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Author Topic: The Weirdos Connected To The Churches & Strange Goings-On  (Read 90360 times)
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Monkey Junky
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« Reply #260 on: September 11, 2009, 12:37:08 AM »

me to troy

I fully appreciate your answering my questions. I am not one
to judge a person’s beliefs when it comes to doctrine. I am
famliar with the Assembly of God, I am familiar with many
doctrines. I am familiar with the word of God. I am not a
judgemental person, I am a very forgiving person, and I
love people and try to help them no matter what their beliefs.
I refuse to argue about doctrin as so many do. I am legit,
believe me I am.
I am very glad you believe xxxx( block out name) to be credible,
and I do understand why the courts might not think so, but I am
not a court and I have no problem believing someone who might
not be acceptable to the courts. I want to believe xxxxx(block out name)
and I had written off some very important information because of the
person who had passed that information on to me, because the more
I listened the more bizarre all of this became. This is one reason I
was very happy to see an email from you. I thought what an opportunity
to get to the truth of all of this. So in the midst of my thinking all
of this is getting somewhat unbelieveable ( you have no idea how much
more I was told) I decided not to listen to any more of it and I wrote it
all off, including what I was told about what xxxxxx(block out name)
had said. But a few days ago information surfaced which coincides
with what xxxx(block out name) had said. So I thought today,
well maybe it was true. So this is why I asked if xxxx were credible.
If you say xxxxx is, I will believe xxxxx is.
so there is no mountain... it is sad as I looked for days and nights where
that mountain might be. Such a waste of time.
your vision that lindsey is alive and in a cellar. I am glad to hear this,
and if you feel like telling me more about this. I am a firm believer
that God gives us visions. God has shown me many things, many
times. I am told the police are total non-believers.
I remind you of Bill? hope that is a good thing
I do understand how it feels for someone to know who you are but
you don’t know who they are. I was stalked by a serial killer
who would email me on the net. It was pretty eerie. I am in
contact with people all day everyday I have no idea who they are,
I have learned to live with that, and once you have ever made the
mistake of letting someone on the net know who you are and had
find out they are a serial killer etc and fid out they are stalking you
in real life, you learn not to tell people who you are.. But I fully
understand how you feel. But I will not tell you who I am. I tell
no one who I am. I am not anyone from your area. I live in another
state and have no connections to washington at all..
my thoughts on all of this.....
There are so many people lying it is very hard to tell.
About the time you listen to one person and try to research,
someone else comes and tells you the opposite. It is very
mingboggling why this is happening with so many people involved
in the lies. It is not just one person, it is several. It is almost like
a consorted effort to steer you in the opposite direction. Of course
we know that God is not the author of confusion, so in a spiritual
sense we know who is behind all of this spirtually. But that does not
help us to locate Lindsey.
I know who you are refering to when you say xxxxx(block out name).
I’ve been told about xxxxx also. I have researched xxxx as well.
I have been at this since day one so there are very few people I
have not heard of and researched. It is very tiring work.
If lindsey is alive, in a cellar, how many houses there have cellars;
is this normal for the houses there to have cellars?
I will think about all of this Troy, and I will ask God to help me; as
I always do.
I do not know why I have so many people contacting me and lying
to me, but there is a reason.
Is it possible, in your opinion xxxxxx could know where lindsey is?
Someone did suggest that to me. You seem to know who xxxxxx is.
okay again, I thank you for your answers, it really did help some.
I’m going to believe xxxxxxxx (block out name) and if you know
xxxx you might want to ask xxx about the truck xxx saw on xxxxxxxxx
This information is not out there. I would like to know if that is true.
I have other information concerning that area. It’s possible xxxxx saw
someone who might be connected to the other info about that area.
okay I am going to go and sorry I cannot tell you who I am, but I am
not xxxxxx and I am legit and I am no one you know at all. I’m just
someone who tries to help locate missing persons. I’ve been doing
this for many years.
I will pray for your ministry there and I am glad to see you welcome
those who are many times not welcome anywhere else. Most of them
have a heart of gold, they just get on the wrong path and get lost.
thank you for your time,
there has to be something to all of these lies, it is not only your church
they lied about, it much much more, and they are not the only one doing it.


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Monkey Junky
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« Reply #261 on: September 11, 2009, 12:37:28 AM »

troy to me
Hey 2D
Twice a week our church has 24 hours of prayer. Bill Roundtree
and I prayed for you tonight. We agreed and decide that best
thing to do is let forgiveness flow to all of those involved in this.
We know that persecutions come to all who decide to live for Jesus.
So I forgive you for the posts and I forgive those who gave you
bad information. The felt impressed by the Lord to give you Psalm 26:5
Good night

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Monkey Junky
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« Reply #262 on: September 11, 2009, 12:38:02 AM »

troy to me
We had some older people leave the church. They all left together.
They all came there together from a church that split in McCleary.
I was not surprised or upset when they left because they complained
most of the time they were there. They wanted things the way they
had them for years at the church they came from. Some of them got
angry because they could not control me. Shortly after that God
spoke to us that we had become to busy. We changed our schedule
and dropped a few things. We kept what was imortant, prayer.
Our youth group went to a camp about that time so we did not
have youth group for a couple weeks. I have some association with
IHOP but I assure you the research you did and what you found on
them is not accurate. Mostly I am impressed with quality of people
they produce. I will venture to say that part of the reason why you
are getting so many lies about us is like you said, spiritual. We have
prayed for Lyndsy and others many many hours in a family effort to
see justice for the weak. I know satan hates praying saints. I admit
that we are not a conventional church especially for this area but our
doctrine is solid and orthodox. We have a regular Theology class
using Reclaiming the Mind and Wayne Grudem as a text book. Like i
said we do not fit into everyones mold as to what church should be,
but if wanted the results everyone gets I would do what they do. The
girl xxxxxx who has family in the church has some extreme issues
involving her mother and some mental problems. i do not want to
bash her because I care for her very much. Bill and I remember the
night she was there asking questions. It was bizzare. We do reach
out to a lot of unstable people, but I assure you our leaders are solid.
The day the guy came ther to take the pictures there were people
off he street eating, they may not have wanted thier pictures taken,
I understand. The police are very familiar with us because we are
right across the street and have 24 hour prayer twice a week.
I hope this clears up a few more of the mis conceptions. I could
probably go on much longer.


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« Reply #263 on: September 11, 2009, 12:38:26 AM »

me to troy

troy, can you tell me if northwest life center is also set free church,
or what is the connection or difference. People keep getting them
mixed up... but I was under the impression William Jay Roundtree
is with your church the northwest life center, however I am told he
went to the search as set free church. Others say northwest life
center use to be set free church, so I am not sure. I want to get
this straight so when someone is discussing anything I know which
church they are talking about.


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« Reply #264 on: September 11, 2009, 12:38:55 AM »

troy to me

In the late 90’s Kenny Rice founded Set Free Church in Elma.
It is primarily a mens discipleship ministry. At the time i was in
the Assembly of God Church. I began to work closely with Set free
but still maintained my ministry at the AG. Bill became a resident at
Set Free around 2000. He went to California and was in ministry
at a Set Free there. He xxxxxxx and came back to this area.
In the mean time I dicontinued my affiliation with Set Free in Elma.
Primarily over doctrinal issues. In 1995 Bil came to me and
asked me to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I did.
Shortly after that God called me to start Nothwest Life Center
in October 2006. Bill in the mean time was in the AG in California.
In 2007 he came and joined us here at Northwest Life Center.
Set Free is a differsnt work altogether but we associat with them often.
I talked to a detective today and told her what was going on.
I invited them to come and interview our leadership team and
bring a polygraph machine with them. They are familiar with you
and told me to do my best to ignore the things on the internet.
She assured me that most people do. She also informed me
that they think very highly of our minstry and the work we do
with the broken people of our community. Her words were,
“Your doing a great job, keep up the good work.” By the way
can you delete that thread since most of it is false? It seems
that everyone wants to read it now.


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Monkey Junky
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« Reply #265 on: September 11, 2009, 12:39:19 AM »

me to troy

troy that is not my board, I am just a poster there, we don’t
even have “edit” capabilities to change anything. And I have
asked them to delete things from there, they won’t.
thank you for explaining how the churches are different.
I had thought they were, but I guess Bill showed up at the
search and they all signed in as “set free church”, ... I was “told”,
so that confused me about if the churches were different.


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Monkey Junky
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« Reply #266 on: September 11, 2009, 12:39:51 AM »

troy to me

In all fairness I would like to see what your going to post
about my comments. i belive that there has been enough
mis information already.

me to troy

I was going to post the things you stated in your emails saying
which things were not true, I would think you would want me
to do that. I told you if you would tell me what is not true I would fix it.

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« Reply #267 on: September 11, 2009, 01:11:25 AM »

DoubleDecker is correct that we won't delete.  I will make NOTE to please read TROY's information for clarification on the church and the people.

If you need to get into the forum and have forgotten your password, email me and I'll reset it for you:
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« Reply #268 on: December 14, 2009, 01:38:00 PM »

Psalm 76:2 and Psalm 9:11 says that Zion is God's dwelling place.  In Psalm 2 we see that God puts His king in Zion.  Zion was where where the Tabernacle of David was.  When King David set up the tabernacle with the ark of the covenant he assigned Levites to minister unto the Lord 24 hours per day

so we know we are in Zion where the tabernacle is at. 

so lets look at elma and consider it zion there where the church is.

but then two we have to wonder how many in this church are actually understanding Zion on another level, that of the stars.  Remember we have wayne watne the missionary who is very much into the stars.  So wayne watne's Zion might actually be the stars/zodiac.  So are these in elma who are in this church who were once satanist/occult, are they looking at the parallel and seeing Zion in the stars/zodiac.  that might very well be.  so we have to keep that in mind alsoo.

we know that zion is in the far north.  so we keep that in mind also

Am reading thru here, and just want to make a comment.  Most satanists and the occult, etc.  consider "Zion" to be located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.   Yes, many of their local activities are held in all parts of western WA, thruout the year...  with their huge annual "meeting" (a gathering of all the local groups) on Vancouver Island. 

Trust me on this... I know from personal experience, having been born into a cult, in the south western area of WA.   Near enough to McCleary to understand how ALL this stuff fits together.  Incl Lindsey's disappearance. 

Y'all are on the right track. 

And while I'm here, let me point y'all to this group, if you haven't read the posts on it elsewhere:

They had a camp-out "meeting" (with rituals), near McCleary, at the same time that Lindsey went missing. 

Are they connected in some way to the "churches" in Elma and the McCleary area?  Perhaps........

~ 'Things are not always what they seem' ~
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« Reply #269 on: December 14, 2009, 01:51:33 PM »

basically what I want to know is if mercury started going retrograde.  If someone can tell me or whatever you can tell me until I can locate the person I have worked with before.

and "person" if you are reading here. will you PLEASE EMAIL ME  an angelic monkey

DD, I don't even know if you read here anymore, or if you still need this info.  However, for what it's worth.....

I figure you are talking about the closest time for mercury retrograde for when Lindsey went missing? 

Mercury went retro on May 7th, 2009 at 2 Gemini- 12:55 am EST... and ended (went direct) on May 30th, 2009 at 22 Taurus - 9:18 pm EST

The next time Mercury went retro was on September 7th, 2009 at 6 Libra - 12:39 am EST ...


~ 'Things are not always what they seem' ~
Monkey Junky
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« Reply #270 on: December 16, 2009, 10:07:10 AM »

Just putting this here from Sebastian:

By James Wallace P-I Reporter
THURSDAY, May 4, 1989
Section: News, Page: B1
An ex-FBI agent who claims there are satanic burial sites in Mason County said yesterday his informant who knows details about the killings is afraid to come forward because he fears for his life.

The informant knows of seven burial sites in Mason County, including one that contains the bodies of at least 20 people, Ted Gunderson said. But the informant is not willing to talk with authorities about the murders.

"If people talk, they die," Gunderson said.

He said an Olympia man was murdered in 1987 in Grays Harbor County because he was helping him uncover evidence about satanic cults in this state.

"There are extensive satanic activities taking place in Washington state, particularly along the coast," Gunderson said.

But law enforcement officials said there is no evidence to support any of the claims being made by Gunderson about bodies buried in Mason County or satanic activity there. And authorities in Grays Harbor County said they investigated the murder of the Olympia man and found no evidence linking his death to a satanic cult.

Gunderson said he is trying to find someone in Mason County with knowledge of the grave sites who is willing to sign a search warrant that law enforcement officials will need to dig up the bodies.

Only then, Gunderson said, is he willing to sit down with authorities and tell them what he knows.

He said he has not personally seen the burial sites, but he has been told of their location by his informant. He said he does not have any information about the victims.

"These people have been killed over a period of years," he said.

His comments came in a telephone interview from his office in Santa Monica, Calif. Since leaving the FBI in 1979, he said, he has investigated satanic activities around the country. Gunderson spent nearly 30 years with the FBI and retired as senior agent in charge of the bureau's office in Los Angeles.

He caused a stir in Mason County this week after he appeared on the syndicated "Geraldo" television talk show, which discussed the recent cult- like killings of at least 15 people at a ranch in Mexico.

"The next burial ground that we will learn about will be in Mason County, Washington," Gunderson told host Geraldo Rivera.

In the interview yesterday, Gunderson said he has been investigating satanic activities in Washington state since the early 1980s. He said he has many "reliable" sources in the state who have helped him. Some of those sources are working from inside the cults, he said.

Gunderson said he became interested in satanic activity when he investigated the case of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, a Green Beret captain convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two daughters in 1970. MacDonald claimed a hippie cult killed his family.

He said he also worked as an investigator with Maury Terry, who wrote "The Ultimate Evil," a book about the Son of Sam serial murders in New York.

Gunderson said he is reluctant to give authorities in Mason County details of what he knows until he finds a witness willing to step forward.

"If I turn this over to the wrong law enforcement officials, I could blow the whole thing," he said, explaining there are members of satanic cults throughout society, including police agencies.

"This element has infiltrated every level of society," he said. "It's big, and involves heavy-duty, intelligent people . . . doctors, lawyers, prosecutors, police, airline pilots . . . every walk of life has been infiltrated."

He pointed to what has happened in Thurston County, where authorities are investigating satanic-type rituals and have charged three men, including a former deputy sheriff, in a sex-abuse case.

He said hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people are involved in satanic activities in this state.

"Their best weapons are fear and secrecy," Gunderson said of the cults.

Gunderson said a "hit man," who was working for a satanic cult drug network, operated out of Shelton in Mason County for a time. The man was arrested last year in California in connection with two contract killings in that state, he said. Gunderson declined to name the man.

"I have enough heat on me now," he said. "I don't want his buddies coming after me. They have come after me in the past."

Mason County Sheriff Bob Holter declined to go into detail about any of the claims made by Gunderson.

"There is no evidence that there is any validity to anything that he has said," the sheriff said.

Gunderson said the hit man likely was responsible for the death of Larry Gearon in Grays Harbor County in 1987.

Gearon was killed because of what he knew about satanic activity in this state, Gunderson said.

"He was working for us. He was discovered," Gunderson said.

Gearon, 38, of Olympia, was found dead March 12, 1987, just off U.S. 12 about two miles north of Malone in Grays Harbor County. He had been shot several times in the head.

Gunderson contacted the sheriff's office shortly after Gearon's body was discovered and told officials the death was linked to satanic cults.

Grays Harbor sheriff's Sgt. Rick Scott said he and Inspector Mike Whelan spent much of April and May of 1987 pursuing Gunderson's claims.

But Scott said Gunderson failed to provide substantive details and claimed to have "an informant" who was supplying him with the information.

Gunderson refused to name his informant, or provide specific details that could have corroborated his story, Scott said.

"If Mr. Gunderson today has any further information we're again asking him to provide it, if it even exists," he added.


Truth is always the strongest argument. --- Sophocles

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