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Author Topic: Peter R. de Vries Program - November 26, 2006  (Read 6324 times)
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« on: November 26, 2006, 05:05:10 PM »

Peter R. de Vries Program

November 26, 2006

From FOB:
(Tjeerd) First part has been broadcasted. De Vries ends with statement that Joran used lyers logic which De Vries has seen in many other cases

(Tjeerd) The tone of the show is very partial against Joran...

(Tjeerd) The facts seem the ok, apart from what was said about Paulus, tourism boycott and the lies of J2K..

(Tjeerd) The lies are being milked out. De Vries says why did they lie if they were not guilty...

(Tjeerd) The antipathy between Joran and Deepak during the interviews is being stressed..

(Tjeerd) The shoes of Joran: did he forget them or was there another reason. He lied about his shoe size. De Vries doesn't believe he forgot the shoes. If body would be found maybe the shoe print would be found (reason; or blood on the shoe).

(Tjeerd) Joran had very many girl friend and was seksual promiscuous. He is violent and a thief. He threw the drug bum in the water during festivities.

(Tjeerd) Second part ended with video shots of Van der Sloot and Kalpoe surroundings...

(Tjeerd)  De Vries stresses very pronounced Joran did download 2 sexmovies and watched for 2 hours after he was home...

(Tjeerd) Attorney of Deepak: Joran is excellent actor; Joran lied about who drove him back; story of the shoes isn't true.  
De Vries has heard: Joran is lying a lot and he got a helping hand of his father..

(Tjeerd)   18 juni 2005: Joran fell out of his role; Jacobs called him a devil. Joran: very angry and he said you know nothing; he tells about Natalee being buried etc. Later Joran goyt to himself again...
Soap between Jansen and Croes
Joran could adapt his story because of the quareel between Janssen and Croes...

(Tjeerd) King, friend of the family was in the appartment when it was searched..

(Tjeerd)  Mr de Witt decided only Joran's appartment would be searched and not the whole area

(Tjeerd)  Video shots of De Vries calling Paul Van der Sloot. Paulus complains De Vries calls this a murder case. He doubts the open attitude of De Vries. He won't talk about the case at this moment to De Vries.

(Tjeerd)  Mr. Carlo has said to Karin Janssen Joran played a major part in the disappearance of Natalee, but he would not give any evidence....according to De Vries. Later on Carlo denied he has said this.

(Tjeerd)  Mr. Carlo is interviewed> De Vries comments he knows striking little details of this important case. De Vries is apparently compromising mr. Carlo...

(subsequent edited version:) Mr. Carlo is interviewed> De Vries comments he knows striking little details of this important case. De Vries is apparently compromising mr. Carlo... Mr. Carlo says he doesn't want to react to Janssen's letter to him and explains it is an internal matter...

(Tjeerd) Mr. Janssen answers a letter of De Vries. She confirms the whole area should have been searched...

(subsequent edited version:)[/)   Mr. Janssen answers a letter of De Vries. She confirms the whole area should have been searched... She doesn't mention the Ben King thing. She doesn't go into her talks with mr. Carlo.

(Tjeerd)  End part 3. De Vries shows picture of Joran and Natalee which he got from the burglary. According to De Vries picture was taken in Beth's house...

(It was an old photo of Natalee with her friends New Years Eve 2004. Someone, photoshopped Joran into the picture)

(Tjeerd)  Joran did go to computershop in Holland in Oktober 2005 to delete everything on his pc harddisk... De vries thinks this is very suspicious...

(Tjeerd)  De Vries thinks Joran wants to fake an early friendship with Natalee by photoshopping some photos with Natalee on it... This is PATHETIC....

(Rotterdam )
A lot of rehap, much of the Monkeys/BFN Proces Verbaal on screen.

De Vries going to the vd Sloots home and the Kalpoes home and not finding anybody at home. Surprise, surprise.

Natalee did drink a lot and did do drugs ( cocaine ) regarding witnesses/roommates

(Rotterdam )  Paul van der Sloot said in a phone conversation with Peter de Vries that they had a lot to tell but they will not do that just now because of people involved who could be hurt by this information

(Rotterdam )   Anita wrote a e mail to Peter de Vries that he came to their door in Aruba and to Joran's house in Arnhem and she is going to inform police, the board of journalist in the Netherlands and the CEO of SBS6 ( broad coasting company of Peter's programme ) with complains . Peter told the audience that this reacting is very telling. I think Mr. Peter forgets that the van der Sloots have had the Nancy Grace's,Greta van Susteren's,Geraldo's of this world at their doorstep for almost 16 months and they are fed up. I would not have send Mr.Peter a polite email but told them to F**K OFF !!!

(HannieC) LMAO, Before the commercials he showed a pic ( old one of newyears eve with Natalee with her hand in the airt and a drink) with Joran photoshopped in it!! As if he was there at that party in Alabama.......

From BFN:

The show is called The secret of Aruba
Short introduction, chronical events, Excelsior Casino, C&C

Video of the black jack table and of the Honda leaving with NH.

He is about to analyze the May 9, 2005 statements of all 3 of them. The lies were deliberate and well prepared, this according to his often experienced "lyers logic" a sign that they know more and had to lie.

Until so far, there is a commercial now. Most of the time it is a reconstruction with actors.

It goes too fast to write it down quickly, a lot statements are quoted in big letters. The police and justice department assume now that the beach story was invented and that the crime scene could be JVDS cottage.

Her roommate has declared to the police N. was often drunk and needed to be escorted to her room. Note: this is an offical statement to the police, not from JVDS.

Scenario one:
NH was drunk and under the influence of drugs. Her death was a result of that and Joran paniced and asked his father for help.

Conflicting statements of D and J are apparent. offical investigation in Holland points at Deepak telling the truth. Later on J lies in Nova and says Satish picked him up, also the story about D and the dogs. Lies and more lies.

(Mitral)  Peter shows a photo of Natalee and Joran together in HER home in Alabama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Question

Most important fact of this 3rd part: Peter´s confrontation with lawyer CARLO. Peter has a secret tip that Carlo asked JANSSEN for a private meeting because he wanted to get a clear conscience. It is said he pointed towards Joran, but told Janssen that Justice Dep had to get all the evidence. JANSSEN has later on written him a letter to persuede him to tell more. Peter visits Carlo with a secret camera and he shows to be very uncomforable.

After the break Peter will visit Joran in Holland, to show him the picture of N and J together in her home in the US.

(Mitral)  Peter discovers an order to to phtochop the picture. It costs 200 euro. Kees D, the chopper, sends cofirmation to J. So Joran has asked for photochopping while he a suspect himself?

Peter confronts Joran but he doesn´t want to talk and calls the police.
Letter written to Paul stays unanswered.

For me, at first look, teh most important points:
1) Conflicting statements Deepak and Joran. Deepak´s lawyer confirms this to Peter and Peter comes with offical sms and chat reports. Story about picking up from the beach can´t be true.
2)Fight between Karin Janssen en Kroes-Vernandez. Janssen did not act fast enough according to K. Later on Janssen orders search house search but when the police rings the bell, mr. Ben King opens (right hand of Kroes and personal friend of Paul). Mr. Bob de Wit "rechter-commissaris" only allows limited search, J´s cottage, not the main house and property. Why did he go against Janssen?
3)Mr. Carlo asks Janssen for private talk to clear his conscience. Secret tip says he points at J. but tells Janssen the justice department needs to find the evidence on its own. Later on Janssen asks about more information when the case is stuck. Carlo responds but nobody knows what he wrote. When Peter confronts him the hidden camera shows uncomforatbility and he denies. When Peter confronts Janssen with it she says she won´t comment because "Carlo denies his statement now" (what would be the analysis of this statement of her)

4) Karin Janssen seems to have manipulated the Opsproing Verzocht by wanting it to be a wide program, not only focused on J and 2K. Opsp Verzocht editors say they are frustrated because 2 questions were not allowed to be asked in the program 1)where are the shoes 2)how did Joran get home.
5) Janssen doesn´t want to talk with Peter and doesn´t answer all his question in his 6 page letter to her.

6)In october 2005 Joran ask computer shop to delete all his files without back up. This happens and no files are left behind.
7)Manipulated photo is probably chopped by Kees D. for 200 euro. Email about it sent to
Peter confronts Joran, but he refuses to mtalk and calls the police.
9)Paul refuses to answer a leter but Anita writes to Peter that she will complain to the director of SBS 6, and 2 other thinsg I can´t recall now but Ramm probably will.

(Rammstein )  
1. at first the show starts with it's version of the facts (gained from the police files)

2. the show paints a picture of the lies told in the story and says that often liars who know a victim will not be able to contradict the lies are common in criminal cases

3. the show talks about the shoes, that Joran lied about his shoe size and that the police suspects he made the shoes disappear in case Natalee is found. His footprints at the burial site can never be traced to his shoes when they are gone

4. the show shows an american witness report in which it says that Natalee was highly drunk the night before she went missing and had to be carried/helped to her room because she was so drunk she was unable to walk. the show also says this witness statement shows that on the day of her disappearance she had been drinking alcohol from 10am and hadn't stopped until she left C&C's

5. the show wonders why Bob Witt refused a full search warrant

6. the show wonders why Ben King, someone who worked for Fernanda Croes (the Prosecutor general opened the door)

7. the show says that lawyer Ben Carlo made an damning statement to DA Janssen implicating Joran in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway (something he later denies when asked to provide more information by Janssen)

8. the police felt it like a vote of no confidence when PG Fernanda Croes started sitting in on police-briefings in the case

9. that PG Croes had wanted to fire Janssen but was told she wasn't allowed on ministerial level (Aruban ministerial level)

10. that the photo-shopped picture was created for 200 dollars/euros on the request of a friend of Joran (according to the show)

11. that Natalee had been in possession of cocain and had used cocain on the trip

12. that Joran once shouted:

"I know what you are thinking, you think Natalee is dead and that me and my father made the body disappear"


"I don't know where she is buried"

more to follow after I compose my thoughts

Check every detail-check it twice. At least check it once. FIND NATALEE
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« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2006, 05:31:41 PM »

Peter R. de Vries Program

November 26, 2006


From BFN:

(Rammstein )  
13. Janssen asked for a full search of the property, Bob Witt decided at the scene not to allow it

14. a big mistake by Peter R. de Vries. He said that the police were surprised to find Ben King opening the door to the van der Sloot house on June 23rd 2005 instead of Joran or Paul when they came to search the house.

Note for Peter R. de Vries, on the 23rd of June both were arrested and thus unable to answer the door
(Paul was arrested on the 22nd or perhaps early on the 23rd)

15. better translation of words of Joran on June 18th, captured on video, not in interrogation files:

"I know what you are thinking. You think I had sex with Natalee and that I called my dad, that he came and that we made the body disappear"

"I don't know where ...... (the body or Natalee, cannot remember" is buried"

16. the police have 2 witnesses Natalee had cocain and offered someone else a line of coke

17. retraction of mine:

Natalee was not so drunk she had to be carried to her room the day before she went missing, she was however so drunk she had to be escorted to her room

18. Natalee's daily routine on the island was to start drinking at around 10am and go to the beach (and keep drinking)

19. the DA's office decided to keep the scope of the Opsporing verzocht episode as wide as possible

20. Peter R. de Vries does not believe Joran's story about his shoes

(Rammstein )  
21. the police think it likely that Natalee died of a self-inflicted overdose of drugs and alcohol while in Joran's appartment during the act of having sex with Joran

22. the police do not believe they ever went to the beach

23. the role of van der Straten was totally unmentioned

24. the role of politicians were unmentioned

25. Joran's dutch computer (the one he had in the Netherlands, not the Aruban one of his parents as far as I have understood the story) was professionally "brought back to factory specs". Read into that what you want because that is what Peter R. de Vries implied (could be incriminating evidence but could also be a virus or cleaning off the illegal porn that he must have downloaded, those are some of the possibilities at least)

26. Joran called the police on Peter R. de Vries

27. Peter R. de Vries wrote a letter with a lot of questions, some were answered by DA Janssen others weren't. Fernanda Croes gave even less of a statement about the questions asked by Peter R. de Vries

28. Carlo (Joran's lawyer) seems to have amnesia because he cannot remember well known facts from the file, claiming he has not been working on the file for a long time but busy with other cases

29. the police believe Joran is involved in Natalee's disappearance

30. the lawyer for the Kalpoes says that Joran is a good actor, he can break into tears and give off statements that appear credible (although he is a big fat liar)

31. Peter R. de Vries does not believe Deepak came and pick up Joran

32. Peter R. de Vries does not actually make the case that there is evidence to prove Joran did something but that a lot of blunders and mistakes have been made, that there had been conflicts of interest but he at no time uses the words corruption or cover-up

33. says the difficulty in the interview on the 18th and the not asking further when Joran finally seemed to snap is because of the language issue, Joran having to be questioned in dutch instead of papiamentu, because of the specialist interviewers of the dutch police

34. Peter R. de Vries received an email from mrs. van der Sloot in which she said they had taken police-action, written a complaint to the review-board journalism and a letter to the head of SBS broadcasting

<snip>. I tend to believe now Natalee found her unintentional death in the presence of Joran. He covered it up and the rest had to be a cover up at judicial and police level as well. This is where Peter points to. There are still many questions, e.g. what about American report with witness statement of her roommate that she was drunk and probably stoned? Peter brings this as being official. Many more questions about Janssen, Carlo, King, Kroes etc.

I hope the pressure will become unbearable to the one who was involved here.
(Mitral)  The pressure must be on Ben Carlo. We need to know what he told Janssen to clear his conscience.

From RU:

(Daniel )  
De Vries showed an e-mail in which a friend of Joran asked someone else to make this fake photo for $200. For what purpose is anyone's guess.

From SM Front Page:
(Linda from Aruba)  
The show just ended..really good..lots of new things..Joran will not like this..But Peter r de vries is right..corruption big time…
Jorans Lawyer went to Karin Jansen en told her that he can’t handle it no more and that Joran is guilty..

Check every detail-check it twice. At least check it once. FIND NATALEE
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« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2006, 05:51:09 PM »

Peter R. de Vries Program

November 26, 2006


(Victor )  
( in reference to the mention of cocaine use:)

Just wanted to say, this was the shocking news (nothing to do with J2K) I was referring to. I have hinted 2 times at it last night on RU it was about the "circumstances surrounding the disappearance the family is aware of" (Bachus).

It is in the police files, but has been keeped silent for 18 months.

I was not sure if de Vries would put it into his show, but I was told about it, and they know a little more about it, which has resulted in them not believing Joran murdered Natalee.

Check every detail-check it twice. At least check it once. FIND NATALEE
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« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2006, 05:34:45 PM »

1st part of the program translated by MTRULES at FOB:

Peter R. de Vries, SBS 6 (Dutch Television), Sunday November 26.

The program started with the reason why Natalee went to Aruba. The night before her disappearance Natalee started drinking alcohol at 10 am in the morning and had to be carried back to her hotel room at night by her roommates/friends. On the night Natalee disappeared Joran and Paul (Joran´s father) were playing blackjack at the Excelsior Casino near the Holiday Inn hotel. When Paul left Joran asked him if he could pick him up at 11 pm at the MacDonald’s Palm Beach. He then went to the blackjack table where Natalee and her friends were playing. Joran helped the girls with the game/bets and they agreed to meet each other later that night at Carlos & Charlies (a popular club on Aruba). Joran went to the MacDonald’s at Palm Beach where his dad picked him up as planned. Joran called Deepak and asked him if he wanted to go to Carlos & Charlies that night. Deepak agreed and picked Joran up at his house. Deepak´s brother Satish also went with them to Carlos & Charlies. When they got inside Natalee was already there and was dancing on the podium. Natalee asked Joran if he wanted to dance with her but he first went to the bar to get some drinks. According to Joran Natalee was a little tipsy at the time. After a while Natalee started dancing on the bar and Joran had some belly shots from Natalee. When Joran and his friends left Natalee went with them. According to Joran Natalee was very tipsy at that time. Deepak was already waiting for them at his car. When Joran, Satish and Natalee got in her roommates/friends asked her not to go with them. She refused and said she really wanted to go with these guys. Deepak drove his silver Honda Civic, his brother sat next to him and Natalee and Joran where making out in the back.
First lie

The guys supposedly dropped Natalee off at her hotel (Holiday Inn). In the car Natalee asked Joran if Satish and Deepak are his slaves. Natalee said her family had slaves in the past and that her mother was Hitler’s sister. On the way Natalee also fell half asleep every time. She wanted to go to the lighthouse to she sharks but when they got there she suddenly woke up and wanted to go back to the hotel. They drove back to the hotel and dropped her off at the main entrance. According to Joran Natalee fell on the ground when she got out of the car and when he tried to help her back up she said: `don’t touch me´. According to Deepak a dark-skinned man in the lobby came up to Natalee. He had a radio in his left hand. Satish had almost the same story.

One day after the statements given by the three guys it all pointed out to be false. There was no sign of Natalee or Deepak´s car on the video cameras at the main entrance and the security guards who were on duty that night hadn’t seen anything either. Satish and Deepak first admitted they lied and Joran told the police the same shortly after. Joran told Nova (Dutch Television Program) that they where scared and thought that they would get away with this story. According to Peter R. de Vries this lie was carefully planned out because the three statements where almost the same. De Vries also said that if they were really innocent they wouldn’t have to lie.

Second lie

Deepak and Satish dropped Joran and Natalee of at the Marriott hotel (which is next to the Holiday Inn). Deepak and Satish went home and Joran and Natalee walked towards the sea.

Because Joran got sand in his shoes he left them on the beach. They kissed on the beach and walked to Natalie’s hotel room. However, Natalee didn’t want to go back to her room, she wanted to go to the opposite direction. They walked back to the Marriott hotel and they sat down there and kissed each other. Natalee wanted to walk a little further so they walked to the Fisherman’s huts. Joran left his shoes at the Marriott. They had dry sex: Natalee sat on him and pretended having sex with him. She also masturbated Joran and Joran masturbated her. After half an hour Joran told Natalee had to go back to her hotel but again she refused. Joran started carrying her but Natalee told him to put her down. Joran did so and called Deepak to come pick him up. He told Deepak: ‘Natalee doesn’t want to listen, come pick me up, she’s sleeping’. In the car Joran told Deepak that the girl was annoying. Deepak asked him if he had sex with her but Joran said no because he didn’t have a condom. Deepak says that he will pick up Joran’s shoes the next day. According to Peter R. de Vries Deepak denied this which implies that their statements are different. Deepak also told Joran: ‘Don’t f*** with that bitch, they will find her tomorrow’.
Deepak and Satish:

After dropping Joran and Natalee of at the Marriott Satish and Deepak returned home. Satish went to bed and Deepak watched television and turned on the computer. As always Deepak waits for ‘a sign of life’ from Joran. After a while Joran calls Deepak and tells him he’s walking to his house (without his shoes) and that he left Natalee on the beach. According to Joran they went in the water for a while and Natalee is sleeping on the beach. Deepak asks him to call him when he’s home. After a while Joran sends Deepak a message on his cellular that he will come on MSN Messenger instead. Deepak goes to the bathroom and when he returned he saw that Joran had been online and had said: ‘Thanks for waiting, I’m home now’. Joran was offline again at the time Deepak read this.
The facts

Computer/cellular information:

3.15 am: Message from Joran to Deepak: ‘I’m home, see you tomorrow’.

3.23 am: Message from Deepak to Joran: ‘Anyway, I’m glad your home, I’m going to bed’

3.33 am: A short message-reply from Joran to Deepak

Joran stays on his computer till 4.30 am and visits several porn-sites.

*This is less than half of the program, I will post the rest tomorrow.*

Part 2 of transcript from mtrules FOB

Other statements

Some months later Joran told Nova (Dutch Television) that Satish picked him up on the beach.
Another story Joran told the police was that he called Deepak, who then came with two dogs and raped and murdered Natalee. According to Joran he buried her at the Fisherman’s Huts. Deepak told the police the opposite, he said Joran didn’t kill Natalee but only raped her. When the police asked him for more information he simply replied with: ‘you’ll have to ask Joran, he’s a sick person’.

Joran’s shoes

When De Vries first heard about the story of the lost shoes of Joran he could imagine Joran didn’t find his shoes back. However, now that De Vries walked on the beach where Joran supposedly lost his shoes he thought it was really unlikely because the beach was so narrow and so close to the Fisherman’s Huts (were Joran was picked up later that night without his shoes). De Vries expressed Joran could pick up his shoes very easily within a minute.

But then where are Joran’s shoes now?

The Aruban police doesn’t believe Joran lost his shoes on the beach. Instead, they think Joran lost his shoes on purpose, not because there are traces of blood on them (which is suggested in the media) but because there would be an imprint of his shoes on Natalee. Without his shoes there wouldn’t be any evidence of the fact that the footprint on Natalee is his. When questioned Joran told the police he had shoe-size 14. However, when the police measured his feet he turned out to have size 10.

Other scenario

The Aruban police think Joran and Natalee didn’t go to the beach at all. Instead they think they went to Joran’s house. One reason why they focus on this scenario is because in one statement Joran told police that they were at his house at 1.40 am. However, they didn’t got out of the car but continued driving almost immediately. There is one more reason why the police think this scenario is more likely: a group of fisherman’s were fishing all night long near the fisherman’s huts but hadn’t seen anyone there.


Peter R. de Vries expresses the fact that Joran had been treated by a psychologist for violent behaviour against his brother. A friend of Joran also said Joran threw a wanderer in the water during carnival.


Joran told police Natalee asked him if he wanted to use some cocaine. Also came to light that Natalee used a lot of alcohol during her stay on Aruba. The night before her disappearance Natalee started drinking at 10 am and had to be carried back to her room by her roommates/friends that night. De Vries thinks it’s possible that the death of Natalee could’ve been an incident. According to him Natalee could’ve succumbed under the influence of drugs and/or too much alcohol.

The Van der Sloot home

In this part of the program de Vries went to the house where Joran’s parents still live. Because no one is home he will try again later.

[Commercial break]

The Kalpoe home

In this part of the program de Vries went to the house where Deepak and Satish live. Deepak came to the door and told de Vries he doesn’t want to talk to him and that he has to go to his lawyer.

Deepak’s lawyer

Deepak’s lawyer tells de Vries that Joran first accuses Deepak of the disappearance of Natalee and then (when it’s proven that this isn’t the case) he accuses Deepak’s brother Satish. He did the same thing with the story about who picked him up on the beach at the night of Natalee’s disappearance. He also thinks Joran didn’t leave his shoes on the beach but lost them on purpose. He strengthens his arguments by adding that Joran was a very good actor in court where he cried several times followed by some very convincing moments.

Paul van der Sloot’s role

Peter says Joran could be innocent, otherwise he would’ve succumbed under pressure of the interrogations. However, the Aruban police think differently. They think Joran is a liar and got a lot of help from his dad: Paul van der Sloot. According to the program Joran’s dad could get a lot of investigation results because he worked at the tribunal at the time. He then passed on the information to Joran. This couldn’t be stopped because Joran was still underage and could be visited every day.
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« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2006, 07:12:45 PM »

Here is a portion of the De Vries show where De Vries confronts Joran about the photoshopped picture.  This was made available by Daniel at FOB:

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