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Author Topic: Re: Haleigh Marie Cummings #8  (Read 2320 times)
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« on: March 23, 2009, 12:44:59 PM »

I'm gonna say something here, and will accept whatever fallout I may get for it. 

This thread has seen it's share of problems, yes.  And each time, it feels like we who post in here all along, have stood up and struggled on, trying to be positive, trying to help turn things around.  And we get going in a good direction again. 

The disruptions lately seem to have been due to 'drive by' holier-than-thou posters, who feel it necessary to swoop down and let us have it, then swoop on out, never to be seen again until the next time. 

In those drive by posts, we are reprimanded, by those who are not admin or mods.  The tone and the words used are very often breaken the rules themselves, in that we have been told not to do those things.  But it's ok for the 'swoopers' to do so? 

I am tired of that!!  Leave us the f alone, please!  We were doing fine without those disruptions, and will continue to do fine.   

Just saying...

Putting helmet firmly in place, and shutting my mouth for a bit while whoever wants to, can commence pelting. 

?? Who swooped??? I am trying to catch up so am a bit lost on this post?

Yeah, who swooped?  And how does anybody know how much time somebody spends reading on a particular thread?  Not everybody is logged in all the time they are reading and some only do so when they want to post something.

Is this a private thread?  Perhaps it should be labeled as such because otherwise how is one supposed to know they are not allowed to post here?

I thought all monkeys could state their opinions and believe they are free to do so without being told to leave any thread the f alone.

We each try to stand up for what we believe to be the right thing whether or not it is popular.  The title of this thread is Haleigh yet it is very hard to find much about her here for all the rumors about her family.

And if only one point of view is welcome, please warn posters just wanting information about this disappearance so that there won't be these unwelcome disruptions of other opinions in the future.

 And that's too bad because this little girl could use all the support she can get and I doubt she'd be telling people to leave her tragedy the f alone.

I read here a lot and only post occasionally when things are slow in other threads I am dedicated to. You see, I work and have a family that needs attention...   After reading that post I was NOT sure I would post here again.

I would like to thank Anna for bravely voicing her opinion as I was wondering if maybe it could  me  that they don't want here and then I remember...Hey, This is Scared Monkeys and is Moderated by some of the best I have ever seen. I will leave it to them to make decisions on such matters and thanks to Anna I will continue to post here if and when I choose, unless Klaas or Muffybee say different!!

We all want Haleigh found safe and sound and I rely on threads to keep me informed and to get a feel on how the world is seeing this sad sad disappearance as well.

Any child in as much trouble as Haleigh needs all the support from as many people as she can have.  And that is even assuming she is still alive.  No one ever knows whose letter to a politician, member of LE with a tip or thought, research, donation or participation might just be the one thing to make all the difference in solving her disappearance.

We are all allowed to express our opinions even if some other posters don't agree and even if we think a far different approach would be much more productive.  This child more than most does not seem to have the stable background that many are fortunate enough to have.  There are threads of the missing that would be thrilled to have the interest expressed here and I don't believe anyone posting here is authorized to speak on behalf of this child.

The only other place I have ever seen people told in a missing child case that they should butt out and "leave us the f alone" came from Cindy Anthony and I don't respect her right to say that either but at least she is immediate family.

Most posters here are fully aware of the rules and practices and don't need other posters to instruct them.  The moderators do a terrific job of that.  But we are ALL allowed to state our opinion, something that Red has protected vigorously all these years.  That opinion does not have to support any consensus, either.

And the first rule I learned in the Natalee Holloway disappearance was that no one was allowed to trash the victim NOR her family.  Not without proof.  While the Caylee Anthony case tended to do away with that concept, it has served me well all these years and I will continue to try my best to abide by that until the facts say otherwise even if it is not a requirement.

And I will post in this or any other thread when I have something to say regardless of attempts to bully or imply that I don't have that right for I do just the same as any other monkey who is not banned or in a time out. 

We are all here in support of Haleigh and would like nothing better than for her to be located still among the living and if that is no longer possible, those responsible brought to justice the same as we want for all the missing.  How we think it is best to go about this is going to vary but nonetheless, we are all entitled to our opinions without being told to "leave us the f alone" because no one here is authorized to do that that I am aware of.  Please correct me if someone has receive this kind of authorization as it would be very unusual and unique.

I have my reasons for thinking as I do but it's hardly worth it to even try to share any other line of thought or experience learned over the years when some seem to go bonkers at the very thought of a dissenting opinion.  Guess that means they also assume full responsibility and won't need any donations, letters written, media contacted on her behalf because they and only they are welcome to participate?

This disappearance is not going to end well.  I hope they will be happy with the results having ordered others to butt out.  Widespread support and interest always help any case and having discouraged that, don't be surprised when it doesn't just materialize and this case slowly fades from the headlines. 


All posts reflect my opinion only and are not shared by all forum members nor intended as statement of facts.  I am doing the best I can with the information available.

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« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2009, 01:36:55 PM »

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