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Author Topic: Who's Who (update as needed)  (Read 17415 times)
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The Who's Who for Shaniya's case.

Let's keep this thread for the Who's Who only.  Anyone can add updates as found.  We can take discussion to the main thread.  Thanks!   



Hunter Blue
        - Shaniya's maternal great-great-grandmother, see obit
Byron Coleman Sr
         - Shaniya's step-grandpa, Vickie Coleman Lockhart's father
         - A Marine in Vietnam
         - At Vickie's death, awarded custody of her 4 children (3 with Bradley)
         - Offered to raise Shaniya, but said that Bradley refused

Byron Coleman Jr - died in 1990/1991
        - Shaniya's step-uncle, Vickie's brother, son of Byron Sr
        - Died on the USS Roosevelt by a blast from an aircraft engine   

Byron Coleman/Lockhart/Coleman - now age 20?
        - Shaniya's step-brother, Vickie's son from prior relationship to Bradley
        - Had last name Lockhart at time of mom's death, as listed in Vickie's obit. 
        - Went to live with mom's parents (Byron & Phyllis) after Vickie's death
        - Changed last name back to Coleman after his mom's death
        - Is/was living in Charlotte, see obit
        - Pallbearer at funeral

Michelle Lockhart/Coleman
         - Shaniya's half-sister, Bradley/Vickie's daughter, see obit
         - Changed last name from Lockhart to Coleman
         - Had last name Coleman at time of mom's death, as listed in Vickie's obit
         - Is/was living in Michigan

Phyllis Coleman
         - Shaniya's step-grandma, Vickie Coleman Lockhart's mother
         - At Vickie's death, awarded custody of her 4 children (3 with Bradley)
         - Said they would have raised Shaniya, but Bradley never asked

Arthur Cromartie
        - Shaniya's great-uncle, see obit

Leona Davis Cromartie
         - Shaniya's great-aunt, Antoinette's aunt, Ann's sister, see obit
         - A local evangalist

Antoinette Nicole Davis - now age 25 
        - Shaniya's mother
        - Was about age 20 when Shaniya was born, Bradley was about age 34
        - Possibly a CNA (certified nurse asst)
        - Pregnant with Clarence Coe's baby
        - Has been arrested for drugs/prostitution in past, not convicted
        - Evicted several times 2007-2009
        - Lived in housing on Wall St, in motels, then in mobile home with Brenda

Brenda Adell Davis - now age 21?
        - Shaniya's aunt, Antoinette's sister, see obit
        - Former girlfriend of Clarence Coe, Antoinette's boyfriend
        - Pregnant by brother of April Autry, Mario McNeill's girlfriend

Carey Davis (see Carey Lockhart-Davis)

Caroline Davis
        - Shaniya's great-aunt, see obit
        - Is not aunt Carey Lockhart-Davis

Derrick Davis
        - Shaniya's great-uncle, see obit

Joe C. M. Davis Jr - now age 7
        - Shaniya's half-brother, Antoinette's son, see obit
        - Born in Fayetteville - March 16, 2002
        - Father is Carleseo Mandraus Davis, likely a different Davis family

Leona Davis (See Leona Davis Cromartie)

Levon Davis
        - Shaniya's great-uncle, see obit

Mike Davis
        - Shaniya's great-uncle, see obit

Patricia Davis
        - Shaniya's great-aunt, see obit

Sara Davis
        - Shaniya's aunt, Antoinette's half-sister, see obit

Sarah Blue Davis
        - Shaniya's maternal great-grandmother, see obit

Shaniya Nicole Davis - age 5 at death
        - Bradley/Antoinette's daughter
        - Born on 2-14-2004, Valentines Day
        - Murdered on 11-10-2009

Sylvester Davis
        - Shaniya's great-uncle, see obit

Taquasha Davis
        - Shaniya's aunt, Antoinette's half-sister
        - Not mentioned in obit

Tijuana Davis
        - Shaniya's aunt, Antoinette's half-sister
Ty (Tyrongella) Nekia Judd Davis
        - Former fiance of Bradley, were to marry 4/24/2010, now broken up.
        - Reportedly helped to take care of Shaniya
        - Possibly related to a Davis in the family thru marriage, was born a Judd
        - Mother is a Turner according to
        - Hoke County High School class of 1996.
        - Has at least one child, perhaps more
        - Family from Raeford, see obit

Alijah Fogle
        - Shaniya's half-brother, see obit
        - Is/was living in Titusville, Fla
        - Parents are Bradley and Victoria J Mitchner

Bradley Wayne Lockhart - now age 39
        - Shaniya's father
        - Has 5 kids, 6 if counting Vickie's son from another relationship
        - Was in military, USMC during the Gulf War/Desert Storm
        - Has family in Lexington Park, Maryland.
        - Born in Orange County, CA
        - His parents divorced in 1977.
        - His dad is deceased.   
        - His mother has remarried.
        - Has an older sister, older brother, younger sister.
        - None of his 3 siblings were mentioned in Shaniya's obit
        - Works as a building contractor out of state, travels much thruout year
        - Was married to Vickie Coleman Lockhart for 7 years, divorced in 1996
        - Was engaged to marry Ty (Tyrongella) Nekia Judd Davis, in April 2010

Carey Lockhart (see Carey Lockhart-Davis)

Chavez Lockhart
      - Shaniya's half-brother, Bradley/Vickie's son, see obit
      - First name spelled Chivas at time of mom's death, as listed in Vickie's obit
      - Pallbearer at funeral

Cheyenne Victoria Lockhart - now age 17
      - Shaniya's half-sister, Bradley/Vickie's daughter, see obit   
      - Lives with family friend (see Tim & Myrna Allen)

Vickie Sue Coleman Lockhart - age 28 at death
      - Bradley's former wife, married for 7 years, divorced in 1996
      - Was killed in friends home during home invasion in 1998
      - Had one son (Byron) from earlier relationship, then 3 kids with Bradley

Carey Georgina Lockhart-Davis - now about age 38
       - Shaniya's aunt, Bradley's sister
       - Helped to raise Shaniya

Patsy Mack
       - Vickie Lockhart's grandmother, as listed in Vickie's obit
       - Is/was from Cleveland 
Larry Mitchell
      - Shaniya's great-uncle, see obit

Yvonne Mitchell
      - Shaniya's great-aunt, see obit

Victoria J Mitchner - now about age 25
      - Mother of Bradley's son Alijah Fogle, Shaniya's half-brother
      - Took Bradley to court in FL for child support, see court records 
      - Is/was living in Titusville FL 

Stephanie Lockhart Raynor
     - Shaniya's paternal grandma, of Lexington Park, Md, see obit 
     - Bradley's mother, remarried, Bradley's father is deceased

William Raynor
     - Shaniya's paternal step-grandpa, of Lexington Park, Md, see obit 

Ann Summers (see Priscilla Summers)

Carl Summers
     - Shaniya's maternal step-grandpa, see obit 

Priscilla Ann Summers
     - Shaniya's maternal grandma, Antoinette's mom, see obit
     - aka Ann Summers/Ann Davis
     - aka Phyllis Ann Summers/Phyllis Ann Davis, see court reports
Turner family
     - Family of Ty Davis, from Raeford, see obit
     - Ty's mother is a Turner according to


Tim & Myrna Allen
    - Friends of Lockhart family
    - Cheyenne Lockhart has lived with the family since 7-2009 
    - Their daughters attend school with Cheyenne
    - Myrna noticed (cig-butt)-scars on Shaniya's arms and asked her about them
    - Tim says Bradley agreed Oct 1 to let Shaniya stay with them, changed mind

April Autry
     - Mario A McNeill's current girlfriend
     - Has one child by McNeill, pregnant with another
     - Says she is friends with Shaniya's aunt

Clarence Darriel Coe - now about age 30
     - Antoinette's boyfriend
     - Former boyfriend of Brenda Davis, Antoinette's sister
     - Has advanced HIV, borderline AIDS
     - Home address listed is for his step-mother
     - Has daughter by someone
     - Father of Antoinette's unborn baby
     - Released from prison in mid Aug 2009
     - Said he took care of Shaniya for last 6 months while Antoinette at work

Barbara Davenport
     - Manager of mobile home park - Sleepy Hollow

Johnny C Davis
     - Reverend officiating at funeral services, see obit
     - Not known if related to Davis family

Tony Eason
     - Honorary pallbearer at funeral, see obit

Steve Gilliam
     - Honorary pallbearer at funeral, see obit
     - Related in some way to one of Antoinette's sisters T

Tomeka Gray - now age 20
     - dating brother of Mario M McNeill
     - has a daughter by someone
     - said in news interview that McNeill is a good uncle and father

Joe McGee
     - Honorary pallbearer at funeral, see obit

Mario Andrette McNeill - now about age 29
     - Last seen with Shaniya, on video, carrying her near elevator in hotel
     - Charged with kidnap/rape/murder of Shaniya
     - Former boyfriend of Brenda A Davis, Antoinette's sister
     - Current boyfriend of April Autry

Andrea Moore
     - Brenda/Antoinette's neighbor across the way in mobile home park
     - Blanket found in her garbage can
     - Noisy bang on her wall about 3am, the day Shaniya went missing

Mike Owens
      - Pallbearer at funeral, see obit

Joseph Santiago
       - Pallbearer at funeral, see obit


News Articles/Videos
Interviews with Media/Talk Shows
Court reports


Shaniya's obituary:

FAYETTEVILLE - Miss Shaniya Nicole Davis, 5, of 7935 Lester Drive, passed away Monday, Nov. 16, 2009. Shaniya was a happy, loving and friendly little girl. She was a good little helper around the house. She loved to play dress up and do girly things like fixing hair and playing with her Barbie dolls. She loved playing outside and riding her scooter. Pink and yellow were her favorite colors. She was a kindergarten student at Morganton Road Elementary School. You came into our lives for a little while. You left footprints on our hearts, and we will never be the same! She leaves behind to cherish her memories her father, Bradley W. Lockhart of Fayetteville; her mother, Antoinette Davis of Fayetteville; paternal grandparents, William and Stephanie Raynor of Lexington Park, Md.; maternal grandparents, Carl and Priscilla Summers; maternal great-grandmother, Sarah Davis; maternal great-great-grandmother, Hunter Blue; four brothers, Byron Coleman of Charlotte, Alijah Fogle of Titusville, Fla., Chavez Lockhart and Joe Davis, both of Fayetteville; two sisters, Michele Coleman of Michigan and Cheyenne Lockhart of Fayetteville; two aunts, Brenda Davis and Sara Davis; four great-aunts, Patricia Davis, Leona Davis, Caroline Davis and Yvonne Mitchell; six great-uncles, Mike Davis, Levon Davis, Derrick Davis, Sylvester Davis, Larry Mitchell and Arthur Cromartie of Fayetteville; her second family, Tyrongella Davis and the Turner family of Raeford. She had a host of other cousins and relatives. The family will receive friends from 5 to 9 p.m. today, Nov. 21, 2009, at Rogers and Breece Funeral Home, 500 Ramsey St., Fayetteville. Funeral services will be conducted at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 22, 2009, at Manna Church with the Rev. Johnny C. Davis officiating. She will be laid to rest at Fayetteville Memorial Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Mike Owens, Joseph Santiago, Byron Coleman and Chavez Lockhart. Honorary pallbearers will be Steve Gilliam, Joe McGee, Tony Eason and her kindergarten class at Morganton Road Elementary School. Memorial donations may be made to The Shaniya Davis Trust Fund, c/o Wachovia Bank, 4200 Morganton Road, Fayetteville, NC 28304. Services entrusted to Rogers and Breece Funeral Home, of Fayetteville.


Vickie's obituary:

Mrs. Vickie Sue Lockhart, 28, of Fayetteville died Wednesday.  (obit for March 6, 1998)
The funeral will be conducted at 1 p.m Monday in Greenfield First Baptist Church in Greenfield, Ohio, by Rev. J. Troy Gray. Burial will be in Greenfield Cemetery. Arrangements are being handled by Murray Funeral Home of Greenfield. Mrs. Lockhart is survived by her husband, Brad Lockhart; two sons, Byron Lockhart and Chivas Lockhart; two daughters, Cheyenne Lockhart and Michelle Coleman; two brothers, Christopher Coleman of Wilmington and Byron Coleman of San Diego; two stepsisters, Phyliss Berry and Alicia Berry, both of Dayton, Ohio; a stepbrother, Anthony Berry of Dayton; and her grandmother, Patsy Mack of Cleveland.

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Her story


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