Witch Hunt in Wenatchee, WA - Lane Lawless' Old Stomping Ground

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nformation from articles :

At the trial, one girl showed “definite medical signs of sexual abuse”
while “it could not be ruled out for two others.

In 1996, a consultant, retired Bellevue Police Chief D.P. Van
Blaricom, hired by a city insurer who looked into how the Wenatchee
police ran the child abuse investigations stated that the cases were
handled properly. A U.S. Department of Justice investigation also
found that there was no evidence of civil rights violations.

Cops Win Wash. State Sex Ring Case - June 29, 1998 - Aviva L. Brandt
AP Online - Seattle “A jury on Monday rejected claims of police
misconduct brought by four people who say they were falsely accused of
child rape and molestation. After deliberating for more than five
days, the King County Superior Court panel decided that the central
Washington town of Wenatchee, the town’s police officials and three
members of the Douglas County sheriff’s department did not violate the
civil rights of the four, who said they were falsely accused in
1994-95. Douglas County Sheriff Dan LaRoche said the verdict allows
police to keep investigating sex abuse and molestation cases without
fear of lawsuits.

Debate Rages Over Wenatchee Sex-Ring Allegations -
November 6, 1995-
Aviva L. Brandt, Associated Press Writer - Wenatchee, Wash.


A line divides this town. On one side are those who believe dozens of
children were raped and molested over seven years by adults in two
loosely organized sex rings. On the other are those who assert a rogue
cop and obsessed social workers created a whirlpool of sexual
hysteria- coaxing children into accusations and bullying bewildered,
poorly educated adults into confessions. Gov. Mike Lowry, petitioned
by critics who believe the case is a witch hunt, has asked for a
Justice Department review and is awaiting a decision from U.S.
Attorney General Janet Reno. Authorities say as many as 50 children
were forced to have sex with adults since 1988 - sometimes alone,
sometimes in groups. In the last year, 28 adults have been charged
with child rape and sexual abuse. Five have been convicted, 10 have
pleaded guilty.

“Every female victim had physical evidence of sexual abuse and the
majority of the males did,” Smith said. “Clearly it’s pretty good
evidence to show that this is occurring.”

Douglas County Prosecutor Steve Clem sounded frustrated when asked
about allegations that his office hasn’t bothered to look for the
truth. “The defense attorneys are using what I’m sure … some day in
the future will be called the O.J. defense, where they sling mud, make
wild accusations and see conspiracies all around them,” he said.”
There’s physical evidence consistent with the stories they (the
children) tell. There’s more than one person talking about the very
same things going on,” said Tim Abbey, a regional supervisor with the
state Child Protective Services. “And there are a lot of confessions,
and many times they’re confessing to more than the kids said


Please note that this list was compiled and copyrighted by "Believe the Children" in 1997.
It has not been updated since then.
Conviction List: Ritual Child Abuse (continued)

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Thurston County
Paul R. Ingram, a sheriff's deputy, confessed in 1988 to sexually abusing two of his daughters in the context of satanic rituals. Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of third-degree rape and was sentenced to 220 years in prison.

Later, he attempted to withdraw his guilty plea, claiming he had been coerced and had confessed while in a "trance-like state" to crimes he never committed. In September 1992, the Washington State Supreme Court rejected Ingram's motion to withdraw his guilty plea. (Wright, 1993).


Five adults were convicted and 11 pleaded no contest in a child sex-ring investigation involving 48 child victims.

Selid Holt, 34, was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison; Michael Rose, 26, was convicted on 5 counts of child rape and molestation and sentenced to 23 years; Doris Green, 34, who confessed and then recanted her statement, was convicted at trial and sentenced to 23 years; Randall Reed, 43, pleaded guilty on two counts of child molestation and was sentenced to 80 months; Meredith Town, 37, an ex-convict who pleaded no contest on 62 counts of child rape and 4 counts of indecent liberties, was sentenced to 18 years and 4 months; Cherie Town (Meredith Town's wife), also pleaded nolo contendere and was sentenced to 10 years; Harold and Idella Everett both pleaded guilty to molesting their own children, with Harold sentenced to 23 years and Idella to 4 1/2 years. (Newton, 1996).

Child victims referred to the offenders as "The Circle" and described being sexually assaulted and "swapped" in orgies that allegedly took place at a Pentecostal Church. (Sunde, 1995).

Despite defendants' criticism of the investigation, a review by the U.S. Justice Department found no evidence that defendants' civil rights were violated. (Sex Crimes Digest, 1996).

hmmm I wonder why they were known as THE CIRCLE?

hmm we had a Laura Rebecca Holt and now we have a Selid Holt. 

I'll work on these two names.  Try to see if they are related to Wilma Toots Hold who married Richard Birdette Lawless.


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