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ARUBA: It's all about Natalee...we won't give up!

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Scared Monkeys is happy to announce two of tomorrow nights (Wednesday) special guests on the Dana Pretzer Show, Beth Holloway and Peter R. DeVries. Make sure and listen to this powerful one Ö two punch that Joran never saw coming.

Tune in tomorrow TONIGHT, Wednesday night at 9 PM EDT for the Dana Pretzer Show on Scared Monkeys radio when Dana will be interviewing special guests:

Beth Holloway Ė The mother of missing Natalee Holloway. Beth has battled and persevered the many ups and downs of Nataleeís case and has remained steadfast in her fight for answer and Justice for Natalee. Beth has not only continued her fight for missing Natalee Holloway, but also has become the voice for other missing persons and has made an effort to make people aware of traveling abroad in speeches and The International Safe Travels Foundation.

I mean, it`s stunning that 48 hours into Natalee`s disappearance, I was asked by an Aruban detective if Natalee has a history of seizures or epilepsy. And when ó and when I`m hearing Joran say that it looked like Natalee was having a seizure, and then he even ó what makes me sick and I want to come through the screen and kill him, when he imitates her, he imitates her as she`s suffering. And that`s in a video clip with Patrick.

Peter R. DeVries Ė The Dutch Crime Investigator (Bio) who captured Joran Van der Slootís admissions and confessions on secret video tape. Peter R. DeVries did what the Aruban police could not. DeVries lulled Joran into a false sense of security and got Joran Van der Sloot to admit his involvement in Nataleeís death and disappearance. DeVries has been on Joran Van der Slootís tail for quite some time and it would appear that Peter R. DeVries has finally gotten his man.

Peter R. DeVries Dutch web site for our Dutch speaking friends.  http://www.peterrdevries.nl/

From Peter R. DeVries interview with Beth Holloway during DeVries show after the secret videos were shown,

Peter R. DeVries: ďHe lied, everything was a lie.Ē
Beth Twitty: ďWhat he did with the shoes andÖ Oh my gosh.Ē
Peter R. DeVries:ďItís a full confession.Ē
Beth Twitty: ďHe doesnít even care, he doesnít even care that, oh they didnít even know if she was dead. Oh my gosh. They didnít even know.Ē
Peter R. DeVries:ďDid you notice how he talked about her?Ē
Beth Twitty: ďYeah, they donít even know. Oh my god they could have dumped her alive in the ocean, just unconscious. I mean they donít even know.Ē
Peter R. DeVries:ďMaybe in coma, orÖĒ

UPDATE 1: Also appearing tonight:

Art Wood, former Secret Service agent discussing the Natalee Holloway case.

Mike McIntyre - Mike, host of ďCrime and PunishmentĒ, will weigh in on the Natalee Holloway story.
Monkeys Media Reminder ... Beth Holloway & Peter R. DeVries on Dana Pretzer Show on Scared Monkeys Radio [75:13m]:


February 13, 2008 Scared Monkeys Radio with host Dana Pretzer


(Please forgive any errors)   

Dana:  Okay weíre here and weíve got a huge show tonight.  Weíre going to take the Natalee Holloway investigation, and look at it like itís never been looked at before.  What I thought I would do everyone has heard about or seen or read about or listened to the sting operation that was conducted and Joran Vanderslootís confession.  In my opinion heís confessed several times 10, 12, times in that tape.  A little bit later on Iím going to have one of the guys behind that confession Peter R. DeVries with us.  But I thought what I would do tonight is go to someone who is very close to the investigation who was a big part of the investigation and thatís former secret service agent current private investigator Art Wood.
Hi Art.

Art Wood:   Hi Dana, thanks for having me on your show

Dana:  Welcome back to the program.  This whole case has gone every which direction, itís gone around in circles and up and down and you name it and now we have the confession the videotaped confession and like youíve probably heard me say Iím going to have Peter DeVries on a little later on.

Art:  Dana, I think thatís wonderful that youíre having Peter on, you know I have to congratulate him.  I have always said and you can back me up on this every time Iíve been on your show Iíve always said that this case can still be solved, that one of these kids would talk I just never dreamed it would be Joran and Iím so glad Peter found a way to get him to talk.

Dana: Absolutely, he's a class act and weíll hear more from him later but you...law enforcement long time, myself, our listeners, are very educated when it comes to these sorts of things and when you look at a confession, a confession just isnít a confession a confession isnít like the old Hollywood days where you take a pen and paper and you write out point form what you did.  A confession is probably 75 percent the truth 25 percent BS and bragging but itís also a huge evidentiary aid as far as clues go. There are a lot of clues and I know youíve taken a look at the transcript and looked at the video and thereís  a lot of clues here isnít there?

Art:  Yes there are Dana and Iím so surprised you mention that because  I made a couple notes today and one of the notes I made is ďthe clues are hereĒ and thereís no reason, thereís absolutely no reason now that the Aruban authorities canít solve this case.

Dana:  Itís been handed to them on a silver platter.

Art:  Yes it has been.

Dana:  Excuse the term...But its right there.  Why donít we get at it, why donít we talk about some of these clues...? Of course we donít want to give anything away ... do anything that may jeopardize the investigation but then again has there been an investigation it took a  crime reporter to solve this case but letís hope thereís some jurist prudence here and this character does finally get taken before a judge.

Art:  I saw Peter DeVries on a TV show last week and heís got the right idea with this confession also.  He thinks that Joran is telling the truth.

Dana: Yep

Art:  Anybody...I donít know if all of your listeners have seen this confession I donít know if theyíve seen these tapes but itís pretty obvious to the average Joe watching this tape that this kid is telling the truth. 

Dana: Yep

Art:  His attorneys and his family are now saying that Joran was lying that he did this to impress Patrick, and that he was under the influence of marijuana.  Well the truth is itís pretty obvious that Joran smokes marijuana on a regular occasion.  At no point was he stumbling for his words or did it ever appear that he was lying.  The only thing that I found in this whole confession where it appears is that heís lying is on one occasion he tells Patrick that Iíll take that name to the grave with me. 

Dana: Right

Art:  Then the next day Patrick is pushing him for the name and he comes up with the name
Daury.  I think he just threw that out there because he is going to take that name to the grave with him.

Dana:  You know evidence points towards several different things in this case and speculation points several different ways in this case too but thereís lot of things that are clear cut and you make a good point.  Heís trying to use a defense of marijuana intoxication however his articulation is quite clear heís almost to the point in fact I used it in an interview today that Iíll play later, that heís bragging heís very nonchalant you can tell when someoneís making up something  they stumble for their words they grasp you can catch them in contradictions..But this was very clear he was telling the story about what he did.

Art:  Youíre absolutely right, and thatís the impression that I got.  At no point did I ever think he was lying other than the fact that he made up a name for the friend.  And Iím not sure there is a friend.  We know that someone helped him get rid of this body.  We know that someone came to his rescue.  Whoever that is could be his friends plural; it could have been his father.  I do want to bring you to one section of that transcript of the confession.  And I just want to read you this itís one paragraph and I want your listeners to think about this. Hereís what he said.

He said...and heís talking about the person that came to his rescue.

He said ďNo this is not possible you have to go home...I said No, I canít ask you to take responsibility for this...he said youíre going home...I went home.Ē

Dana:  (laughs)

Art: That doesnít sound like an exchange between Joran and a friend

Dana: No and that sounds

Art:  What does it sound like to you?

Dana:  Well that sounds a lot like an exchange when I go out and find my kid out after their curfew and I say no youíre going home.

Art:  Absolutely Dana, it sounds like a father and son exchange exactly and thatís something that Iím sure that Peter has looked at and Iím sure I hope the Aruban authorities are looking at it.  As I said the last time I was on your last show, there should be some people shaking in their boots in Aruba and not just these kids. 

Dana:  Oh I believe there are a lot of people shaking in their boots right now.  And one thing thatís gotten blown up and Iím proud to say that I was part of that information being brought out and now itís gone out to a national level on Greta van Susternís program is my interview with Jug Twitty a while back in December and we were talking about you know the first 48 hours.  And he was mentioning some of the crazy questions that the Aruban law enforcement were asking him.  And one of the questions and Beth Holloway will confirm it a little bit later on tonight because sheís part of the program about Natalee and seizures... and then lo and behold we hear Mr. Vandersloot talking about seizures on this tape and if that doesnít shoot up a thousand red flags I donít know what does.

Art:  Well it sure does and as a matter of fact the person that asked that question of Beth Twitty too, not just Jug...He asked Beth...and it was Dennis Jacobs...He flat out asked her if Natalee had any kind of medical condition like epilepsy that would cause seizures.  And another thing that I want to tell you about on June 1st when Dave Holloway arrived on the island of Aruba he found Dennis Jacobs at the Noord police department.  And Dennis Jacobs told him why would you think about organizing a search, your daughter probably just ran off why donít you go down to Carlos n Charlieís and have a beer and eventually sheíll show up down there.  He also told Dave Holloway that he had interviewed those boys and that they werenít suspects...they were witnesses.  So you know I think thereís some people...you know weíve talked about this you know how I feel about Dennis Jacobs and Jan Van der Straten and some of the other Aruban police officers.  I have never bashed Aruban law enforcement Iíve always stood up for them Iíve always said that there are great police officers in Aruba just like there are in any other country.  The problem is they were never allowed to work on this case.  And the people that controlled this case were helping a friend.

Dana:  We keep hearing about corroboration on the cable news shows and when you look at it factually...  Any case... and I had a couple of DAís on the program last week including a DA that tried to prosecute OJ, Chris Darden and he and I were talking last week when you have a case like this when you have a confession several confessions youíd like to have a little something to go with it.  And going back a couple years now Art since Iíve had you on the program there was physical evidence in this case.

Art:  Absolutely

Dana:  And you were part of it.

Art:  I brought it up that I had talked to a police officer that told me there was blood in that car and that when it got to Holland it turned out to be cleaning fluid.  But he flat out told me straight up that there was blood in that car.  And I found a belt out in the sand where another guy said that a body had been buried so Iím just telling you there was evidence, things arenít right there.  Weíve known it for some time.  And actually everything that you and I have talked about has been relayed to the new Aruban prosecutor.  So you know if people believe that the Aruban population suffered from a lack of tourism after Natalee went missing theyíd better watch out for what happens next if they donít solve this case. 

Dana:  Itís huge, and the whole world is watching.  And all you can say you know you sit back and you and I can talk about it and the listeners can talk about it and some get angry and some get upset and whatever but you have to wonder right from the get go why ...why did this go the way that it went.  Incompetence, corruption, you name it there are people that are being...

Art:  It went this way because the kid was a prince.

Dana:  Yeah

Art:  You know.... his dad was a judge and thatís the way it went...and thatís too bad.  You know I saw on television that heís threatening... thatís his familyís worried that heís going to commit suicide.  Well let me tell you what, and it wonít be because heís worried about Natalee Holloway.  And thatís what the problem is here.  If this kid had a conscience she would have been taken to a hospital no matter what his involvement was and he wouldnít be staring at jail time.

Dana:  When we go back to the transcript Art and you look at the video and you see you and I agree that itís a well spoken confession he was talking he was bragging he was degrading Natalee.  There were times when I would have liked to have reached through the TV and given him a slap but thatís neither here nor there.  Here you have a case like this and you look at the words and you look at what he says and he talks about if they ever find her if they ever find her When you have a confession it isnít always I did it and hereís how I did it. 

Art:  Oh absolutely.

Dana:  Itís ďIf they ever find herĒ, that in itself is a confession.

Art:  There are so many admissions in this confession without saying ďI did itĒ, that itís unreal.  He uses those words he talks about his friends he talks about a debt that he owes to this person that helped him get rid of Nataleeís body thereís no question in my mind that the hardest thing for Dave Holloway and Beth Holloway right now and their respective families including Robin and the kids and Matt and everybody is to have to listen to this creep call your daughter a bitch and a whore when sheís dying.  He says I even shook the bitch.

Dana:  yeah

Art:  Well thatís unreal, thatís callous and it shows just how much of a sociopath he is.

Dana:  Itís unconscionable but yet itís true because weíve seen it.  Yet to come back and try and defend it as oh you know I lied before, I was lying this time is very difficult and I would say it should be impossible for him to go through but youíve been to Aruba you know the system there.  Anythingís possible; itís not that Happy Island is it?

Art:  No itís not.  And you know thereís different classes of people in Aruba and Joran was at the top of that being Dutch and being the son of a judge.  I call him a prince when in fact itís not a monarchy but at the same time thatís what happened... he was protected like a prince.  And you know I want to bring you one more point here that comes to mind when we talk about what happened right after this girl went missing.  Dave Holloway arrived on the island June 1st which is two days after Beth gets there and within two or three days the first week of June he ends up talking to a young man in the Holiday Inn named Michael Dompig who told him that the word was that Paulus Vandersloot borrowed a friendís boat.  Now we knew that from the very first week of June, and we give that information to the police.  And guess what...we donít know whether Michael Dompig heard it from other kids, or he heard it from his father.

Dana:  Absolutely.  Gerald Dompig was a figure in this case.  We donít hear much about him now but one has to wonder what stories he could tell and what evidence he could give in this case.

Art:  You know one of the things thatís incredible is the silence from the Aruban officials following this confession.  They havenít been quick to step up to the plate and talk about this case at all.  Including people like Gerald Dompig, Jan Van der Straten, Dennis Jacobs, Dolph Richardson, any of them.  I havenít heard anything out of the Aruban authorities.

Dana:  You follow this case closely Art.  Today was supposed to be the day that a decision would be made if Joran would be rearrested.  Can you give us any inside information?  Have you heard anything?

Art:  I havenít heard anything.  I have an email in to Jossy to see if heís heard anything.  Quite frankly, you know nothing would surprise me.  Certainly theyíd better think about putting him back in jail because thereís going to be an uproar from people all over the world if they donít.  I mean..I donít think thereís been ten people out of the millions that have viewed this confession that thinks heís lying.

Dana:  When you look at the broad spectrum here besides the audacity and the terribleness of the offence in taking Nataleeís life.  But thereís a bigger picture after that as far as the prosecution, the investigation Karin Jansen, Dompig, Vanderstraaten, you name it.  There should be some heads rolling. And I mean that as a term not literally. But some people that have to answer to this whole mess.  Do you think that will ever happen?

Art:  They may not have to answer to it, but Joran should have to answer immediately.  Quite frankly, I stood side by side with Beth and Dave and youíre going to have Beth on your show, sheíll tell you that.  We begged the Prime Minister, the Justice Department in Aruba, the Attorney General to remove Chief Dompig, Dennis Jacobs, Karin Jansen from this case.  And they wouldnít do it.  So, quite frankly that was two and a half years ago we asked them to remove them from the case and we gave them plenty of reasons.  We gave them enough reasons there should have been internal investigations. 

Dana:  Yeah, it will be interesting to see what happens.  Just before I let you go Art, and I appreciate you coming on tonight.  Where do you think this case will be 30 days from now?

Art:  Well Iím hoping that weíre going to get some corroboration of this so called confession, you know thereís 20 hours of tape of admissions and so forth and thereís so much of it that can be corroborated.  Iím not talking about necessarily... Iíd love to see them find the person that got rid of the body or the persons that somebody would talk that helped him take Nataleeís lifeless body out to sea.   I would love to see that.  But there are so many other statements on this tape that can be corroborated.  Little simple things like what he said he did at different times and itís so easy to collaborate some of this stuff.  So I would assume and I would hope and pray that Aruban law enforcement has some solid people corroborating every word he says.  Because even.. All it takes to prove that itís truthful is to corroborate the little things.

Dana:  Yeah exactly.  And you and I have...

Art:  Thatís where I expect it to be in 30 days.  And Dana, Iíve got to thank you for keeping this case in the forefront.  You know I have so much respect for your commitment to the Holloways and the memory of Natalee.  I have a lot of respect for you Dana, and I really appreciate it.

Dana:  Well its simple...itís the right thing to do and unfortunately the right thing wasnít done from the beginning here and we need to do what we can to bring justice back for this family, thank you Art.

Art:  Well thank you Dana, I appreciate it.  And good luck to all your listeners tonight and tell Beth I said Hi.

Dana:  Weíll stay in touch. 

Art:    Alright Bye

Dana:   o.k. bye

Thatís former secret service agent, current Holloway investigator Art Wood.  Weíre going to take a quick break and weíre going to be back in a minute here with Mike McIntyre.  Mike McIntyre is no stranger to sting operations.  Heís written his own book about an undercover sting operation.  He is also a crime reporter up here in Canada and hosts the Crime and Punishment radio show on the Corus and Rawlco radio network.  Weíll be right back here on Scared Monkeys Radio with Mike McIntyre.

Announcer:  Youíre listening to Scared Monkeys Radio, once again your host, Dana Pretzer.

Dana:  o.k. weíre back this is the Dana Pretzer Show here on Scared Monkeys Radio. 

Someone who is not a stranger to crime reporting,  In fact heís done some stories on sting operations himself is here to talk about this Holloway sting operation his name is Mike McIntyre.  Heís the host of Crime and Punishment and the website Mike on Crime.  Hi Mike welcome back.

Mike McIntyre:  Hi Dana, good to be here.

Dana:  Now this whole Holloway, you and Iíve talked about the Holloway case me on your show you on mine many times and I never thought...although I knew that Dutch crime reporter Peter DeVries who I will be interviewing a little bit later on tonight, would be coming out with the type information that he did and the sting information that he brought out on Joran Vandersloot first of all your thoughts and then weíll get into the gist of it.

Mike:  Well as a member of the media you have to tip your hat to what this reporter has done.  I guess itís a fine line Dana between covering a story and becoming the story. 

Dana:  Exactly

Mike:  But this is a situation that is very unique.  This is a case that if not for his efforts it seems would have been dead and buried but his information that has been uncovered and has become public in the last couple weeks has certainly cast new light and perhaps injected new life into this case that it seems nobody was in a much of a hurry to solve other than the victims family of course and luckily youíve got a very aggressive reporter who has been digging and has been able to uncover some well interesting evidence is one way to put it perhaps bombshell is another way to put it.

Dana:  Well I donít think anyoneís surprised as far as Vandersloot the arrogance of the statements that he made some are just flat out disgusting.  But when you look at tapes like this and you look at the sting operation and again yeah I agree with you hats off to Peter DeVries and his team for setting this up.  Thereís a big difference between the type of sting operation that they were able to do here and what we call here in North American jailhouse confessions where you put an undercover operative in the cell next to the guy that you want to confess and it goes this way.  The State as far as we know had nothing to do with this case and it will be interesting to see how far this goes in court in fact as of press time today as of recording time right now thereís going to be a decision I think on the re arrest of Joran Vandersloot we havenít heard that yet but your thoughts on this type of case going forward with this type of information because like you say law enforcement dropped the ball right from the beginning and this is pretty much all theyíve got we think there could be more.

Mike: Sure, and the jailhouse confessions you talk about they have come under all sorts of scrutiny in North America as they should because youíve got often disreputable characters that are setting the trap.  Here we have a reporter I would assume not a disreputable character.

Dana:  No

Mike:  Someone who is simply digging for the truth, this isnít a career criminal who trapped Vandersloot into a confession so it will be very interesting to see legally what becomes of this because on one hand you have a more reputable source on the other hand though this is something that was done I suppose freelance and not as part of a police investigation will that ultimately hurt it.  I would like to think that the Holloway case that the further you can get from an actual police investigation the more positive things get because the police investigation has been a joke from the get go.  And so this doesnít cast the police in a very good light that youíve got reporters going around doing the work that they should be doing.  On the other hand no doubt lawyers for Vandersloot will make all sorts of challenges and weíve already heard some of the concerns coming from their camp.  You know exaggerating joking what have you, and will it stand the legal test.  I guess the other question Dana to ask if even if you accept everything Vandersloot is saying in these confessions, where does that leave us.  What are we still dealing with?  Is this a murder; is this an accidental death/cover-up?  Is this a case of negligence?  And I think that issue needs to be debated as well, if we accept it what are we left with?

Dana:  Absolutely and you as a crime reporter as a radio host you must come across cases like this where all of the sudden some information comes your way and the loyalty line is drawn as far as is this more important to the paper to the story or should I just hold it, give it to the police.  Was Peter DeVries right or wrong to come forward with the blockbuster information? Or should he have just handed it over.  Heís done both and I canít blame him for that.  But its interesting Mike, Iíll put you in the role all of the sudden you work a case like this law enforcement hasnít been able to do a darn thing but you and your people are able to.  What do you do?  Do you release it to the paper first and then hand it over to the cops?  Or....itís got to be a tough call.

Mike:  Well I brought some theory but I think at the end of the day yes your craft your trade is important and being a journalist is a very important trade, youíre the eyes and the ears of the public you unearth truths and that sort of thing but at the end of the day youíre a human being and in a case like this where someone has died, where you come into possession of some information that could be extremely valuable in where this case, in where the investigation goes I mean you have to come forward and you have to go to police with that and if you can tie in a story with that well all the better to you.  But I donít think that is what this story is about.  I donít think this reporterís trying to make a name for himself this is a reporter whoís trying to get to the bottom of a mystery that as I say nobody else seems very eager to solve.  And so I think he played this perfectly you know heís not clinging to some kind of journalistic right and refusing to hand over information to police and we have seen cases like that where you know reporters refuse to disclose their sources because of the impact that it might have on their profession.  I think in this case that it was a no brainer; he had to go to police with what he had and turn over the tapes.  At the same time theyíve been able to do stories on it and pretty powerful stories and I think this looks good not only on him but the entire journalism profession as a whole.

Dana:  Absolutely. And if youíre just tuning in Mike McIntyre from the Crime and Punishment radio show in Canada on Corus and Rawlco radio is here with us.  Weíre talking about the undercover sting operation Peter DeVries pulled on Joran Vandersloot.  Confessions...confessions are interesting Mike you know from your line of work and I know from this job that I do as a host and my other job as a law enforcement official confessions as strange as it sounds arenít always  a hundred percent accurate.  No one comes out or though itís really rare and every single word of his confession is the gospel truth.  Thatís interesting although itís sometimes confusing to those that listen and watch and read.  Letís talk about confessions a little bit.

Mike:  I think itís important to look at the issue of whether anything was offered or promised to someone in exchange for a confession.  And weíve seen these cases and I think this is an interesting parallel between Canada and the United States.   Sting operations as a police tool are used quite regularly and quite effectively in Canada, theyíre outlawed in the U. S. 

Dana:  Right

Mike:  And you know Dana Iíve covered one particular one very extensively in my book ďTo the graveĒ inside a spectacular (?) which looked at a Mr. Big undercover sting operation in Canada involving a murder suspect that ultimately led to not only a confession but the discovery of the victimís body a trial and a prosecution on the most serious charge in the criminal code.  In that case the police operation did become a source of challenge on behalf of the lawyer of the accused killer.  They said this was a case of entrapment, that they induced the accused to lie, to exaggerate.  At the end of the day the judge disagreed with that allowed all the evidence in and you got the conviction.  There have been cases though in Canada with these sting operations where the very arguments that were being made in this case I speak of that I wrote the book on have been successful.  I can think of a case years ago where the suspect in a murder was an alcoholic.

Dana:  Right

Mike:  And the police went and plied him with all kinds of liquor, got him drunk, and got a confession.  They thought that was enough to lay a charge, they did, at trial the judge threw the confession out.  Weíve also seen cases where informants have been used as you mentioned earlier.  You know disreputable people have been placed in jail cells and sometimes they wear wires sometimes they donít and just come to police with information they gleaned and their evidence has been very much challenged and in some cases dismissed.  I think itís important to look at whether or not you offer the accused anything in exchange for their testimony if you offer them money, you offer them booze, you offer them a break a deal and if thatís the case you have to look at it obviously with a much more cynical eye than you do if no such promises are made, if itís just coffee talk.  And in the case of Vandersloot here you know little more than I do Dana about all the circumstances surrounding this recording but Iím not aware that any promises were made to Vandersloot...hey tell me what happened and Iíll do some kind of a deal for you or Iíll make sure that this never gets heard and without that kind on inducement I think you have to look at a confession like this very seriously. 

Dana:  This case is a case of someone gaining the trust of Vandersloot.  Vanderslootís no dummy.  Vandersloot was able to manipulate the system and still is to this day and thinks that he may have got away with the so called perfect crime.  I hate to use that analogy.  They were able to get this operative to gain his trust and then wire up the truck and go from there.  Just before I let you go Mike the last question I want to ask you is about the media.  Obviously the media has covered this case has surrounded it, itís spun 360 degrees every which way, itís had North American and worldwide coverage.  All of the sudden it comes to this like the final straw.  Finding Natalee would be great evidence, corroborative evidence if not just closure for the family to finally be able to bring her home but do you see another story at another time coming up like this or is this Holloway story a story in itself that we may never see again?

Mike:  Well I think this is the perfect storm of stories.  Itís got everything, itís got the attractive young American girl, the exotic locale the setting for the crime, the mystery of whereís her body, the cover up, so many questions.  Itís the perfect feeding frenzy for journalists of all kinds including tabloid journalists.  You know weíve all seen the cases Dana over the last years since Holloway thereís been lots of other Americans, Canadians, that have been killed in foreign lands often with all sorts of mystery and intrigue surrounding the circumstances but nothing has generated the kind of publicity as Holloway.  You know maybe in a few years from now once everybodyís moved on from the Holloway case and whatever you know the Scott Peterson, the latest one is the other Peterson in Chicago right now the police officer and all of his wives you know there will always be cases that will capture the publicís imagination and the mediaís imagination so I suspect we will see something along these lines again, it may be awhile but for now this case have everything that youíd want Iíd guess in a story that will dominate the 24 hour news cycle that will churn out movies and books and that sort of thing  Itís a great mystery.

Dana:  Well and hopefully this mystery...is this finally the final nail in the coffin that will bring Natalee home and put Mr. Vandersloot in jail for a long time?  I guess weíll wait and see. Mike McIntyre, from the Crime and Punishment show; thank you sir.

Mike:  Thanks Dana, take care.

Dana:  Take care, bye.  Thatís Mike McIntyre from Crime and Punishment and yeah weíll have to wait and see what happens.  Thereís a lot more to this story, a lot more to be told.  This is the Scared Monkeys Radio network, my name is Dana Pretzer.  Weíll be right back. 
We are right back and I thought I would spend some time with Mike McIntyre because he can share with you a ďbeen there done thatĒ perspective as far as a crime reporter.  Now I talked to the ultimate crime reporter the other day and I want to share a cute story with you.  Thereís no more dedicated group of individuals than those at the Scared Monkeys forum and blog.  24/7, a hundred percent, all the time theyíre dedicated ...Red, Dugga, Klaas, you name it all of them, San, I could go on and on.  Iíve never considered myself to be as dedicated as them but Iíve got to tell you a cute story.   Iíd been wanting to interview Peter R. DeVries for some time and finally when we were able to come to an agreement as far as being able to set up an interview, I knew that Peter had been in New York and Los Angeles doing some high profile media interviews with the main stream media.  And when I got a message back from him saying yeah no problem, Iíll give you a call; I assumed that Peter R. DeVries was still in America.  Well the other night...Iím a night owl I probably shut it down around 1:30, 2:00 get to bed, 3:30 in the morning the phones ringing.  I look at the phone, my first instinct was oh Iím getting called into work Iíll just give my head a shake and wake up.  I didnít realize that Peter R. DeVries was back in Holland.  It certainly wasnít 3:30 in the morning in Holland when he called me however I splashed a little water on my face and the true dedicated monkey I am I climbed out of the monkeybunkey and we did this interview.  So if it sounds like Iím a little bit sleepy, itís because I am.

Dana: o.k.  Iím back.  This is the Dana Pretzer show.  Iím very pleased to have Peter R. DeVries, Dutch Crime Reporter with me this evening to talk about the Natalee Holloway investigation and most recently the sting operation where he and his team were able to capture Mr. Joran Vandersloot and get a confession from him, something that the Aruban police were not able to do after two and a half years.   Peter R. DeVries welcome to the program how are you sir?

Peter R. DeVries:   Iím fine thank you. How are you?

Dana:   Iím very good.  Two and a half years later Iíve covered this program on my program many times, the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.  Talking to her mother, her father, her step father, you name it everyone involved.  One thing that no one expected was to see this come out.  I have to congratulate you and your team sir for a job well done.  But being a crime reporter for as long as youíve been did you expect that you would have to go to this extent and the police werenít able to?

Peter:  Well you never know of course I did an investigation on Aruba eighteen months ago and when I was there and saw everything.  It just, it all happened in 500 square meters, considering the lies that Joran Vandersloot already told.  I was thinking this case can be, and must be solved; and thatís why I continued.   

Dana:  The experience that youíve had over thirty years.  Have you ever been involved with a person like Joran Vandersloot?  The type of personality that he is, the type of...some would say narcissistic or sociopathic traits that he shows.  Have you ever had any case like this before or is this the first time?

Peter:  Oh yeah, Iíve seen many people like him.  In all the cases Iíve been investigating.  In 30 years Iíve investigating for almost 500 murders and disappearances.  Well, Iíve seen this kind of people many times.  They have no regrets, they speak with disrespect about the victim, no remorse at all, and they only feel pity for themselves.  Iíve seen that many times. 

Dana:  Thatís very well said because when we watch the interview you see the response that Vandersloot gives.  It must have been so difficult for the family in particular Beth Holloway, Dave Holloway, Jug Twitty to see this.  What sort of a reaction did you get from Beth at the time?  Of course we saw what we saw on the television program but we didnít see all of the behind the scenes information.  How did Beth react?

Peter:  Beth reacted very emotional and well you can imagine she was outraged about it because the lack of respect, how he was calling her the bitch and the whore all the time and well thatís the most awful thing that can happen for a mother who lost her child. 

Dana:  Dutch Crime Reporter, Peter R. DeVries joins us this evening.  Peter, the case itself...  Weíre hearing in the news here that the authorities have delayed the decision as far as re arresting Vandersloot.  This case has bounced around so many different times, and so many arrests and re arrests and we donít really know whatís going to happen.  The confidence I guess in the Aruban authorities is well at one time at an all time low.  Is it possible for you to comment on where you think this case will go next or maybe you just donít know?

Peter:  Well Iím quite sure that Joran Vandersloot will stand trial sooner or later.  Iím pretty sure about that. 

Dana:  Now with as you know being involved in crime reporting for so long, and my audience, and myself; not only as a talk show host but also as a law enforcement officer we know that confessions arenít always word for word the truth and we hear this term or this name Daury come up.  As far as who this person is and what theyíve been a lot of speculation.  What can you tell us?  And a lot of people are saying that Daury is actually Paulus Vandersloot.

Peter:  Well, I donít know that but what I can say is that I have the impression that Joran Vandersloot is protecting somebody else by mentioning the name of Daury.  During the first drive he told Patrick, our infiltrant...  I never going to mention the name of the guy who helped me, I will take that into my grave.  And the next day when we instructed the infiltrant to push a little bit on that name he was asking why donít you tell me... you can trust me and etc.; then he mentioned the name Daury.  But at that moment already we had the impression that he was protecting somebody else and just mentioned a name.  So who the helper really is, well thatís speculating.

Dana:  Exactly, and the Aruban law enforcement and law enforcement investigators are working on that.  Letís talk about you a little bit here.  Again, your experience... as long as youíve been involved in a case like this.  The international news media have been all over this case for such a long time both looking at it so many different ways, the case has been spun so many ways.  I know that youíve probably been very busy in the media.  How do you think that the international media have done covering the disappearance of Natalee Holloway?

Peter:  Well of course there was a lot of media attention over this disappearance but it was only attention.  Just a few people did really investigative journalism.

Dana:  Exactly

Peter:  (At this point) Most of the media is not doing really investigation but is only thinking things over if you know what I mean.  They donít investigate by their selves but theyíre just (?) at the beach and not really knowing anything.

Dana:  What is next for you and your team, Iím sure youíre quite busy.

Peter:  Well we continue our investigation.  At this moment we consider the case as solved in the way that Joran did confession on tape not once, not twice, but more than ten times on several days and together with the evidence which was already lying there I think you can say the case is solved but now itís up to the Justice system to get him into jail.

Dana:  Absolutely.  Well Peter, I want to thank you of course on behalf of myself and my audience for doing something that law enforcement were not able to do to bring some answers to the family that long deserved them.  Of course we all hope that Natalee will be recovered, found and taken home where she belongs and those responsible will be brought to justice.  Again I want to thank you and congratulate you on a job well done.

Peter: o.k. thank you very much, youíre welcome.

Dana:  Thank you sir, take care.

Peter:  o.k. bye

Dana:  Thatís Dutch Crime Reporter, Peter R. DeVries.  This is Scared Monkeys Radio, weíll be right back.

Announcer:  Youíre listening to Scared Monkeys Radio.  Once again your host, Dana Pretzer.

Dana:  Welcome back.  Many of us define justice as what happens in court.  Someone is arrested, someone is taken to court and theyíre sentenced.  After that we may complain about the sentence and say maybe the judge was too hard or the judge was too lenient.  But there are other ways that justice can be served.  Some will say vigilante justice, we donít approve of that here, we donít appreciate it and we consider that to be illegal.  Sometimes justice can be knowing the answer to what really happened.  Someone I think who knows the answer to as far as what really happened to her daughter Natalee is Beth Holloway and I welcome her back to the program.  Hi Beth.

Beth Holloway:  Hi, how are you?

Dana:  Iím doing great, Iím doing great.  Listen before we get started with the interview many news reports have said that Aruban authorities would be announcing today if there was going to be a re arrest of Joran Vandersloot.  Have you heard anything?

Beth:  No I have not heard anything as of yet.

Dana:  Yeah Iíve been checking my sources and contacts and I havenít heard anything either but hopefully weíll have some good news.  Alright letís set that aside.  Iím going to be speaking to Peter R. DeVries this evening.  Peter R. DeVries must hold a special place in your heart, tell us about that.

Beth:  Oh absolutely, well I think that we all would have to hail Peter DeVries as ďthe kingĒ and Iím sure he does not like to be referred to that at all.

Dana:  No

Beth:  But I just canít help it heís just... Iíll say he was just heroic in that he stepped forward in order to bring light onto what happened and to all the circumstances surrounding Nataleeís disappearance.  And I feel that I cannot say thank you to Peter DeVries without also Patrick. 

Dana:  Yes

Beth:  You know this young man that...whoís just a father and wanted to see the right thing done, who stepped forward to also partner with Peter DeVries and make this all possible; so absolutely heroic for both of them.

Dana:  Peter and his team have done a stand up job.  Better than law enforcement have ever done.  Hopefully this will result in some court appearances and some convictions.  Time will tell but you know Beth Iíve interviewed you several times on the program and weíve talked about answers.  Answers are something that youíve been looking for, obviously youíre also looking for your daughter and we all hope and pray that youíll be able to bring her home soon but did you receive the answers that you were looking for by watching that undercover tape?

Beth:  Well absolutely I did and I think I even have to back it up to what you said when you were opening your show.  Justice does come in many forms as Iíve learned and yes justice came for me as an answer and I did receive the answer and second I think I did receive justice just in the validation of the fight.  And meaning that you know every step that we took was well worth it.  And you know of course the third form of justice that I would like to see that we all would like to see is Joran Vandersloot behind bars. 

Dana:  Yes

Beth:  I feel so strongly that he is a time bomb and heís waiting to go off and he will strike again and so itís not just for Natalee that I would like to see him behind bars because I think that he could certainly strike again and I think he will strike again I think he was only building in his behaviors and recklessness and I think heís shown us all he has no control over himself or his actions.

Dana:  Countryís, islands, cities, towns whatever their leaders take a vow that they will protect their citizenry.  They protect their citizenry, they protect their visitors, Aruba obviously failed in the situation.  Crime does happen we all understand that but itís the goal and the responsibility of organizations, countries, law enforcement, you name it to conduct a proper investigation.  Now that this has gone to this extreme, I know that you have been somewhat reluctant in the past to talk about it because you were concentrating on finding your daughter and we all understand that.  But when Iíve interviewed Jug and Dave and others and weíve talked about situations where the strange questions that you were asked when you first arrived on the island.  Jug and I spoke about that here back in December and now itís become pretty obvious that there has to be more to this story than what weíre hearing.  Some would say that thereís corruption and cover up from the beginning.  I know thatís not going to help bring Joran Vandersloot to justice and put him behind bars and maybe itís something that may need to be dealt with later but Iím curious Beth on your take on now compared to three, four months ago.

Beth:  Well youíre exactly right there are two different tracks.  And one is to stay focused on Joran and his admissions and what the investigators and prosecution can now do with him.  But I think the second thing to be faced eventually is we need to get to the bottom of exactly what was transpiring in the first 48 hours of Nataleeís disappearance.  You know to set aside Joran we have to look at you know we had some stunning revelations that were being admitted from Joran as he was describing them, it couldnít help but take us back to the very beginning.  The first 48 hours after her disappearance where a lead detective asked us only one medical question.  And it was does Natalee have a history of epilepsy or seizures, and the answer of course was no.  And we didnít know why that question kept resurfacing during the months of Nataleeís disappearance but I think that our stunning revelation was when Joran admitted that to Patrick, itís very suspicious.  And itís certainly a red flag that needs to be delved into.  There is a reason why this was asked of us and we need to get to the bottom of why.  So there are two different tracks but the one I really want to stay focused on right now is Joran and his admissions and as far as delving into what happened in the first 48 hours, thatís just going to be a whole separate ballgame.

Dana:  I agree with you completely, itís something that weíll stay focused on for sure.  The old saying Beth and without trying to be callous here, parents arenít supposed to bury their children, children are supposed to bury their parents.  When you see a video like you saw and I use these terms callous, cold, arrogant, and some that I canít say on the radio.  It must have made your skin crawl to watch this individual bragging, degrading your daughter the way that he did.  It was just absolutely sickening.

Beth:  Well youíre right parents arenít supposed to bury their children and what is so, what is just so sickening to me is Joran has decided to bury everyone.  Natalee, his parents, his entire...I should not say his parents...but his mother.  You know Iíve felt from day one that his father has been involved but due to his actions Joran has buried his father deep into this with him.  I do feel that his father played a major role in Nataleeís disappearance.  But I think about his family.  I think about all the people that stepped forward to try to help.  I mean heís just stepped on...he would step on anyoneís back to try to protect himself so I think heís just blatantly showing us that he has an utter disregard for anyoneís human existence but his own so he would stop at nothing to bury anyone.

Dana:  Iím going to throw out some names to you and I know youíve done this line of questioning before from other show hosts but Iím curious to see what you have to say.  When I mention the name Jossy Mansur...

Beth:  Oh absolutely heroic, what a man, what a father, what a husband he is too... I mean my goodness.  What a business man he is...integrity.  And you know I will stand by Jossy because this is an individual that stepped forward for me, for human rights, and for justice.  And gosh what he did for me was he took such a burden off of me during the month of July of 05 when I felt as if I was kind of out there on the forefront by myself going against these perpetrators until Jossy Mansur stepped forward I felt like I had no other ally.  So you know he did the most amazing thing, and he went out on a limb and he you know for no reason other than doing the right thing and as I said being about professionalism, integrity, and respect for others human rights so absolutely what an amazing man. 

Dana:  If I was to mention the name Van der Straten.

Beth:  Well heís corrupt to his core of existence.

Dana:  I think that just absolutely nails it.  I was just sitting here just doodling with a pen and pad of paper just to see what you might write and we wrote just exactly the same thing. 

Beth:  He just doesnít even deserve any more words.

Dana: Absolutely, I figured you would just use the word corrupt.  You know when you look at the media coverage of the story and you see that 99.999 percent of those that watch listen and read about this story care and want to see the answers, want to see your family get the justice that you all deserve.  Your take on how the media have handled all of this Beth.

Beth:  Well I think itís been remarkable.  And I have gosh as I said you know my only allies in Aruba were the media and Jossy Mansur.  So I think they rank very high.  I mean and what a remarkable resource for parents or families to be able to mobilize when theyíre faced with a crisis whether itís a missing or murdered loved one they can be very powerful and they were just a great ally to me on the island of Aruba so Iím very grateful for them.  They were always very respectful too.

Dana:  Your book ďLoving NataleeĒ, a wonderful book.  If this finally gets closed, this case gets closed and you were to write an epilogue in the book what would the last two lines of that epilogue be? 

Beth:  First I donít know if I would ever do that.  And secondly I guess that Hope does not disappoint, and I think that is what I would just end it with is Hope does not disappoint.  Itís easy to give in to the pain and to let go of hope but Iíve learned through this journey that every step you take

Dana: To the protecting or talking to parents about preparing and protecting your loved ones when they go out on trips like this and how to be prepared because most people yourself included would never expect something like this to happen.  A couple of words of wisdom for Mr. and Mrs. Smith whose young daughter is about to take a trip to the Bahamas on a school vacation, what would you say to them?

Beth:  If I had to do a couple of words it would have to be communication and education, and I think those are key.  I think communication; I think that my book for one can be a starting ground.  It can be a centerpiece to you know, have those conversations with their young adults about many things they may not have talked about; everything from faith to personal safety.  I think then education of course would be my second biggest talking point and that would be logging on to the website just really choosing that format that venue to discuss how you want to go about you know ensuring your own personal safety.  Everything from International calling to medical things you must take care of before you depart our borders.  So I think itís like I said two words communication could start with the book and education could start with the foundation so I think that would be the two key areas that I think parents begin to delve into.  I know theyíre pretty broad, (?) a lot, but I think the book and the foundation can splinter off into many different areas of concerns that a family might have when they have a young one departing our borders. 

Dana:  Absolutely.  Beth I know on behalf of myself and all of the rest of the Scared Monkeys we support you a thousand percent, our fingers are crossed that the answers that you so rightly deserve and your family so rightly deserve will come to you and I appreciate you joining us.

Beth:  o.k.  Thank you so much.

Dana:  take care Beth

Beth:  Itís been incredible.  O.k. thank you bye

Dana: bye
Thatís Beth Holloway and you know what more can you say than whatís already been said.

This is Scared Monkeys Radio and weíll be right back.

You know obviously that was a recorded interview and I have to apologize for some of the sound quality.  Sometimes with cell phones you just canít get a clean signal.  But I think the words were very clear and we could understand from the heart of the lady whoís very deeply involved in this.

This is Scared Monkeys and this is Dana Pretzer.  One thing that you have to remember and I think we all understand is that the Peter DeVries sting operation was a real good start.  This case is far from being over; itís far from being solved.  This case will be solved when Joran Vandersloot is sentenced to a lengthy incarceration term in a jail of the judges choosing.  Will that happen?  We can hope.  We can hope that the crew of the Persistence will find Natalee and bring her home to her family where she belongs.  That is so important for everyone.  Will there be more to this story?  You bet your boots there will be and we will cover it here on Scared Monkeys Radio.  Now I promised to do this, I donít normally do this but I will open up the phone for a few minutes here to take some phone calls.  What did you think of tonightís program?  What do you think of the case?  What do you think of the undercover operation that was performed here and the confessions (plural) of Joran Vandersloot?  You can call me now.  I always get accused of saying the number too fast so Iíll say it slow 306-842-7884.  Itís not a toll free number I wonít keep you on the air very long but you can certainly call in Iíd like to hear what you have to say about this.  Of course I want to thank all my guests this evening, they take away from their time to share what they have to say for you and Iím just the host and we try to give you a little different perspective something that you donít normally hear, see, or read in the main stream and thatís why we call this main street media here at Scared Monkeys Radio so again itís 306-842-7884.  You can call in and we can talk about tonightís program and I remind you that the web page  is www.scaredmonkeysradio.com  there if you missed part of tonightís show it will be archived and available later for podcasting download.  Itís actually quite neat once you get to the webpage you can just play the show right from there you donít even have to download it and you can pick up the daily commentaryís and shows I think they go back even a couple of years now.  So if youíve missed any you can certainly go on and get them there.  ITunes has the program and several other locations, so again itís (phone number).  You can call in and we can talk about tonightís program.  And weíll do that with this caller.

Dana:  Hello caller

Red:  Hey Dana, itís Red.  How are you this evening?

Dana:  Iím doing fine.  Not normally do we focus on just one topic during a show.  We usually cover four or five but I thought it would be really important tonight to spend the hour, actually a little more than an hour now on the Holloway case and I tried to get as many good guests as we can and I think we did a pretty darn good job, with help from you also and I appreciate that.

Red:  Oh please, I mean its all part of the common goal Dana I mean.  Beth has brought up some good points and Mike probably brought up one of the best points of the night when Mike said if we can get the investigation as far away from the Aruban police weíll probably solve the thing.

Dana:  I laughed.

Red:   Unfortunately the sad reality is thatís probably the truth.  And what Peter DeVries did was...itís something...and he referenced it this evening...you donít see it that much on television anymore and itís one of the problems that I have with television...with the news...is that itís gotten into complete tabloid television and theyíve gotten away from the investigative aspect.  Whether it be solving cases, whether it be delving into political crime you name it, they take the sensational approach, throw some pundits on who know less than nothing but theyíre not really that in tune with the nuances of the case, they tell them..This is what youíre talking about and you get some of the most ridiculous dribble you could ever listen to.  And what Peter DeVries did is something that you and I both grew up with.  The investigative reporter getting to the bottom and itís so stunning that he was able to do this, and itís so refreshing that somebody went out of their way and pulled this coup.  We all just sit back and say you know when youíve got the defense attorneyís in absolute free fall spin; you know youíve
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I stand with the girl, Natalee Holloway.

"I can look back over the past 10 years and there were no steps wasted, and there are no regrets,'' she said. "I did all I knew to do and I think that gives me greater peace now." "I've lived every parent's worst nightmare and I'm the parent that nobody wants to be," she said.

Beth Holloway, 2015 interview with Greta van Susteren
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ARUBA: It's all about Natalee...we won't give up!

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(too many words for one post I guess...I'll start this one where the last one cut off)

Dana: When we talk about the case and the case being solved that term is a little bit subjective because itís not solved. An investigation and proving a case is a puzzle, you know that, but I would say darn sure that all the pieces of this puzzle are in the box; they just need to be put together. And letís hope theyíre able to do that.

Red: Yeah and I think when Peter says itís solved I think heís not just looking at from what heís done, I think heís connecting all the dots. I think heís looking at the stuff that was taken in the past ...statements that were said. You know when the pundits are on the talk shows and they talk about corroborating evidence, itís there. I mean all you have to do is READ....itís there. I mean all these people have to do is stop talking....and hearing themselves talk, and actually look at the investigation, read the stuff thatís been put out on the internet. And I donít just mean just the subjective stuff or the opinion stuff Iím talking about the facts that are out there. That so many people have done probably more work and more hard work than many of the TV shows and the producers out there which they have the resources to do. This is just John Q Public devoting their time and their effort and their love for this family to want to get answers for whatís happened to Natalee. I mean thereís so much out there thatís so obvious I mean and then like I said you know youíve got the upper hand when the lawyers come up with three or four different ways to try to spin the story and theyíre throwing anything up on the wall hoping that it sticks. When the public opinion starts to sway, when you have people in Aruba like a Rudy Croes... whoís really been no friend of the family thatís for sure... turn on Joran. You know thereís a thing called momentum it happens in sports, it happens in politics; itís happening right now in this case. And when you start to lose the case in the court of public opinion and itís not just in the United States, when you start to lose it in Aruba with your own people, when you start to lose it in Holland with so many Dutch people on the Dutch blogs have just persecuted/crucified him (Joran) unmercifully more than we could ever, because heís one of theirs and theyíve finally had it flapped in their face what this guy was all about. And you know Beth graciously has been front and center answering the questions that youíve asked tonight about just the rotten comments that Joran made and so flip in saying them. That you know it doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out that if someone is so rotten and callous do you really honestly think that they had any good intention when they were with Natalee whether it be on a beach or whether it be anywhere. Does anything that this guy has to (?) Heís capable of anything and when he does it, when he acts some...does some of the stuff in front of a camera you know we can only wonder Dana what this man is capable of when the lights are turned out...and nobodyís looking.

Dana: Absolutely well said...I appreciate it Red.

Red: Thanks so much Dana, great job!

Danaís taking more calls:

(Dana gives the numbers to call in)

Dana: Thereís so much commitment, thereís so much passion thereís so much understanding...thereís so much wanting to help wanting to do the right thing in this case; and I think itís a commonality itís a goal for most to bring justice to this case and as I prefaced the interview with Beth Holloway justice is served in many forms not just by bringing someone to trial and taking them to court; there are other ways.

Caller: Hi Dana, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful show youíve done tonight; and I just have to make a contrast. The night that the show aired in Holland; there were lots of folks on Scared Monkeys doing transcripts, and we were getting the story piece by piece, and little snips of video tape. When it aired on ABC in the United States I kept watching and it was very dramatic and I kept waiting for the piece where Beth saw the video for the first time. That was a picture of the pain, it was full circle...a full circle and you could see it all on her face, in her reactions, in her body movements. This woman who weíve all respected, admired, felt for...sheíd been so strong; and she couldnít contain it all. ABC didnít carry that, Holland did...but they didnít. And I couldnít help but think tonight when I was listening to your show how you wouldíve handled that. You would have gotten that. You get it. You get it in your continued coverage of this case, you get it in the guests that you have on your show, you get it in the questions that you ask; and the answers that you solicit. So I just wanted to get through to tell you how much I appreciate it and I know all of the Monkeys on Scared Monkeys appreciate it too.

Dana: I appreciate it, thank you maíam.

(Dana gives the numbers to call in again)

Dana: Iím just a small part of this and without you it would be pretty much impossible to do a show. And yeah it was obviously a production decision and I think a wrong decision on ABCís part because the old saying a picture...does paint a thousand words or something like that, it just makes a big difference.

Dana: Hi, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hi Dana. Iíve been following this case since about day one, mostly on Scared Monkeys. I canít say enough about how everyone has done such a great job keeping this case in the news. Weíve had our ups and downs as the case goes on but now weíre at a point where Peter DeVries has this confession (so to speak) on the air and thatís great. We all hope that Mos and the Aruban prosecutor does what they should do and a lot of the focus right now is on Joran and trying to get him prosecuted. I think everyone on Scared Monkeys assumes that kind of a no brainer that has to happen. But if that doesnít happen or if it does happen regardless, is there a plan to go after the corruption? To go after Jan Van der Straten, and Karin Jansen, and all the others that obviously were corrupt from day one? I mean the more and more that comes out it seems to me very obvious that a body was discovered, Nataleeís body was probably discovered very early. I think Jug alluded to... the world would be shocked at what has happened, the cover up, thereís just so many questions about that but the point Iím trying to make is... regardless if Joran is prosecuted or not (everyone wants him to be put away for life) we canít stop there, thatís just the tip of the iceberg.

Dana: I couldnít agree more. There are two prongs to this investigation, the investigation itself and the other is getting the answers. Thank you Sir.

Caller: o.k. thank you...bye

Dana: Alright time for one more call before we call it a night.

(Dana gives the numbers to call) Yeah thereís a big huge picture here like I said the puzzle pieces theyíre all there; itís just, they need to be put together.

Hi, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hi Dana. I have one question that I was thinking about listening to your show tonight. Great show by the way. You know they asked Beth, and Jug, and Dave ďDid Natalee have a history of seizures or epilepsy?Ē What would have happened if their answer had been yes?

Dana: Yeah exactly

Caller: Did they have Nataleeís remains? Did they have a story all worked out?

Dana: Yeah exactly, and we could speculate. Yeah she does have a history of seizures; well... we can explain this...it was just a tragic...Ē Could it have gone that way? Itís very possible, thatís a great point you just made.

Caller: Thatís all I wanted to say, thank you; great show.

Dana: Thank you maíam, bye.

Alright thatís it for another night of Scared Monkeys radio and I remind you to go to the web page at www.scaredmonkeysradio.com to listen to the show and others. And remember www.scaredmonkeys.com for all your blog and forum needs and entertainment.

Thank you all, good night.


I stand with the girl, Natalee Holloway.

"I can look back over the past 10 years and there were no steps wasted, and there are no regrets,'' she said. "I did all I knew to do and I think that gives me greater peace now." "I've lived every parent's worst nightmare and I'm the parent that nobody wants to be," she said.

Beth Holloway, 2015 interview with Greta van Susteren
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TxMom - thank you very much for taking the time to do this! 
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ARUBA: It's all about Natalee...we won't give up!

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Dutch Crime Reporter Peter DeVries Who Covered Natalee Holloway Case and Pursued Joran Van Der Sloot Retires
Peter DeVries retires Ö

Peter DeVries, the Dutch crime reporter, who covered the disappearance of Natalle Holloway and hounded prime suspect Joran Van der Sloot has retired. DeVries did yeoman work  investigating the death and disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. DeVries was also Joran Van der Slootís worst nightmare, other than Beth Holloway, as the Dutch crime reporter hunted the ďlittle Dutch boyĒ throughout Europe and Thailand. How unfortunate, DeVries told the Dutch newspaper AD that he is simply tired of chasing crime stories.

Thank you Peter for all that you have done. Donít forget Danaís interview with Peter R. DeVries who was nice enough to take the time to sit down with Scared Monkeys Radio and that nice difference in time. The Dana Pretzer interview with Peter can be heard HERE.

Greta Van Susteren and Beth Holloway discussing the undercover investigation tape by Peter Devries

The Dutch television reporter who secretly taped Joran van der Sloot confessing to dumping  Natalee Hollowayís body in the oceanÖ.a ďconfessionĒ later denied and discountedÖis retiring from his crime reporting television show.

Peter DeVries became a continuing thread in the six year old mystery of Mountain Brook teen Natalee Holloway after her disappearance on a graduation trip to Aruba.

click on pic to watch ABC video of Peter DeVries undercover tape

Although Natalee was last seen leaving an Oranjestad bar with van der Sloot, Aruban authorities never charged him in the case.

DeVries aired a show based on twenty hours of secret taping of van der Sloot by a friend.  In the program that aired on Dutch commercial station SBS6, van der Sloot told his friend how Nataleeís body was dumped in the ocean after she went into convulsions on the beach.

Undercover Devries tape with subtitles

One would have thought that with the fantastic undercover work that Peter Devries did in obtaining a confession by Joran Van der Sloot in catching him on tape saying that Natalee was thrown into the ocean would have got Joran Van der Sloot arrested and convicted for her murder. However, this is Aruba we are talking about and the what is up is down and what is black is white. Using common sense and having a confession was not enough in the anti-world of Aruba.  Instead Aruba authorities said they needed more evidence than just the tapes if a van der Sloot confession.

Peter DeVries was nominated for two Emmys for his work on the Natalee Holloway case. We wish Peter DeVries the best, you are always welcome to some back and investigate crimes if you find you are missing it. The fact that Peter Devries was Dutch did much with those from the Netherlands who thought Van der Sloot was innocent. His Euro cred made many across the Pond understand that Joran Van der Sloot was a sociopath and responsible in the death of Natalee Holloway, even though Aruba never has the guts to try and convict him. Sadly, Joran would kill again on the 5th anniversary of the death of Natalee, this time in Peru.

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Posted September 8, 2011 by Scared Monkeys
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I stand with the girl, Natalee Holloway.

"I can look back over the past 10 years and there were no steps wasted, and there are no regrets,'' she said. "I did all I knew to do and I think that gives me greater peace now." "I've lived every parent's worst nightmare and I'm the parent that nobody wants to be," she said.

Beth Holloway, 2015 interview with Greta van Susteren
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ARUBA: It's all about Natalee...we won't give up!

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Natalee case reporter retires

Published: 7:43 am

Updated: 8:03 am
Birmingham, Ala (WIAT)  The Dutch television reporter who secretly taped Joran van der Sloot confessing to dumping  Natalee Holloway's body in the ocean....a "confession" later denied and discounted...is retiring from his crime reporting television show.

Peter DeVries became a continuing thread in the six year old mystery of Mountain Brook teen Natalee Holloway after her disappearance on a graduation trip to Aruba.

Although Natalee was last seen leaving an Oranjestad bar with van der Sloot, Aruban authorities never charged him in the case.

DeVries aired a show based on twenty hours of secret taping of van der Sloot by a friend.  In the program that aired on Dutch commercial station SBS6, van der Sloot told his friend how Natalee's body was dumped in the ocean after she went into convulsions on the beach.



Google translation:


I stand with the girl, Natalee Holloway.

"I can look back over the past 10 years and there were no steps wasted, and there are no regrets,'' she said. "I did all I knew to do and I think that gives me greater peace now." "I've lived every parent's worst nightmare and I'm the parent that nobody wants to be," she said.

Beth Holloway, 2015 interview with Greta van Susteren
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