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Author Topic: Who gave community organizers a bad name?  (Read 1030 times)
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« on: October 27, 2009, 01:12:17 PM »

When I was young, community organizers did good things.  They built communities.

Moms slung hot dogs at Saturday football games to raise money.  Dads worked hard all week, got up early and got everyone going to the game.  Sometimes, moms and dads did both jobs.  It was a community that organized these events, individual organizers that wanted to make life better.


Parents got together to build playgrounds, raise money for equipment, and raise awareness for child safety and encourage the installation of stop signs and lights.


Community organizers made life better for the community.  It was a grass roots effort.  Goals, roads to goals, and lots of hard work.

Community organizers did not extort large amounts of money from banks.  Community organizers did not leave empty houses and broken dreams in their wake.

When did community organizers get a bad name? 

Why is it that some community organizers have nothing to show for their labor?  Did they make their communities better?

Why do some work for the transfer of money, and leave the community behind?  Ensure the rich get richer, and the rest live in poverty?

"Money can build roads and bridges, it can't fill our communities with good people."

Who gave community organizers a bad name?



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