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Author Topic: Timeline  (Read 7314 times)
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« on: February 09, 2010, 12:48:57 PM »

I am putting the Timeline here as it is getting rather long.  Please note that in the later part of the timeline I have incorporated the arrest warrant so when it says "I" it means T.P.D.

Gabriel Johnson Timeline v7

July -  Logan alleged, she became enraged when he didn't return home from work on time and took a knife to his clothing, the couch and the baby crib. She broke dishes and took a cooking pan and smashed the TV while the baby was in the Tempe apartment.

They were forced to move into another apartment.

September - Johnson got out of control again in September when she got mad at her brother on the phone. She cut up the baby's clothes and the crib and broke every window in the apartment. Johnson spent the evening in jail and went through a diversion program on the criminal-damage charges, according to Tempe Municipal Court records.

Dec 8: Fight between EJ and Logan and EJ tells Logan to leave. He does. 
Logan -Last time I saw them was the 8th of December. She wanted me out of the house. And we talked and split up. And I gave him a kiss and put him in his bed. Last time I saw him.

Dec 8 – Craigslist Ad
Live in nanny wanted free rent
8 Dec 2009 ... provide free rent and free food. female wanted for the job. i myself am a single female. please call XXX-XXX-XXXX. no emails please. ...

Dec 9: Eliz calls Logan at work and tells him she wants him to relinquish his paternal rights so she can give Gabriel up for adoption. He refuses. Eliz takes Gabriel to the Smiths, then calls LE & says Logan has taken Gabriel & she doesn't know where Gabriel is. Gabriel found 6 hours later at the Smiths.  A Tempe detective at the Smiths when Gabriel is found sees the papers the Smiths have drawn up about temporary guardianship. Gabriel spends 8 days with the Smiths.

Elizabeth Johnson made a false report of kidnapping which allegedly occurred against Gabriel. On 12/09/09, T.P.D. Officers found Gabriel in the care of Tammi and Jack Smith. On 12/09/09, The Smith's disclosed their desire to adopt Gabriel Johnson to T.P.D. At the conclusion of the investigation on 12/09/09, Elizabeth was arrested for False Reporting to L.E.

Dec 10 – Craigslist Ad
$400 room for rent (tempe)
Date: 2009-12-10, 8:09AM MST

hi i have a room for rent it has its own private bathroom. the community is directly across the street from az mills mall. rent is 400 a month no security deposit required. rent includes free utilities, cable, phone and i have internet here. call XXX-XXX-XXXX if interested.

Dec 11 Court date McQueary petitioned for full custody of Gabriel

Dec 11 – Craigslist Ad
Date: 2009-12-11, 10:50AM MST

Hi I have my 3 pomeranians i need to rehome. they are between 2 and 3 years old. 2 females both black and white, and a tan male all not fixed. rehoming applies. no emails please and sorry i am not able to post pics, so you will have to stop by to see them. call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX leave a message if i'm not their i will be a bit busy today.

Dec 11 – Craigslist Ad
$400 Room for Rent (Tempe)
Date: 2009-12-11, 10:51AM MST
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Dec 12 Ad
Published at 08-12-2009
Viewed: 30 times
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Dec 12 – Craigslist Ad
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Dec 12 – Craigslist Ad
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Dec 14 .  an emergency request for temporary custody without notice to the mother.  McQueary wrote in his complaint that Johnson hid the baby at a friend's house until police finally found the boy at 3:30 in the morning.

Dec 14  - In her petition for custody on Dec. 14, Johnson wrote that there were "two potential fathers," and requested that both McQueary and another man, Craig Cherry, take paternity tests.  Tammi Smith later admits she wrote the name of her first cousin Craig Cherry on the documents.

Dec 14 – Ad
Today (Monday, Dec 14)
free baby stuff (tempe): hi i have a lot of free baby stuff to give away. call in the morning tomorrow- XXX-XXX-XXXX,%2520Nov%252026%26city%3Dtempe%26state%3Daz%26country%3Dus+480-456-3608&cd=9&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

Dec 15 EJ tells Grampa Robert "I'm taking care of business."

Dec 17: Court orders that Logan is Gabriel's father.

Dec 18: Eliz picks up Gabriel from the Smiths for a weekend visit with Logan. Tammi says EJ tells them to meet at a park for the handoff

Dec 20  - Logan  asked again for temporary full custody six days later and told the court she "will run with Gabriel Johnson and hide."

Dec 21-27th  Elizabeth Johnson stayed in San Antonio at the Homegate Studio and suits and the Quality Inn on i-10.

On December 21 or 22, Elizabeth Johnson hired a babysitter, Analisa Urias, whom she had found on, and went out for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Dec 21 - in a petition to enforce child-custody determination, he wrote, "When Elizabeth gets mad, she can and will hurt the baby."

Dec 21 – Elizabeth orders pizza to room 150 at HoneGate Suites from Papa John’s

Dec 22 – Tammi Peters Smith sends Logan the following email:
Can we get together tomorrow morning to talk with you and your dad? I'm afraid she'll be gone forever, cause she doesn't want to go to jail for kidnapping. She Doesn't trust u or ur dad. The only way she'll come back is if my attorney faxes the signed papers to her so she won't get in trouble, and Gabriel b w/us

Dec 24 Elizabeth orders 2 pizzas from Papa John’s to HomeGate Suites

Dec 26: Gabriel and Elizabeth seen at surveillance video outside of 6 Flags San Antonio

Raymond Russell Park in San Antonio
Johnson gave her baby away in a Texas park.
San Antonio news stations reported the name of a specific park where Johnson met the mystery couple, Carbajal said. But he said police are unaware of any such park.

Dec 27 – Logan gets a text and call from EJ saying Gabriel is dead. 
Text message:
You will never see Gabriel again. I made sure of that. And you can spend the rest of of your pathetic life wondering about him. You will never find me. I'm already boarding a plane out of the country. When I'm safe, I'll email you the exact location of dead Gabriel's little blue body, if the garbage don't come first. This is what liars like you deserve

Dec 27 11:45 Elizabeth seen parking her car at Hotel 6, sitting for 5 mins, getting out with a large backpack, and walking across street to Tornado Bus

Dec 27 Just before Noon Elizabeth buys ticket to Fort Myers, FL . for for $180.00  Tornado Bus and waits for bus which leaves at 1:00pm.  Only white person on bus.

Dec 27  - On Sunday, December 27, 2009 at 1:05 p.m., Logan McQueary reported to Tempe Police Officers that he had received threats toward his son, 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson, from the mother of the child, Elizabeth Johnson.
Logan informed officers that a custodial hearing was scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, December 28 at Maricopa County Superior Court – Family Court.
Elizabeth failed to appear at the custodial hearing. Subsequently, Logan was issued full custody of Gabriel Johnson. Investigators had received information that Elizabeth and Gabriel were in the San Antonio Texas area. Since Elizabeth was out of the state of Arizona, and no longer had custodial rights to the child, a warrant was issued for Elizabeth Johnson for the violation of custodial interference.
Tempe investigators received information indicating that Elizabeth and Gabriel stayed at either or both the Home Gate Studio and Suites and Quality Inn Fiesta Park, both in San Antonio, on December 26. Elizabeth was scheduled to check out on December 27, however she did not go through the formal checkout process. Therefore, it is unknown if Elizabeth left San Antonio on December 26 or December 27.

Dec 27 – Tempe Police learn EJ is in the State of Texas

Dec 27 – Tempe Police made contact with Tammi Smith due to an incident which occurred on Dec 9 when Gabriel was found to be in the care of the Smith’s.  Tempe Police Patrol Officers and a Detective arrived at the Smith's residence located in Scottsdale, Arizona in order to confirm that Gabriel Johnson was not in their care. Tammi Smith was interviewed at the time. A consent to search the Smith's property was granted. It was learned that Gabriel was not on their property. It is important to note, Tammi Smith withheld information from the police concerning her full communication with Elizabeth which was via text messages and phone calls. Tammi initially did not tell the police about the following text message which she sent to Logan McQueary on

Dec 27 – T.P.D. Sergeant L. Lenzen contacted Elizabeth via telephone.  Elizabeth was instructed to make contact with Texas Law Enforcement in order to confirm that Gabriel was alive and safe.  Elizabeth refused.

Dec 27 - Tammi Smith sent the following text message to Logan: "Can we get together tomorrow morning to talk with you and your dad? I'm afraid she'll be gone forever, cause she doesn't want to go to jail for kidnapping. She doesn't trust u or ur dad. The only way she'll come back is if my attorney faxes the signed papers to her so she won't get in trouble, and Gabriel b w/us." Logan responded by typing "no" and that he wanted Gabriel returned to him. It is important to note that Tammi Smith did not disclose this information on 12/27/09 while speaking with the police.

Dec 28 Elizabeth failed to appear at a custody hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court's Family Court in Phoenix AZ on Dec 28

Dec 28 - On 12/28/09, Logan McQueary and Elizabeth Johnson had a scheduled court appearance regarding Petition to Enforce Child Custody Determination. Tammi Smith was aware of the scheduled court appearance. It was later determined that Tammi Smith provided her with telephone numbers of people who could possibly assist her with legal advise regarding Elizabeth not attending the scheduled court date.  This investigatigation discovered that the following information occurred while Elizabeth was in the State of Texas during the week of 12/21/09 to 12/27/09.

During the course of the investigation, I learned that Tammi researched and attempted to help Elizabeth change court jurisdiction regarding the custody hearing of Gabriel, although Tammi was aware of FC-2009-007470. Tammi stated she used her computer in order to find information on changing court jurisdiction. She then provided the information to Elizabeth. Tammi telephoned lawyers asking for legal advice regarding changing court jurisdiction. Tammi admitted to attempting to change court jurisdiction during a police interview. Tammi recalled making a telephone call to a relative in order to determine if housing was available for Elizabeth in the State of Tennessee (this occurred after Elizabeth fled the State of Arizona). Tammi suggested Elizabeth enter a shelter after Elizabeth fled the State of Arizona. Tammi researched the topic of adopting an adult in hopes of adopting Elizabeth and Gabriel.

Dec28 Friend Vanessa posts a Comment on Elizabeth’s Myspace “tell me about ur new life.   im curious!! How was ur xmas??

Dec 29 12:36 29 PM On Dec 29 at a little after noon, Elizabeth posted on her MySpace:
"kiss my ass suckas!!" Mood: adventurous Posted at 12:36 29 Dec 2009

Dec 29 5:51PM From Tammi to Elizabeth
I believe in my heart that you would never hurt him, but the detectives have a recording of you telling Logan that you killed him and you sounded very scared and distraught. We are also distraught! We love Gabriel and You, and you are going to get yourself in a lot trouble if you don'...t come forward very, very soon. As we told you all this time, if you do the right thing, everything will work out for the good. I really mean that! The lead Detective on this case really feels for you and he wants to help you!!! You can call Detective Aguilera at XXXXXXX..He truly wants to help you! He is also a Negotiator and he said that what Logan and his dad did to you was very wrong and uncalled for. He said so far you aren't in any trouble because you were technically never served yet. But if you don't come forward soon, you could be in some serious trouble. Just call detective Aguilera, Please...

Dec 29 6:43 PM From Elizabeth to tammifay (myspace)
tammi, i will never come forward, yes what i said was wrong but i wanted him to hurt like he hurt me so thats why i said all that. me and gabriel are fine, in fact great i just got a full time job under a fake name and the owner is very understanding of my situation, and is willing to hel...p me get new id's and stuff. I can not let you or anyone else no where i am, just know i am getting lots of help, i am very smart and resourceful, and that i am one of the most compedant people you will ever meet. I have always taken care of myself bymyself as long as i can remember. i can't call in fear of phone records. I am ever worried this email can be traced to where i am, so i probably won't email again, but i had to let you know we are all right because i know you must be worried sick, and i am soo sorry for that i really am. YOU and jack are such good people.

Dec 29 – T.P.D  conducted a police interview with the Smiths. When  asked how the Smiths were going to handle the fact that Logan McQueary refused to sign over his custodial rights. Tammi Smith stated she was going to use her attorney's help to pressure Logan to pay previous child support, current child support and be responsible for visitation. Tammi stated due to the above listed pressure the hope was that Logan would release his custodial rights and the adoption could proceed. Per Logan's statements, Tammi and Jack Smith called him approximately 3 times and continued to ask him to release his custodial rights. The phone calls occurred during the month of December of 2009. Logan continued to refuse. Tammi Smith admitted to sending Logan a text regarding releasing his custodial rights. It is important to note that Logan McQueary and
Elizabeth Johnson were in the process of court proceedings regarding custody of their son and child support. Their family case was assigned to the Honorable Judge Michael McVey from the Superior Court of Maricopa County. Please refer to FC2009-

Dec 30 7:49AM
From Tammi  To Elizabeth
12/30/2009 7:49 AM To: elizabeth

Thank you so much for letting me know that your both are OK! I miss that little angel! I knew that you could never hurt him. A mother has to really love her child enough to give him up to a good family in order to give him a more meaningfully life.
Be safe,

Dec 30 - Elizabeth was arrested Dec 30 at a youth hostel in Miami Beach FL
International Fun House 230 20th street.

Dec 30 – During an interview with the F.B.I. Elizabeth stated she gave Gabriel away to an unknown couple.  During an interview with the F.B.I Elizabeth was very vague with her description of the unknown couple.  Elizabeth stated she met the coup in San Antonio, Texas at a park.
On Wednesday December 30, 2009 at approximately 10:00 PM (Eastern Time), Elizabeth Johnson was located by Police Officers with the Miami Beach, Fl Police Department. Elizabeth was placed under arrest for the outstanding custodial interference warrant. Gabriel was not with Elizabeth when she was taken into custody.
Elizabeth has exercised her right to speak with an attorney in this matter, and has not provided investigators with information about Gabriel’s condition or current location. There have been no signs of Gabriel after December 26, 2009.

Dec 31 10:09 AM From Tammi To Elizabeth
Ok, I'm gonna try to help you here and I pray that you understand and do the right thing so you and Gabriel can be free forever!

Detective Patricia Ramirez came here yesterday to do an interview with us. She is now leading the investigation. Because she deals with Homicide and Sex Crimes. She said that if you go to any police officer (wright down your name and Gabriel's name with Det. Ramirez name and phone # (XXX) XXX-XXXX on it and give to the officer) tell him to take a good look at you two and then once you leave he can call Det. Ramirez to let her know you two are both safe.

Dec 31 11:36AM Tammi postes a comment on Elizabeth’s Myspace  “Read my message titled "Gabriel" “

Jan 4 - Judge McVey telephoned the T.P.D. He provided me with a voice message which was left by Tammi Smith. I recognized her voice due to my previous interviewing. In the recording, Tammi Smith requests Judge McVey return her phone call. Tammi states that she believed that Elizabeth would return with the baby if she could know that Gabriel would be "safe." Tammi then suggests that Judge McVey grant the Smith's guardianship. The entire recording is approximately 2 minutes long. Tammi later stated a media reporter told her to call Judge McVey (this was her response to the message which she left). When I asked Tammi further specific questions about the reporter, Tammi could not recall if the reporter actually told her to call Judge McVey.

Jan 5 Police in San Antonio located her car at the Motel 6, near I-35 and Zarzamora
On January 5, 2010 at approximately 4:40 PM (Arizona Time) the white 1995 Oldsmobile being driven by Elizabeth Johnson was located in San Antonio, TX.
Gabriel was not in the vehicle and his current whereabouts are still unknown. The vehicle was located at a Motel 6 across from a Tornado Bus Station off Interstate 35 by an FBI Agent. The vehicle is currently being processed for evidence.
Elizabeth Johnson is age 23, 5’6” tall, and approximately 135 lbs., with blond hair and blue eyes. Photos of Elizabeth, the vehicle, and the child Gabriel are attached.

Jan 7 Jack and Tammi Smith of Scottsdale, AZ, are named "persons of interest."  Police think they may know what happened to Gabriel.

On January 7, 2010, The Tempe Police Department identified Tammi and Jack Smith of Scottsdale AZ as persons of interest in this investigation. Tempe Police Investigators have indications that they have not shared information with investigators that may lead us to Gabriel Johnson.

Jan 9  Johnson extradited from Dade County Jail to Maricopa County Jail
On January 9, 2010,  Elizabeth Johnson was booked into Tempe City Jail after being extradited from Florida.
Elizabeth now faces charges of Kidnapping (a class two felony), Child Abuse (a class four felony), and Custodial Interference (a class four felony).  After being processed, Elizabeth was transported and booked into Maricopa County Jail and is being held on a cash only bond of $1,100,000.00.

Jan 12 - On 01/12/09, a media source stated that the name of "Craig Cherry" (who was later found by T.P.D. and discovered to be Tammi Smith's first generation cousin) was on a court petition for paternity regarding Gabriel Johnson. I telephoned Judge McVey who stated paternity was not protested by the mother. Logan McQueary was determined to be the father. Judge McVey assisted with providing the means in which T.P.D. could have a copy of all court documents regarding Gabriel Johnson (FC-2009-007470.

Jan 14 - On 01/14/09, I interviewed Tammi Smith while at the T.P.D. station. Tammi voluntarily provided a hand writing analysis. Tammi admitted that Elizabeth wrote down her cousin (Craig Cherry) on the paternity document. During a police interview, I presented Tammi with the court documents regarding paternity of Gabriel Johnson. Tammi then admitted to writing her cousin's (Craig Cherry) name on the court document regarding Craig as a possible father of Gabriel Johnson. Tammi read out loud the sentence which she wrote on the court document. The sentence included Craig's name. Craig Cherry was interviewed by the Tempe Police Department. It was learned through my investigation that he has never met Elizabeth Johnson.

Tammi Smith also admitted to asking a friend if she could use the friend's husband's name on the paternity paperwork for Gabriel Johnson. I later identified the friend. The identified witness stated on the day in which Tammi was traveling to the court house with Elizabeth, Tammi telephoned her. Tammi asked her friend if she could use her friend's husband's name on the paternity court document for Gabriel Johnson. The witness became angry with Tammi due to her request. Tammi told the witness that if she could use her friend's husband's name then it would create a problem for the father (Logan). The friend refused to allow Tammi to use her husband's name on the court form. The above listed court document was analyzed by D.P.S. Detective Alan Kreitl. According to Criminalist Kreitl's findings the court document (item #47) contained the handwriting of Tami Smith based on her sample (item #57). For complete details, please refer to D.P.S. report #2010-701760.

Tammi stated that Logan threatened her on 12/28/09 after a court hearing in Judge McVey's court room. The threat was allegedly made via telephone. Unknown to Tammi, Logan recorded the call. T.P.D. heard the call and no threat was made. Logan told Tammi to stop calling him. Logan hung up the phone line. Shortly after Jack Smith called Logan. Logan, once again disconnected the phone line. Tammi and Jack Smith have used the media to make many statements which later have been found to be inaccurate regarding their involvement in the investigation.

On 01/14/2010, after Tammi Smith participated in a police interview she was then interviewed by a reported from K.P.H.O. It is important to note that on 01/14/2010 Tammi did admit to writing her cousin's name on the paternity document concerning Gabriel Johhnson. Following the police interview, Tammi spoke to the media outside of the Tempe Police Station located at 120 E. 5th Street, Tempe. K.P.H.O. (Channel 5)
released a media story on 01/15/2010 in which Tammi acknowledged the forgery by saying "I made a poor decision back when I met Elizabeth." "Yes I helped her put another name." She then told the public to pray about it.

Jan 14 Jack and Tammi Smith’s house searched

Jan 20 – Police Interview Jack’s son, house in Tennessee

Jan 28 – EJ calls Tammi from jail.

Feb 2 – Tammi Peters Smith arrested at her home for Conspiracy to Commit Custodial Interference (A class four felony). Custodial Interference (A Class four felony), Forgery (A Class four felony)

Feb 3 – Tammi released on $15,000 bond.

Feb 4 –Tammi Smith is charged with conspiracy to commit custodial interference and forgery by Tempe DA.

Feb 4 – Logan leaves for San Antonio to retrace Elizabeth’s path in the hopes of finding clues which will lead him to Gabriel.

Feb 5 Logan flies back to Tempe to clear his things out of the trailer.  McQueary said he was contacted by his old landlord who told him he had to get his stuff out of the Tempe trailer he shared with the baby’s mom, Elizabeth Johnson, 23, or all of it would be sold.

Feb 6 - San Antonio Police Chief William McManus announced Saturday that the case of the missing 9-month-old infant known as Baby Gabriel was now investigated as a kidnapping and a homicide.

Feb 8 – Logan finds Papa John's delivery man who delivered pizza to Elizabeth at Homegate Suites. 

Feb 9 – San Antonio police begin search of landfill

****No idea what date Tammi sent this to Elizabeth
I know you didn't kill him, but the police don't know that. There just need to verify he's not dead or hurt and you can live the rest of your life, not having to hide anymore!!! All you have to do is take a long drive and see a cop on the side of the road in a city and give him the paper and ask him to call her to va...rify you two are safe. You don't need to tell him why....As one of the officers said, you are not in trouble, you have the right to take your own child. But it's like having a parking ticket and robbing the bank to pay your parking ticket. If you never paid that parking ticket, you wouldn't be in trouble...But if you do an armed robbery at the bank they will send out a Nationwide search for you like they will in a few days if you don't show that he is safe. But it needs to be verified through a police officer in order to stop it from going to the FBI.

OTHERWISE: They are starting a Homicide Investigation! What that means is: Right now (today), your not in trouble. Your one of millions of mothers that leaves the state to keep her child safe from the horrible father. It's NOT kidnapping! You have every right to take your own child. You can even look on Public Reco...rds, there is NO warrent out for you....BUT, because of what you said, if you don't do this in the next few days, it will turn into a Murder Investigation and Detective Ramirez can no longer help. The FBI will pick the case up and you will be seen on America's Most Wanted! Your face will be seen everywhere and nobody will want to help you because they will believe you are a murderer... You will be going on with your life and when you least expect it (someone you thought was your friend wanted a $25,000.00 reward, and quitely turned you in).

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Tammi Smith's & Craig Cherry's family members are listed.

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