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Author Topic: Timeline  (Read 9822 times)
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« on: October 13, 2010, 09:38:39 AM »

(to be moved if this belongs elsewhere)

A preliminary timeline that includes Zhara's local (U.S.) school attendance history:

Prior to March 2009


March 2009 to June 2009
3rd Grade:
Hudson Elementary
Hudson (Caldwell Co.) NC

-summer vacation 2009-

Late Summer(?) 2009
According to Marshall Fairchild, his daughter
Elisa moved out of his home around this
time ("more than a year ago") after a
dispute.  He has not seen Zhara
since then.

Note:  Fairchild lives less than 2 miles
from the Bakers' current Hickory address.
His is the address shown for Elisa on her current
incarceration record.  He blames "drugs" for for
Elisa's behavior.

August 2009 to March 2010
Most of 4th grade:
Granite Falls Elementary
Granite Falls (Caldwell Co.) NC

March 2010 to June 2010
Remainder of 4th Grade:
Back at Hudson Elementary

March or April 2010
Adam starts work at Real Tree Services,
on Hartland Road, near Morganton.

May 2010
(Date not certain)
Elisa's family reports suspicions
of abuse to DSS.

Note:  Early Oct. 2010, the
Bakers' former neighbor in
Hudson recalls that a male DSS
investigator visited Elisa "several
months ago."

May 10, 2010
Zhara is fitted for a free hearing aid
at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Elisa tells reporters that the school
informed her about the program.
Zhara does not appear to have a
black eye or obvious bruising.

May 13, 2010
An incident involving Brittany
occurs which results in charges for
"communicating threats" (against
Elisa and Adam) and "assault
w/deadly weapon" (against Adam).
Brittany recalls that this incident
occurred "right after" the family had
reported the abuse allegations
to DSS.

Note:  County rap sheet shows
the Bakers' address as 4100 Phillip in
Hudson at the time.

-summer vacation 2010-

August 2010
Zhara was pre-enrolled for 5th grade
at Hudson Elementary,
but never showed up for school.

Note: In several conversations,
the school warned the parents that Zhara
legally must attend school.  Elisa informed
the school that Zhara was to be home-
schooled now.

Since August 2010
There is no record of Zhara being enrolled
in any home-school program in NC.

(Date unknown)
Neither Elisa nor Adam showed up for
their court date(s) for the May 13
charges.  Warrants were issued.

Late August/Early September
Two possibly related events occurred:
(1) (Per Brittany) Elisa was placed on
the Top Three "Most Wanted" list for
Caldwell County.
(2) The Bakers moved across the river,
to Catawba Co., into a home which
has been reported to belong to Mark
David Coffey.

Note:  Mark Coffey is reported
to be Adam's "boss." The fake ransom
note, which mentioned his daughter
and a son, was addressed to him.

Since at least the time of the move
LE has been unable to locate anyone
who has seen Zhara alive.  The
neighbors in Hickory did not even
realize the Bakers had a daughter.

Friday, October 8, 2010
Brittany says Elisa called her Friday night
and asked her to withdraw "the charges."
(Meaning the criminal complaint? or
the child abuse allegations?)
Brittany refused.  Elisa was
very upset.

Saturday, October 9, 2010
Within the next few hours, events began
to unfold: the fire, the ransom note, the
2pm 911 call to report Zhara "missing,"
the arrest of Elisa, the continuing

Source:  Notes compiled from various local news videos October 11-12; so sorry I can't recall which ones, or I'd post the links.
- - - - - - - - - -

Photo from the hearing aid event.

I'm wondering if there could be any connection between the hearing aids and an impending or a recently completed DSS visit, back in May and/or in light of recent events.
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« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2010, 06:24:26 PM »

TIMELINE: Missing 10-Year-Old Zahra Baker

    * Images: SLIDESHOW: Zahra Baker - Missing 10-Year-Old Hickory Girl

Posted: 1:38 pm EDT October 11, 2010Updated: 1:18 pm EDT October 15, 2010
HICKORY, N.C. -- The following is a timeline of events in the case of the missing 10-year-old Hickory girl, Zahra Baker.

• THURSDAY EVENING: Zahra's dad, Adam Baker, said he last saw his daughter in bed on Thursday evening after he returned home from work.

• SATURDAY MORNING: Zahra was reportedly last seen sleeping in her bed in her Hickory home by her stepmother, Elisa Baker.

• SATURDAY AFTERNOON Zahra Baker was reported missing by her father and stepmother.

• SUNDAY MORNING: Zahra's stepmother was arrested on several charges unrelated to the case. The charges include writing bad checks and failing to return property.

• SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Police gathered surveillance video from businesses near the home to put together a better timeline of events leading to her disappearance.

• SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Investigators also followed up on a call for service by the Hickory Fire Department at the home where Zahra lives with her parents for a small fire that started on the front lawn.

• SUNDAY AFTERNOON: A dozen Hickory police officers went door to door throughout Zahra's neighborhood Sunday afternoon, talking to dozens of residents and handing out Zahra's photograph. Officers looked into basement windows, and walked deep into the woods.

• MONDAY MORNING: Zahra's dad, Adam Baker, appeared on "Good Morning America" to plead with anyone with information to come forward.

• MONDAY AFTERNOON: Hickory police chief, Tom Adkins, held a brief press conference to update the public on the 10-year-old's disappearance.

• MONDAY AFTERNOON: A search warrant released Monday reveals more details about the case of a missing 10-year-old girl from Hickory girl. According to the search warrant, investigators showed up at Zahra Baker's residence responding to a brush fire outside the home on Saturday morning when they found a ransom note inside of a Chevrolet Tahoe that was parked outside.

• TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Hickory police have obtained a warrant for Zahra's stepmother, Elisa Baker, after she admitted to writing and leaving the ransom note that was at the fire scene on Saturday, the day Zahra was reported missing. Elisa is being charged with felony obstruction of justice after being interviewed Monday night at the Catawba County Detention facility about the disappearance of Zahra.

• TUESDAY EVENING: Police are searched a wooded area late into the night on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning dozens of miles from where the missing 10-year-old Zahra Baker was last seen. The scene is down a dead end dirt road off of Hartland Road, north of Morganton, where police spent more than seven hours looking for clues around a wood chipper and in mulch piles.

• WEDNESDAY MORNING: The girl's stepmother, Elisa Baker, was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday, accused of trying to throw off investigators with a fake ransom note. A public candlelight vigil for 10-year-old Zahra is expected to take place Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at East Hickory Baptist Church on 16th Street, Southeast in Hickory.

• WEDNESDAY EVENING: Investigators drained a pond and used a dog to sniff through piles of mulch and tree-trimming equipment searching for the remains of a 10-year-old as neighbors and friends who had feared for her safety used a vigil to encourage people to report child abuse.

• WEDNESDAY EVENING: At a vigil Wednesday night, about 150 people sang religious songs, held hands and implored each other to love their children and report signs of child abuse to authorities. The case has disturbed Hickory, a city of about 40,000, some 50 miles northwest of Charlotte.

• THURSDAY EVENING: For the fifth day in a row, police launched a massive search on Thursday at a remote property north of Morganton for any signs of the missing Zahra Clare Baker and for a fifth day in a row, the search came up empty. Channel 9 has been able to confirm from police on Thursday that Zahra, did make the move to Hickory with her family from Sawmills in Caldwell County and have confirmed that she was alive as recently as mid-September.

• FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Zahra Baker’s father, Adam Baker, was with investigators at the home where the 10-year-old girl went missing last Saturday. Channel 9's Dave Faherty said two different K-9 dog units were seen at the home searching behind the house in wood piles and that officers carried a plastic bag, a mattress and box spring that were also bagged out of the house Friday. Faherty was able to speak with Baker on camera Friday afternoon. According to Faherty, Baker wanted to thank everyone who is actively searching for his daughter.

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« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2010, 04:31:16 PM »

Lots of new information and corrections.  Here is an updated timeline, beginning with some case notes up front.  Please feel free to add/correct as needed.

Location Notes:

New South Wales is an Australian territory located in the Southeast part of the country.  Wagga Wagga (pronounced “wogga wogga”, pop. 47,000) is the largest inland city in NSW and is located about midway between Sydney and Melbourne.  Wagga Wagga is about three hours northwest of Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Queensland is an Australian territory located in the northeast part of the country.  Giru, QLD is a tiny sugar cane town of less than 400 people, about 35 miles southeast of the coastal city of Townsville, QLD.  Giru is located about ten miles from the coast.
- - - -
From north to south, the small towns of Hudson, Sawmills, and Granite Falls lie along a 5.5-mile stretch on Highway 321 in Caldwell County, NC.

Hickory, NC is located along Highway 321 as well, but is about 7.5 miles south of Granite Falls (about 13 miles south of Hudson.)  Hickory is a larger city, the fourth largest in NC.  It is across the river and across the county line, in Catawba County.

Morganton lies in Burke County, approximately 18-22 miles west of Highway 321.  It takes approximately 28 to 33 minutes to drive west to Morganton from the other towns.


Bio --  Elisa Fairchild is originally from Burke County.   Born June 6, 1968.  Father is Marshall Thomas Fairchild of Hickory.  Mother, Sylvia Jean Barnes Fairchild, is deceased.   Elisa attended South Caldwell High School,  but appears to have gotten married in 1985, and it is not known whether she graduated from high school.  On myspace, she claims to be a college graduate.  She is known to use the name “E’lesa” and may have several aliases, or is at least known by several different surnames.

Marriages --  She has been married at least three times:  1985 in Caldwell County to Jerry Allen Winkler, 1997 in Caldwell  County to Jeffrey Russell Allred, and 2008 in Queensland, Australia to Adam Baker, who is nine years her junior.  Aaron Young claims to be her ex and the step-father of one of her children (Brittany), and on Facebook pictures of him with Zahra, Elisa’s captions refer to him as “Uncle Aaron.”  She used the name “Elisa Young” on several websites, but it is not known whether they were ever married.

Children  --  She has at least three natural children, at least two of whom were presumably born outside of marriage:  Amber Fairchild (father is Christopher Frank Hicks), who has two little boys, and Douglas Proctor (father is Douglas Joseph Proctor), from whom she is mostly estranged.  Her other known child is daughter Brittany Starbuck(real last name?), whose father has not been named in the media.

Character -- Elisa has several large tattoos on her arms.  She has stated as occupation/former occupation the following:  Former police officer shot in the line of duty, “disabled,” “paid to stare at a computer all day,” a bounty hunter who has met celebrities, musician who writes for Chris Daughtry, homeschool parent/teacher.  Family/friends have said that she is volatile and dishonest, and that she uses marijuana and abuses prescription pills.  It has been rumored that she illegally supplies and/or sells drugs to certain family members.  Her appearance changed very dramatically between May and October 2010.

Claimed medical history
--  “Disabled,” three episodes of brain cancer (1990, 1994, 2006), an incurable disease with details that sound like porphyria or lupus, chronic pain.  Says there is no cure, but she has to take medication.  She is seen in an undated photograph sitting on an examination table in a doctor’s office, appearing disheveled, with dark circles under her eyes and an obvious black eye.

Internet  --  Has had an active online presence, including myspace, Facebook,, Flickr, Photobucket, Hi5, Farmville, Fishville, IMVU, and others.  Collects images of vampiric fairies and photos of marijuana plants.  Calls herself “gothic” and goes by the name gothicfairy6668 on myspace.  On myspace, she lists her “hometown” as “Never,never Land.” 

Criminal record  --  According to local media who investigated, she has never been convicted in North Carolina for any crime.  However, at the time of her arrest on October 9, she had warrants out for numerous charges, including passing worthless checks, communicating threats, driving without a license, driving with dangerous vehicle equipment(bad tires), etc.  After confessing to police that she was the one who wrote the fake ransom note, she was charged with felony obstruction.

Timeline with Notes:

Zahra born in Wagga Wagga in New South Wales.

2000/1 (?)
Adam says Zahra’s mother left when she was
8 months old and has not been part of her life.
Note:  In media interviews following
Zahra’s disappearance in October 2010, Adam’s
mother states that Adam was on his own with
Zahra “for eight years” before he met Elisa in
Zahra’s mother has said in phone interviews
that she and Adam separated, and that she has
not seen Zahra since she was a baby, but
had maintained contact for years. It's possible
that Zahra’s mother did not know she had been
taken to the U.S. in 2009 and had been trying to
locate her.

Adam and Zahra, 4,  move north to Giru in
Queensland, Australia, as does his brother, to be
with their parents.  Their father is employed
at the Invicta Sugar Mill.  Adam also hires on at the
sugar mill, and his mother, Karen, cares for Zahra.

Zahra, 5, is diagnosed with bone cancer.
She undergoes treatment and must have her lower
left leg amputated.  She cannot attend school for
12 months.   Chemotherapy results in partial hearing

Zahra’s cancer returns; she is treated for tumors in
her lungs and eventually goes into remission.

Early 2008
Adam meets Elisa on the internet, in a live animated
virtual world/ chat venue called IMVU.  They spend much
time on this site and develop a long-distance relationship.
According to Adam’s  family, he invites Elisa for a visit to

Note:  On Elisa’s myspace, she claims that she and Adam
“have been together” since July 2007, and been married
since July 2008.  However, according to  Adam’s family,
he met her online in early 2008 and did not meet her in
person until she came to Australia a few months later. The
discrepancy could be due to Adam under-reporting, or to
Elisa over-reporting, how long they had known each other

May 2008
Elisa is in Queensland, Australia at Adam’s invitation.

July 6, 2008
Elisa and Adam marry in a small ceremony in
Adam’s parents’ back yard.  They live in Giru.  Adam’s
family is less than thrilled, as they quickly learn that
Elisa is less than honest.

September 22, 2008
Zahra, 8, is featured in the local news  when she
attends Camp Quality.  Her positive, can-do
attitude and constant smile are noted as an
inspiration to others. The Townsville Bulletin:
“They don’t make them much tougher than
little Zahra Baker.  The eight-year-old Giru girl
has overcome more challenges than most people
would in a lifetime, but nothing could wipe the
smile off the bubbly youngster's face yesterday.”

By February 2009
Elisa is back in the U.S., possibly having
returned around the end of December or
sometime in January.  It is unclear exactly
when Adam and/or Zahra arrived in the U.S.

February 22, 2009
Elisa writes a myspace blog in which she complains
about being unfairly stereotyped due to her “gothic”
appearance.  She says that doctors suspect her of
being on illegal drugs, all because she looks “a little
different.”  She indirectly denies it, and is defiant
about her choice of style and appearance, writing: 
“I'm E'lesa by god and that's who I am til I die.”

Adam and Zahra come to the U.S.  Zahra was
unhappy at the prospect of leaving her family
and friends in Australia.  According to a woman
posting online as Karen (Adam’s mother)’s
cousin, Adam and his mom had a falling out over
his decision to take Zahra to the U.S. against her
wishes.  The woman claims that Adam and his
mother have not spoken since.

March 2009 to June 2009

In March, Zahra is enrolled in the 3rd grade,
attending the last 3-4 months of the school
year at Hudson Elementary in Hudson (Caldwell
Co.) NC

June 16, 2009

Elisa posts online: "One thing I have learnt this
week is family doesn't mean anything. And no
matter the good you do ppl only judge you for
the bad.  See everyone makes mistakes in this life
and I have made my share yet some ppl think
they are perfect, never lie or do anything wrong. 
And you kids rip your hear out.  It's a never-endin
circle.  Now I understand what my mom use to
tell me about family and friends.  I miss her so much."

Summer  2009
According to Marshall Fairchild, his daughter
Elisa moves out of his home in Hickory
around this time ("more than a year ago")
after a dispute.  He has not seen Zahra
since then, and attributes Elisa’s problem
behavior to drug use.  Elisa’s sister, Carrie
Fairchild, says she has not seen Zahra in
over a year.  She says Elisa smokes weed
and has a prescription pill addiction.

July 2009
Adam and Elisa move into an apartment on
Congress Street in Granite Falls, NC.  They lived
next door to the manager, Shirley Mims,
with a shared wall between them.  Shirley and
her husband only saw Zahra once, around the time
the Bakers moved in, and assumed she was a visitor.
 The Bakers lived in the apartment until they were
evicted in November 2009 for excessive loud fighting,
and the Sims’ never knew there was a child living next

Note:  Shirley worked with a relative of Elisa,
who spoke of Elisa, but never mentioned Zahra
at all.  Shirley did not know about Zahra until
she saw news reports of the child’s disappearance.
Remembering that she and her husband had noticed
sounds in the unfinished attic during the Bakers’ tenancy,
 they investigated and found apparent evidence that
Zahra may have spent time and/or slept in the
unfinished, unventilated space with bare beams, no
floorboard, loose blown insulation, and a height of
less than 5 feet. Access to this space is through an
opening in the ceiling of a small closet.

August 2009 to March 2010
Zahra attends Granite Falls Elementary
in Granite Falls (Caldwell Co.) NC for
most of her 4th grade year, but is
withdrawn from school March 9.

September 13, 2009
On her myspace, Elisa complains that she has an
illness that is incurable and requires her to stay indoors
and take medication.  She mentions the irony of having
survived three bouts of brain cancer (not verified), only
to be stuck with an incurable disease:  “How fair is that?”

Note:  Zahra survived two bouts of cancer and was left
with a permanent physical disability and permanent
hearing loss.

November 2009
The Bakers receive an eviction notice and promptly
move out of their apartment on Congress Street in
Granite Falls within a day and a half.  They are evicted
for too much fighting.

December 2009
Mark Sims of Country Manor Estates Mobile
Home community, served Adam Baker with
an eviction letter for $1,114 in back rent. (He serves
a second eviction letter to Elisa three months
later, for $1,612  in back rent.  At some point,
he also filed against her for paying him with
a $595 hot check.)

Note:  Is Mark Sims related to Shirley Sims?

February 2010

Elisa is very active online playing Farmville and
Fishville.  She posts photos of marijuana plants,
and seems angry at people in her life.

February 15, 2010
Elisa posts online:  “Karma is such a wonderful
thing.  Eventually it will get the people who deserve
it, for that I can’t wait.  When that happens, I will
point and laugh.”

February 19, 2010
2:00am Elisa posts online:  “Wish the earth was a
globe.  One good spin and certain people fall off.”
7:40am Elisa posts online:  “Up, but not alive.  I am
in Vampire state.”

March 9, 2010
Elisa takes Zahra out of Granite Falls Elementary
school to transfer her back to Hudson Elementary,
where she had completed the end of 3rd grade last
year after moving to the U.S. from Australia.

March 2010 to June 2010

Zahra re-enrolls at Hudson Elementary
School  and finishes 4th grade there.  (She is pre-enrolled
for 5th grade at Hudson, but does not return to school
for the new term in August.)

March 2010
Mark Sims serves Elisa Baker with a second eviction
notice, for non-payment of $1,612 in back rent on
the mobile home in Sawmills.  The first notice was
to Adam Baker in December 2009 for $1,114. 

Note:  Sims has also reported her for paying $595
in rent with a bad check, which results in one of 18
counts that will be filed against the Bakers for
issuing worthless checks.  The other 17 are to local
grocery stores. Total of these hot checks:  $2,054.58

March 2010
The Bakers are arrested and charged for failing to
return $2,412 in property, including a laptop, a TV,
and living room furniture, rented from Bestway
Rent to Own in Lenoir, NC. (Town is located north
of Hudson.)

Note:  On the rental application, Elisa had listed
her occupation as “disabled” and her monthly income
as $591.

March or April 2010

Adam starts work at Real Tree Services,
on Hartland Road, near Morganton.
Company is owned by Fred Causby. 
Bobby Green (fiancé of Kayla Rotenberry)
 says he helped Adam get this job. Bobby
and Kayla were neighbors/friends of the
Bakers in Sawmill, NC who say they lived
down the street. 

Note:  Bobby says “I wish all
kids were like Zahra.” He says he saw and
 spoke to a male DSS worker who came to the
Baker’s mobile home(“several months ago,” as
of October 2010) to investigate allegations
Zahra was being abused.
Kayla says that Zahra had frequent injuries, which
Elisa would explain away as falls and accidents,
always blaming the child for her own injuries.  Kayla
says Elisa is “evil,” untrustworthy, has a “short fuse,”
tells “outlandish stories,” and is jealous of Zahra.  Kayla
recounts the an incident wherein Elisa had an injured
hand.  Elisa told her that she lied to Adam, saying she
hurt her hand when she fell down.  He would have been
angry if he’d known the truth: that she hurt her hand
on Zahra’s prosthesis while “spanking” her.
Another neighbor, Renee Bobbitt, says Zahra was
once “sent to school with black eyes.”  She says
Elisa was a “stern and cold parent,” often screamed
at Zahra, and Renee saw her hit Zahra a couple of
 times.  She now wishes she had called authorities.

May 2010

(Date not certain)
Elisa's family claims they reported
suspicions of abuse to DSS around this
time.  Brittany Bentley, wife of Elisa’s
nephew, says that the abuse included
beating, slapping, screaming, verbal abuse
and name-calling, excessive punishment, and
confining Zahra to her room 24 hours a day,
allowed out only for meals, and given only five
minutes to eat.

May 10, 2010
Zahra is fitted for a free hearing aid
at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Zahra
and Elisa are interviewed separately on camera. 
Elisa tells reporters that the school informed her
about the program.  She says that Zahra’s hearing
loss was a result of cancer treatment.  Zahra does
not appear to have a black eye or obvious bruising.

May 13(?), 2010

An incident involving Brittany occurs which
results in charges for "communicating threats"
(against Elisa and Adam) and "assault w/deadly
weapon" (against Adam).  The deadly weapon in this
case was his vehicle, which he allegedly used to
chase her vehicle and try to run it off the road.
Brittany recalls in a media interview that this incident
occurred "right after" the family had reported the
abuse allegations to DSS.  However later unofficial reports
indicate that DSS was not contacted by Brittany,
allegedly because of their involvement with Elisa in
the use and/or purchase of illegal drugs.  The threats
were allegedly made because of money Brittany owed
to the Bakers.

Note:  County rap sheet shows
the Bakers' address as 4100 Phillip in
Hudson at the time.  1400 Phillip Lane in
Sawmills is the address of the Country
Meadows Mobile Home Park, located off
of Highway 321, halfway between the town
centers of Hudson and Sawmills.

May 22, 2010
The Bakers are arrested for threatening
Brittany and her family, including her 7-month old
infant.  They allegedly tried to run Brittany’s car
off the road twice, threatened her with a Taser, made
threats involving a gun, and threatened to kill her and
her family members.  Court date was set for June 30, but
the Bakers were no-shows, and warrants were issued.

May 23, 2010

Elisa is charged with communicating threats after
she verbally abuses and threatens Kayla Rotenberry’s
teenage daughter and the daughter’s friend outside
of the Bakers’ mobile home.  The two girls had expressed
concern for Zahra, who was crying and being forced
by Elisa to walk up a steep hill, which was difficult and
painful with her prosthesis.

May 23,2010

Elisa posts online:  “Why can’t people stay
out of mine[life]?”

Note:  According to an October news story, Caldwell
County LE says they responded  “more than a dozen”
times to the mobile home address, including family
disputes, two reported break-ins, and a complaint from
Elisa’s daughter that Elisa had obtained utilities services
in her name without her permission.

May 27, 2010
Elisa posts online:  “People who live in glass
houses should remember their secrets aren’t
secrets any more.”

June 3, 2010

Elisa posts online:  “Getting ready
for my birthday.”  (Her birthday is June 6.)

June 2010

Zahra graduates from 4th to 5th grade and
begins her summer vacation. 

Note:  Although Zahra is pre-enrolled for 5th
grade, which will begin in a couple of months,
she never returns to school, not at Hudson nor
anywhere else, and will eventually be reported
missing October 9, 2010.

June 30, 2010
Neither Elisa nor Adam show up for
their court date(s) for the May 13
charges.  Warrants were issued.

July 5, 2010
Elisa posts online that she spent  her
“Anniversary weekend” at the beach with
her husband and family.  (Their anniversary
is July 6.)

July 2010
Elisa stops posting updates to her Facebook,
which was opened in January.  Most of her
updates had been posted from a mobile phone.

August 9, 2010
Friend Brandi Stapleton is visited by
Elisa and Zahra in her home.  Brandi
snapps a photo of Zahra, who appears
to have a black eye.  Brandi says Zahra
had frequent bruises and injuries, which
Elisa blamed on the girl, saying she was

Note:  According to the news story quoting
Brandi in October 2010, she currently resides
in Lenoir.

August 25, 2010
Zahra was pre-enrolled at Hudson
Elementary, but never shows up for
5th grade.

Note: The school called the Bakers
when Zahra did not show up. There were
several phone calls or other contacts, with the
school advising Elisa that by law Zahra must
attend school somewhere.  Elisa informed
the school that the family was moving
to Catawba County and that Zhara was
 to be homeschooled now.
In addition to this contact, the school says
that they recognized problems with Zahra’s
situation during the time she attended the
school, and had previously contacted DSS and
made other efforts to intervene or to help Zahra.

Since August 2010
There is no record of Zahra being enrolled
in any home-school program in NC, nor in any
public school.  She apparently had not been
receiving any form of education, up to the
time she was reported missing in October.

Late August/Early September
Two possibly related events occurr:
(1) Elisa is number three
on the  "Most Wanted" list for
Caldwell County. (Per Brittany B; possibly
unreliable info.)
(2) The Bakers move across the river,
to Catawba Co., into a home which
has been reported to belong to Mark
David Coffey.

Note: Mark Coffey was reported
to be Adam's "boss" in the earliest news
reports.   The fake ransom note, which
mentioned his daughter and a son, was
addressed to him. However, it has also been
reported that Adam’s “boss” is Fred Causby.
And it is not verified whether Coffey has both
a daughter and a son.

September 25
Two women at a Hickory furniture
Store say they saw Elisa and Zahra
In the store on this date.  Zahra was
standing in an aisle watching cartoons
on a TV in the store.  Since at least the
time of the Bakers' move to Hickory,
LE has been unable to locate anyone
else who has seen Zahra alive.  The
neighbors in Hickory did not even
realize the Bakers had a daughter.

Friday, October 8, 2010
Brittany says Elisa called her on this night
asking her to withdraw "the charges."
(Meaning the criminal complaint? or
the child abuse allegations Brittany
has claimed she and the family made?)
Brittany refuses.  Elisa is very upset.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Within the next few hours, events begin
to unfold: the fire, the ransom note, gasoline
poured into one or both cars, the
2pm 911 call from Adam, 33, to report Zahra
"missing," the arrest of Elisa, 42; Elisa’s admission
that she wrote the ransom note which led to
a felony charge for obstruction of justice, Adam’s
appearances in the media, and the continuing
investigation and searches.

Text of fake ransom note:

Mr. Coffey, you like being in control who is in
control now we have your daughter and your pot
smoking red head son is next unless you do what
is asked 1,000,000 unmarked will be in touch soon"

"No cops" was also written twice on the note.

As it stands now:

Police confiscated the couple’s two
vehicles, searched the home, and removed
evidence from the home, including bedclothes,
pillow, mattress & box spring, bed rails, etc.
Cadaver dogs reportedly detected the smell of
decomposition in both vehicles. The 60-acre property
owned by the tree trimming company where Adam
works was exhaustively searched.  Dogs detected
possible blood or decomp scent on a large wood
chipper on the site. There was reportedly a portable,
smaller wood chipper at the residence as well. 
Police also seized a dumpster at an unidentified
restaurant near the home.

Adam is said to be cooperating with police and
has not been arrested on his outstanding warrants.  He
tells the media that he is not sure whether or not his wife
was involved in Zahra’s disappearance. He reportedly has
not visited his wife in jail since her arrest on October 9.

I come here for the children, not to stroke someone's ego.  --Darla, 12/14/09
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« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2010, 10:51:38 AM »

Glenda wrote: "aruba's job was not to babysit Beth's daughter. Beth sent her daughter to swim with the sharks, she is responsible for what ever happened to Natalee." = there is no homicide in aruba, only SUICIDE.  Don't go to aruba if you value your life.
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« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2011, 07:19:25 PM »

Below is a partial update to the Timeline,
based on the following information
reported by Valhall at The Hinky Meter:

Zahra Baker Case:  Warrants Released, Lies Uncovered
November 30, 2010
By Valhall


"... Emily Dietrich, Zahra’s mother, finally found Zahra through a friend who saw Zahra’s pictures taken in North Carolina. Included in those photos were pictures of Zahra as taken by Jennifer Moxley, reporting for Channel 14, as well as two photos that were snapshots taken by either Elisa or Adam Baker.  Those pictures were transferred from Karen Baker’s Facebook account and sent to Emily Dietrich on October 4th.

"Emily asked her friend to contact Karen Baker and see if Emily could please speak to her daughter.  According to a source close to Adam, three days before Zahra went missing Karen Baker contacted Adam Baker and told him Emily had found Zahra and wanted to speak to her.  After the conversation with his mother a heated argument ensued between Elisa Baker and Adam Baker about the situation.  Zahra overheard the argument and confronted her father.  (Most likely because she had been lied to her whole life that her mommy didn’t want anything to do with her, and now she was hearing that her mommy wanted to speak to her.)

"The next day the Bakers (Elisa and Adam) are reported to have discarded Zahra’s old mattress and replaced it with a new one.  Two days later they would report Zahra missing."



(Five days before Zahra reported missing)
Monday, October 4, 2010
A friend sends Emily (Zahra's mother) pictures
of Zahra, found on Karen Baker's Facebook.
Thus, Emily has located Zahra and is aware
she is residing in North Carolina. 

(Same day?  Following day?)
Emily advises Karen (through the same friend?)
that she has located her daughter at last,
and wishes to have contact with her.

(Three days before Zahra reported missing)
?Wednesday, October 6, 2010?
Adam receives a call from his mother Karen,
informing him that Emily has located Zahra and
has requested to speak with Zahra by phone.
This allegedly leads to a heated incident
involving Zahra, who has overheard Adam and
Elisa discussing the turn of events, and wishes
to have contact with her mum.

(Two days before Zahra reported missing)

?Thursday, October 7, 2010?
Zahra's mattress reportedly discarded, and a
new mattress purchased.

(Several hours before Zahra reported missing)
Friday, October 8, 2010
Brittany says Elisa called her on this night
asking her to withdraw "the charges."
(Criminal assault complaint / child abuse
complaint.)  Brittany refuses.  Elisa is very

Saturday, October 9, 2010
Early-morning fire called in to 911 by Elisa.
Ransom note found by firefighters, police called.
Police arrive and work the case.
Later that day (around 2pm), Adam calls 911
to report Zahra missing.

I come here for the children, not to stroke someone's ego.  --Darla, 12/14/09
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