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Author Topic: Dresser Waukesha & Race Based Justice  (Read 956 times)
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« on: September 02, 2010, 06:47:25 AM »

An interesting article in my local paper -

Dresser Waukesha, known locally as Waukesha Engine, would pay $1.1 million to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit, an agreement between the plaintiffs and company proposes.

The settlement would resolve a lawsuit filed in 2008 by several African-Americans who alleged they were discriminated against in hiring and promotions.

What of non-African-Americans who were not hired or promoted?  How many positions were there?  2?  10?  100?

The case has been preliminarily approved as a class action. More than 300 black job applicants who unsuccessfully applied at Waukesha Engine potentially stand to share in $650,000 the company would pay.

How many total applicants?  1,000?  5,000?  310?

Waukesha Engine also would establish benchmarks under which it would try to hire African-Americans at levels that reflect the pool of job applicants and the surrounding labor market. The firm would train employees, and particularly supervisors with hiring responsibilities, in diversity and equal-employment issues.

Why would you ever hire applicants based on race?  Based on race percentages in a pool of applicants?

How easy would it be for community activists and organizations to game the system?  If their goal is to hire African-Americans based on their percentage of applications, what is to stop community activists from robo applying African Americans by the thousands for any job opening?

What is to prevent community activists and organizations from ensuring that 99% of all applications are from African Americans?  Would it matter if the applicants are qualified, when the goal is "at levels that reflect the pool of job applicants"?

What exactly is the "surrounding labor market"?  How wide is the proposed 'surrounding labor market'?

Could this lock non-African Americans out of the labor pool at Dresser Waukesha?

more here -

More race based politics?  Justice?

No jobs for non-African-Americans?

Why not hire the most qualified, best fit, regardless of race?

All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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