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Author Topic: Toddler w/ cerebral palsy burned/drowned in bathtub Toledo OH  (Read 4234 times)
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...and Injustice for most

« on: April 22, 2010, 05:30:18 PM »

Autopsy reveals toddler died of drowning, although scalding contributed to death
Grandmother says death an accident

An autopsy revealed Thursday that the toddler with cerebral palsy found burned and unresponsive in a bathtub had drowned, authorities said.

The drowning of Shaniya Sullivan, 3, of North Toledo, was related to scalding, said Dr. Maneesa Pandey, a Lucas County deputy coroner. That means "she was scalded, then she drowned," Dr. Pandey said.

Shaniya died late Tuesday at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center after what her family said was an accident. Toledo police have yet to say if charges will be brought in the case.

The following is the story as it appeared in earlier editions of The Blade and toledoblade.com
Autopsy awaited on scalded girl, 3

The cause of death of a North Toledo toddler with cerebral palsy who suffered head-to-toe burns remained unclear yesterday as officials await autopsy results, police said.

Shaniya Sullivan, 3, died late Tuesday at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Her death is being investigated as suspicious pending the results of an autopsy, expected to be released today, Toledo police Sgt. Phil Toney said.

Initial reports from rescue personnel said the burns were consistent with those caused by scalding water. No one was charged in the death yesterday.

"A lot is going to depend on the coroner's report," Capt. Ray Carroll said.

The girl's grandmother, Cecelia Streeter, said the death was the result of an accident that occurred as Shaniya's 11-year-old sister left the child alone in the bathtub. She said an uncle was in another room watching television.
"Nobody did this to my baby. It was an accident," Ms. Streeter said, sobbing. "They put the blame on my daughter; they're wrong."

Shaniya had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and was unable to walk, Ms. Streeter said. A neighbor said the girl would "scoot" when she played outside with her siblings.

Shaniya was "always smiling at everyone," her grandmother said.

Rescue crews were called to 2819 F St. about 8:35 p.m. to check the safety of a child and found the girl on the floor in cardiorespiratory arrest.

The child was being bathed by her 11-year-old sister and her friend because Shaniya had "messed herself," Ms. Streeter said. The mother, Latoya "TT" Sullivan, was out shopping, Ms. Streeter said.

Ms. Sullivan declined to comment.

Ms. Streeter said the children were taught how "to help each other, to take care of each other."

The older children left the room to get a towel, leaving Shaniya in the bathtub that was filling with bubbles and lukewarm water. Shaniya then turned on the hot water, apparently lost her balance, hit her head, and went under the water, Ms. Streeter said.

Nobody heard any screams or cries, she added.

The older children discovered the unresponsive girl and ran screaming out of the house in opposite directions, witnesses said.

A neighbor across the street, Teresa Ratliff, 29, said she went in and found Shaniya in the bathtub. The water was cold by the time she got there, she said. "I saw her floating in a tub full of water. I grabbed her and took her," Ms. Ratliff said.

The scene became chaotic and emotional, and at least two of Shaniya's family members were arrested after being accused of assaulting a police officer who was trying get the girl into an ambulance. Robert M. Johnson, 16, who Ms. Streeter identified as her grandson, and Donald Benton, 35, were taken into custody.

Five of Shaniya's six siblings, ages 1 to 16, were taken into protective custody yesterday by Lucas County Children Services, Executive Director Dean Sparks said. The children will remain with relatives temporarily until a juvenile court judge determines whether they may be returned to their mother's custody, Mr. Sparks said. The mother is free to contact and visit them.

"We have had contact with this family in the past, but not for a couple of years, and certainly not for anything like this," Mr. Sparks said, adding that placement in foster care "is our last resort in any situation."

Shaniya's father, Stephen Sims, sat on the front porch of Ms. Streeter's home on St. John Avenue, his eyes red and wet, with a cigarette hanging from his fingers. He said little, but expressed regret Shaniya's mother wasn't with her when the child was pronounced dead. "I can't believe they didn't let her get in that ambulance. She should have been in that ambulance with her baby," Mr. Sims said.

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« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2010, 05:51:53 PM »

1.  Why was an 11 yo bathing a 3 year old with no supervision.
2.  Laytoya "TT" Sullivan who was out shopping needs a child neglect charge, for starters.
3.  Ms Streeter (Grandmother) "said the children were taught how "to help each other, to take care of each other."  There's a difference between helping each other and children RAISING children, imo.

So, the water was lukewarm when the older girls left the toddler in the tub, yet she was scalded AND drowned when they got back, and the water was COLD by the time the neighbor across the street could pull the baby out of the tub.  It isn't adding up....imo.


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