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Author Topic: PVDS 6/23/2005 Statement - from BFN  (Read 14201 times)
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« on: October 21, 2006, 09:42:44 AM »

Note from Rammstein at BFN:  In this statement it seems one page was copied double by whomever copied it. The pages in question are 7 and 8  but that does not have any consequence on the translation because pages 7 and 9 fit together perfectly.

On page 10 someone seems to have not completely copied that page making us miss one part of that page. One can clearly see this when looking at the other 13 pages and comparing it to page 10. I hope nothing sustantive was there but I doubt it changes the story.


   We, Roland Ramiro TROMP and Clyde Anthony Burke,
respectively inspector and sergeant first class, with the Korps
Politie Aruba and attached to the section Often Occurring Crime
District 2, state the following.

   On June 23rd 2005, at approximately 14.30 hours, as a
suspect, a man was interviewed who stated his name was:
   Paulus Antonius Petrus Johanna van der SLOOT,  
born in the Netherlands on February 15th 1952, judge (common court)
and living at XXXXXXXX number XX on Aruba.

   Before the interview the suspect P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT
was informed that he was under no obligation to answer.

   The suspect P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT has asked if his council
Mr. A. SWAEN could be present at this interview and this was also
requested by his council. This request was denied.
   His statement in dutch was transcribed by us, the reporting
officers and goes as follows:

   “To you question what I can declare with regards to me being
arrested as a suspect of accessory to murder, manslaughter and
robbing someone of their freedom with death as the result, I can
state the following. I find this totally ridiculous and absurd.

   To your question what level of ridiculousness this reaches,
I can state the following. I am of the opinion that my arrest
reaches the highest possible levels of ridiculousness and absurdity.

   To your question whether I picked up Joran on the 30th
of May 2005, in the early morning hours, I can state the following.
I have previously stated that I had picked up Joran on Sunday
May 29th at approximately 23.00 hours near Mc Donalds. Subsequently
I woke up at that Monday morning at approximately 05.45 hours. In
the hours between I had gone to sleep and I did not hear Joran
leaving or hear him return home. 05.45 hours is the normal time for
the alarm to go off and I wake up. The children I wake up at
approximately 06.00 hours. I awakened Valentijn, Sebastian and Joran.
To your question whether it was difficult to wake up Joran on that
Monday morning, I can state the following. It is always difficult
to wake up Joran.
To your question whether it was more difficult than usual to wake
him up, I can state the following. I had not noticed anything special.

   To your question whether Joran went to school on Monday
May 30th 2005, I can state the following. I cannot precisely recollect
whether Joran went to school that day. It is possible that he did not
go to school that day.

   To your question whether Sebastian and Valentijn went to school
that Monday, I can state the following. Yes, they got onto the bus
and went to school because in the period that Anita was away they
took the bus every day.

   To your question whether I wait to see if they get on the bus,
I can state following. Yes, I stay and watch.

   To your question how it then is possible that I had not seen Joran
get onto the bus, I can state the following. Of course I see the children
get onto the bus and that also is true for Joran. But unlike Valentijn and
Sebastian who went with the bus everyday Joran didn't go with the bus
once or twice during that period. But I do not remember exactly which
days he did not go with the bus. It could be that it was that Monday.
Most likely I informed the bus driver that Joran would not be going with
the bus. A clue to the fact that Joran did not go to school that Monday
could be that on Tuesday I insisted that he went to school that day.

   To your question whether on the occasions that I informed
the bus driver that Joran would not be going with the bus Joran stayed
home or whether I drove him to school myself, I can state the following.
I did bring Joran to a place at the open air cinema. He got onto the bus
there. That was the first morning that Anita went to the Netherlands.
I at that time did not inform the bus driver that Joran would not be
going with the bus. Instead I was very angry with Valentijn and
Sebastian for letting the bus drive off without Joran. Sebastian
and Valentijn however where under the impression that Joran
didn't need to go to school that day.

   To your question when Anita left for the Netherlands, I can
state the following. I cannot remember exactly but I think it was
the Tuesday or Wednesday before that Monday the 30th of May
that she departed for the Netherlands. Anita was in the Netherlands
for seven or eight days.

   To your question whether I picked up Joran during the period
between May 30th 2005 and June 9th 2005, I can state the following.
It is possible but I cannot remember whether I did. I did pick up Joran
from school from time to time but whether it was in that time-period
I cannot remember.

   To your question if I tell you all the things I did on that
Monday the 30th of May 2005, I can state the following. I went to work.
The exact time I cannot remember but I think it was approximately
08.00 hours. I can also remember that around 10.00 hours I went
to the C.M.B. bank. There were long cues at the bank so I left without
having made any transaction and went back to work. I left my workplace
at approximately 15.00 hours. I arrived at the bank at approximately 15.30.
 I had gone to the C.M.B. bank that is situated in Noord.

   To your question whether I went to the bank without stopping
or going anywhere else, I can state the following. I at least cannot
 remember having been anywhere else. I think I went directly to the bank.
At the bank I talked to Ruth DIJKHOFF. At the bank I deposited the
money that Joran said that he had won in the “Free Tournament in
the Holiday Inn” on the 29th of May 2005. It was approximately
500 Aruban guilders. Joran had given me 100 guilders because he
had taken over my place in the tournament.

After depositing the money I went home. I cannot exactly remember
what time it was when I got home. I think it was 16.15 hours. According
to me both Rita and Joran where at home. Whether Valentijn and Sebastian
where also there that Monday I cannot remember anymore because
Valentijn and Sebastian quite often went over to a friends house during
that time-period.

   Whether I went with Joran to eat at a fast food restaurant that
afternoon I cannot remember. I can only remember that while Anita was
away I went and ate with him once. I don't think it is likely that we did
that day because I left work at approximately 15.00 hours.

   To your question what I did after 16.15 hours, I can state the
following. I think I dropped of Joran off at the “Raquet Club” at
approximately 17.00 hours. I could have been later though. I
cannot exactly remember anymore.

   To your question whether I saw Joran enter the “Raquet Club”,
I can state the following. If I drop off Joran he normally walks inside.
As far as I can remember he did do that at this occasion too but I
do not know for sure. I can also remember he had told me that he
was going to enter the “Free Tournament” at the Wyndham. I had
told him that he could always call me if he wanted to be picked up
to go home. He said that he would do this or that he would hitch
a ride home with someone.

   To your question if I can remember what Joran had with him
when I dropped him off at the “Raquet Club”, I can state the
following. Every time that he goes to play tennis he has a sports
 bag with tennis equipment with him. I cannot visually play back in
my own mind whether I actually saw him carrying the bag. Sometimes J
oran just went to work out at the “Raquet Club”. On those occasions
he would not have his tennis bag with him.

   To your question on which days Joran followed tennis lessons,
I can state the following. According to me he certainly has them on
Monday. And there is one more day that he has lessons but I cannot
remember what exact day that is. Occasionally we have a joint lesson
with Jerry.

   To your question whether we can ascertain whether I had
dropped off Joran in order for him to go to a tennis lesson, I can state
the following. I took hm there to either follow a tennis lesson or to go
to the gym. Whether he indeed took a tennis lesson or went to the gym
I cannot say because after I had dropped him off, I went home.

   To your question whether Joran on Monday May 30th 2005
hadn't been complaining about pain in his feet and legs and whether
he had told me that he would not take a tennis lesson, I can state
the following. Joran occasionally has complaints like that. He sometimes
also complains about back-aches. Whether he complained that Monday,
I cannot remember.

   To your question whether I can remember if Joran complained
from legs in his feet or legs during the period from May 30th 2005 to
June 9th 2005, I can state the following. I can remember that between
the time Anita went to the Netherlands and the time he was arrested
Joran did complain about pain in his legs and feet. I cannot remember
however if he specifically complained about that on Monday.

   To your question whether I asked him what could have caused
the pains, I can state the following. No, I did not ask him. He complained
about these kinds of pains from time to time.

   To your question whether I knew what the causes were of these pains,
I can state the following. I assumed that they were general pains of being
tired/being sore. I had not attributed them to a specific reason.

   To your question whether I subsequently went to the “Raquet Club”
to pick up his sports bag that he left behind there, I can state the following.
I cannot remember. To the best of my recollection I did not return to the
 “Raquet Club” after I dropped off Joran.

   I am not 100% sure of that. But if I had gone back to then it would
not have been to pick up the bag alone but also to bring Joran home.
At approximately 18.00 on Monday May 30th 2005 I would have been home.
I cannot remember anymore if I picked up Sebastian and Valentijn or whether
they were dropped off at our home because during the time Anita was away
there was not fixed structure to that. I think I did eat dinner with Valentijn
and Sebastian.

Sebastian and Valentijn went to bed at their normal bedtime of approximately
21.00 hours. I myself turned in for the night at approximately 23.00 hours.
Whether I at that moment checked to see if Joran was home I am not sure.
 To your question whether I often checked to see if Joran was in, I
can state the following. I do check that from time to time. But not

   To your question why I, knowing that Joran was supposed to
call me if he needed to be picked up, did not check to see if he was
home, I can state the following. If I did not check whether he was
home then that was because I at that moment in time did not
think about that.

   To your question whether I than would have called Joran to
ask him with whom he would drive home, I can state the following.
It could be that I called him but I do not remember whether I did.
I of course call Joran regularly. With the question whether or not
he needs a lift home. Whether that happened on Monday May 30th
2005, I cannot remember.

   To your question what I did on May 31st 2005, I can state
the following. Around 02.00 I was awakened by the barking of
my dogs and Valentijn who had awakened before I woke up. I
heard a lot of noise, I got dressed and walked to the gate. There
I saw a police car and two police officers. There were also several
other cars, among them a van and I think about 10 people or so.
Most of these people turned out to be Americans but there were
also a few Arubans, among other Charles CROES and two people
with a cord around their necks. I think they were from a hotel.
A police officer asked me if he could talk to me and he told me
that a girl had gone missing and that my son had been seen with
this girl. The group as a whole seemed agitated . One of the
Americans told me that it was about a girl my son had met at
“Carlos & Charlies”. I told him immediately that it could not have
been my son because he had played in a “free tournament” at
the Holiday in during the afternoon and that I had picked him
up at 23.00 hours at “Mc Donalds”. I then went to Joran's
apartment and to my surprise and to my anger he was not in
his apartment. I then called him on his mobile phone. He immediately
answered his phone. I asked him where he was and the told me
he was at the “Wyndham”. That he was at the “Wyndham” did
not surprise me at that moment. He was supposed to be playing
in the “Free tournament” there. That could also be a clue that I
indeed did not see him after I had dropped him off at the
“Raquet Club”. I told him that people wanted to talk to him
with regard to a girl that had gone missing and that I would
come to where he was. I then got into the police-car and the
whole group drove over to the “Wyndham”. I walked towards
the casino that was locking up. I could not see Joran there and
I again called him on his mobile phone. He answered and told
me that he was at home now.

   To your question whether I told Joran who were with me,
I can state the following. I cannot remember whether I did.

   A few people in the group showed the picture of the missing
woman to several members of staff at the casino. At least one of
the women said that she had seen the girl a few hours earlier in the
company of a tall boy. Serious discussions took place but I suggested
that we should go to my house again because that was where
Joran had gone to.

   To your question whether, in front of the casino, I had
mistakenly thought someone was Joran and pointe him out, I can
state the following. I cannot remember whether I did. Maybe I did
see a tall boy and from a distance mistook him for Joran and
walked into that direction.

   I once again entered the police car and the whole group
followed me to my house. When we arrived there I found Joran
together with Deepak leaning against the car. I asked Joran why
he did not stay at the Wyndham and he said that he must have
misunderstood me. He also told me that the neighbors had told
him to turn the music down because they had complained. He
also told me that he had been to the “Radisson”. According to
me Charles CROES was the first person who started asking Joran
questions. Joran said that he had met a girl at “Carlos & Charlies”
and that he, Deepak and Satish had dropped her off at the
Holiday Inn. Joran said that Sunday afternoon he had had met
a girl at the Holiday Inn and that he had helped her when she
was sitting at the poker table. The girl had lost 350$ and he
had helped her win back 150$ (a few days later when Joran
had seen a picture of Natalee and her friends in one of the
free US newspapers, he said that it was the girl on the extreme
right of that picture that he had helped win back the money.
That girl was not Natalee.) Natalee did belong to a group of
American girls that had been pushing him to come over to
“Carlos & Charlies”. According to Joran he told them that he
couldn't go to “Carlos & Charlies” because he had to go to
school the next day. He also told them that he, without my
knowing about it, arranged to be picked up by Deepak around
24.00 hours and that he did go to “Carlos & Charlies”. In
“Carlos & Charlies” the missing girl Natalee, invited him
several times to come dancing with her. He told that he did
dance with her and that she had asked him to take a
so-called “Body-shot” off her. He also said that she wanted
to go with him in the car and that they drove in circles around
“Carlos & Charlies” for a few times and waived to some friends of
Natalee. Natalee was absolutely sure she wanted to stay in the
car. I saw that he then addressed a few of the Americans. He
asked if Natalee's parents where among them. One of the people
said he was Natalee's step-father. He asked if the step-father
would please go away for a second and told the rest of the
people that they had been kissing in the back seat and that
he had fingered the girl. Joran also said that the girl wanted
to see the sharks and that because of that they had gone to
the North coast of the island even though Joran had told her
that there were no sharks there. Joran also said that the girl
had said that her mother was the sister of “Hitler” and that
she said she wanted to go to Austria. He also said the girl
had asked him if Deepak and Satish were his slaves because
the parents of the girl owned a plantation and that black people
worked there like slaves. I am not sure whether he said this
to the Americans or to the police-officers in the car. There
was uncertainty for a moment whether Joran and the group
of people where talking about the same girl. I can remember
another name was mentioned next to Natalee's name. I thought
the other name was Kathleen. When Joran however was shown
a picture of the girl, he said that it had been this girl that he
had made out with. He recognised her especially by her eyes
and the mouth. After Charles CROES had spoken Joran others
started interrogating Joran. That did not always go very subtle.
Joran was accused and inconsistencies in his story where pointed
out to him. I at that moment in time though that those
inconsistencies where futilities and that he was seriously pressured
from several sides/people. I told the Americans in the group to
restrain themselves and told them they did not have any jurisdiction
 here and that they should act civil. I then addressed the police
officers and told them they should take charge of the situation. I
told Joran and Deepak that they should make their statements
to the police-officers rather than to the Americans. At some point
one of the Americans cursed out Deepak by calling him an “asshole”.
I at that moment stated that they had gone too far and that
Joran and Deepak should make no more statements to the
Americans. One of the police officers indeed stepped in and
said that this was no way to go forward. I said we should focus
on finding the girl and not to insult people. I said to the Americans
that they should realize they are in another country and they should
act politely. One of the Americans suggested going to the “Light House”
because according to Joran they had been there when they were
driving around the girl. One of the police officers said that this was
useless. I happened to agree with him. At that moment I wanted for
Joran to go to his apartment and I wanted to return to bed. Joran
however said that we should try our best to help and find this girl.
One of the Americans suggested that we should go the Holiday Inn
to take it further from there/view the situation. A little bit reluctantly
I got back into the police car with Deepak and Joran. The police officers
were also somewhat tired of the situation and said that the Americans
should report the girl missing. We then drove to the police-station in
Noord and the police-officers consulted with the watch-commander.
They also changed cars. I understood that the watch-commander
had no objections to the police-officers going to the Holiday Inn together
with Deepak, Joran and myself. When we arrived at the Holiday Inn
there was a dark coloured man there standing with folded arms who
later introduced himself as WILLIAMS from the F.B.I. This man immediately
took Joran separately and had a short talk with him. I also went over to
WILLIAMS and asked him what his function was. Then he told me he
was with the F.B.I. so I returned to the the police officers and asked
them whether they knew that F.B.I. officers were present there.
They told me they did not know anything about that. I briefly talked
with a member of staff from the Holiday Inn who told me there was
only one camera and that this camera was pointed in the direction
of the front desk. I also understood it was not certain whether or
not that camera was actually working. One of the police officers had
a lengthy discussion with WILLIAMS in the back of the lobby. I
understood from the officer that he had informed WILLIAMS of
the existence of the so-called “Beach bums”. Deepak also told a
girl behind the front desk that he had seen that a security guard
dressed in black had walked over to the girl after they had dropped
her off. The security guard had been in the possession of a “walkie talkie”.
The girl behind the front desk said that it could not have been one of
their security guards because they wear white shirts. There still was
fierce discussion but one of the Americans wanted to shake my hand
to express that he was sorry of having been so hurt full and agitated.
I at that moment refused to shake that hand because I was still angry
about their behaviour which prompted another American to say
“talk about being civil”. A woman with long black hair was continuously
talking on her mobile phone. I understood that she was informing the
news media in the US to the fact that a girl had gone missing. I briefly
talked to Charles CROES who had been driving the mother of the
missing girl. He said that he didn't need to know anything more from
Joran. He said that he had looked into Joran's eyes and understood from that

moment we got into the police car after I had shook every ones hands,
all except the long black haired woman who was still on the phone.
WILLIAMS told me that I should count on the fact they they would want
to talk to Joran again. The mother of the girl by that time had already left.
At least I did not see her anymore. We were dropped off home by the
officers. It was starting to get light.

   I woke up Valentijn and Sebastian and I also said to Joran that he
had to go to school even though he wasn't in the mood to go. I know
that I insisted that he should go. A reason for that might be that he had
already not gone to school on Monday. I then left for work. I think it
was approximately 7.30 hours when I called the headmaster of the
International School. I had told him that Joran had not slept all night
and asked for him to be understanding just in case Joran was feeling
sleepy. About 8.30 hours I was called by one of the guards in the hall
of the justice building and he told me that Jan van der Straten wanted
to talk to me. I took Jan van der Straten up to my room and there J
an van der Straten asked me if I could pick up Joran from school and
bring him over to the police-station in Bubali. Jan said that it was
wisest to do this immediately. I called the headmaster and told him
that I would be coming to pick up Joran. The headmaster told me
that Joran was resting in what was called the doctors office and asked
my at what time he should wake him up. I told him that I would be at
the I.S.A. at approximately 10.00 hours. When I arrived at the I.S.A.
Joran was already up. I then waited with Joran until the headmaster
was free because he was in a meeting with the school counselor. We
then briefly talked to the headmaster, at that time we talked about
the fact that the girl had gone missing, that the girl had had a lot to
drink and that Joran should have kept a closer eye on the girl and that
he should have made sure that the girl safely had gone into the Holiday Inn.
The headmaster and myself told Joran that he should have acted more
responsibly. We then departed for the police station in Bubali where we
arrived at approximately 11.00 hours. Jacobs and Kelly took down Joran's
statement. Joran was speaking in Papiamentu and that was translated
by the officers into Dutch. I was there when Joran made his statement.
We made a few changes in the concept with regard to factualities instead
of observations. At approximately 14.00 hours Joran signed his statement
and we went to lunch in Mc Donalds or Wendy's, which of these fast food
restaurants we ate I cannot remember anymore. Then we went home.
Both of us were very tired because we had not slept a lot that night.

   I cannot remember what I did when I got home. I think that Joran
went to bed and that I worked a little in the garden  and then started
preparing dinner. I informed Anita about what had taken place. That night
I went to bed early.

   To your question what I did on June 1st 2005, I can state the following.
That was the day Anita was supposed to come home from the Netherlands.
According to me the alarm clock went off as usual at 05.45 hours and at 06.00
hours I woke up the boys and they all got onto the bus. According to me that
day was a normal day. I cannot remember anything special about that day.
I think I went to work as usual and got home at approximately 16.30 hours,
we ate dinner as we normally did, I was at the computer and at approximately
20.00 hours we picked up Anita. I think that Sebastian came with me
to pick up Anita.

   To your question whether I had a talk on June 1st 2005 with Joran,
Deepak and Satish about the case of the missing girl. I do not remember
if this was on the 1st of June 2005. I did talk a lot with Deepak, Satish and
Joran, from the moment they were interviewed as witnesses until they
were arrested. We of course read the newspapers, saw the news and talked
about it. I also was in almost daily contact with Jan van der STRATEN. I did
not doubt the truthfulness of their story for one second. When we talked
about the girl, we discussed what could happen if the girl would not re-appear.
I was under the impression that the boys assumed that she would re-appear
sooner or later. Af course we also discussed what if the girl did not re-appear.
From what little information I got from Jan van der STRATEN, I got some hope
that the girl was seen after she was dropped off at the Holiday Inn. He did
not say this in so many words but I took that as an explanation as to why
the boys weren't asked to give further statements to the police.

   To your question when I had noticed, that boys were asking a lot
about what would happen with missing girl would not re-appear or if she
would be found dead, what would happen then, whether this did not make
me wonder why they were asking this, I can state the following. According
to me it was not the boys who brought this up, but I brought this up. I was
usually the one who steered the conversation towards the girl.

   Why did I steer the conversation towards the girl? I did this because I
was getting worried. I was getting worried for the girl and also for the boys.
Because of the fact that they had been the last to be seen with the girl they
would no doubt come back to them. I however did not doubt the validity of
their story for one moment.

   Comment reporting officer: at 20.05 hours the assistent district attorney,
inspector first class J.C. SAMBO informed the suspect P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT
that he would be held for questioning at the police station in Noord on which
the suspect P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT responded that he would resist the
incarceration because it was a completely insane and absurd action.

   Suspect finds it highly questionable that this is only happening to make
his son make statements that are beside the truth. Suspect did remark that he
is willing to tell us everything he remembers if this somehow gives clarity into
the case of Natalee Holloway gone missing, but that this could best be done
in the capacity of a witness.

   To your question whether I spoke to the boys at home on Wednesday
June 1st 2005 and about what we talked, I can state the following. I don't
exactly remember anymore what days I spoke to the boys. I only know that
I talked to the boys a lot. I did not want Joran to be out of the house for as
long as the girl was still missing. Because of that a lot of Joran's friends,
including Deepak and Satish came over to visit us. We then often talked about
the girl. We were following the reports in the newspapers, on the radio
and on television.

   To your question how it happened that I found a lawyer for Joran
and the two Kalpoe brothers, I can state the following. Looking at the facts
I had to take into consideration that Joran, Deepak and Satish could at some
point become suspects. If that was the case I wanted the proces to go as
smoothly as possible, in order for them to be released as soon as possible.
Again, I still believed their story implicitly. If they already had lawyers no time
would be waisted when they were arrested. The lawyer could be there very
quickly, so that the questioning could being immediately and no time would
be waisted. In reality I was trying to facilitate the process as much as possible.
   You are telling me that I have stated that I believed the story but still
took preparations with regard to a lawyer and I have explained them the
entire procedure of being arrested and being detained, why? To this I can say
the following. I have previously said that due to the fact that the boys could
possibly be the last people who had been seen with the girl, this fact could
be sufficient to cause them to be seen as suspects. As said before, I wanted
to facilitate this process. Part of that was making sure the boys did not panic
because they were unfamiliar with the procedure. I especially wanted to
prevent that they would make statements that were untrue. In the situation
they found themselves with a police and judicial apparatus that was under
enormous pressure that was not unthinkable.

   To your question why I would think they would panic if they told their
story, the one I believed, or whether I had reasons to be suspicious of their
story and whether I know more about the case than I, my son Joran, Deepak
and Satish did not tell when they made their first witness statements, I can tell
you the following. I have told you before that I believed the boys story, that I had
no reasons to doubt it, I also did not get any clues that made me doubtful and
thus I assumed that the statement they gave to the police were the correct ones.
My fear was more in the desire to score of the police force. I was afraid that the boys
would be entrapped/tricked into making a statement that was not correct. I have
told them on more than one occasion that they should count themselves lucky that
they were with the three of them and that the interviews should not be hard
because they were telling the truth.

   To your question as to how good a liar Joran is, I can tell you the following.
In the past Joran lied. About money that he had stolen from us. We have talked
about this extensively and it was also discussed at the youth psychologist Dr. XXX XXXXXX,
with whom he had several talks about his growth into adulthood. I had the feeling he had
made a clean breast of it/fresh start. I at least did not assume I had to doubt everything
he said.

   To your question what I now think after it came out that Joran is making
untruthful after untruthful statement and what I can state about that, I can state
the following. I can not make a judgement about this. What I have understood that
Joran is the one who broke open the case.

   To your question what I mean when I said that Joran broke open the case,
I can state the following. Joran's lawyer has told me that it was Joran who changed
his statement. Because of that the case is now broken open and now the truth
can come out.
   To your question whether Freddy ZEDAN came to our house out of his own
accord or whether I had invited him, I can state the following. According to me
Freddy phoned my wife after he had been questioned by the police. According to
me he and his girlfriend came over to see my wife and he told what he had stated
to the police. I was busy in the kitchen and did not hear everything Freddy was
saying. Only at the end of the conversation I joined them. My wife and I were angry
at Joran, because he did not tell the truth from the beginning. My wife planned to
confront Joran with Freddy's statements. That night we were going to have a meeting
with Mr. A. CARLO, this was a previously planned meeting. My wife called Freddy again
and asked him if he could tell his story again to Joran's lawyer. At first he didn't want
to come because he had an exam the very next day but in the end he and his parents
came over. He then told the story he knew to Joran's lawyer. I am convinced that
Mr. CARLO did this with the best intentions possible.

   Comment reporting officers: At approximately 21.15 hours the interview of
the suspect P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT was concluded in mutual understanding with
the suspect. The suspect  P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT will be enabled to read the concept
proces-verbaal and to make comment on it.

    P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT

   After the suspect  P.A.P.J. van der SLOOT had read his statement, he stated to
us that he would persist in it and signed it.
   Of this, we, the reporting officers, on our oath of office, have made this proces-verbaal,
closed and signed in Noord on June 23rd 2005.

   The reporting officers

   R.R. TROMP      C.A. BURKE



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