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Author Topic: Guitarist Slash makes surprise appearance w/ Alice Cooper  (Read 1441 times)
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« on: October 29, 2009, 09:38:32 PM »

Guitarist Slash makes surprise appearance at Alice Cooper Halloween concert
October 29, 5:07 PM

 Guitarist Slash delivered a  suprise performance of "School's Out".

Alice Cooper at Nokia Theater (Photo: Phyllis Pollack)

Last night, former Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash made a surprise appearance at Alice Cooper’s pre-Halloween concert at A.E.G.’s Nokia Theater.

Cooper will appear as a guest on Slash’s highly anticipated upcoming solo album slated for release early next year. Slash has rocked the charts at Number One with not just one band, but two chart-topping rock acts, Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver. That Cooper will guest on Slash’s next album speaks volumes, as Slash is far from lacking in musical friends with whom he could record.

No one could have better welcolmed Halloween in Los Angeles rock and roll style than Alice Cooper, who served as both the master of ceremonies and the main attraction. Cooper’s pre-Halloween celebration held in Los Angeles was the perfect harbinger for the holiday. His hard rocking concert was not just full of tricks, it was also full of treats that included his surprise guest, former Guns N Roses guitarist Slash.

It was a far different scenario at Nokia Theater than it had been just less than twenty-hours before, as the theater was the hectic site of the Michael Jackson This Is It premiere. Athough movie posters promoting This Is It still hang in the venue’s lobby, and while concert-goers waited for Cooper’s show to start, Jackson’s music burst through the speakers in its foyer, tonight the venue was clearly slated for a Halloween party that only Alice Cooper could throw. Many fans present at the theater were dressed for Halloween, and more than a handful, both male and female, wore a large amount of black eyeliner, paying homage to Cooper.

Cooper’s Theater Of Death concert opened with the celebratory rock and roll anthem “School’s Out.” While Cooper is most noted for his influence on theatrics in rock and his stunt-filled concerts, tonight’s Los Angeles show had Cooper’s music at the forefront. Although Cooper has a large amount of classic staple hits that are familiar to his fans, the evening’s concert was not about nostalgia, or looking back as a retrospective of his career. His current touring band gave his hits a sound that was sonically current, proficient and up-to-snuff with hard rock’s newest bands. Cooper’s band offered even harder and heavier grinding solos and bass than on his past tours, yielding a new school hard rock feel. Cooper’s voice was still strong, despite the abuse it has taken from almost forty years of performing some of rock and roll’s hardest songs. His voice was still able to deftly carry the emotional melodic vocal line of his ballad “Only Women Bleed,” Cooper’s ode to women who are treated badly by their mates.

Last night’s Los Angeles pre-Halloween celebration contained many of the tricks that Cooper has long been famous for. Cooper’s rock and roll couture for the evening started with black leather pants with silver buckles. He was clearly in top form. The legendary performer bandied about a crutch that was assembled of human bones as he performed the song “Eighteen.” The crowd was ecstatic. The performance of his second song, “Department Of Youth” had the audience chanting back at Cooper when he shouted out, “Who has the power?” During the fifth song of the evening, “Ballad Of Dwight Fry,” about a man who is committed to a mental institution, Cooper is confined in a straight jacket, and to the audience’s delight, he is guillotined. Cooper returned in a red jacket with gold trimmings, looking dapper. Cooper’s repertoire also included the anthemic track “I’m Guilty.” With the smog machines, the stage set and Alice’s props, the atmosphere was that of a party at haunted house as Cooper performed his signature track “Welcome To My Nightmare.”

"Cold Ethel” was accompanied by more theatrics, as Cooper interacted with the audience, making direct eye contact with those in the front rows, often gesturing and pointing at them with his fingers, which were covered by his black leather gloves. The exceptional drumming from Jimmy DeGrasso became even more evident in the song “Poison,” during which Cooper was injected with an oversized needle that was several feet long. Dancer Tiffany Lowe appeared on stage, dressed as an attractive nurse outfit, offering humorous sado-masochism. When she infused Cooper with the needle, he then collapsed.
Cooper soon resurfaced to perform “The Awakening.” Guitarists Keri Kelli, Damon Johnson and bassist Chuck Garric escalated the intensity of the show, while Cooper performed his famed theatrics that have served to influence numerous recording artists since the start of his career. The nurse returned, wearing a short white skirt, pushing Cooper in a wheelchair. This time, for the song “Nurse Rozetta,” she is wearing less than she was before, as she begins to take his blood pressure. As Cooper sings his hit “Is It My Body,” the Nurse Rozetta performs a sexy dance, and removes one of her stockings. Cooper takes it, and eventually strangles her with it. As she lays limply across his thighs, he performs “Only Women Bleed.”

“I Never Cry” brought more drama. At the conclusion of the song, Cooper hung himself on a gallows, which was then dragged backstage, with Cooper still hanging from it by his neck. At this juncture, he left his unholy trinity of two guitarists and his bass player, backed by his powerful drummer, to perform without him. This jam session would last for five minutes.

Cooper returned to perform “Vengeance Is Mine” as he stood atop a large wooden scaffold. Cooper has truly found “Fresh Blood” with his new band. Cooper threw several pearl necklaces into the audience while performing the rock hard “Dirty Diamonds.” The show continued with “Billion Dollar Babies” and “I Love The Dead,” giving the audience more straight-ahead hard rock.

“No More Mr. Nice Guy” led to another one of the highlights of Cooper’s pre-Halloween event, “Under My Wheels.” After introducing the band, Cooper introduced another trick.

The audience received a surprise performance from Slash, who performed a reprise version of “School’s Out” on his red sunburst Les Paul, as Cooper strutted on stage in a glittering suit and matching top hat. Cooper then proclaimed, “Happy Halloween.”<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]-->

Cooper is so serious about Halloween, that he recently released a new single, “Keepin’ Halloween Alive,” and he has a P.S. A. about the holiday. Whether the track will be a season classic like Chuck Berry and Keith Richards’ Christmas rocker “Run Rudolph Run” remains to be seen, with this its first year out. The response so far this year to the track has been good.

Cooper has also just released a Halloween video, featured in YouTube. In addition to his extensive tour schedule, the heavily eye-lined shock rocker has been gearing up for his favorite holiday with his syndicated classic rock radio show, Nights With Alice Cooper. This week, Cooper’s show features Halloween-oriented programming with special guests and contests. The radio program, which is heard internationally, airs five hours every weeknight from 7 pm until midnight. Some of Cooper’s special guests include director and musician Rob Zombie, Exorcist actress Linda Blair, Def Leppard lead vocalist Joe Elliott, and former Kiss member Ace Frehley versus Kiss. On Halloween night, the show will feature special tales songs and tales from his personal crypt. Alice Cooper’s program is distributed by United Stations Radio Networks, and reaches 110 affiliate broadcasting stations around the globe, reaching over six million listeners.

Tour dates continue through early December.
 Watch Alice Cooper's "Keep Halloween Alive" video here:
go to link and scroll down


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