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Author Topic: "Corruption As Legislative Paradigm"  (Read 841 times)
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« on: March 29, 2010, 01:49:18 PM »

It was a fitting end to the healthcare debacle/squabble when the House passed the Senate's healthcare reform legislation in a night session, not that it couldn't have done it in the normal run-of-the-mill daily routine. The president had already called off his important(?) weeklong trip to Indonesia and Australia, so there was no need for such an unusual circumstance as a night session. However, it was great theater, always a political perk since the networks treated the ordeal the same as a presidential election, with their well-coifed otherworldly anchors in place, their panels of "experts" to explain every nuance to the hoi-polloi, and all the rest.

The sellout route marked the passage of the Senate bill, also contrived in an "emergency" session on last Christmas Eve, as if that couldn't also have been done between Christmas and New Year's, or shortly thereafter. The buying and selling of votes in the Senate process was published/discussed ad infinitim in the media as the citizens were treated to how things are actually done in the august chambers of Congress, such terms as the "Louisiana Purchase" and the "Nebraska Compromise" coming online. The process stank!

has always been done like this in Congress, but not in recent memory stretching back a long way have there been dishonesty and conniving to the extent witnessed in the last year. Legislators passed "stimulus" and "cap-and-trade" bills without reading them. It's doubtful that even 10% of Congresspersons have read either of the healthcare bills, not that the House bill matters now anyhow. Speaker Pelosi probably doesn't know what's in the bill and even said publicly that the people would know the bill's contents when it becomes law. It's hard to imagine a statement that dumb, but she made it.

The czars in the White House know what's in the bill. They know that it constitutes a long jump toward the socialism that Obama is intent upon delivering. His most recent remarks lambasting insurance companies give the tipoff on method, to wit, the dissolution of private insurers, driving every individual and institution into the so-called "public option," which will not be an option at all but a requirement involving penalties for "violations." The IRS will be the enforcer! As that happens, the government will make all decisions regarding treatment, not patients and their doctors. Unless changed, this means the end of the best healthcare system in history.


How affordable will all this spending be for future generations?  'Affordability' means that some, not so needy, will contribute nothing for their care.  Another political shell game?  Stealing from some and delivering to others to ensure election/re-election?


All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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