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Author Topic: AIG - Federal Reserve - GM - Follow the money?  (Read 950 times)
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« on: November 18, 2010, 03:59:55 AM »

I remember the bailout of AIG and the months it took to track some of the TARP money. 

I was watching TV today and saw some of the same hands that took AIG pass through money as GM's new sponsors ($$$).

A few names jumped out.

1. Wall Street/Banks/Global Players/Hedge Funds gamble on housing market/dark pools/HFT/unknown other things (they lose)

2. Congress/WH/Federal Reserve/Treasury/Job Rotation/Wall Street/Special Interests decide to bail them out, TARP/Stimulus -> $$$ to AIG, passed through AIG, no haircut PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS, GENERATIONAL DEBT/THEFT my opinion

3.  $$$ through AIG to Special Interests/Foreign Banks/'Anonymous' People & Investment Vehicle (the veil of secrecy)  PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS, GENERATIONAL DEBT/THEFT my opinion

4.  Federal Reserve (private bank) prints all kinds of money, no accountability, no audit, no idea where they are sending taxpayer money.  PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS, GENERATIONAL DEBT/THEFT my opinion

5.  Federal Reserve QE2 -> Devalues dollar, money/retirement/nation worth 20-30% less.   Prints monopoly money.  Where does money go?  PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS, GENERATIONAL DEBT/THEFT my opinion

6.  According to folks on TV, Main Street can't get loans, Wall Street not loaning, banks not loaning, can't find qualified/credit worthy folks to make loans to.  Hmmm...same folks that destroy financial system in 2008?  Got massive influx of money?  Couldn't make good loans for last two decades?  Didn't notice the loans they were making and passing along were fraud/bad business?  Ever issue financial statements?

7.  Main Street lost million on GM.  Lost retirement.  Lost savings.  Lost hope.  Unions win big!!!

8.  Now, who is Federal Reserve going to give QE2 money to?  Who are credit worthy borrowers?  Same folks who will are now prepared to scoop up GM?  Some of the same folks who got AIG pass through money?  PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS, GENERATIONAL DEBT/THEFT my opinion 


Did the Federal Reserve print that monopoly money, debase the currency, so others could buy GM?  Provide taxpayer funding?

So, these folks will use taxpayer fiat/monopoly money to buy GM.  Obama will report that monopoly money pays back taxpayers for REAL debt.  Taxpayers get the shaft with devalued/monopoly money?  Just like China was afraid of getting?

Obama will report that taxpayers got back every penny!!!  Only, the pennies are now worthless?  DEBT PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS, GENERATIONAL DEBT/THEFT my opinion

Did any of those buying/saving GM ever earn their own money?  Use their own money?  Or are they using money that is sourced from taxpayers/Federal Reserve?

Why does everybody seem to be digging money from taxpayer pockets?  Coming back again and again?  Leave nothing but debt and poverty for taxpayers?

just my humble opinions and speculation

All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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