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Author Topic: Tall Women's Fashion Tips  (Read 4837 times)
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...and Injustice for most

« on: April 12, 2010, 03:31:05 PM »

I do not need to worry about this, I am a shrimp, lol...but some may like it......

Posted Apr 12th 2010 at 2:45PM
Plus-size? There are more and more stores that carry styles just for you! Petite? You're covered, too.

But if you happen to be tall, there just aren't a lot of options -- even though tall women have the money to spend on extra-long styles.

According to new research, women who are 5-foot-8 and taller are twice as likely to earn up to $7,650 more than their shorter pals, the Daily Mail reports.

British retailer Long Tall Sally, which specializes in clothes for women over 5-foot-8, is listening and hopes to make waves on this side of the pond by giving U.S.-based fashionistas the styles they've been searching for.

StyleList caught up with Lisa Butcher, a 6-foot-tall model (Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren) and British TV personality ("Britain's Next Top Model," "What Not to Wear") who also designs the Long Tall Sally capsule collection Lisa Loves.

Here, she talks about the retailer, the need for taller fashions, and her tips for dressing when height is an issue.

On the Web site: "Long Tall Sally has been going in England for about 30 years, and it has been completely revamped," Butcher says. "They have brought in a new stylist -- her name is Deborah Wiles -- and she has made the clothes very hip and much more trend-led, as well as being classic and beautifully cut."

On designing her collection: "When I realized the work they were doing with Deborah, I immediately signed on," she says. "They asked if I could do a capsule collection. I'd never designed before, but I know what I like, and, being 6 foot, I know what looks good on me.

"[The collection has] been really, really successful, and it's kind of flying off the shelves. So we thought we'd bring it over here and bring a nice London boutique collection for the American market."

On retailers overlooking the tall market: "We hear a lot about oversized and petites," Butcher says. "It surprises me because generations are getting taller and taller. My mum was 5-foot-10, and she had serious difficulties finding clothes. She had to make her own, actually, when she was younger.

"There are a few department stores that carry tall brands, but the problem is it's not just about adding a couple of inches to the arm length, it's about lengthening the torso, as well. And you have to take into consideration that someone's tall, but they have different body shapes. Every size needs to be altered."

On clothing issues that tall women face: "I'm quite slim," says Butcher. "One of the things I found was I could get jackets that were small enough in the waist, but the waist was usually too high -- it wasn't long enough in the torso. If it did fit through the waist, then the sleeves were incredibly short, and I'd have to push the sleeves up when I wore it. If I found a jacket where the sleeves fit just right, it would be huge across the waist.

"Trouser length was always a problem. If trousers were too short, I'd wear boots or leg warmers to cover up the bottom of the trousers, which is great when it's in fashion, but when it's not, it's not such a great look. Another issue was boots were never quite long enough; they'd come up just under the knee."

On style advice for tall women: "If you're taller, you can afford to wear bigger, bolder prints," Butcher says. "When you're smaller, the prints wear you. You also can wear bolder jewelry. If you wear something too small and delicate, it can kind of disappear. I design jewelry, too, and my pieces are kind of big and in your face.

"Tall women face the same body issues as everyone else -- you can be bigger and tall, you can be slimmer and tall. It depends if you're slim, pear shaped, apple shaped. It also depends on your proportions. If you've got lovely long legs, you can wear flat shoes. If your legs are slightly shorter and you've got too long a torso, you should wear higher shoes.

On shoe shopping: "If you're tall, usually you have large feet, which you need, because otherwise, you'd fall over," Butcher says. "If you have larger feet, avoid skinny jeans, because they can make your feet look even bigger. One thing a lot of taller women have spoken to me about is the lack of shoes for their shoe size and how they're very conscious of their feet. Wear wide-leg, flared, or boot-cut jeans so it won't draw attention to your feet."

On loving your height: "One of my favorite sayings from my mum was that you were born to stand out, so just embrace it -- why try to fit in?" Butcher says. "You should be proud of your height, because you can't change it."

Need help dressing for your body type? Check out our series "My Body, My Style."

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« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2010, 09:36:49 AM »

Hey Nutt, I'm tall, 5'9" and have always had a problem finding pants that are long enough. I've been buying most everything from Victorias Secret for years because they have a tall option, but alot of other places do too, now. Also, I have long arms & that is a problem too! Thanks for the article!

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