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Author Topic: Obama's 'less fortunate'  (Read 1100 times)
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« on: April 21, 2011, 10:32:19 AM »

Only in Obama's America...

Washington sends billions to Brazil and Columbia to build oil rigs and refineries, when Americans are losing jobs in those same industries.  AMERICANS are losing their homes due to joblessness...who are the less fortunate in Obama's America?  Why isn't Obama building America?  Why is he paying to create jobs for foreigners?

In Obama's vision, families making $200,000 are 'millionaires' and must pay more.  For some reason, these are greedy folks, taking from the 'less fortunate'.  Why isn't Obama adding up how much in taxpayer/public money is going to those on welfare programs and asking them to take cuts?  How many families on welfare cost the taxpayers more than $200,000 a year and aren't making any sacrifice?  Add up the cost of all those programs, the stimulus cash, census jobs, energy giveaways, Medicaid, and other freebies and ask them to take 1/2. 

Why is it that in America, folks on welfare can afford $150 concert tickets and working families can't?  Folks on welfare can afford to spend every night drinking in a bar, or on drugs and working families can't?  Folks on welfare can get 'help' from the food pantry and working families can't?

$200,000 for a family doesn't go very far when you're paying bills and have to save for your retirement.  A welfare family getting $200,000 in benefits isn't being asked to make any sacrifice, instead, Obama is asking the working family to give more to those that may not be less fortunate, but are greedy and lazy.   What's wrong with this picture?

How about the less fortunate on the border?  Those who live in fear, in a war zone with hostile insurgents, drug cartels, and get nothing in the way of protection from politicians in Washington and the White House?

Insurgents that come here, go on welfare, get jobs and have more disposable income than working families here legally?  What about the working families that are less fortunate?  That watch as their income is confiscated by greedy/corrupt politicians in Washington? 

The less fortunate that recognize 'our' immigration system isn't broken, but our border and Washington's political promises are?  Amnesty was supposed to be a one time deal...broken promise.  Our border was supposed to be secure - broken promise.  Today, it seems like Obama wants to give criminals citizenship and let them continue to rip off hard working American families. 

Who are the less fortunate in America?  The criminals that flood over our borders?  Families that continue to watch their incomes eroded by higher Obama gas taxes, higher energy costs, higher food costs, higher nation debt?  A declining dollar?

Or, are Obama's 'less fortunate' the greedy/lazy criminals that continue to pour into this country for welfare, jobs, and other government/political handouts?  The greedy/lazy that take from hard working American families and send billions each month to others in their country of origin?  Take massive tax refunds/credits based on bogus Social Security numbers or perhaps TIN numbers?

Why isn't Obama going after the greedy/lazy that are ripping off Americans?  Perpetual welfare families?

The debt ceiling billionaires club?  Those that make billions decade after decade on America's debt, while Americans lose big time as their savings and retirement dreams are destroy by Washington and the White House?

Why is the American dream of financial security of no concern to greedy Washington politicians?

just my humble opinion

All my posts are just my humble opinions.  Please take with a grain of salt.  Smile

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