick van der Eem.  


CapsLockWizard posts in the open SM forum:  “I wrote a research report that was send to the FBI


New Evidence Emerges in Natalee Holloway Case

Suddenly, there is Breaking News:

09:56:08 AM:  SM poster Starr:   “Anyone watching FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????  I am in my office but hearing There is a report on Aruba and Mos”

09:58:18 AM:  SM poster Stella: “It's on MSNBC too.  "New evidence coming out of Holland".  No one saying what it is...Stay tuned.

09:58:43 AM:  SM poster Helen Back: “ …Just heard a FOX news alert that Peter DeVries has new information coming out of Holland. Chief Prosecutor on Aruba  says they are intensifying the investigation.  New information may help solve the mystery of Natalee Holloway's' disappearance.

10:11:22 AM: SM poster Buckshot:
by Greta Van Susteren;  I just got this email from OTR Producer Jeff Miller…..
From: “Miller, Jeffrey”
Date: January 31, 2008 10:43:29 AM EST
To: Greta Van Susteren
Subject: RE:
….Also…just got this press release…
New evidence in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway
The Office of the Public Prosecutor of Aruba has intensified its investigation of the case of Natalee Holloway due to recently received information. This information may shed a new light on the mode of which Natalee Holloway has died and the method by which her body disappeared. The Public Prosecutor has lately received this information from the Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries. This information may help considerably in the solution of the mystery of Natalee’s disappearance.
In cooperation with the Aruban Police Corps, the Office is currently investigating the reliability and value of this new information. It will be evaluated in relation to the results of the preceding profound research activities. The Aruban Police Corps has continued the investigation of the case despite the formal discontinuation of the prosecution of the suspects of the day, in December 2007. Commissioned
investigators are currently charged with further inquiries. In the interest of the ongoing investigation no further information will be circulated. Nota bene: the Office of Public Prosecutor will not give any interviews about the matter at hand at this moment, not by telephone, neither on camera.” 

First, oceanexploration a.k.a. Kyle Kingman appears:
12:19:30 PM
Cigars come out when the fat lady sings.  hmm.. wonder what brought on the sudden confessions.     "

Which receives the following responses:
  - "confessions???    uuummmmmm I wonder too....OE...I think I love you!  LOL"
  - "God Bless you buddy!!!!   {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}"
  - "OE, another A-M-E-N!"
  - "Oceanexploration how are things lookin' down your way?"

Kyle responds
12:31:16 PM

What do you expect to happen when thousands of people gather to pray persistently and genuinely over 2 1/2 years?  Peter de Vries will get a lot of credit if this all goes down...fine, as he should.  However, let's not forget who was really behind all this since the beginning.  GOD.

12:37:09 PM
We're not making any comments at this time.  Right now... we're in 12-14ft side seas holding on to what we can.

That is Kyle’s last post until later

As news spreads, SM posters flock to the message board.  All are hopeful that Justice for Natalee may finally be near, with a few cautioning the excitement until the facts are in. 

Then…CapsLockWizard appears:
01:07:03 PM:   Good morning Monkeys Well, Well ....Who broke the code.????

And he’s not too happy about Peter DeVries:
01:15:46 PM The problem with all this is.....I said: I did not want to discuss it in public.    Soldiers will wakeup  This is to defend them self.   in 2005 notting, 2006 notting, 2007 notting, 2008 we start unravel the fabric and he is taken the credits.  wel wel...  But it is not over without the complete codes... Rebember I said the wall have ears and eyes.  Sleeping soldiers are awake now.

01:18:50 PM all the elements of Surprise are gone...CNN should have been the first.  anyhow back to work.

01:39:04 PM:  Remember this is also a way to say we did not know everything..Remember there is a Dirtyhand and there is A Dirty FBI and there is a Dirty Court House... Dirty P.M. and there is a whole lot of dirt that has to be wipe clean....  How are you going to battle this... with out revealing the Dirty hands????  it not over till .........???? to be continue...

01:40:02 PM:  So Where is the Body....

02:07:41 PM No No No.. This is another smoke screen to see who the players in the investigation  Be carefull  The body is the key turn the whole  thing over.  No "BODY NO CASE"
Beth come get Natalee and then start the fight

02:15:14 PM:  How is it that dave is in New York and Now in Holland  How is Beth in Alabama and Now In Holland  not ever 24 hrs past  another time PARADOX

02:24:37 PM:  Look at the dates in this picture: It Say that the case was resolved on February 3, xxxx but no year  how is this possible

02:30:02 PM:  it says that the case will be resolve on that day...Where is the Crystal Ball....  Magi Magic...So you must know everything allready. to setup a long broadcast.  Now why in Holland His home town and not in international water.. Where is the High Court  reside  This is to protect go House of Babylon?

That was Caps’ last post until later…but Kyle come back

06:53:21 PM
We're not commenting at this time.

07:04:10 PM
We're not commenting at this time.     “

07:04:10 PM
We'll release a statement and comment when we can.  The seas have gotten worse.  We're headed back to the dock now in 10-14ft seas.  Getting pounded! Keep praying.

oceanexploration did not post at SM again until the Dateline broadcast, February 23rd.

Caps wasn’t having much luck earlier, so he came back later with a lie:
08:42:21 PM:  “ Hi monkeys, I am back I just saw What Pieter is going to show on Feb3th, He is saying that it was an mistake...and I thinkhe is going to try to justify a motive... but as we all now the codes are saying something else.  He is going to talk about probablythe MIU error.Or the Dopple Ganager.

10:56:51 PM:  Monkeys watch this now....Sunday is the big carnival in Aruba so everyone is at the carnival  PIETER is at the TV show the world the carp story  and while everyone is dancing and watching the story unfold,  They will try to Remove the Body out of the Water.  Somebody must have tell to wake them up The Best is that Dave comes Down and get the Body before sunday Feb 3 otherwise every work is lost foreever!

12:14:58 AM:  Monkeys look what he is saying....HE accept / recognise some of the guild but to prosecute, you need the BODY.....The Key It movie played in Aruba allready, where is the evidence... No BODY to Link the cupability to, No Case...only diffrent lingo this time.

01:30:53 AM:  Monkeys:  We have another Time Paradox  What is more important for an Reporter? The sensational of a breaking News.  Now this sensational happend in 2005 with his hidden camera he he was there... now the word "put" means you must know in advanced where to put to take the best shots? Still with me Monkeys  in 2005 the whole world was looking for Natalee, AND Pieter had the pictures already.  Now here is the PARADOX. Sensational Case with no picture? no Evidence  Now in 2008 after t.5 years of sacrificed Pieter comes out and say now that this is the new sensational with some picture that he took in 2005  How can that be for a Reporter..  He must study a bit about TIME PARADOX  IT TIME TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE WHAT HAPPENS IF JORAN GO BACK IN TIME AND KILL HIS MOTHER BEFORE HE WAS BORN.  In a Logic World things works in order A session event in 2005 but no picture but taken with hidden cameras  (in Login Term an event in 2005 "AND" no Picture) for the Sensational CASE  A Sensation event in 2008 but this time with the pictures  (in Logic Term and event of 2005 "AND" with Pictures) for the same CASE  We have a Paradox (a Lie )  Do not fool Wizard

Can It Be True after all This Time … Peter R. De Vries Solves the Natalee Holloway Case

Beth Holloway views the taped confession with Peter DeVries in Holland.

Press Release from Peter R. DeVries

Prosecutor: Crime reporter's info may help Holloway case

Continued in Part 5


"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."  - Galileo
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Superior Offshore – Timeline
(Revised 3/29/10)

Part 5:  02/01/2008 - 02/28/2008


Navy:     Superior OffShore, Schaefer, Silvetti, Kyle Kingman, The Persistence, Oil and Gas Industry

Maroon:  Natalee Holloway and Family

Green:    Aruba Ministry of Justice, ALE, AHATA, ATA, Hans Mos, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Edison Briesen


The previous owners of Subtech Diving and Marine have negotiated the buy back of Superior Offshore South Africa from Superior Offshore International Inc.

Monserrat pond is full of water.

Photo Credit:  Klaasend


Joran Van Der Sloot Says He Spoke of Involvement in Natalee Holloway

Han Mos, Aruban Chief Prosecutor Requests Joran Van der Sloot be Arrested on New Peter R. De Vries Evidence 

John Q. Kelly appears on The Today Show:

Regarding Beth:
     “She was satisfied that the tapes were authentic and, in her mind, it answered a lot of questions in terms of how Natalee passed away and why her body has not [been identified],” Holloway family attorney John Q. Kelly told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer on Friday. 
     Kelly, who spoke to Twitty on Thursday, said the mother was convinced by what she saw.  “Seeing is believing,” he said. “If it’s built up to what it’s supposed to be, everybody just has to look at it and make their own decisions. Hopefully it has the answers they’ve been looking for.”

Regarding Hans Mos:
     “He’s being prudent,” Kelly, the family's attorney, told Lauer. “He’s following up on it and he’s making sure that it’s legitimate. You don’t want claims of alteration, that there was some kind of malfeasance, that it’s been cut and spliced, and I think he’s absolutely right in taking his time and making sure it’s authentic and it is what [it’s] billed as.”
     There is also the matter of whether the tapes would be admissible in court. “First of all, it was done in the Netherlands,” Kelly said. “In Aruba, you have to have at least one party consent to the conversation. If one party knew he was being taped … it would be admissible.”



Judge denies Prosecutor’s request to hold Joran in pretrial detention. Prosecutor to appeal decision.


Natalee Holloway: Peter R. De Vries Show Updates – “The world has been waiting for the Peter R. De Vries Show today in the Netherlands. We will provide as many translations and updates as possible. The admissions and confessions of Joran Van der Sloot and his involvement in the death and disappearance of Natalee Holloway…”


Hidden Camera Footage Shows Holloway Suspect Confess to Dumping Body at Sea

Breaking News: Chief Aruban Prosecutor, Hans Mos, Says New Video Evidence Of Natalee Holloway Confession Is Admissable In Court

Natalee Holloway's father speaks:  “…The search boat is being partly funded by a Kemah businessman. Miller says he plans to go back to Aruba in a few days.”

Joran Van der Sloot on Pauw & Witteman:  Phone Interview/Grandma’s house
Watch here:

Question: How did this all happen, with this so called confession.
Joran: Yes, I did say something to someone I should not have said, it's a story to someone I have know for a while.
Question: How long have you known him?
Joran: about 6 months.
Question:  What did you tell him:
Joran:  Yes, well everyone will see it this Sunday, ha ha ha , but I can easily proof that what I said is not true, it's a whole lot about nothing, and it's kinda sad that they brought the mother over here and that they told her, but we'll see it all.
Question: Is it now not right to say right now what you said, and why it is that what you said is not true.
Joran: I talked to my parents and my lawyer and they told me how it is, and they said also , just don't say anything.
Question: The news said tonight that it's about the news that after you made out with Natalee that you , that she got sick, and became lifeless, and that you called a friend and he came with a boat and that you went on the boat with her and that you threw her in the water , you glide her in the water.
Joran, Yes, that's what I said.
Question: Is that not very dumb of you to say that?
Joran: Yes it is very dumb, but what I'm trying to say is that I have build up a relationship with someone for 6 months, and yes, that person, it's very difficult to explain, but that person did very brave (?), and I told him what he wanted to hear.
Question: How did you know what he wanted to hear?
Joran: Well I had my suspicion a little bit, because he talked to other friends of mine, I did not have a super good feeling towards him,
Question: but then, Joran it is unbelievable dumb to just say this, if it's not true.
Joran: It's so dumb, it's so dumb, it's so dumb, it's really dumb.
Question: Do you think you will be arrested again?
Joran:  No, I don't think so. Maybe it could be, they have arrested me before for less than this, but I have been tricked.
Question: Have you talked more to this friend who got this story from you?
Joran: I just had a conversation with him, for about 20 minutes.
Question: and did you (uitgekafferd) **** (lol) on him?
Joran: No, I still talk with him normal.
Question: But he betrayed you, or not?
Joran: Yes, but he does not want to talk, he says, what is coming is coming on sunday.
Question: but we've heard that he received money from peter van de vries, to get a confession from you.
Joran: Yes, I don't know, I think he has more than enough money himself, but, we'll see.
Question: what kind of boy is he?
Joran: You see, I don't know what they are going to show this sunday, but this is a boy, he's an older man, I met him, and we've met a lot, I found him to be fascinating, I was very interested in him, and I, ha ha ha, just told him what he wanted to hear,
Question: but how did you not know then that he was not honest, that you told him just what he wanted to hear?
Joran: Yes well, he did a lot of thing you should not do, things that I would never do myself, some of these things he did do,
Question: example?
Joran: I don't want to give an example, I don't want to talk someone down, but it now shows that he used me. (loose translation)
Question: yes with a hidden microphone and a hidden camera, you never noticed that, it would seem.
Joran: These days these things are so little, but it's just been unbelievable dumb, really really, not normal dumb, and I hope that will become more peaceful because it seems that all hell is breaking loose.
Question: Have you had contact with the boy that might have moved the body of Natalee?
Joran: Yes, no, that's just a boy I met on Aruba, just now, when I was there,
Question: Did you speak to him?
Joran: But now I just met him.
Question: Does the police have contact with this boy now?
Joran: Yes, well I don't know, I don't know it all. I have talked to my parents and my lawyer, and I just don't know what's happening now. I don't know what the OM is thinking. I think they are going to investigate it all, and it will show that it is not that way.
Question: you have contact with your dad, does your dad have contact with the OM?
Joran: I don't know, I think he had a conversation with Mr. Mos, but it's only about security.
Question: Oh so it was not about an new investigation?
Joran: No
Question: Because, Mr Mos has said, this is the missing part, your confession.
Joran: Yes, it's very (vervelend) nasty but what I said was not true, and they can found out if it's true or not.
Question: So you did not go with Natalee in a boat into the water and put her in the water?
Joran: No of course not.
Question: That did not happen for sure?
Joran: No,
Question: And how can we find out that that is not true, as you say?
Joran: Yes, I don't know, it has to do with that person, that after two and a half years with that person, that's not possible.  (Joran talks in half sentences here) No, I, it's just been very stupid.
Question: do you blame de Vries?
Joran : NO, he does his job, I think that sunday night will bring very good tv night , but it's too bad that with this there are a lot of feelings for a lot of people involved here, and they will be hurt, and that's not a good tv program, but that's the way it is.
Question: Joran, but now for all the people that are now thinking, Joran vd Sloot has lied from the beginning , and we talked around this table with Peter de Vries, and now it seems like again he lied again to someone else, why should we believe Joran vd Sloot?
Joran: Yes, I ask myself the same thing, there is no reason to believe me.
Question: are you going to watch sunday evening?
Joran: I think I will watch sunday evening ...
Question: will you consider to come to our program the next day to give your reaction?
Joran: I don't know, I think for myself I don't want to react, I'm pretty sober about it, but we'll see.
We'll call on monday again.
Thank you very much.


Holloway's Anguished Mother: Tape Confession Means Natalee Could Have Been Saved

The Persistence:  “is in the deepest portion of the survey area…”


Caps posts on SM open forum regarding what the new witness claims to have seen: 
I know now 100% sure that they never went to the beach.  and 100% sure what XTC DNA stands for.  My location is now 100% bullet proef.  "HE WAS WALKING FACE DOWN IN THE SECONDARY ROAD, WASTLINE DOWN DIRTY OF MUD AND WAS MISSING THE RIGHT FOOD SHOE"  He never went to the beach.


Natalee Holloway's Father Reacts to Joran van der Sloot's Callous 'Confession'

Dutch Crime Reporter Peter De Vries Goes Inside Joran van der Sloot's Explosive Tape
VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Now, when you showed that tape to Hans Mos, the chief prosecutor, what did he say to you?

DE VRIES: Oh, he was, of course, very happy. And there was also the police commissioner, Dolph Richardson. And when he was looking at the tape, he said to me, Can you please pinch me in the arm because this is what we are waiting for.

The Persistence is undergoing some needed maintenance while the poor weather persists.


Superior Offshore International Confirms February 11, 2009 as the Effective Date of its Plan of Liquidation: 


Joran van der Sloot's Attorney Defends Client

Kyle Kingman“We are all holding up well. I just flew back to New Jersey for a much needed break. I've been on the Persistence in Aruba since the 15th of December and will be back on board in about a week amid ROV dives. Things have only just begun to get interesting. We'll likely require a film crew on board for most of the remaining work, so once aired you'll have a lot more information.”

Council of Ministers of Aruba makes a decision leading Edison Briesen, Minister of Tourism & Transportation to appoint MTBS  (Maritime & Transport Business Solutions) as Project Manager to lead and direct the redevelopment of the Aruban harbor areas.


Will Joran van der Sloot Be Re-Arrested?


Kyle Kingman is back in US talking to Television/Media Executives attempting to “strike a deal” at the direction of Louis Schaefer and Tim Trahan. [See 02/22/08]

Kyle Kingman: "I have an ABC (20/20) and CBS (early show) film crew ready and willing to take part in such a meeting should it require press coverage. I've already had a meeting with ABC about this and they are "definitely interested" at the executive level. We met in mid-Feb about this already..."

Kyle Kingman:  "We believe the trap footage may be the missing piece which will raise a BIG question in the minds of the public everywhere. We're in the process of figuring out how to produce and spin the story most accurately and most effectively."


Court Blocks Dutch Student's Arrest in Holloway's Disappearance

The Persistence blog maintained by Kyle Kingman posts a request for donations through Texas Equusearch.

Aruba Remains Corrupt … Court Blocks Joran Van der Sloot Arrest in Natalee Holloway Disappearance

Caps posts
“Yes the government has his own set of lawyers and only work for the Government.  The Lawyers also represents a group that work hand in hand with the OM.  I was wondering which lawyer was on the Roll that night to handel the cases.  On the Roll means (schedule) How I know this is that my uncle is a Lawyer and He always talk abaout to have Roll duty.  It means that he is on the evening list to handel cases comming in that night. it can also be a sub prosecuter.”


Caps posts:  "I live here now, After september 11, I came down to see my parents."


Kyle Kingman posts as oceanexploration at BFN“…Personally, I have been off of the boat since a week ago Saturday to rest at home, have Christmas, new years, etc...  I will return to the Persistence tomorrow night…”


E. Briesen sends a letter to Juan Manuel Trujillo in Madrid, Spain advising him of the appointment of MTBS as Project Manager of the redevelopment of Aruban harbor areas.

The Persistence blog maintained by Kyle Kingman:  “The Persistence is working in shallow waters today.”

The Dateline episode on the Persistence search is broadcast.

Kyle Kingman: “This is how the Dateline episode happened:  Dateline (Tim Uelinger) had an agreement with Tim Miller to 'do a story to tell about and help promote TES and give TM recognition, and perhaps a 10 minute side-line story on Natalee along with 11 other missing persons. Dateline tagged along with TM for a while pre-NH search. They (TM and Dateline) came on the Persistence between 15-Dec and 30-Dec. I found the trap on 1:45am Christmas morning. I got the OK to begin our ROV dive series for the 29th, so I made it our first dive. We got visual of the fish trap and that it was suspicious. Basically, the fish trap door was open and there appeared to be a skull and torso-shape in sand on the door inside the trap Reviewing the 29-Dec video I noticed the torso shape in sand had a 90 degree angle and that the sand was supported from falling through the bottom of the trap, which was slightly excavated by currents. I proportioned out the distance from the top of the head, to shoulder, to that 90 degree angle and it was a match to Natalee's photo of her standing -head, to shoulder, to the end of her denim skirt. I showed TM the proportional match and the possibility of a skirt under the sand and he said he's going to tell the parents. I said definitely not until we sample the trap and get results. He made the call to Dave and Beth independently.

Kyle Kingman: “Right before the Dateline special aired Tim [trahan] and Louis asked if I could go to ABC to try to sell the footage in an attempt to recoup some of the money invested in the search efforts. ABC was very interested, but decided to wait until the Dateline special aired. After the show they came back to me and declined to purchase it because they felt too much of the story was already told by Dateline. That ended any communication with ABC. About 6 executive producers saw the footage, but none were allowed copies or any pictures. Everything remained in my possesion.”

Kyle Kingman: "I should clarify that the footage proceeds (if sold) wouldn't even have covered the cost of the project, but it would have helped.

Kyle Kingman"I have not given anything to the FBI since the pictures and statements from Dec 29th.

Kyle Kingman“Getting the response of nothing case significant gave Dateline a legal foothold to show the trap in their 1 hr special.”


John Q. Kelly on Geraldo at Large: “…I think they could arrest Joran Van der Sloot and prosecute him on a circumstantial case..”


FBI Says Fabrics Found in Aruban Crab Trap Not From Holloway

Press Release issued from Aruba’s Public Prosecutor’s Office (H. Mos) stating that the cloth found in the crab trap is not a match with Natalee’s blouse.

Kyle Kingman“We all know it wasn't a blouse, but I believe they were sent some piece of fabric other than the fabric found inside the trap.”

Months later, as the subject resurfaces in the Scared Monkeys Forum, poster Buckshot questions Kyle Kingman, a.k.a. oceanexploration
“ocean exploration,
(1) do you feel that the work done during the search was tampered with by locals and/or law enforcement that prevented a true and honest search as suggested by most monkeys?
(2) were samples eventually shipped off to the FBI? were they true samples or tampered samples?

Kyle Kingman, as oceanexploration, answers“Buckshot, in the event "what I feel" differs from "what I know to be provable and true", I'll have to obstain from answering your question directly.  I will say the FBI report to Mos which Mos publicly stated in verbatum, said exactly what the FBI were invited to accomplish.  The FBI report and therefore Mos's report was accurate regarding the samples.  As to what the samples were, I cannot comment because I in fact do not know what was sampled.”

SM poster, Buckshot, responds:  “…The monkeys seem to feel certain items (samples) were replaced when sent off to the FBI to be tested. We also have our doubts about certain people that helped you in the search.”

Kyle Kingman as oceanexplorationanswers:  “I share this "feeling" and believe the Monkeys have good reason to feel this way too…”

The First Pictures of the Trap Are Released
Posted online by Robin Holloway
  • Rob posts a picture of the cage[/color]“…I posted it the other day... no one seemed to care.”
  • JackB responds, asking Klaas to “POST THE PIC HERE”:  “It seems like it would be a good time.  I will stay on this place and go forward, hope to see it.  This is going to be a good morale thing. “
  • JackB adds that he just sent Klaas a couple of pictures:  “…One shows a skull in the cage.”
  • He further explains:  “There is a skull.  The equipment they are using is set up to block the wire and keep the contents in perspective.  They can do this because of the distance and the wire is so much smaller than the holes they surround and the skull.  It is a computer generated thing.  It is a color thing.  The skull is there.   Their computer is fast and furious and can do this by calculations in a speck of the time it takes me to clean something up by using other equipment not specifically made for what they are doing.”
  • Klaas posts the 6 pictures of the cage she rec’d in an anonymous email.  The same pictures Robin posted at BNH.

Dana Pretzer hosts Art Wood on his radio show.
Concerning the Persistence search, Art says, “They've identified over 100 possible targets that could be Natalee on the ocean floor. They're trying to narrow that list to 30 or 40 more likely targets, they can dive on them however John has informed us that they have run out of money. Actually, if they can't come up with some donations within the next week to 10 days, they're going to be bringing the boat home.”

The donation drive begins here: 
"Without contributions Persistence is coming home."
"Everyone jump on greta wire quickly before she covers case asking her to tell people they need donations"
"I heard Jossy will be putting some full page ads in Diario requesting donations too."
"I do not understand the time frame"
"Tim Miller was on Greta...He did get to request donations so this search can continue"
"Greta asked Tim about needing donations and gave him a chance to give his website and phone number"
"I pray they find the funds they need to continue.  I believe in them"
"Is there a web link we can donate via PayPal?"


And Tim Miller appears on Greta Van Sustern's FoxNews show, On The Record:
Tim Miller:  The report we got is the DNA that came back did not match Natalee's DNA and when we located that it looked like more than just a piece of cloth and I mean we, we felt as though we seen a skull in there. We got the Aruba authorities involved, they felt there was something in there, we dove on it and the thing is that's only 1 of over 170 targets out there we still have to investigate, so we've got a lot of work ahead of us."


The Persistence blog maintained by Kyle Kingman:  “Over the past several days, the Persistence has been working with the help of the Aruban police in shallow water.”

Kyle Kingman: "Caps may have known about the pond search without being the witness.  Remember the press (Amigo) arrived there while two of our guys were in the pond and took some pictures without our guys even knowing they were there. Noone from our end called the press. The polis knew and Amigo knew prior to the pond search"

Photo Credit: Klaasend/BonDia

Two members of the Persistence crew perform side scan sonar survey of the Montserrat pond.

Kyle Kingman:  “I think it is highly unlikely and completely inconsistent with numerous testimonies and other evidence that the pond (or anything but the ocean) contains Natalee's remains.”

Kyle Kingman learns that Robin Holloway has posted the screenshots rec’d from the FBI


Is Joran van der Sloot in a Psychiatric Hospital in the Netherlands?
Kyle is unhappy that the pictures have leaked:
"Don't you even think to consider for a second that we the search team, who found the trap, supervised it's sampling, recorded that video and others... are ensuring the situation is in proper hands and being taken care of appropriately and completely?"

Kyle Kingman, again posting as oceanexplorer at SM, makes two references to having been away from the search.
 - I'm getting caught up with the data collected while I've been off the boat.”
 - “I've personally been handling the matter* while I was on the east coast last week.“

[*Note: the matter = selling television rights to the search; See 02-14-08]

Article by Cynthia Cisneros, Houston ABC affiliate, quotes Louis J. Schaefer:
 - "I've dedicated a million dollars, I've gone way above that," said Louis Schafer of Underwater Expeditions.
 - "I feel like it's time to ask for help from the American people that want to see this case solved." 
 - "By Friday, we will have surveyed the entire 50-square mile off Aruba," Schafer said.
 - "We have identified at least 60 of the targets. we have about 150 more targets to inspect."  "So we have completely mapped the ocean floor, we know every object that's there, we know every object that could be a container holding her in the sea,” he said.

Tim Trahan is quoted in the same article:  "And we all feel, I'm speaking from everybody on the team, that she's in one of the targets we have not looked at yet," Tim Trahan of Underwater Expeditions said. "We can't stop. I go to sleep at night thinking we've located it, we just need to get to it."

Caps posts:
“My C.S.I Degree from the University of Cryptologic consist of Simian 101, Simian 102, and Strategic Cryptology science given by Prof. Clyde Burk…"

Kyle Kingman“…yesterday we were waiting on weather with the Persistence, so a few of the crew took a small boat and scanning sonar into a pond that hasn't been searched yet. Whether or not it was based on a credible lead, I can not say. However, we did search it to rule it out.”


Press Release-GeoLab Middle-East Branch: 
Geolab Srl shall be assigning to the region our in-house dedicated DP Class 1 ROV survey support and light construction vessel the DP Geo which was formally the RSV Salgueiro recently acquired from Subsea 7 and is currently undergoing refurbishment in Europe the vessel shall be available in early April 2008.

Kyle Kingman in a discussion on the open SM forum,  is asked:   “Maybe Mr Schafer can sell the television rights to the remainder of the search to one of the networks so they can raise enough money to finish the search,  and possibly recoup his own money.  Any thoughts?”

Kyle Kingman posts this message in response:  This is a very good idea.  We've been working on that for a couple weeks.  I've personally been handling the matter while I was on the east coast last week.  Unfortunately, the Dateline story aired along with Greta and scooped up the remainder of what the press felt was immediately worth reporting on.  I can't blame them.  It's business.  Definitely shot that down though.  Move on.  Deal with it. Stay the course.

Kyle Kingman posts as oceanexporer at BFNWe've been dockside all day today getting caught up on a lot of work and loose ends while the weather is too rough offshore.  We're awaiting word about whether or not we'll continue sonar runs (which we've almost completed), get an ROV crew in soon, or mobilize a ROV boat at a later date once funded.  We'll see shortly.

The first class action lawsuit against Superior Offshore Int’l is announced on behalf of shareholders who purchased stock between 4/20/07 and 1/09/08.

Air Force 2 is on Aruba.

Caps backs away from his Moko Pool/WhiteHouse Apts. theory (and with no evidence at all, suddenly has Natalee's body now decapitated to fit his theories): 
The problem with Moko pool is that if they dump the body in there, this acctiion leave Joran walking home. and not to the McDonnald. Now lets assume that what is said that the head was not part of the body no more, and that both places has been used. The Moko Pool which is right at the doorstep of the Whitehouse Apartment and there they could have dumb a peace of the body then drive Joran to the Monserat Pool and split leaving Joran alone.  Driving to the Monserat they will dump an other peace of the body. Split and leave Joran behind.  The Monserat pool will leave him walking to McDonald.  This will give both Simian and Shango Validity for their writtings.

Continued in Part 6


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Superior Offshore – Timeline
(Revised 3/29/10)

Part 6:  03/01/2008 - 05/06/2008


Navy:     Superior OffShore, Schaefer, Silvetti, Kyle Kingman, The Persistence, Oil and Gas Industry

Maroon:  Natalee Holloway and Family

Green:    Aruba Ministry of Justice, ALE, AHATA, ATA, Hans Mos, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Edison Briesen

Purple:  IP address information


The Search is Over
The Persistence blog maintained by Kyle Kingman announces the side scan sonar search is complete and the RV Persistence is leaving Aruba.

Post by blog-owner Red in open forum at SM:
“I will just come out and say it only because I am shocked at the quick pace of the termination of the search.  WHO THE HELL WAITS UNTIL LAST MINUTE TO ASK FOR HELP IN DONATIONS ONLY TO ONE DAY LATER LEAVE ANYHOW!!!  You could have least given it a chance.  I am sorry, but that makes no sense coming from a business man like Louis Schafer. Long ago he could have contacted SM and done a media blitz that would have donated funds. Also, people of major means could have been asked.  However, for the most part this type of money is not gained thru public solicitation ... its gained thru millionaires private Rolodex. 

I hope there is another more positive reason.”

Private Eye posts this opinion:

"I hope that the Persistence has not done all of this work and gone to all of this expense only to have gotten itself into an arrangement whereby Aruban divers are the ones who actually verify the targets and are the first ones to physically retrieve evidence, with no American divers physically with them. If so, all I can say is I just can't believe this has happened. But surely I am wrong."

Private Eye posts these additional thoughts: :

"Either something grand has happened or something mighty dirty just happened. You don't spend that much money to identify targets that you are not going to search. Why get Beth and Dave's hopes up, find probable targets allegedly, and then go, with very little warning, oops, we cannot afford to search afterall? Why does Chaney fly in at midnight the day before the Persistence pulls out? Coincidental? Silveti and Chaney are both active in the Houston area. Bush and Silveti the same plus the same business interests. Why Ocean EX would interject himself in the cage as he did last night? Why is Joran suddenly in a mental hospital?  And now that they have identified the locations of the targets, with the Aruban police force on board, they are retiring from the search, with guess who now in the know. And what is funny, is it was Oceans Ex fear that we might give some secrets away. Hell, the coverup people already have the secrets, first hand from the horse themselves.  Something grand had to have happened. If not, then this was the cruelest hoax of yet. And I just don't believe these people are anything but nice, so something grand had to have happened."

Is Vice President Dick Cheney in Aruba? Air Force 2 Lands in Aruba … US Homeland Security & Hugo Chavez?

Caps posts that the cage/trap is a "post office":  "That trap was already in the water in 2005, and it has a story....The story about that cage is a temporary drop point packages."


Search crew continues to hold out hope“…We need you. We need your help, your hope, your prayers... and yes... we need you to make a donation to allow us to finish the search and bring Natalee home… “

Kyle Kingman and the search team of the Persistence fly out of Aruba.

John Silvetti’s sister posts with the screenname ‘LegallyLex’ at BFN requesting donations
“I have posted a myspace bulletin as follows.  Please feel free to copy and paste it and use if for your myspace, face book etc to have people continue to forward and donate so that the water work can be completed.  When I post it, the video pops up.  However, here it won't but if you copy and paste to your myspace it should pop back up.  Thanks all!

In the search for Natalee Holloway, all the side scan sonar work is completed.  There are approximately 150 targets that have not been looked at due to lack of funding.  The Persistence and crew leave with very mixed emotions! They wanted to bring Natalee home to American soil and her family.  They will now not know if she is in the 150 targets.  Please continue to try and raise the funds so that another boat with an ROV can come in and look at those targets.  Donations can be made to Texas Equusearch to finish this up at a later date.  With a new ship and ROV, and, calm weather, this may be able to be completed in 3 weeks!

The information for TES is listed below.  Donations are being handled by Texas Equusearch, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Please come beside those who have already given so much to help ensure a proper funeral in Alabama for Natalee Holloway. Please make all donations marked as: "Holloway search". To learn more about Texas Equusearch and to help support the search for Natalee Holloway, check out: Texas EquuSearch Office: 4013 FM 517, Suite B Dickinson, Texas 77539 P. O. Box 395, Dickinson, Texas 77539 Office: (281) 309-9500 Fax: (281) 534-6719 Toll Free: (877) 270-9500 Email:

Private Eye posts regarding Beth:
"She was not upset with the Persistence returning home. She was devastated by a signifcant finding, which turned out false, apparently back in December. Two completely separate events I thought."


The RV Persistence and her remaining crew leave Aruba, sailing to the home port in Louisiana.

John Silvetti meets with CapsLockWizard

“Yes, We did have the meeting today. It was a long meeting and we are all set to start the process of a permit to drain. Witness will gave statement to Lawyer (Helen), Lawyer will motion to drain the pond to OM. If Motion denied, will go to media and expose more dirt. John [Silvetti] knows everything now and he will stay behind to help and protect. John [Silvetti] state the cage was empty. it was full of these broken plastic bags that shows on the cam like skull, but he said to me it is the water doing tricks when picture was taken. He thinks also it is a postoffice. When I told him the story about the cage, he also understand now some things that he could not have question about. Like why is the Panter allways parked over the spot while there is notting anymore in he cage. The meeting end at 5:00 pm and was very good. About the Pipes. They will be checked. Also John [Silvetti] thinks that the signs are there but need to drain the pond. Also Withness is 99% it was some one that came from the pond area that he saw, because it looks like a dutch man and was cover in mud from the chest down.”

Kyle Kingman: “If you quote me, please include the quote for accuracy. I never said there were no human remains.”


Missing in Aruba: Patrick van der Eem Says … I Know Who Threw Natalee Holloway into the Sea 


Caps posts regarding the pond and uses initials to identify people involved:
"...I hope tomorrow we will have the final links into a final resolution about the pond. This comming week is THE DAY.  Me and J & W and the C's are all in a agreement now that it must be there."


Kyle Kingman:  The RV Persistence arrives back in Louisiana


Private Eye:
  “... But sharing information with people who work for people who are directly orchestrating the cover up, Rudy, or the Dutch, is the most irresponsible investigating I can imagine. What kills this investigation is people having to come into it, wanting to apply basic investigatory protocols into place, and then having those channels sabotage the new evidence that the new players discover. Of course, as is happened everytime in this case, the new people eventually come to a point where the manipulation of the evidence is undeniable, but by then the fruits of their work are gone, and there is simply another member of the believers of the cover up group. What I pray that Kyle and the crew of the Persistence will determine, is that  regardless of how hard working the man that they are working with appears to work, his work belongs to Rudy, and Rudy belongs to the local dutch.

We are not hysterical, ignorant, paranoid people. We have seen the cover up in action, in broad daylight, with impunity, and if you disregard our warnings, you will become the next chump in a series of chumps, no matter how sophisticated your equipment, the level of your educational achievement, or the extent of your job skills and work history.”

Private Eye:
“I don't believe that Kyle or anyone else is allowed to review the case documents, according to the policy of the prosecutors office.  I thought the beauty of the Persistence is that they were to do a true grid seach mission which depends not on psychics or even tips from the authorities, and as such their work would be independent of the investigation. They were there simply to attempt to search a predefined area for Natalee's remains. So I am not sure why they have been lured into defending the work of the Aruban authorities or a discussion of the validity of the investigation as they are not knowledgeable as to the investigation, other than what they have been told by these Arubans. There are an awful lot of highly educated people who have been chumped by people of far less formal education. A well trained police force is not thwarted by a grieving mother and the media.

And Kyle, I by no means am being disrespectful, I think you are brilliant, sincerely. But I don't think your education or work experience has prepared you for a cover up by these types of people. And I think you may be severely underestimating the education, experience, and wisdom of the monkeys and other coverup believers. Don't let them make a fool of you. We need you.”


Witness, urged to step forward by Dave Holloway and accompanied by his lawyer, gives a statement to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The witness went to Helen LeJuez & she set up a meeting for him with Clyde Burke from ALE. 

Helen Lejuez                                              Clyde Burke

Kyle Kingman“This witness wouldn't talk to police and would only talk to us at first through his lawyer.”

Kyle Kingman“It was Clyde Burke that went to the meeting with Helen Lejuz”


Caps has spoken to John Silvetti.  John Silvetti is in contact with Hans Mos.

Kyle Kingman"I have not given anything to the FBI since the pictures and statements from Dec 29th.”

Kyle Kingman“also heard from a reputable source that no less than a dozen people will go to prison due to corruption”

Kyle Kingman:  “...the tip Dave got said the trap was 2-3 miles offshore. I found this one 2-3 miles offshore. 2.1-2.2 miles if memory serves.”

Kyle Kingman: confirms that the pond Caps is referring to near the soccer field is the same pond that was searched by the RV Persistence team.  [See 02/27/2008]

Kyle Kingman:  I personally do not feel we should disregard the trap or it's contents until we know how that trap got there and what the nature of its contents were IMO.

Kyle posts a Disclaimer“Further, what comes from me should be independantly verified as factual.”

And repeats it:  “A lot of what I share is what I was directly involved in.  However, much of what I share is 2nd and 3rd hand, but the closest we've got in some cases, hence the saltshaker should be used liberally.”


Kyle Kingman posts as oceanexplorer regarding the condition of the trap itself:
Kyle Kingman:  “It's possible to have been 10 years or so.  I don't know for certain and don't have any way to readily test this. The trap was somewhat intact.  It's north side was in poor shape, with significant deterioration of it's northern panels.  The trap's doop is usually fastened to the outside of the trap.  It was laying inside the trap, as if pushed open. The contents sampled inside the trap were laying on top of the door.  The trap was found in 90 ft.“

Kyle Kingman:  The Coast Guard is not the same as the Aruba police dive division.  It seemed very odd to be told they don't have dive capabilities, especially after they told us it would take about 10-14 days to get a Dutch forensic team on site.  This was 12 and 13 days later.  Coincidence perhaps?


Kyle KingmanI did not give the information to the FBI and I'm unaware of anyone relaying the possibility to them.

Kyle Kingman"I prefer moving forward with the evidence I have access and knowledge about and using that as a can opener. Once the can is open, the worms are revealed."

Kyle Kingman proposes the next step:
“I will soon propose a meeting with Beth and other family members, myself, Tim Trahan, Peter DeVries, and whomever else necessary to go over the ROV video, contents, and case status. I would like a couple people very familiar with the case documents also present to help connect dots during the meeting. I would prefer meeting towards the end of April or mid-May to allow adequate time for things to shake themselves out if is going to. If necessary, I have an ABC (20/20) and CBS (early show) film crew ready and willing to take part in such a meeting should it require press coverage. I've already had a meeting with ABC about this and they are "definitely interested" at the executive level. We met in mid-Feb about this already. The question becomes timing, who needs to be there, and whether or not it's covered by the press. I prefer not, but it may be useful. DeVries doesn't need to be there in my opinion but he's good for ratings and helps ABC be cooperative if needed.”

Kyle Kingman:  "No one else has access or copies of the photos or footage. All fingers point back to me when this leaks."

Private Eye reveals to Kyle his knowledge of the blue denim and skull in an open post on the SM Forum

Kyle repeatedly asks Private Eye to email him privately for further discussion. 
•    “Private Eye, Please email me to discuss this further, not in the forum thanks! 
•    “I don't think I said anything about the type of fabric sampled from the trap in the forum.  I'm not sure where this came from.  In any case, PE please email me to discuss.“  
•    “would a moderator please send Private Eye my email address?  Thanks in advance.”

Kyle then tells PE he is unaware of denim.

Kyle speaks with Tim Trahan: 
“I just got off the phone with Tim Trahan a few minutes ago talking about returning to dive on the remaining targets.  There are plans to return, we just need to figure out the details of when and how.  The "how" question will help us figure out how much more funds we need to raise, if any.  I'm not involved in this.”


Kyle Kingman says that FBI Shipley is in Aruba and MOS is opposing the request to drain and search the pond.

Kyle Kingman:  "The FBI did not comment on the remains, but rather the fabric sample."


Email from CapsLockWizard to Dave Holloway: 
"That was the first report.  Did you received the second report about I did send it to you read it with the google earth data file.  How do I know that you are Dave?  there are to many danger peaople out there.  Beside to what I have heard, the body may be in another place now.  But that is what this person connected to the government is saying not knowing who I am  Why did it took so long to Answer?


Kyle emails Kermit stating that he is going offshore in a day.


Legacy Offshore provided the Company (Superior Offshore) a deposit of $1,800,000 on March 28, 2008 toward the purchase of the Gulf Diver V and certain diving equipment. That deposit was used by the Company to make a scheduled payment under the charter agreement for the Gulmar Condor , a dynamically positioned vessel. The Company did not otherwise have the funds to make the charter payment and believes that the charter would have been terminated by the vessel owner had the payment not been made on such date. Louis E. Schaefer, Jr., the Chairman of the Board of the Company until November 14, 2007 and a current stockholder of the Company, is a member of Legacy Offshore.

Kyle Kingman posts as oceanexploration at BFN:  “Greetings,  Just wanted to share with you that the Persistence has made a full recovery after a long hard job in Aruba.  I spent the last several days on board.  It was a pleasant reuniting.  There were no major issues to report.  Let me clarify, there was nothing wrong with the Persistence, just normal wear and tear from being put through enduring rough conditions.  The crew has done a fantastic job and the boat looks as if it were new again.  I will be out on the Persistence again tomorrow to test some equipment.  I hope to have time to update the blog with new information.”

Gibraltar Daily Shipping Movements:

28 Mar 08: 09:28   SUPERIOR ENDEAVOUR   15 Apr 08: 18:25   VUT   Type:ODS   7393810   YJUS3   3665   From:FOURCHON   To:PORT SAID   Agents:Inchcape Shipping Services   Purpose: Survey; Stores; Water

28 Mar 08: 09:28   SUPERIOR ENDEAVOUR   :    VUT   Type:ODS   7393810   YJUS3   3665   From:FOURCHON   To:PORT SAID   Agents:Inchcape Shipping Services   Purpose: Survey; Stores; Water


Kyle Kingman“The witness watched our efforts and as a result, wanted to open up to us, through John Silvetti.”

Kyle Kingman:   “This witness wouldn't talk to police and would only talk to us at first through his lawyer.”

Caps asks about the DEA agent:  "There was a DEA in the game, any name to connect it to.."

Caps is now looking for another set of apartments that will work with the witness and Monserat pond.
"so help me here check for fly and dive group go the the appartments and you will see how many apartments are there but all are dutch own. Now look for similairitys of ownership  Who is at the head of these apartments"


Kyle Kingman posts as oceanexploration at BFN:   “…All is well with me.  I've been in Louisiana for a week helping John's company get caught up on projects backlogged during the Holloway search.  Once through the initial 'triage' rush, I will have some time to update the blog and begin browsing the forums again.  I wish everyone well here at BFN and the others.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.   On another note, we are still working behind the scenes at providing support and answers for the family and case.  We have not given up.  This time is merely a strategic withdrawal from action which will help the remainder of the effort go smoothly and efficiently."


Purchase Agreement dated as of April 3, 2008 by and between Superior Offshore International, Inc. and Legacy Offshore, L.L.C. for the sale of the Gulf Diver V and selected diving equipment for $4,000,000.00.

When asked how much money would be needed to complete the search, John D. Silvetti posts at BFN under the screenname dsurveyor1 “It is very difficult to say, since Louis has not selected a ROV vessel and we do not know how much of a humanitarian discount we can count on by the vessel and ROV owners, but my guess is that we will be looking at around 1 million dollars.”

John D. Silvetti posts at BFN under the screenname dsurveyor1, “I feel the sites are as safe as they can be. All survey data that was collected, other than what was shared with the authorities, is in our possesion. No data has yet to be released, especially target data......locations”

John D. Silvetti posts at BFN under the screenname dsurveyor1, “We received support from the Police, the Coast Guard, the Port Authority and vitually anyone we needed help from.”

Read entire John Silvetti thread at BFN.


Superior OffShore consummated the sale of the Gulf Diver V , a four-point vessel, and selected diving equipment on board such vessel to Legacy Offshore, L.L.C. for $4,000,000.


Kyle Kingman comments on the side scan sonar results of the pond:   “There are 18 targets. Two are definitely tires. The rest, who knows.  It's likely tin cans, mud clumps, and debris. There is one small box-like target but it's only 2ft across and doesn't have much relief, unless it's completely sunk into the mud (likely).  I can find something about the size of a hockey puck with that system in good conditions. The water was very shallow when this survey was done.  Remember, in February 2006 the pond was almost dry.

Kyle Kingman  says he just got asked by Mos through John [Silvetti] to expedite the analysis of the pond search and to send a report brief.  Kyle claims that Moss is calling for the draining and full search of the pond.


Private Eye:   “If I understood Kyle correctly, and that would be that the Arubans retrieved and possessed all finds, not sharing anything with the crew, then that effort was a waste of time and effort. The only thing it could have accomplished was to locate additional evidence for the Arubans to destroy. I am not sure if that was the protocol out of Aruba's waters though. The effort was superb, but the game was fixed.

04/13/2008 - New
Joran Van der Sloot is reportedly spotted in South Korea


Petrobras may decide Aruba refinery buy Friday

Caps introduces the Matty Apartments

Then (still without any evidence whatsoever) posts the new Matty Apartments theory: 
"The Night in question, Natalee was brought here.  The pace is called Matty Appartments. There are 6 Apratment in a long row...The night in question, They would not have gone to the WhiteHouse Apartment since it only accept couples and notting else. no group parties...All these people are from Surinam. The guy at the door / office looks like a Hindu  This is a location of where they have gone. That nght. Movie was made in this appartment. Now which Apartment did they use. I do not know. but my guess would be the last one all the way in the back.  Now if you have to make 2 hr movie and she died after that, it would be easy to get rid of the body right there in the murky pool of Monserat. It is just across the street..."[/color

Caps posts“The Apartment near Lekker is called Matty Apartments
Address = Noord 15-A,   150 Meter from Lekker”

Superior Offshore Int’l:  The contract for the deployment of vessel Seamec III for operations in Trinidad is  prematurely ended.


Petrobras seeks to buy Valero refinery in Aruba


All of the officers resign from Superior OffShore;
“Company has ceased all ongoing operations other than those deemed necessary to ensure (i) the public safety; (ii) the health and safety of the Company’s employees; and (iii) an orderly transition of certain projects to its customers.  All of the Company’s employees have been terminated except for those necessary to assist in the wind-down of the Company’s affairs.”

RED (A Political Party) Reports Against Premier Nelson Oduber & Minister of Tourism and Transport Edison Briesen … Accountability, Forgery & Bribery?
“Party-leader Rudy Lampe of opposition party RED and his fellow party member Armand Hessels reported violation of the accountability act and forgery in the harbour project in Aruba against Premier Nelson Oduber (MEP) and his fellow party member Minister of Tourism and transport, Edison Briesen, with the Public Prosecutor (OM) on Monday afternoon.  According to RED, there is supposedly also bribery involved.”


Superior OffShore announces filing of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Monserrat pond is completely dry.

Photo Credit:  Klassend

Kyle Kingman is performing Gulf of Mexico site surveys:  “Acquisition, processing, and analysis of geophysical data collected during multiple site surveys in the Gulf of Mexico based in Lafayette, Louisiana…”


Caps posts about the pond being roped off, 09:49:42 PM.
“Hi Monkeys,  News,  The area in question now is off limited to anyone. A steel chain from across road with a sign saying area prohibited.  The area have dried a lot but still a deep end with water in it. I went to see it yesterday and I could not have access anymore.  Another thing, today a group of CSI (52 in total ) arrived from holland are in Aruba to work on the case. (secret mission)  In news paper this week Nancy Grace in Aruba to do a film on the case. More Later.”

Caps posts further information, (also contradictory), 10:38:58 PM
“No, I have not.  But the light of the soccer field was on this whole weekend till 3:30 am in the morning, Today day are off. but it seems that this goup is here a week already they are the one that seal the area. Also Saterday night goining in sunday early morninng, sources said that they saw a lot new face in the are of Lekker.”

Caps further posts an “update” on the witness, 11:06:59 PM
“Today withness talk to lawyer to see what is the hold-up, lawyer state every thing is OK and group are working on the case. Large dutch CSI. (case is under the microscope---but no american involvment is a bit strange.)  After deliberating with withness on this, we conclude 3 things that might come out of this.  The case will break wide open and all players will be found or they came in secret now that the water has gone to do a forensic and find Natalee remains or cleanup what they could not cleanup in 3 years and say "se la vi" to the case  MOS seems to go for option-1 but like I said, he still have to fight a Dirtyhand in his Office / organization.
Latest is that OM is now in hot water since they also have somehow exceed the 2001 till 2005 budged (OVER SPEND), also no one was watching the money that they were collecting from big fines and other confiscated moneys. The is a problem (hot scandal comming out soon from this office.)”

Caps posts further information, (also contradictory), 11:13:06 PM
“How strange.... Today in matter of fact, the ALE got this special dog that is trained to sniff drugs, money and human remains.  it has arrived yesterday.”

Caps repeats, 11:20:01 PM
“Sorry to say, but the dog arrived yesterday and was delivert today at the Police station. it Did not go to work yet. Need to get use to aruba a bit a gues..  Was in customs care..”

Caps then posts unsubstantiated “facts”, as follows:
11:29:40 PM“Here is another good findings.  FACT the first person arrested was Bulo and he was the boyfriend of the early week.”
12:07:28 AM:  “Now two years before 2005 this girls was in Aruba, and she knew Bulo already. now she came to aruba and she spend the first part of the week with Bulo, on the night in C&C she was with Bulo entering and exiting the place several times. At closing time she knew them already and thats why she jumped in the car with them. Now lets look at this of what I got from my investigation in talking to people that are frequent C&C. on the night in question.  You see I am missing a person which is the duppleganger of Natalee. In all the duppleganger some one dies but it is the wrong person.  I was thinking that at the night in question, either Natalee and her Double must have met.  I Page flew 2 day earlier, than she is not there. that leaves me with someone else.  who?”


Caps posts about the witness: 
“Today withness talk to lawyer to see what is the hold-up, lawyer state every thing is OK and group are working on the case. Large dutch CSI. (case is under the microscope---but no american involvment is a bit strange.)  After deliberating with withness on this, we conclude 3 things that might come out of this.   The case will break wide open and all players will be found or they came in secret now that the water has gone to do a forensic and find Natalee remains or cleanup what they could not cleanup in 3 years and say "se la vi" to the case
MOS seems to go for option-1 but like I said, he still have to fight a Dirtyhand in his Office / organization.  Latest is that OM is now in hot water since they also have somehow exceed the 2001 till 2005 budged (OVER SPEND), also no one was watching the money that they were collecting from big fines and other confiscated moneys. The is a problem (hot scandal comming out soon from this office.)”

Edison Briesen, minister of Tourism and Transport:  We do follow the tender rules

ORANJESTAD – “That we ignore the international tender rules of the World Trade Organization is a lie. We do follow the national rules and that goes also for the contract with MTBS”, says Tourism-minister Edison Briesen in a reaction on the reporting of RED against him and Prime Minister Nelson Oduber.

The minister lashed out at the informants in a press conference.  “Mister Rudy Lampe and Mister Armand Hessels, your time will come.  The evidence given to the Public prosecutor will also go to my lawyer; because I can also start a criminal case for slander.” Briesen explains that the government is not required to put up work to public tender.  “You must of course follow the rules as laid down in the National Decision Public Tender and article 25 and 26 of the Accountability Ordinance.”  Also the WTO-treaty, which includes the rules for public tender, must be complied with.  Aruba ratified that in October of 1996, but it is not a ‘self executing’ treaty, explains Briesen.  With that he means that no sanctions can be imposed when the treaty is breached and the countries that signed the treaty must self regulate supplementary legislation for public tenders.   

The minister says that in the case of MTBS, it was not necessary to put the contract up to public tender.  “There are exceptions that need to be considered in the Accountability Ordinance as well as in the WTO-treaty.”  For example, the Aruba Music Festival, which is a supplier of a unique product.  The tender of the marketing bureau in the United States was also done underhandedly.  “Had we put it up for public tender, we would have received too many tenders”, said the minister.  We have therefore decided on a company that guided the tender and made a first selection.

The Dutch consultancy MTBS is going to do the same preliminary work for the development of the harbours in Oranjestad and Barcadera.  “The master plan of Alatec still serves as base.  We have taken on the Dutch bureau because we want to speed up the process.”  According to Briesen, shortening the tender procedure is also necessary, because the interested parties are already ‘pressing’.  “The Media-group had asked for a bigger piece of land to build a five-star complex with marina.  The marina was not possible at first, because this area was part of the negotiations with RCCL.”  The minister denies having indirectly made these negotiations fail.  “Those are lies.  The APA-director had negotiated with them for year and a half and failed.  Besides, I received a letter from them indicating that they are still interested.”

Briesen emphasizes that neither he nor the government gives preferential treatment to parties.  “I do not sign anything, nor does the premier.  The director of APA does that; after all, it is a separate company.”  A resignation to come that RED reported, are simply rumours, said the minister.  “It was the APA that spread that rumour, but it is not true.  If I dismiss the director, he will be the first one to know.”

Continued in Part 7

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Superior Offshore – Timeline
(Revised 3/29/1009)

Part 7:  05/08/2008 - 11/10/2008


Navy:     Superior OffShore, Schaefer, Silvetti, Kyle Kingman, The Persistence, Oil and Gas Industry

Maroon:  Natalee Holloway and Family

Green:    Aruba Ministry of Justice, ALE, AHATA, ATA, Hans Mos, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Edison Briesen

Purple:  IP address information


Kyle Kingman“John Silvetti told me today that he may be returning to Aruba very soon for a few days."

Caps posts more unsubstantiated “facts”, together with a story of losing his shoe in a pond as a child.
“Who is Bulo. Bulo is the Nickname of Lorenzo Van Rijn. He was the first that was detain for questioning & not arrested. (was never in the news because of his association with other bigshot in ALE) so that never hid the news.
Two days later they went to his mama house and there he desided to colobrorate with the ALE.”
“Matty Apartment.: After Researching what the commun form to do a quicky is in Aruba, and from strategic elimination process and with the help of someone that work the escort industry, who lead me to the kalpoe father that owns the VIP club who's in the back there is an access to the apartments”
“Now Matty the owner died long time ago, but this place is run by the Kalpoes famaly but they are not the only one with keys. The one that runs the News also has key to this apartments.”
“I google "Where is natalee" and it brought me to this place called SM and I read summery and then I remeber as a kid how I lost a brand new sneaker. Imaging comming home with one sneaker missing and telling dad that I lost it. Where? in the pond.”

Caps posts: “FIrst of all Sorry, This morning, the area from McDonald till lekker is being analyzed by those from Holand CSI. Also to the house of the witness is being analyzed. They are also near the Brickel bay.”  

Superior Offshore Int’l, Inc. filed a motion with the Court for authority to sell a 12-Man 300 meter skid-mounted saturation diving system and related equipment to Global Industries Offshore LLC (“Global”) for a cash payment of $6,750,000.00

Kyle Kingman“I've talked with Peter Shouten numerous times back in February. He hasn't seen anything but knows about the blue fabrics. DeVries and Endemol was interested in purchasing the ROV footage and I was working between them, ABC, and CBS to strike a deal.”

Kyle Kingman: "We believe the trap footage may be the missing piece which will raise a BIG question in the minds of the public everywhere. We're in the process of figuring out how to produce and spin the story most accurately and most effectively.  Also, and completely independant and unrelated, John will be in Aruba tomorrow and will report soon. This is a different issue. He knows nothing of what we're about to do with the footage.”

Kyle Kingman: “She [BETH] needs to know exactly what we found in the proper timing. The way to do that would be through Tim Trahan and I. I can arrange any meeting with him. He represents the owner and the rights to the data, in this case, Louis S. I have everything but I don't want to go around him for chain of custody reasons, professional courtesy, and friendship.”

Kyle Kingman:  “John Silvetti told me today that he may be returning to Aruba very soon for a few days.”


Petrobras postpones decision on buying Aruba refinery

Kyle Kingman posts in open forum at SM regarding the pond, essentially repeating Caps message of 5/05/08.
Kyle Kingman:  “Greetings, I'm sure you've already heard, but the pond is ropped off and now dry.  40 investigators from Holland were brought in related to the case.  No word on the outcome yet.  All the best”

And then claims he doesn’t know about Caps’ pond:
Thanks all.  I don't know what pond Caps is talking about.  I'm referring to the pond we searched back in February.  I hope you're all well.  Best Regards, ~Kyle


Kyle Kingman posting in the SM Forum after being asked, gives his opinion about the case
“Honestly it's hard to answer that question without mixing facts with speculation.  If you want my opinion for whatever it's worth, here it is.

From the beginning, the case was made very public and the cover-up started almost immediately, presumably to protect the tourism interests of the Island, if nothing else. The Persistence search was something of a turning point in the case in the way it was being handled.  Most people involved in the investigation from the beginning were replaced with others who are being heavily scrutinized to avoid further problems.

If this case were being handled properly we should hear nothing until there were arrests.  All evidence and the investigation should be kept completely quiet until all the pieces are in place to make a proper arrest and charge all of the people involved.  I have good reason to believe this case is being handled better than before the Persistence search.
- The investigative team is extensive and qualified from my understanding, though I am not in contact with them. 

- The Polis has spent something on the order of half their annual budget already just working on the Holloway case. 

- I know at least 40 investigators were brought in from Holland in regards to the investigation, though Caps quotes 52.  52 or 40, I don't know but it's a lot of man power for a case recently reopened from a cold-case IMO.
- Samples collected from the trap were sent to the FBI for analysis and they won't comment on the case at all.
- The Monserat pond was searched after it was pumped dry.  No one is commenting on the pond search.

I trust most of the people now leading the investigation.  That's difficult to say across the boards, but I do trust most.  If the investigation is active and moving forward, I would expect silence and results over time.  How much time?  I wouldn't expect to hear anything by at least September but this is only a guess.  The fact that there is silence is either incouraging or discouraging depending on how you look at it.  If you're an optimist, silence means the investigation is proceeding carefully and quietly which is good.  If you're a pessimist, the silence means nothing is happening and the waiting will highly frustrate you.
Personally, I think it's a coin flip but am optimistic that at least the investigation into the investigation will be handled fully."

A former SM poster, Destiny, requests (and receives) Klaas’ assistance in posting 3 pictures of the “drained pond”  next to the soccer field in open forum at SM:
“KLAAS....just got 3 *pond* photos in email from Aruba.....maybe more coming too....I don't know how to post them from my email to here in the forum....If I send them to you on your hotmail acct.,...can you post them for me?...TIA...Destiny”

Destiny asks OE (Kyle) if the pictures are of the same pond:
“OE, Did you see the 3 new photos we got today?   Is it the same pond you scanned?....please let me's driving me crazy.... TIA...Destiny”

OE (Kyle) confirms that it is:  “Yes, it is certainly the same pond that we searched in February.”

Kyle Kingman states that Mos, the Polis, and J. Silvetti are accusing him of leaking the photos to SM and asks for our help.

Kyle Kingman“I don’t know why Destiny is being fed information. I also don’t know why Clyde Burke is leaking information to Caps, or Cap’s role in all this.”

Kyle Kingman“We're close to finding the Dirty Hand and a major leak plaguing the investigation. I believe they're linked. I'm assuming Caps isn't deep inside ALE, but do we know that he isn't? We need to figure out who Cap's source is and what he does. Can we confirm Destiny's source is a Dairio reporter? If so, do we know who this would be? Could it be Eduardo Mansur???”


John Silvetti states in an email to Kyle: "CAPSLOCK is another EGO that has to pump out the “I solved it” information. Systems analyst my ass. He is not if even employed! The Polis did not drain that pond and they did not search it, period!”

When asked who is searching the pond, Kyle states, "ALE, but there may have been others included.  We were asked to attend."

Kyle Kingman“I think it is highly unlikely and completely inconsistent with numerous testimonies and other evidence that the pond (or anything but the ocean) contains Natalee's remains. The witness claims to have seen a muddy Joran coming out of the Monserat pond after disposing of her body…The 40+ investigators brought in from Holland never stepped foot in the pond”


Kyle Kingman:  “I need immediate help.  I need to know what we know about Caps and Destiny. I need their names if possible.  I also need the information Caps originally posted about the pond search. Preferably the original posts with date and time stamps.  Apparently I'm being accused by Mos, the Polis, and J. Silvetti as leaking the photos to SM”  

Kyle Kingman needs to know from us  who leaked the photos. He states he believes Caps is only one step away from DirtyHand. "Mos knows there is a mole deep within the investigation"

Kyle Kingman sends an email to John Silvetti which he has copied posts from SM of CAPS and Destiny and Klassend and Spock. He is defending himself that he didn't know who posted the pond pictures at SM.


Kyle Kingman“I couldn't get the logs from the Persistence.  All things "Holloway" were stripped from the boat once it got back to Louisiana.  I had some stuff on my hard drive, but not those logs with the names. The logs and other information are in an unknown secure location. Only two people know that location and I am not one of them. I know better not even to ask about it, especially now."

Kyle Kingman“The logs are in a safe somewhere. John and Ryan Poff (one of John's project managers) knows where it is. I can't get copies of the logs at this time. Perhaps in a few months. The target locations are in the safe, although I also have them in a safe spot. I don't care about the other targets though. I don't think any of it is of any potential interest. Mainly junk, coral, and debris.”

Kyle Kingman"Louis [Schaefer] DOES have legal rights to the footage regardless of Underwater Expeditions status. Louis personally signed the checks for the search."

Kyle Kingman"Louis [Schaefer] is currently working with someone who I do not know to put together some documentary on the case, the way it was handled, and what happened during the search. I learned this from Tim T. yesterday.  I do not know how far along this documentary is.  I have not had any part in it.  In fact, I heard this documentary has distanced most everyone from Louis.  Louis was sold on the idea that it will make him a lot of money.”


Tim Miller and members of Texas Equusearch are presently in Aruba to search for Jose Tromp…Jose Tromp has been missing in Aruba since November 27, 2007.   Tim Miller and members arrive in Aruba to meet with law enforcement, attend a press conference, and develop a plan for searching.


Jossy Mansur, owner/editor of Aruba’s largest daily newspaper, has been talking with the source of an SM poster:  “…I have been talking with Jossy Mansur about the article and he says to me that it is ok to published it in the newspaper.  About the other investigation of the dutch investigators he said to me that he don't know nothing about it, but he gone check it out.  *He needs our help*  The Texas Equisearch is now here for the investigation of the dissapearence of the guy Vicenzo Tromp. They has begin to search yesterday but till now we haven't hear nothing about that.  Some people says the guy is no more in Aruba, other says he is been killed, but still nothing concrete about it.  If I have more information I will send it to you.”


SM Poster Anna, after contacting Hans Mos’ office, received an email from Aruba’s Office of Prosecution“There is indeed a search being conducted currently at a pond (called 'dam' in the Papiamento language) in the Montserrat area. However, it's entirely a private search. It has nothing to do with the Nathalee Holloway case. The Police and the Prosecutors Office are not involved in any way in this search. No crime scene investigators have arrived from the Netherlands”


Diario Aruba: Joran’s Sneakers Found at Light House in Aruba???

SM poster Lala’sMom:  on May 31, 2008, 08:39:52 PM
Caps is doing fine...he is a tough person so I doubt his feelings were hurt by anyone that dared to ask a question.  I am not about to go there again...but if you are going to post here you have to bring your best game and be ready to support what you say.  He understands this...he told me so...he's been busy. He is waiting for the next step. I fear he will have to wait for a while from something I have heard recently. Let's not rehash this subject any longer...please.


CMB to buy Wing Lung for $4.7b


Google Finance: Discussions for Superior Offshore International, Inc.
Massive Tax Problems  It looks like the big problems are starting to come out.  The IRS just filed a $22 million priority claim against Superior and they are reviewing tax returns going back three years.  This is just the tip of the ice berg. 

They have not filed a 10k since September 2007, nor have they filed any bankruptcy schedules, for a reason.  All hopes of a distribution to equity are now over.  Superior can't generate enough money to pay its creditors, the IRS, and its professionals in full. That means that there will be no distributions to stockholders.  BE CAREFUL!!  …

The claim is publicly filed in the bankruptcy court.  If you login into the pacer system, which is used to file court documents, you can view all filed claims.  The claim was filed last night.  The IRS does not mess around with bankruptcy cases unless there is a legitimate claim.”



Kyle Kingman:“Here's some interesting news:  John [Silvetti] goes to Aruba on Wednesday.


The premier of Aruba made these comments during a press conference yesterday. He is just back from a working visit in Colombia.
“This is an historic moment,” said Oduber.  The premier says that altering the WEB to use natural gas instead of fuel oil must be possible in one year.  WEB will take care of the costs, about 20 millions. The natural gas will have to be transported by ship in the beginning, but the construction of a pipeline must be considered on the medium- and long run.  This pipeline will have to run via Venezuela to our island.  Oduber thinks that this may take about 3 years."


SM poster Anna receives another email from Aruba’s Office of the Prosecutor
“As confirmed in my previous email, there is indeed a missing person search going on in Aruba. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Natalee Holloway case and it's entirely a private search. The Prosecutor's Office and the Police are not involved.
We are currently in the dry season and have not had rain for well over two months. The pond you are referring to has dried up. The information that that pond or any other pond was drained lately, is not based on the truth.

Best regards,
Ann Angela

Kyle Kingman: “He's [John Silvetti] seriously making plans to open an Aruba office so he can conduct business easier in S. America and that would allow him to do that."

 Kyle Kingman“Well, it's all going to happen. The big card will soon be played. I just had a secret meeting with Tim Trahan and by proxy, Louis Shafer. Tomorrow, Tim Trahan will get in touch with Beth Holloway in regards to the trap footage and missing evidence. We're getting geared up to play the conspiracy cover-up card on Aruba and force the bogus investigation out into the open. We believe the trap footage may be the missing piece which will raise a BIG question in the minds of the public everywhere. We're in the process of figuring out how to produce and spin the story most accurately and most effectively. Also, and completely independant and unrelated, John will be in Aruba tomorrow and will report soon. This is a different issue. He knows nothing of what we're about to do with the footage.”


Kyle Kingman:  “I haven't talked to John since he left for Aruba. I don't see why or how they need John to search the pond unless they were hell bent at only searching the pond for the targets I picked, which is obsurd since the pond is empty.”

Capslockwizard posts:  “Hi monkeys,  Lots a work ahead now that help has arrived from the state.  More Later.....  CAPS”


Kyle Kingman“On the other hand, those differences has also caused a rift between Tim Trahan/Louis and myself with John (although John and I remain close friends and colleagues). The result is Tim, Louis and I are moving forward and John [Silvetti] is left out of the loop. Tim Trahan has allied himself with me.  What John's doing in Aruba, I am not entirely sure now although I know it's got to do with the pond search and some business relations.  loathe the thought of going around John with the trap info but that's Tim's decision, not mine. It was Tim who wanted me involved in where we are going now.”


Private Eye:  Did the Monkeys ever get an answer to the analysis of the material found in the cage by the Persistence, but removed and secured by the Arubans? In Particular, the material that appeared to be blue denim?


Kyle Kingman flies to John Silvetti’s house


Geolab Positioning Contract:  “Veripos has been awarded a further three-year contract by Naples-based GeoLab Srl


Kyle KingmanTim Trahan was just let go. He'll be unemployed by the end of the month. This comes as a complete suprise to me.  Underwater Expeditions is being dissolved.

Superior Energy christens new liftboat, The Superior Future


Kyle Kingman is working the  Ormen Lange Excavation - North SeaOrmen Lange


Beth Holloway receives all of the information and add'l cage & evidence pictures that were shared with others by Kyle Kingman. [See 01/07/2008] NOTE:  None of this had yet been turned over to the FBI by anyone affiliated with the Persistence or the ocean search.


The Netherlands worried about corruption Aruba – “ORANJESTAD/ THE HAGUE – The Dutch Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin (CDA) has expressed his concern about government corruption during talks with Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP)…”


From the Independent Research Group that Kyle Kingman had been making all of these statements to: 
“After we discovered this information had been withheld from US authorities, we contacted legal counsel, and were advised to keep our distance from Persistence crew members and benefactors - that is when and why Kyle was banned.  That occurred the end of September.”

Beth Holloway approves the release of this new information [see 07/17/2008] around the time Tim Miller was returning to Aruba


EquuSearch said they've come back to cases five times or more. Case in point, some of them are off to Aruba to follow a new lead in the Natalie Holloway case this week.


Natalee Holloway Investigation: Exclusive … Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch in Aruba to meet With ALE/Prosecutor … New Witness That Puts Joran & Paulus Van der Sloot Near Ponds on 5/30/05“We just recieved a call from Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch. Tim is presently in Aruba and planning to meet with the Aruban prosecutor and the ALE…”

An SM poster makes this post:
Quote from: Lala'sMom on September 10, 2008, 12:47:24 PM

This witness does not sound like Caps witness...that is good news.  That means there are two independent people that saw this happen.  Caps witness was a person that lived on Aruba and had a family there.  Caps knew this witness for about 3 1/2 years.  He said he lived in a house on the road where the pond is. So if this is a different person then... that is good news.  Mos has all the info on Caps witness and has done nothing.  Now if this witness can help we could be making progress.  Mos kept insisting there be more than one witness that could corroborate the same thing.  Let's keep our fingers crossed here.

Capslockwizard responds:
Quote from: Capslockwizard on September 10, 2008, 01:02:31 PM
It is my witness and to test the withenss in to see if he did not made the story up, he took the test. it was last week.

but the pond was where they hide the body, the next step was a funeral arrangement.

and that involved the Sumerians (the undertaker) = Wever



Natalee Holloway News??? in the Aruban newspaper Diario?

Kyle Kingman“Louis [Schaefer] is currently working with someone who I do not know to put together some documentary on the case, the way it was handled, and what happened during the search. I learned this from Tim T. yesterday.   Louis was sold on the idea that it will make him a lot of money.”


Natalee Holloway: New Witness in Aruba Id’s Joran Van der Sloot and Prosecution Continues the Cover Up
A new witness has come forward in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway who went missing in Aruba in 2005. A new witness who has passed two polygraph exams. A witness who has placed Joran Van der Sloot and Paulus Van der Sloot near a pond at 4:00 in the morning of May 30, 2005…


Natalee Holloway Investigation: The Witness was Afraid to Come Forward & Aware that Paulus van der Sloot had Powerful Connections in the Prosecutors Office. 
“A 48 year old unidentified witness comes forward in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. He states that he did not come forward sooner because he was afraid. He was afraid of the consequences of his statements and the fact that Paulus van der Sloot had powerful connections in the Prosecutors Office. Seems that the witnesses suspicions were confirmed by the fact that Hans Mos refuses to do anything and is more concerned with discrediting the witness than listening to him. The cover up continues as a witness who has passed two polygraph tests is not considered credible by the prosecutor. Credibility is hardly a word that should even be uttered by LE or prosecution in Aruba…”


A&E Big Spender: What Happened to Natalee Holloway … Missing in Aruba  Bill Kurtis hosts this documentary special that looks at the case that shocked the nation–the disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway on the island of Aruba on May 30, 2005. Natalee was last seen alive leaving a bar with three young local men, who became the prime suspects.

What Happened to Natalee Holloway? A&E / Kurtis Productions:
“Bill Kurtis hosts this documentary special that looks at the case that shocked the nation–the disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway on the island of Aruba on May 30, 2005. Natalee was last seen alive leaving a bar with three young local men, who became the prime suspects. Natalee’s mother, Beth, is convinced that the men know what happened to her daughter, but authorities have been unable to come up with definitive proof that they are responsible for her death. Kurtis examines the key questions in the case: Will Natalee’s body ever be found? Why can’t authorities solve the case? And where did the investigation go wrong?”


Caps posts“They did search the pond on otfer of Hans Mos. Hans even give Order to DOW. (department of Public work) to clean it up and to put a chain around the entrance with a sing saying "No Traspassing " "Verboeden Toegang"
Now after the side scan, John was coordinating with the the OM and ALE to arrange to Pump it emty, but the OM did not lift a finger. then the OM put a sign and make it prohibid to go to the area.
then when it was dried, the OM stop all activities that where scheduled on the scoccer field and moved them to other fields. then in the wee hours in the mornings for 3 nights the light where on and from good source the message was clear, it is being search when everyone was as sleep.
Then the ligths never came on anymore. and the soccer ares is almost not used.
hope to clear this fact up.”


New Witness in Natalee Holloway Disappearance ? « GretaWire

Caps now posts its 50-50 whether it happened at an apartment or at the van der Sloot's home. 
"...I jave been working on several peaces of the puzzel and maybe by friday I will a definitiv where did they go after C&C  one we got that , alot will fall in places. The two posibilities are both plausable Matty and Home, looking at it 50 - 50 one has to add an AND conditiion about the movie.  now Movie at the sloot plausable, Movie at Matty Plausable.  Now we at another AND condition and that is "Now we have a dead body" and both are plausable.  then came the desposal of the body and here is where thing can change..."


Natalee Holloway Case to Become Made-for-TV Movie


Acergy S.A. / Subsea 7, Inc. merger talks have been terminated


Report: Natalee Holloway Suspect Involved in Thai Sex Trafficking

Continued in Part 8


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Superior Offshore – Timeline
(Revised 11/24/10)

Part 8:  11/14/2008 – Present


Navy:     Superior OffShore, Schaefer, Silvetti, Kyle Kingman, The Persistence, Oil and Gas Industry

Maroon:  Natalee Holloway and Family

Green:    Aruba Ministry of Justice, ALE, AHATA, ATA, Hans Mos, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Edison Briesen

Purple:    IP Address information

Teal:     Peru, Stephany Flores


Gas drilling close to Aruba 14 November 2008
ORANJESTAD - Venezuela and Russia have started with mutual drillings for gas in sea. One of the fields where they are gong to drill, Cardón III, lies close to Aruba. The Venezuelan company PdVSA and the Russian Gazprom do the exploitation. Almost 190 Venezuelans, Russians, and Americans work on the project Venezuela and Russia close to Aruba.The idea is that also the American Chevron-Texaco participates actively in the project, which is something that Venezuela has promised a few years ago. Chevron-Texaco is coping with the anti-American attitude of the Chavez-government.


Caps is now back to the apartments he claims (with no substantiated evidence) is run by the Kalpoe's father)"Wrong car, no money, none of it.  in the social club scene, Joran was the man with the girls. both had money, and both had cars  one thing that the Kalpoe's had that Joran needed all the time was access to the kalpoe's father operated  sleezy bang girls aprtment."

Caps confirms the Gardner's sighting, but claims Joran wasn't there"The sighting is correct but Joran was not there with them.  He was still at Matt, when he finish he took a bath in the pond and ran toward McD. around 4:00"

Caps discounts the cage and claims no association with Jossy Mansur or John Silvetti"...cage (400lbs) to havy for 2 people "AND" to big for just a scull. "AND" area of he cage in the water too deep "AND" need a crane to lift it and to drop it. Do not compute with the available time-line to deal with a post mortum body.  MY research has notting to to with Jossy nor John Selvetty."

Caps is now back to the apartments he claims (with no substantiated evidence) is run by the Kalpoe's father)"Wrong car, no money, none of it.  in the social club scene, Joran was the man with the girls. both had money, and both had cars  one thing that the Kalpoe's had that Joran needed all the time was access to the kalpoe's father operated  sleezy bang girls aprtment."

Caps confirms the Gardner's sighting, but claims Joran wasn't there:  "The sighting is correct but Joran was not there with them.  He was still at Matt, when he finish he took a bath in the pond and ran toward McD. around 4:00"


Natalee Holloway's Mom: Aruba Investigators 'Not Following Up on Any Leads

Possible New Witness in Natalee Holloway Case


Natalee Holloway's Dad: Aruba Investigators Ignored Another Potential


Caps and John Silvetti exchange emails:
From: Caps Lock [mailto:capslock MY EDIT]
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 12:15 AM
To: John Silvetti
Subject: Question?
Hi John, hope everything is well,
Long time not hearing anything about the Ocean Explorer. but last night I went to the SM forum, where I found someone called KERMIT, who is stateing 3 of the crew member are traitors..
I was in shock to see that your name is one on the names mention.
Other thing that was mention was that your company where not searching for Natalee, but where doing a survay for Oil exploration on the bottom of the ocean around Aruba.
I Just want you to know that it seems to be that this Kermit has some info that show that your company are dealing in corruption.
There is a photo circulating that show a man in a red T-shirt on the boat and they are claming that that is an FBI agent.
They are also saying that the Skul was Human skull., I did asked you and you told me that there was noting in=2 0the cage.
I know there was an incident with Tim , but the detail I do not remember....
Please John, I hope it is not so..please let me know....I just wanted to defent you, since they are saying that CAPS is related to the OE and Silvetty corrption
Hope to hear from you,


To: capslock MY EDIT
Subject: RE: Question?
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 14:39:18 -0600

Hello my friend. It has been a long time.  I do not know what the Ocean Explorer is.  If it is a vessel, it is certainly not mine. I do not know who Kermit is and I can tell you that since the crew members are employees of mine, mostly, except for the contractors who signed non-disclosure statements and other 3rd Party company personnel, it does not make sense.
There were stories which were addressed in an interview with Ein Vandaag regarding our boat searching for oil before the vessel ever left the U.S.  I have not addressed any of these bullshit artists as I do not feel that the effort which was put forth by so many of us regarding the search and all that continues to take place in support of finding  Natalee’s remains are worth addressing.  The problem is that these people have nothing else to do but stir the pot.  They really need to get a life and put their efforts towards helping in the search.
I would like to see this photo of a man in a red shirt on the boat.  I have not seen it.  Could you please forward it to me.  I am sorry to hear that you and our group is being dragged in the mud by these people. I was told of this last week, but, have chosen not to respond to people like this.  We know what we did and what we are doing.  That is good enough for me and the Holloway family.  As for that supposed skull in the cage, that is all bull and quite frankly, I believe you r initial story of what that cage was being used for is probably correct.
Someday, hopefully, we will find her and all this garbage will be put to rest.  By the way, have you spoken with our friend?  I have sent him several emails with no response.  Please ask him to call me.
Best Regards,


Joran van der Sloot Goes 'On the Record' with New Natalee Holloway Story


Will Holloway Suspect and Dad Be Arrested After 'On the Record' Interview?


Holloway Attorney: Pleas for Arrest Met With 'Deafening Silence'

Caps posts that HE has now been to the crab trap
“Another thing , I went to dive a week a go to the same location, and the Cage is still there. If the cage was evidance in a murder case, why is it still in the water.”


Holloway Cover-up By Aruban Law Enforcement?


Dutch Official: Aruban Holloway Investigators 'Corrupt as Hell'


Holloway Arrest Coming Soon? Don't Hold Your Breath


An Investigation on the Natalee Holloway Investigation « GretaWire


John D. Silvetti, Conrad Daigle, and Marianne Silvetti-Voorhies register  OSV Determination, L.L.C.; a Louisiana limited liability company.


Natalee Holloway Investigation Could End Soon; Prosecutors Appeal for Information


Dutch Member of Parliament Vows to Root Out Corruption in Aruba

A letter, regarding the Barcadera and Oranjestad port projects, from the President of Aruba Ports Authortiy to Grupo Trusam and Grup Maritim TCB S.L.:  


Superior Offshore Int’l Plan of Liquidation Confirmed


Oranjestad - The Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino is officially open!   


IP address 66.247.201.# ; IP address 66.247.207.#  from Aruba is the person who emailed Capslockwizard, signed in to this forum as Capslockwizard through a ChatNGrumble entry link.


Chief Public Prosecutor Hans Mos dismissed 


IP address 204.212.120.# from Aruba (Capslockwizard) visited our forum through a ChatNGrumble entry link


Ritz Carlton first five star hotel
ORANJESTAD - After four years of negotiations, the Aruban government has finally her first five-star hotel, The Ritz-Carlton. The hotel with 320 rooms will come next to the Marriott resort that is also the parent company of this luxurious hotel chain. The 360 million florins investment is officially done by the Venezuelan group Desarrollos Hotelco S.A. that turned out to be the best from a public tender.


As of 10:15 pm, Texas EquuSearch has been joined in the search for Dr. Zella by the Silvetti Group and Legacy Offshore Divers & Construction Company, both out of Louisiana. We will continue searching tonight, as long as possible.  On Monday, five different groups were using sonar equipment to scan the bottom of Clear Lake — League City, Nassau Bay, the Montgomery County Constable’s office and The Silvetti Group and Legacy Offshore Divers & Construction Co., both of Louisiana, Black said. Equusearch said the sonar teams and divers will work through most of Monday night.  At about 10:15 p.m. Sunday, the search team was joined by The Silvetti Group and Legacy arrived with divers, who began searching shortly thereafter and continued diving until about 5 a.m. Monday.


CENTRALE BANK VAN ARUBA - Money supply grows, BBO receipts contract and inflation slows


IP address 199.2.115.# from Aruba (Capslockwizard) visited our forum by this entry link:  http://s13.zetaboard...t_And_Grumble/login/


Oduber talks with Dutch Prime Minister on VNO message 


What Happened to Natalee Holloway is promoted on the Crime & Investigation Network with an entirely new description:

In December of 2007, eight men from across the United States will set out on an extraordinary mission.  On a specially equipped, multi-million dollar ship, they will travel to the deep waters off the island of Aruba. They are searching not for sunken treasure, but something far more valuable to them – a missing 18 year-old named Natalee Holloway.

The leader of the effort is Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch and the father of a 16 year- old girl who was kidnapped and murdered in 1984. Miller has now taken on the recovery of Natalee Holloway as a personal calling.  Miller and Natalee Holloway’s father Dave Holloway, believe that Natalee was likely placed in a crab trap or a steel drum and dumped 3-5 miles offshore, which is where they will focus the search.

Miller has assembled a team of underwater engineering experts from Underwater Expeditions and will bring an arsenal of resources, including hi-tech sonar scanning equipment, underwater video and the help of the FBI and Dutch authorities.  The team has but one goal: to bring Natalee home.

Kurtis Productions has been granted exclusive access to what will be the most extensive deep water search to date for Holloway’s body.  In this documentary special, Bill Kurtis will join the search and document the recovery mission. He will also revisit Natalee Holloway’s disappearance and subsequent investigation to try and answer the questions on everyone’s mind – where is Natalee? And will her case ever be solved?”

Inquiries to Kurtis Productions revealed they no longer plan to produce the above documentary, as they do not have the resources to compete with the networks.

Kyle Kingman: "Louis [Schaefer] is currently working with someone who I do not know to put together some documentary on the case, the way it was handled, and what happened during the search. I learned this from Tim T. yesterday." Louis was sold on the idea that it will make him a lot of money.”  [See 5/19/08]


Astec not seize funds APA – Google translation:  Alfonso Boekhoudt, director of Aruba Ports Authority (APA) Thursday for the treatment of case against Astec APA had brought to take to make.
ORANGE CITY - The judge yesterday decided to stevedoring company Astec not consent to seize money that Aruba Ports Authority (APA) is. The request was Thursday by Astec in court and was dealt with behind closed doors.   Next week, the interim relief between the two companies in which the stevedoring company claiming compensation for the termination of the permanent contract. Astec has been an ongoing contract with APA to work in the port area. With the container port is moving to Barcadera and public procurement is to provide working business activities in the new location may carry out the contract with Astec broken. This requires the company one million fee. Because Astec fear that APA is not enough money to pay for those damages, they would herd recovery. Employees of APA were afraid that if money would be confiscated, it is not enough money to maintain the salaries of the workers pay. The APA-workers also threatened to close the port if this would happen. With the judge's decision, this threat for the job


Natalee Holloway's Father Sends Search Dog to Aruba to Look for Daughter's Body

Report: Cadaver Dog Dispatched to Aruba to Search for Natalie Holloway


New Search Begins for Natalee Holloway

Local Birmingham NBC affiliate NBC13 reporter Jen Hale quotes Julia Renfro:   New witness provides new hope in Natalee Holloway’s disappearance
…“There’s a bar very near there it’s open until 4 or 5 so it’s possible someone just kind of rolled into the pond,“ says Renfro…


Natalee Holloway Dad: Pond Search May Take 2 Weeks

Search for Holloway continues; Father trying to cover all the possibilities


For a tender port:
  “ORANGE CITY - The judge yesterday APA Port Authority banned a public tender procedure for an operator of the new container port in Barcadera. The procedure should the court wait until the arbitration ruling. In violation can APA fined 10 million florin are grounded, to a maximum of 100 million.

Astec Director Marinus Clean called the ruling "a victory for Aruba. "Politicians say that the country interest (APA, red) should go to the private interest, but I think the ruling is good for Aruba." Score more points than the fact that Astec an Aruban Aruban company with 80 employees. "Another company is their job uncertain. If through a public tender another, possibly foreign company, there is - contrary to what the politicians say - no job. "The tariff increase which Clean irrevocably linked to the public tender for the job.

Alfonso Boekhoudt, director of the port authority, seems to present little to worry about the ruling. According to the director, there are so many things that still need to be for the relocation of the container port that they are still fresh about it. "We can just continue with the move, only the public procurement should just wait."

The arbitration case concerning the dissolution of the permanent contract of Aruba Ports Authority (APA) with stevedoring company Astec was launched on February 18, 2009. APA has the contract - under pressure from the government - by December 31, 2009 terminated. Through a public tender APA wants the operator of the container port in Barcadera choose. The court has taken a line through put.

The delay of the auction includes a line through the account of Edison snort Minister of Tourism and Transport (MEP). He wanted this morning still not respond to the ruling. Snort is currently abroad and would like to begin the sentence and the reasoning of the court examination before he comments.”


Petrobas is not Interested in Aruba Refinery

The Natalee Holloway case is featured as a Case That Changed America on CNN Headline News show Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.   Transcript here.


Pond Search for Natalee Holloway Almost Complete


Private Investigator Continues Search for Natalee Holloway


IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba (Domain name: searched the term: “natalee holloway found”.


Lifetime Movie Network presents Natalee Holloway, Based on a True Story


Lifetime Movie Network's "Natalee Holloway" on Sunday became the highest-rated movie in the network's 11-year history with 3.2 million viewers.


Mother reflects upon loss of daughter


Aruba Tourism Down Again due to Global Economy


Estate of Jamie Skeeters Wins Motion to Strike Against Kalpoes in Dr. Phil Defamation Case


Tourism in Aruba Since Holloway Disappearance


Central Bank of Aruba Says Aruba in Further Economic Decline … Aruba Haunted by Natalee Holloway


]IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba (Domain name: searched the term: “san nicolas brothel”.


Investigation to Take Place in Aruba for Corruption and Misgovernment


IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba (Domain name: appears at the Natalee’s Freebirds blog, referred by Google images, viewing the picture of the Persistence from their Bring Natalee Home document.


IP Address 204.212.123.# from Aruba (Capslockwizard) visited our forum through Gold Monkeys entry and exit links.


Valero says Aruba refinery shut indefinitely

Valero Remains Closed


IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba searched the term “for sale "malmok" absolute real estate” and was also referred to this forum from the following URL:

IP address 204.212.125.# from Aruba was referred to this forum by a facebook search for the term:  "stephanie.g.d.croes"


IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba (Domain name: searches the following terms:  “malmokweg Holloway”;  “holloway "bubali plas"; and "freddy zedan".


IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba (Domain name: searches the following term:  “holloway "bird sanctuary" aruba".


IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba (Domain name: searches the following term:  "holloway "bird sanctuary" aruba"


Front Page of Aruban newpaper shows document proving Minister of Tourism Edison Brieson subverted the public tender process by privately awarding contracts for the new port.


IP address 201.229.47.# from Aruba searches:  268 wayaca residence


New Government To Be Sworn In On October 28th 2009 Mike Eman (AVP Party) elected to replace Nelson Oduber.


Schaefer & Schaefer Holdings lose their appeal of Superior Offshore’s Bankruptcy Plan; the consolidated Class Action Lawsuit has been stayed


Deepak & Satish Kalpoe Mislead the Court


Paulus van der Sloot, father of Joran van der Sloot, dead of cardiac arrest

Tim Miller on Steph Watts’ blog talk radio show “Watts Up With This?”       

Steph:   “Tim Miller, other people are asking ‘are there any plans to search in the ocean?'  isn’t that like looking for a needle in a haystack in this case?" 

Tim:  “Not really, not with the equipment that John Silvetti and Louis Schaefer have.  In fact, two years ago on December 30th we found a fish trap and we was almost positive it was Natalee’s body in the fish trap.  We dove on it along with the Aruban authorities and then they said they’ve got to contact the Netherlands to see how to preserve it and what to do with it, and we was all going to dive on it together.  The Aruban authorities dove on it and then six weeks later they said the DNA came back as a male.  So, did we find Natalee?  I don’t know.  It certainly looked like her clothes in that fish trap and again we know that the night Natalee disappeared the fishermen’s huts were broken into, a knife was stolen, the big fish trap was stolen, uh, and ironic we found one and I’ve actually got the pictures of that, you know, what certainly appears to be a body in that fish trap.  So, I don’t know.   


Joran Van Der Sloot Confesses Again in the Death of Natalee Holloway in Aruba?


YouTube Video of "Pokertime Scandal 3" (Joran was caught cheating)


Joran Van der Sloot Admits to Involvement in Death of Natalee Holloway, Is it Really all a Lie?

Tim Miller on Steph Watts’ blog talk radio show “Watts Up With This?”   

Steph:   “Tim, regarding the 2007 search that you did of the island where you found the lobster trap with the human remains in it, what was the outcome of that? 

Tim:  “Well, I mean, we… (sigh) we don’t really know.  We can’t say positively for sure that there was human remains.  Of course, we got some images and some pictures that certainly made us wonder, and um, you know, what that outcome is, I mean, John Silvetti certainly, um, doesn’t feel 100% that it was and that’s why John wants to go back over there with his ROV because we got 140 plus targets over there.  So, you know, there’s… you know, we just got mixed messages on that if you want to know the truth and possibly we overreacted at that time.  What we seen at the time certainly looked suspicious to us at the time, but again, you know, I can’t say positively one or the other what it was. 


IP address 204.212.120.# from Aruba searched the following term:

IP address 199.2.114.# from Aruba (Domain name: appears at the Natalee’s Freebirds blog, referred by Google upon searching the term:  “joran van der sloot andre santos”


IP address 201.229.46.# from Aruba (Anita Van der Sloot or someone using her computer) appears at the Natalee’s Freebirds blog, referred by Google upon searching the term:  “joran van der sloot santos”

]IP address 199.2.117.# from Aruba (Domain name: appears at the Natalee’s Freebirds blog, referred by Bing upon searching the term:  “andre santos joran van der sloot”


Why Does Suspect Keep Talking in Holloway Case?


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IP address 66.247.207.# from Aruba arrived at this forum after searching the term:  “patrick boset”


IP address 201.229.38.# from Aruba (Domain name: arrived at this forum after searching “natalee holloway fisherman huts”

IP address 201.229.59.# from Aruba visited this forum using a Proxy


Joran's YouTube Channel:  AUAJORANBKK's Channel - "My Coffee Shop in Thailand and Whiteout having the first Ice Cream. He says BOMB just so you know Wink"

Joran's YouTube Channel:  AUAJORANBKK's Channel - "My Coffee Shop in Thailand, Pathum Thani in front of Rangsit University. Pizzas, Baguettes, Coffee and much more.  Sawadee Café.avi"


The Latest Twist in the Natalee Holloway Case … Pics of Body Found While Scuba Diving in Aruba?


Approximate Initial date of Extortion Plot by Joran Van der Sloot
According to the document, around March 29, van der Sloot contacted a representative of Holloway's mother, Beth Holloway...said he would reveal the location of the body and the circumstances surrounding her death for $25,000 in cash. He asked for $250,000 in total, the document states.

Joran contacted a (Holloway) family rep by email and offered to reveal the location of Natalee’s body for $250, 000.


Joran in Lorenzo van accident; Aruba


ISA Bingo

05/10/2010 - NEW

Extortion meeting in Aruba between JvdS and Holloway representative, monitored by FBI and ALE.

The FBI set up a sting in a hotel room in Aruba on May 10, and after Joran was given a $10, 000 cash down payment by the Holloway rep, he flew to Colombia and then Peru.  Another $15, 000 was wired for him to a bank account in Holland.

Joran leaves a social networking message on John Ludwick’s page:
"I am going to Peru to live their (sic) until I need to go back to Thailand & take care of my shop.  I am done with Aruba.  Take care."


Ex-President of the Aruban Police Union suffers a stroke while on the job.


Eric Zandaam,  dies of the stroke he suffered the previous day.


Joran leaves Aruba, enroute to Peru via Columbia


Joran van der Sloot enters Peru from Columbia

Anita and Renfro post to Joran on Facebook:
Anita Hugen
I hope the future will bring you, wisdom, trust,honesty, love and good friends.
May 14 at 10:26am

Julia Renfro
Be Grateful... for those who love you, for those who support you, for everything -- good and the bad. Be Grateful, life will come full circle even when the clouds are so dark, there is always a rainbow to come.
Sunday at 5:05pm


Funeral is held for Ex-President of Aruban Police Union, Mr. Eric Zandaam

05/25/ 2010

Social Networking site postings:
Jaime Carrasquilla
Awo cu Mourinho ta bai join Real Madrid e worst nightmare di Barca Ta bai cuminsa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AYO Barca!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 9:21am

Joran Van Der Sloot
pfff you wish
Yesterday at 3:06pm
Romy Hoeksma
Hey Joran,
How are you doing? long time no speak..woon je nog in thailand?
Yesterday at 11:40am

Joran Van Der Sloot
Hey Romy,
Ja zoizo lang geleden. Nee zit niet meer in thailand ben nu in een ander land. Hoe gaat alles met jou?
Yesterday at 11:45am

Romy Hoeksma
ja top:)
Binnekort weer lekker naar de caribean:) daarna ga ik door naar seoel voor me study..wat doe je nu allemaal?
Yesterday at 11:47am

Joran Van Der Sloot
Doe je goed welk eiland ga je naartoe? Ik ben bezig met werk heb me bedrijf in thailand verhuurd en heb nu gewoon een betaalde baan dus ben daar ook druk mee bezig. Hoop dat alles goed met jou is en veel geluk gewenst in seoel ik ben er een keer geweest met wat thaise vrienden en was super leuk uiteraad well een cultuur shock maar daar doe je het voor tog . Groetjes.
Yesterday at 11:52am


Romy Hoeksma:  Hey Joran, How are you doing? long time no speak...yet you live in thailand?

Joran: Yes zoizo long ago. No is no longer in Thailand am in another country. How's everything with you?

Romy: yes top:)  Soon again went to the Caribbean:) then I go on to Seoul to study me .. what do you all now?

Joran: Do you look what island are you going? I'm doing work, I let my business in Thailand and have now just a paid job so am too busy working. Hope all is well with you and good luck in Seoul, I been here once with some Thai friends and was super nice uiteraad a culture shock but well done for the tog:). Greetings.


Joran leaves a message on John Lugwick’s social networking site
Just so you know I will be coming back to Aruba on Sunday."


Stephany Flores meets Joran van der Sloot in the Atlantic City Casino in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru

Joran leaves a message on John Lugwick’s social networking site
“Happy birthday man I hope you had a good day & remember how imortant family & friends are.  I won't bother you today but send me some money through Western Union tomorrow.  The only information of mine you is my name Joran van der Sloot, the country Peru & the city Lima.  I need this man for my ticket back so di it for me.  Take care & enjoy your b-day."


Approx. 5:16am:     Joran van der Sloot and Stephany Flores leave the Atlantic City Casino
5:33am:     Joran van der Sloot and Stephany Flores arrive at TAC hotel and enter Joran's room
8:13am:     Joran van der Sloot exits hotel room alone
[url=]8:24am:     Joran van der Sloot returns with 2 cups of coffee and enters the hotel room

8:35am:     Joran van der Sloot exits the hotel room carrying two (empty?) cups of coffee
8:36am:     Joran van der Sloot pretends knocks on his own hotel room door.
8:39am:     Hotel worker opens the hotel room door for Joran van der Sloot
8:56am:     Joran van der Sloot exits hotel room for the last time, carrying his backpack and a duffel bag.


Natalee Holloway, Missing in Aruba 5 Years Later … Beth Holloway Fights on for Missing Persons

Joran Has Fled to Chile


Joran van der Sloot accused of murder in Peru!

          Photo Credit:  Klaasend

Former suspect in Natalee Holloway case wanted in Peruvian murder case

The girl's father, Ricardo Flores, told reporters that Van Der Sloot appears with her in video taken at a Lima casino early Sunday. He said she was killed about 8 a.m. Sunday in a hotel room that was splattered with blood, indicating a struggle.

Valentijn (Joran’s brother) and Anita (his mother) unfriend Joran on Facebook.

Aruba Lied and another Girl Died



Joran Van der Sloot Charged in Alabama with Extortion in the Case of Natalee Holloway


BREAKING NEWS: Joran van der Sloot Confesses to the Murder of Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez in Peru


Joran Van der Sloot Confesses to Murder of Stephany Flores, Blames the Victim

Interpol: Van der Sloot tried to extort Holloway's mother


Columbia Police Investigate van der Sloot Over Missing Girls

Joran van der Sloot Update: FBI Official Responds to Blackmail Sting Criticism

 Link to FBI Press Release

FBI Affidavit in Support of Criminal Complaint (Attachment A)


Peru police give van der Sloot murder case to prosecutors

Van Der Sloot Insisted Natalee Holloway's Mom Sign Contract to Pay Him for Info; Suspect Took $25K and Then Lied About Location of the Body

Joran van der Sloot says he will reveal the location of Natalee Holloway's remains - will he finally tell the truth?


A Peruvian judge has ordered Joran van der Sloot jailed on murder and robbery charges in the killing of a 21-year-old Lima woman.

Van der Sloot Taken to Prison on Murder Charge

Van Der Sloot Willing to Tell Where Holloway's Buried in Exchange for Transfer to Aruba

Van Der Sloot's Latest Lie


Holloway describes daughter’s abduction, urges teens to be cautious

Joran van der Sloot: "I fear being killed in jail"


Van Der Sloot Told Chile Police Thief Killed Woman

YouTube:  Joran van der Sloot Arrives at Castro Castro Prison in Peru

Statement Joran van der Sloot:  The  Complete Translation of the Ten Pages of the Declaration of Joran van der Sloot.


Joran van der Sloot Fears for His Life in Peruvian Prison

Police release transcripts in Joran van der Sloot murder case

Natalee Holloway's father seeks answers in Aruba

Joran van der Sloot's attorney quits!


Aruba, Peru to swap notes on Joran van der Sloot

06/19/2010 - NEW

Interview with Anita van der Sloot

06/21/10 - NEW

Van der Sloot Refused to Testify at First Hearing Before a Judge

06/23/2010 - NEW

Judge to Rule on Legality of Keeping van der Sloot in Jail

Joran's mother: If he's guilty, I won't visit him

New  Joran van der Sloot suggests FBI lured him to Peru as part of sting

06/25/2010 - NEW

Police Find DNA Under Stephany Flores' Fingernails

Peru Judge Rules Van Der Sloot Confession Valid in Murder Case

06/29/2010 - NEW

Van der Sloot will fight incarceration to top court

06/30/2010 - NEW

US Federal Indictment of Joran van der Sloot  *Extortion/wire fraud case

07/02/2010 - NEW
Van der Sloot Cops Say He Ditched Cell Phone's SIM Card on the Run

07/13/2010 - NEW

Van der Sloot Update: Where is Stephany Flores' Missing $11,000?

08/23/2010 - NEW

Deepak and Satish Kalpoe begin giving depositions in California in their case against Dr. Phil.

08/24/2010 - NEW

Van der Sloot murder confession could be thrown out

09/04/2010 - NEW

Joran van der Sloot, prime suspect in Natalee Holloway case, gives interview to Dutch TV

09/06/2010 - NEW

Van der Sloot Admits Extorting Money From Holloways

Joran Van der Sloot Admits Extorting Money From Holloways to get back at Natalee Holloway’s Parents

09/07/2010 - NEW

Van der Sloot: I've 'misused' Holloway case 'for my own advantage'

Judges divided over Van der Sloot appeal

09/16/2010 - NEW

Holloway's Mom Confronts Van der Sloot in Jail

Natalee Holloway's mother meets with van der Sloot

Beth Holloway is Back in Aruba

09/19/2010 - NEW

Tim Miller and SAR Impersonator Steph Watts disparage Beth Holloway on internet radio

09/20/2010 - NEW

Holloway and de Vries leave Aruba

10/03/2010 - NEW

Beth Holloway: “Hope always comes"

10/29/2010 - NEW

Natalee Holloway’s Mother on Confronting Joran van der Sloot

10/31/2010 - NEW

Beth Holloway describes van der Sloot extortion attempt for Dutch TV

11/08/2010 - NEW

Van der Sloot, Holloway Video Confrontation Aired

11/12/2010 - NEW

de Vries denies wrongdoing in Holloway/van der Sloot interview

11/14/2010 - NEW

Behind the scenes of the Holloway documentary

11/15/2010 - NEW

Natalee Holloway's lower jaw found?

Joran Van Der Sloot 'Living Like A King,' Says Father Of Murdered Student

11/16/2010 - NEW

Dutch experts test Aruba bone in Holloway case

11/18/2010 - NEW

Natalee Holloway's Dad: Officials Ask For Dental Records

11/19/2010 - NEW

Source: Dutch Officials 'Almost Certainly Know' Whether Jaw Bone Belongs to Natalee Holloway

Holloway family awaits results of forensic testing

11/23/2010 - NEW

Jawbone found on Aruba beach is not Natalee Holloway's

Aruba:  Jawbone Not That of Natalee Holloway

More Heartache for Natalee Holloway’s Family

To Be Continued

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